NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 23, 2019

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Updates on the Bruins and Blues, Sedins inducted into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame, John Davidson takes over as Rangers president. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

STLTODAY.COM: The St. Louis Blues Game 6 victory in the Western Conference Final generated their highest rating ever for a game on cable TV. Nielsen rating service reported 20.8 percent of homes with a television in the St. Louis market were tuned to that game. The Blues eliminated the San Jose Sharks in that contest to advance to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1970.

BOSTON HERALD: The Bruins hope to combat their 11-day layoff between series with an intra-scrimmage game tonight at the TD Garden. The Bruins will face off against the Blues in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday.

Daniel and Henrik Sedin were inducted into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame (Photo via NHL.com).

  VANCOUVER SUN: Former Canucks stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin were inducted Wednesday into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A well-deserved honor for the two greatest players in Canucks history. This won’t be the only Hall of Fame they’ll be admitted into shortly. They’re certain to be first-ballot inductees into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2021. 

NEW YORK POST: The Rangers yesterday formally introduced John Davidson as their new president.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers wonder how Davidson’s hiring will affect the Rangers’ rebuild. While he’ll have input, I expect he’ll stay out of general manager Jeff Gorton’s way. 

THE DETROIT NEWS:  Team Canada winger Anthony Mantha received a one-game suspension for a hit to the head of Team USA’s Colin White during Tuesday’s game between the two clubs at the IIHF World Championships.

There’s no update on the status of Team USA center Dylan Larkin, who took a shot directly to the groin area during that game. He’s still being evaluated and it’s uncertain if he’ll play in today’s game against Russia. Mantha and Larkin are teammates with the Detroit Red Wings.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Growing speculation out of Edmonton suggests Dave Tippett will become the next head coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens home games for 2019-20 will start at 7 pm instead of 7:30 pm. Exceptions will be matinee games scheduled for special events.

ABC/FOX MONTANA: Former NHL goaltender Peter Budaj is the new assistant coach of the Montana State Bobcats men’s hockey team.



  1. Can’t wait for the cup final to start! This will be by FAR our toughest matchup of these playoffs. These teams are built so similar it’s crazy! I think health wins this series I can see some injuries deciding this series both teams are hurting

    • @BBB: Indeed They Are Built A Lot Alike: I Say This Series Will Come Down To Goaltending: Rask Is The Veteran While Binnington Is The Rookie; The Unknown

      He appears unflappable; But If I Know The Bruins, They Will Bump, Annoy, Harass Him As Much As They Can Until Somebody On The Blues Says Enuf

      • Then you clearly don’t know the Bruins.
        They won’t touch the goalie.
        He’s off limits.

      • I had the Blues as my “dark horse” pick right from the get-go, and I’m sticking with them in the finals. One interesting point is, if they do win it all, that will leave the Leafs as the lone team with the longest drought between cups at 52 years (and counting).

      • Yes George let’s not forget the never won teams like these Sens of yours, nucks, blues, etc that still haven’t won… thank you for your unprovoked anti leaf comment and no I don’t care about Ottawa

      • Aww man, you guys have to have the thinnest skin on the planet. But like it or not, none of those other teams you mention except the Blues have had anywhere near a 52 year wait and I DID say IF the Blues win. And maybe the Sens and Canucks – among others – will have to wait 52 years or more – but I’ll be dead before they get to that point so who cares?

        Anyway, now that Ottawa’s new coach is D. J. Smith, ex of Babcock’s staff, the Sens will know all the secrets of the Leafs’ semi-success. 🙂

      • Speaking of Bump, Annoy, Harass goalies. You do know that Perron and Maroon are on the Blues…right? Those 2 will do exactly that to Rask, and we all know that Rask has a short fuse, and seen what happens when he blows up. 😉

      • Semi success is right for the leafs, they haven’t made it out of the first round in like 16 year haha

    • Hi BBB

      This will definitely be an exciting series.

      I’m just old enough to remember the last Blues/Bruins SCF

      I agree that injuries could play a significant part but I’m more on the logic that it will come down to Tuuka vs Jordan

      Blues are hot and on the move ; Bruins poised and have experience

      To be fair and transparent ; I will be cheering for the Blues.

      In ‘70 , I was all for a Bruins cup…. the best player EVER was on that team ; and the Blues, at least to a child; were “given” the chance for the Cup because under expansion rules at that time ; the first 3 years guaranteed that one of the new franchises (because of how the conferences were set up) would go to the SCF

      I’m definitely not one (of the many Leafs fans) that are cheering against Boston because they beat the Leafs. Bruins are a better team and definitely deserve to beat the Leafs; and to represent the East.

      I like the play of the Bruins and I like their core players ( Bergeron , Marchand, Big Z, Tuuka)

      The offence as a whole for both teams is even IMO.

      Top line for sure favours the Bruins

      Tuuka is better than Binnington (that’s as at now)

      I firmly believe that StL D as a whole is superior to Bruins D

      Coaching …. well Freshman vs vet ….. ‘nuff said

      Both teams deserve to be there ; both have great teams

      …., now here’s my transparency …. I’ve no vested interest (my two fav teams were out first round)….,so….. as a Proud Canadian (and with no Canadian teams left) I will be cheering for the Blues….

      GM … Canadian
      Coaches …. Canadian
      Captain …. Canadian
      …. players… more Canadians on Roster than any other team

      ….. so …. I admire and respect the Bruins; but as a proud Canuck , I will be a Blues fan for the series

      Cheers and good luck


      • @ Pengy: I’m 4 The Blues 2. Believe It Or Not, As Much As I Believe Goaltending Will Decide This Series, I Believe The Quantity & Quality Of Chirps & After The Whistle Scrums Will Factor Into The First 2 Games Anyways

      • Best Player ever? Are you saying One Way(ne) Gretzky wasn’t the best player ever?

        I think the whole world is rooting for the Blues. Boston already has the World Series and The Super Bowl this year. Share the wealth…

      • Hi BadCowbyDan

        Yep… Orr #1

        Now I’m skewed in perception and bias… set in most peoples minds is their fav when they were a kid… Orr for me

        Apples and Oranges

        C vs D

        …. but a D that was the most offensive player of his era; very very close to averaging +1 (in plus/minus) per game

        Flew like the wind

        Went around 5 players and the goalie a few times

        Great hitter

        Did not back down from a fight

        Massive points and basically done due to knees at 28

        I faced off just twice against Gretzky when we were 11 … I won both face/offs …. we lost 7-1; he got 5 goals and I got credited for our loan goal that took a ricochet off my butt

        No sour apples …. Gretzky fantastic; but Orr is the best all time IMHO

        Orr then Gretzky, then Mario then Sid

        I’m guessing that McD will push for 4th on my list

  2. Congrats to the Twins For Their BC Hall Of Fame Induction: I Expect Them To Be Inducted Into The Hockey Hall Of Fame In The Near Future As Well

    • Joey

      I second those views and congrats

      The big (and only) question is which twin gets more first place votes ?

      • @ Pengy: Good ?. Would Not Want To Be That Person Who Must Decide That Very Thing. I Think Most People Will View Them As # 1 and # 1A where No Clear Cut Answer Is Available.

      • Yes, a big congratulations to the Sedins. As an Oiler fans they frustrated me more times then I want to admit, but always respected them and the way they played the game.
        I would say have them both on one ballot.

    • As with Kevjam, I am a fan of a team other than the Canucks but respect them as hockey players and as generous patrons of worthy causes. The Sedins took a lot of abuse during their career and Never complained. Classy guys who deserve HOF induction.

  3. Apparently the only thing that is holding up Tippett being named the Oilers coach is the contract negotiation. So it’s not a for sure thing yet.

  4. I said Boston wasn’t a contending team this season, Defense to small, Rask never wins the big game, one line team.
    I said Toronto would beat Boston, just keep dumping the puck in Chara corner and chase him down.
    I said Boston wouldn’t beat Columbus, the blue Jackets are a physical team and would wear down the smaller bruins d.
    I said Carolina didn’t have the depth to beat Boston, thought it would be Boston easiest match.

    I said a lot and been wrong a lot. The smaller d were able to skate out of trouble and keep their feet moving, has to be the smallest d in the playoffs
    Toronto did dump the puck in Chara corner and he did cough it up a lot but Cassidy seemed to have an answer he kept Chara up high and McAvoy skated into the coner to get the puck. Some how Chara is leading the team with a +11
    Rask has stolen some games, a phrase I didn’t think I would say but he is the main reason the Bruins are in the finals and if he continue at the same level of play he’ll be hoisting two trophies after 4 more wins.
    The trade for Coyle and Johansson at the deadline weren’t the big deals but they solidified the third line for the Bruins.
    This should be a hard fought series will it be rest or rust for the Bruins. I believe it will come down to goaltending, third and fourth line scoring. O’Reilly and Bergeron are arguably the top two 200ft players in the league, them two lines could cancel each other out. The Blues are more physical and the bruins will need to stay discipline and if Boston can keep the PP going this series could also come down to special teams.
    Ready to go! Drop the puck.

    • I hear you, Caper, like a lot of Leaf fans, I’m still waiting for Rask to have a bad game. Should be a good Final.

    • Yes I am hoping O’Reilly vs Bergeron turns into a classic matchup here.

      • Marchand vs Perron is going to be fun to watch as well.
        Also Chara and Maroon have faced off twice in the passed. With Chara taking both fights convincingly. Maroon loves a challenge, so i wouldn’t be surprised if we see round 3.

  5. Ron Moore- George says leaf fans are thin skinned, ha ha . I said something about Ottawa and I was a mealy mouth vitriol. lol. But he said he was smarter cause he is highly educated. I couldn’t argue cause I only went to high school 5 years, 3 years in grade 9 , 2 years in grade 10. Sorry George I said I wouldn’t talk about Ottawa anymore.

    • LOL. No problem Vinnie. But the difference in what I said about the Leafs and your views on Ottawa is that what I said is simply a statement of fact – no malice intended, Just that it is what it is – IF St. Louis beats Boston.

      What you said about Ottawa

      “They played him (Karlsson) when they shouldn’t have in the 2017 playoffs. Over compensated and wrecked his groin” – you still haven’t answered my contention that players “play injured” all the time in the playoffs – backed by someone else pointing out Bergeron’s injuries during the Cup win

      “I suspect if you looked up knucklehead there would be a picture of Dorion . Maybe even holding Melnyks hand …”

      Sorry, that to me is opinionated vitriol. Get back to me when the Leafs break the so-far 52 year Cup drought. If I’m still alive by then … my days are numbered.

      • Everybody’s days are numbered. Players playing hurt doesn’t mean they should. Bobby Orr playing when he shouldn’t have shortened his career. For every great story of playing hurt , I am sure there is the one of a shortened career from playing. 27 years or 1927 whichever you prefer

      • I was never arguing that point … all I was saying, in response to your comment about Ottawa playing Karlsson when they shouldn’t have, is that it happens all the time when the chips are on the line. If anyone had tried to keep Orr out of those games he insisted on playing he would have objected. As would have Bergeron, Geoffrion, Howe, Richard, Beliveau, Keon, Baun (taped up broken leg), Teeder Kennedy, Potvin and on and on.

  6. Boston Bruins have been a focused team playing the game the right way. I hoped but didn’t think they could get this far but things fell into place and Rask has been the best player in playoffs. I feel Boston will continue to play hard and focused and shouldn’t be lead astray to easy. Should be a great series I hope and pray the Refs don’t mess up to bad.