NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 25, 2019

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Updates on Erik Karlsson, Roman Josi, the Coyotes ownership situation, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NBC SPORTS: Erik Karlsson’s brief tenure with the San Jose Sharks may be over. On Friday, Karlsson tweeted his thanks to the Sharks’ organization, fans, and his teammates. The 28-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson hasn’t ruled out returning to the Sharks, but he sounds like he’s going to test the market. Unless general manager Doug Wilson passes on re-signing long-time Sharks Joe Pavelski and Joe Thornton, he probably can’t afford Karlsson. 

THE SCORE: Nashville Predators general manager David Poile considers re-signing captain Roman Josi his “No. 1 priority.”  The 28-year-old blueliner is a year away from UFA eligibility. The Predators can sign him to an extension beginning on July 1. 

Re-signing Roman Josi is the Nashville Predators’ priority this summer (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Re-signing Josi won’t affect the Predators’ salary cap for 2019-20. However, Poile must ensure he’s got sufficient cap space after next season to absorb that new contract. Cap Friendly indicates the Preds have over $56 million invested in 12 players for 2020-21. Josi’s earning $4 million annually on his current contract. He could double his salary on his next deal. 

AZCENTRAL.COM: An NHL source denied a change of ownership of the Arizona Coyotes is imminent. A recent report from Sportsnet’s John Shannon cited a source claiming current owner Andrew Barroway will assume a minority role. However, a deal is far from being finalized and there are other options under consideration. 

NBC SPORTS: Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk hopes to regain his scoring touch in the upcoming Stanley Cup Final. In two rounds last season, he tallied six goals and eight points. Entering this year’s Final, he’s managed three goals and seven points. 

STLTODAY.COM: St. Louis Blues defenseman Vince Dunn (concussion symptoms) didn’t join his teammates in practice yesterday. That casts doubt upon the possibility he’ll rejoin the lineup in time for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. 




  1. So, for one season’s worth of Karlsson San Jose gave up
    Fs Chris Tierney and Rudolfs Balcers, D Dylan DeMelo, top prospect Joshua Norris, a 1st round pick in either this year’s or next year’s draft, a 2nd round pick in this year’s draft (Florida’s from an earlier deal with SJ) and two conditional picks.

    • Could you tell everyone what Ottawa gave up for Duchene to please. lol

      • Yuk yuk Vinnie – small things do indeed please small minds, But since you asked, the 3-team deal that also sent Kyle Turris to Nashville cost them prospect Shane Bowers, G Andrew Hammond, a 2018 conditional first-round pick and 2019 third-round selection.

        Hammond is in the minors, Bowers has yet to play a single NHL game, Ottawa kept their 1st pick last year and took Brady Tkachuk, so Colorado gets their 1st pick this year which the lottery turned into a 4th and we’ll see who Colorado takes this year in the 3rd round.

        After finishing near the bottom 2 seasons ago with Duchene, and were on their way to dead last this year with him still in the line-up, they sent him to Columbus for prospect Vitaly Abramov and Jonathan Davidsson, a 1st round pick in this year (19th overall) and a conditional 1st round pick in 2020.

        So yuk yuk your heart out Vinnie – they made out all right – certainly better than SJ did with Karlsson and if Duchene bolts Columbus that wonm’t look good on Kekäläinen.

      • Think of all that McDonalds endorsement money that Ottawa just threw away from trading “the hamburglar”!!!!!!

      • LOL. Yeah. Maybe Vinnie can blame that on Dorion as well.

      • As an Ottawa fan, I think Dorion did very well given the circumstances. Dzingel was a steal of a trade, they got a top 10 prospect and a 2nd for Stone (I would have rather signed him long term), they ended up OK in the Duchene fiasco given the pick fell to 4th (I.e. didn’t trade Hughes or Kakko) and did very well in the Karlsson trade. To George’s point, they tried to keep everyone but Dzingel, but had to trade them all if they weren’t willing to sign extensions.

        Regarding Duchene, they gave up the 4th pick this year, a third round pick, Bowers and Turris for the 19th pick this year, Abramov (very good prospect) and Davidsson. They could get another 1st round pick if Duchene resigns in Columbus. Ottawa dodged a bullet in Turris given his decline and the last time they picked around 19 in 2015, they got Chabot AND White. In the end, they should be fine with the Duchene trades given they’re luck with this year’s lottery.

    • I know what you were aiming for there George but all that list made me do is shrug.

      • It is what it is Chrisms. He wanted out … they got what they could for him. What other option did they have? Frankly, I’m delighted he turned down that 8-year $11 mil per offer.

      • Oh, and before I forget, I’m also delighted they didn’t cave in to Turris’ demands and give HIM that long-term $6 mil + deal he demanded. That’s Poile’s problem now.

      • Brady Tkachuk really didn’t have anything to do with the trade. They should have had both picks but they had to decide which one to give up. To early to decide which one was better . Nice try to make it look better. I would say any draft picks he has picked up is just trying to recoup what he gave away. 4th over all for 19th overall. Genius move there. Could you break down what he gave up for brassard.

      • Brassard was a dumb move. All GMs make them. Dubas made one by hamstringing himself with the Marleau contract and then caving in to Nylander who, while he can score in the bigger European no-hit rinks, can’t apparently handle the tough checking in the NHL. See, the difference between you and me Vinnie is, while I can pick apart Ottawa’s bad moves (Brassard, Gaborik, Ryan as examples) – and do so often in these threads – you can’t do the same when it comes to the Leafs, and if anyone else chimes in with a critical comment on the Leafs they are immediately branded as “haters.” (idiotic label but there it is).

        What happened in Ottawa over the past two years wasn’t pleasant to watch, but as Forrest Gump allegedly coined “s*&t happens” and when it does you deal with it. If it works out – great – if it doesn’t then you’ve got something new to yuk yuk over. Gotta keep those small minds happy.

      • Hey vinnie . Jerry Gallo is dead! Explain yourself!

      • @George I`m not a big fan of Dubas but giving Marleau the 3-year deal was a Lou screwup Dubas just got stuck with it

      • Thanks Bob (and BCLeafsfan) – brain fart here. And I doubt Lou consulted with assistant GM Dubas 🙂

      • George: I didn’t like the Brassard trade at the time, but I think they did very well overall with those trades. They got Brassard for a year and he was instrumental in them making the conference finals. I don’t think Zibanejad would have had the same impact.

        After all the trades, it ended up being.

        Leaving Ottawa

        2nd round pick

        To Ottawa

        3rd round pick (for Cole)

    • George O, Ottawa was lucky that Colorado ended up with the 4th overall pick, if they had end with the 1st or 2nd would be a different story; however getting the 4th overall isn’t to shabby, it’s still a trade that Colorado has won.
      The sad reality is everything Ottawa lost; Karlsson, Stone, Duchene, Hoffman. That is a lot of grade A talent, but hopefully brighter days a head.

      • At this stage, Caper, hope is all the team has going for it. Learn from yesterday … live for today … hope for tomorrow.

      • You’re absolutely right, of course, Caper … the only counter-argument I have is that they were at the bottom back-to-back with Karlsson (for one of those years), Stone, Duchene and Dzingel.

        Had they all (except Dzingel who wasn’t offered a deal) signed the offers made by Dorion, they’d be sitting there with 4 players (counting Ryan) accounting for $34 mil off the cap with few picks heading into the future to try and strengthen the depth.

        Dorion did what had to be done in the circumstances.

      • george, really enjoy your posts but to say Bowers has yet to play an nhl game”….he just signed his elc 6 weeks ago!

      • 2001avsattack – looking back that did sound a bit negatively terse – wasn’t meant to be though – just meant as an indicator that we can’t yet measure his impact at the NHL level. Sorry about that – and I sincerely hope he does do well when he’s elevated to the team.

  2. In that list of unsigned draftees, there is one 2nd round pick and three 3rd rounders from the 2017 draft.

    The 2nd round pick (51st overall) by Pittsburgh is D Zachary Lauzon of Rouyn-Noranda who, unfortunately is still suffering the effects of a concussion suffered last season and who hasn’t played a game this past season

    The three 3rd round picks include back-to-back picks by Detroit – C Lane Zablocki of Vancouver in he BCHL (79th overall) and C Zachary Gallant (89th overall) who played junior in Peterborough and is with Toledo of the ECHL in this year’s playoffs, and D Scott Walford of Victoria in the WHL (68th overall), taken by Montreal.

    Wonder if there’s a hidden late round pick gem in the bunch?

    • Thin skinned. lol

    • What would you say if Duchene goes back to Colorado. The prospects Ottawa got played in the NHL already because the team was bad.

      • So what’s your point Vinnie? Ottawa sucks? OK, now what? Can’t wait to hear your next inspiring, insightful comment. I know you’re thinking hard because I can smell the wood burning from here.

      • Well George, you started today’s comment on what San Jose gave up and it sure sounded like a bit of a dig. Faced with the same mistake(s) you became defensive. Without a notion you attacked Vinnie for the Leafs woah’s. If your going to dish it out, you better be able to take it as well. Also, what is your take on the Sens new coach?

      • FD – if a simple statement of fact is construed as “taking a dig” then we’d better all avoid the facts. As I said, IF Karlsson says goodbye to San Jose (and Duchene turns thumbs down on Columbus) both those teams will have given up a lot for a one-year rental in one case and a 3-months rental in the other. How, exactly, is that “taking a dig?”

    • George, again I’ll repeat, Lou Lamoriello signed Patrick Marleau to a three year deal, not Dubas.
      Dubas has been roasted for the Nylander contract and time will tell on that but it was the wily fox Lamoriello who did the Marleau deal.
      I still maintain that a hot goalie makes a lot of GM’s look like geniuses and vice versa. Doug Armstrong is the current Exhibit A.

  3. Thinned skin. Poke but don’t be poked seems to be your game. Like to point out other teams missteps but ignore your own

    • True that. Furthermore, options are not facts; in fact, they are often wrong. Lou signed Marleau not Dubas, that’s fact and I guess signing Nylander 900k more than Nelson in your opinion is bad.

      You have talked up Ottawa like they were on a run to greatness during these playoffs without being in them. Like a Leafs fan talking up players or trades when there was no mentioning of them.

      Let’s pump the brakes here superfan!

      • Where, exactly, have I “talked up” Ottawa lately OTHER than responding to comments like yours and Vinnie’s?

        My opening of this thread was in relation to Lyle’s blurb about Karlsson maybe saying bye bye to San Jose – simply a statement of fact that SJ will have had 1 year of his services and what it cost them for that one year. period. Then Vinnie chimed in with “Could you tell everyone what Ottawa gave up for Duchene to please. lol …” So I responded.

        The bug up your ass, Ron, goes back quite a ways when we had a difference of opinion that rubbed you the wrong way. C’est la vie.

    • Say what?? I doubt anyone has been more critical of the Sens in these pages as I – right back to when Dorion was handed the GM job – and I’m even on record as saying the franchise will be somewhere else in the not too distant future.

      But forgive me if, after the s*&t happens, I try to see some positives in what transpires. See, the way it works in these pages Vinnie is, you follow the thread of the day. Ottawa gets mentioned in the opening blurbs a lot less than does, say, Toronto, so naturally the comments and opinions that follow will deal with what has been said about the Leafs. Maybe you’d prefer if, on those days the Leafs are the main topic, only Leafs fans can participate. Check it out with Lyle.

      As for your comment that Brady Tkachuk “really didn’t have anything to do with the trade …” shows your lack of grasp of reality. Of course he did! The deal was Ottawa’s 1st in 2018 or 2019 – their option. No one was going to get Duchene and not give up a 1st. Did Ottawa plan on dropping like a rock after being a double-OT goal away from going to the finals? Of course not. But again, s*&t happens and when it did Dorion was faced with a choice. He chose to keep that 4th pick in 2018 and relinquish this year’s to Sakic. Which again turned out to be a 4th. Will that pick be as good as Tkachuk? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe better. Only time will tell.

      Did he plan to finish dead last this season? Hardly, with Stone, Dzingel and Duchene still in the line-up – but on trade deadline day there they were. Dead last. So why not deal them and start over? They sure as hell weren’t going anywhere with them.

      Will they get better after all the trades/picks shake out? Who knows? But they sure can’t get much worse.

  4. George there’s something exciting about rebuilding and following all the young prospects and future picks. Ottawa will and have made some moves you won’t agree with but they will also make some awesome picks and trades. I know as a Bruin fan I had no problem trading big Joe and Kessel but wasn’t happy that they gave up on Tyler so early. I always say I don’t own the Bruins I just cheer for them and enjoy every minute of it. Ottawa will be a force again enjoy the ride.

    • I’d feel a lot more optimistic, Obe, if it were under a different owner – say Laliberté who still has connections to the business he started – Le Cirque du Soleii. But unfortunately, Melnyk is a stubborn one.

  5. ****RANT**** It’s Saturday and there is no playoff hockey! Can’t believe the NHL thinks having a 6 day layoff before the Cup finals is a good for the league.
    Reality is most people are not excited about this final to start with, outside of their markets who is watching? Given a six day layoff and people getting into summer routine folks are putting the hockey season behind them.
    Here in Winnipeg listening to sport radios the host said he is more interested in the Raptors although he admits he doesn’t watch Basketball. That more sour grapes then anything because in reality Winnipeg is not grapping a US market to watch them in the Finals.
    Are Fans more likely to watch game 1 on a Saturday night or a Monday? Folks in the US wouldn’t watch tonight because its Memorial Day Weekend? As far as the Raptors go if they lose at home game 7 will be Monday night, is all of Canada watching (except me). There is no event schedule at the Boston Garden today, so that isn’t the issue.
    Personally think having a 6 day layoff of no games is poor scheduling and starting on a Monday instead of a Saturday is also a mistake. Not sure of how the NHL draws up the interest for this series. They can count on Fans like me to be tuning in no matter what day and time but others not so much.

  6. True that. Furthermore, options are not facts; in fact, they are often wrong. Lou signed Marleau not Dubas, that’s fact and I guess signing Nylander 900k more than Nelson in your opinion is bad.

    You have talked up Ottawa like they were on a run to greatness during these playoffs without being in them. Like a Leafs fan talking up players or trades when there was no mentioning of them.

    Let’s pump the brakes here superfan!

    • I’d like to read those comments Ron. I read this site everyday and have yet to see anything remotely resembling a post alluding to a run of greatness.

      You and your “friend “ vinnie are coming off quite petulant this morning

      • Vinnie, didn’t like a comment George made the other day and now has gone on a personal attack of everything George post. The ironic part is he keeps talking about thin skin. Time to move on.

      • Agreed Chrisms . I read everyday , don’t post that often but George has been both optimistic and critical , pretty fair on Ottawa if you ask me .
        George did you see my response on hagelin double retention ? I wonder if this could be used by the teams with space . Trade for a problem contract (overpaid but can still fill a role ) insist on salary retention and prospect , then flip said player and retain small portion for another prospect / player bringing up the guy you acquires value by greatly reducing the cap hit and eliminating the problem ? At the end you may end up with a couple good prospects and it would only mean soaking up a couple million on your cap space .

      • Yeah I did Craig – but not until the next day when I briefly scanned the comments … I kind of figured there had to have been someone dealt twice with two teams picking up part of his cap hit … thanks for pointing out Hagelin. And I bet some GMs are already calculating that aspect when looking at trade possibilities – especially with so many nudging the limit.

      • Hey Chris, you delivering George’s meal on wheels today?

      • Nah. Today’s the day I change his colostomy bag. George… you better not colostafart in my face again!

      • Riiiiiiip. err, sorry Chrisms – now where the hell did I put my teeth?

  7. Sorry I haven’t been responding, been researching who Jerry Gallo is. Can someone tell me was he a draft pick or a ufa.

    • You don’t watch many classic movies do you…?

      • You must be short it went over your head.

    • You’d better not eat instant grits on top of everything else

      • Thanks for the tip , I already said I’m not very smart. I don’t chew gum and walk I find it difficult. I feel like I accomplished something today, according to you I made a friend today. Never had 1 of those before. But I can play George like a violin. Make him do what I want. lol

      • Sigh. You hit the nail on the head why your posts are so annoying. “Play George like a fiddle”? Your proud of being a troll. That’s sad. Fd implies I’m sticking up for George but it’s just my distaste for trolls. This board is one of the best for avoiding that stuff. Let’s try to keep it that way.

      • Vinnie time to pick up another instrument.

      • Vinnee, Hell will be the 33rd franchise in the NHL when the day arrives that you can “play me like a fiddle.” So far, I’ve tried very hard to be civil – not in my usual nature – but if what you want is flame war, OK. I’m game. Meanwhile, you should brush up on some sage advice meted out long ago by Abraham Lincoln … It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

  8. This is why I check back in during the day – Chrisms you’re worth the price of admission.

    • 🙇

    • Wait, youse guys is payin?
      Lyle, IOU for several years of good reading and great laughs.

      • Send me your address and I’ll send around my “collection agency”. 😉

  9. I said a violin , you’re to educated to be a fiddle. And I just played you again. lol

  10. Last word ” George ” lol
    I can’t play anymore my mom took my phone.