NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 6, 2019

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St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars heading to Game 7, Ken Holland to accept Oilers GM job, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars will require Game 7 to settle their second-round series. Third-period goals by Jaden Schwartz and Sammy Blais 33 seconds apart gave the Blues a 4-1 victory in Game 6 on Sunday afternoon.

An injury to Ben Bishop overshadowed the St. Louis Blues Game 6 victory over his Dallas Stars. (Photo via NHL Images)

Schwartz’s goal came with some controversy as Stars goaltender Ben Bishop was injured beforehand on a shot from Blues defenseman Colton Parayko. Bishop left the game following Blais’ goal and underwent x-rays on his left collarbone. According to Stars coach Jim Montgomery, Bishop was fine and he’s expected to start Game 7.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues were the better club in this one, especially their special teams. They went one-for-three on the power-play and killed off four penalties.

Bishop’s injury had some fans wondering why the play was immediately whistled down. NHL rule 8.1 indicates that can only happen when the injured player’s team gains control of the puck or if the on-ice officials believe the player’s injury is serious to merit an immediate stoppage of play. However, that raises questions over how officials determine the seriousness of an injury. 

TSN: Detroit Red Wings senior VP (and former general manager) Ken Holland has reportedly accepted the position of Edmonton Oilers GM. The club is expected to officially announce Holland’s hiring later this week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given how quickly this story percolated over the weekend we shouldn’t be surprised over this. The Oilers are believed to have offered Holland total autonomy over all hockey decisions plus a five-year contract worth $5 million annually.

The reaction to this news was mixed among hockey fans on Twitter. Some point to the Red Wings’ many years of success during Holland’s 22-year tenure as their GM, including three Stanley Cup championships. Critics believe he inherited a strong core from his predecessors and noted the club’s decline over the past decade.

THE ATHLETIC: San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski is getting closer to returning from the head injury suffered during the opening round against the Vegas Golden Knights. He’s still coping with concussion symptoms.  Pavelski also doesn’t believe the major penalty assessed to Golden Knights center Cody Eakin for his injury was merited. He doesn’t feel the cross-check was malicious and that he got twisted up as he fell to the ice.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Should the Sharks advance to the Western Conference Finals, it sounds like Pavelski could return to action for that series. 

SPORTSNET: After Hockey Night in Canada analyst Don Cherry chided Carolina Hurricanes fans as “front-runners” on Saturday, the club released t-shirts with “Bunch of front-running jerks” on the front.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Cherry’s getting a cut of the action here, he should just stop grumbling about the Hurricanes’  regular-season postgame victory celebrations and trying to shame their newfound followers as fair-weather fans. His comments are having the opposite reaction of what he intended. The Canes are dunking on him and laughing all the way to the bank. 



  1. Never was the old adage “comparing apples to oranges” more appropriate than when comparing the records of hockey GMs pre- and post-cap.

    Holland, when he took over as GM of the Wings in July 1997. inherited a pretty good team and while many will point to Zetterberg and Datsyuk as examples of his drafting/GM “expertise” the fact is Datsyuk went 171st overall in 1998 in the 6th round while Zetterberg was taken 210th in Rd 7 in 1999. More blind luck than expertise and probably taken at the insistence of his inherited scouting staff who maybe had suggested they both be taken earlier. That we’ll never know for sure.

    But after winning the cup in 1998 and 2002, they did it once more in 2008, 2 years after the cap came into effect in 2005-6, but still largely with the team assembled by Jim Devellano/Scotty Bowman, who had also won the cup in 1997.

    Since then the trend of the team has definitely been downward, with 1st round playoff exits 7 straight years from 2010 to 2016. With the cap making its appearance in 2005-06Their seasonal finish (overall league) has been: 2009-10 (7th), 2010-11 (6th), 2011-12 (8th), 2012-13 (13th), 2103-14 (15th), 2014-15 (12th), 2015-16 (15th), 2016-17 (25th), 2017-18 (28th), 2018-19 (28th)

    Hardly surprising the team decided to bring in Yzerman, who has shown more ability in keeping a team competitive in the cap era (although TB is now facing a bit of a crunch of their own).

    What the Edmonton ownership reasonably expects Holland to do with that dog’s breakfast is anybody’s guess.

    • All Mr. Holland needs 2 do is 2 get rid of his caps-

      • If you are going criticize Holland for the past 10 years, then you owe him the respect to give credit for work prior to being GM. After his playing career ended, he moved into the scouting department, eventually being Director of amateur scouting. When Bryan Murray was forced out in Detroit (95 or 96), Holland was made assistant GM (essentially GM in waiting) with Scotty having final say on GM matters. After winning the cup in 97, Holland was named the GM.

    • GEORge
      The only carryovers to the 07/08 team were Lidstrom holmstrom McCarty Draper Maltby and osgood . Nothing to sneaze at but Ken also replaced the likes of Yzerman Shanahan Federov for datsyuk zetterberg . After such a run of 20 + years without a pick inside 20 isn’t it only natural to expect a few lean years while re acquiring the top end talent through the draft after the stars are gone ? He struck gold with datsyuk and zetterberg late , to expect that again without top picks and a rebuild is a big ask , apparently the 22 years his ownership gives him credit for consecutively in the playoffs as the leader isn’t enough . Again I stress , has he made mistakes ? Absolutely, but he was suppose to what carry that steak to 30 to get any credit ? A let down was inevitable but he steered around it for 22 years , I’m amazed by the hate . The last few days

      • Why in hell do differences of opinion always have to translate to “hate” in the minds of those who have differing opinions – but believe only theirs is valid?? What I was looking at is simply the steady downward spiral (as stated above) of the Wings since the advent of the cap, with no indication in their system that the trend will be reversed.

        Is this “hate” some new InterNet thing?

    • I didn’t choose a good comment , didn’t take your comment as hate , more disregard for Holland his career and his work in the cup era . It’s been a couple days of Holland criticism but wasn’t a natural regression expected after 20+ years and no top 20 picks ? That’s a hell of a run ! I showed you the carryovers . When he had high end talent both inherited and acquired and drafted later he showed he could consistently build around them . When they hit the end of the road first on lidstrom and then datsyuk and zetterberg as you mentioned trying to duplicate that success with later picks would be unheard of . He has the respect credibility and experience needed for this spot today . He is no dummy , has made plenty of mistakes , like all gm’s ever . Will make more , but his record can’t be questioned , even after the cap he went another 11 years , the cup in 07/08 and right on up to the 15/16 season . Yes the wings have regressed the last 3 years. Also just added a top pick , and have a lot of extra 2/3 picks to go along with there own over the next 3 years as these bad contracts , mistakes expire . Natural regression . 22 years . No hate George or perceived hate , just really don’t get the Criticism from several posters and media . There is a lot of support as well , didn’t expect everyone to love any candidate , but didn’t expect Holland to take heat , which teams have matched or come close ? Is pit going another 10 years ? Again natural regression

  2. I’m another sucker that’s gonna help the canes laugh to the bank. Where can I get me that shirt!?!?

    • Keep on hating Chrism. BTW Brian Burke another blow heart is in full agreement with Cherry.
      Sad state of affairs if your team has to reply on a TV personality to get fan attention and bums in the seats.
      Will be an interesting day when Cherry shows up in Carolina in the conference final.
      I’m sure if you want a t-shirt stating you’re a jerk won’t be to hard to find could also add another word for those shelling out the dollars to buy the shirt.

      • I saw the Burke comment – doesn’t surprise me that another of the veteran elements of the NHL does not like the Storm Surge which, to me anyway, is much like the choreographed histrionics you see now in the NFL following a TD, intercepted pass or QB sack. Adds nothing to the game and the only ones it gets excited are those with the IQ of a kumquat.

        One of the youngest of the mainstream TV sports is college football but when they began the often mocking antics you see every game in the NFL (and now the CFL) the NCAA introduced a penalty against such “celebrations.”

      • Weird being called a hater for wanting to support a team that is calling out a hater. Guess I’m a hater hater?

      • George. I think some very intelligent people also enjoy those things. You know who else? Youts. You know.. the future market of the sport? The leagues have zero need to sell themselves to anyone middle aged or older.

      • So why is college football still drawing crowds of upwards of 100,000 – mostly young – who clearly have no problem with the banning of choreographed celebrations?

        Those who “hotdog” in baseball (eg bat flips and watching a HR sail over the fence) still get a ball in the ear soon after.

      • Yet the so called hot doggers are increasing. Baseball like hockey is slowly trending to the more showy stuff. Hell look at the walk up music. And I don’t think college sports are a reasonable comparison. Their is so much other drivers beside the game itself. The school pride part. The social event it causes on campus. The pageantry with bands etc. The athletes arnt contracted and are under complete control by their coaches.

      • George O you have a very valid point but it doesn’t fit Chrism narrative so he tries to change the narrative.
        Also George, you are 100% correct it’s ok to have a difference of opinion with being called a name, or as Chrism tries to point out it’s just us old guys that don’t like the celebrations. I don’t know how many young people he knows but I can inform him that I know quite a few and some like it and some don’t. But I guess the young one I spoke to are Canadians and our views are different because you know, its Canada Game.

      • I didn’t realize I would get under your skin so much caper. That’s a shame. You usually don’t resort to passive aggressive posts. Hockey being the worlds game and no longer Canada’s game is just a fact. Not an opinion. And things like the storm surge are fun and good for the game. But you seem to have taken my posts personally and generally having respect for your stuff on here I apologize if anything I posted was perceived as a personal attack.

    • Anybody that beats the Capitols is AOK w/ me!

  3. Lyle I don’t see Cherry backing down from his statement and why would he? It’s his opinion doesn’t matter if you agree with it or not. He would look kind of silly to back away from his views.
    Reality is Carolina is capitalizing on marketing Don Cherry whom 99% of the people in Carolina asking “who is Don Cherry”.
    Meanwhile a much more important issue is the whistle not be blowing while it was obvious Ben Bishop was injured by a slapshot in the collar bone, the ref has the discretion to blow the whistle but choose not to. That goal into basically an empty net changed the game. The officiating has been brutal in the playoffs.

  4. Some speculation here on the delay in the official announcement of Ken Holland as GM in Edmonton. Could it be that they are closing in on Holland’s choice as Head Coach so it can be a double-barrelled press conference?
    Who could that coach be, I wonder?

    • Xellant take Mr. BCL-

    • One of the Sutters? 🙂

    • Could also be he wants a quiet chat with the Lowes and MacTavishes of the organization to tell them they should register with UI.

    • More speculation: All the old Oilers have barricaded themselves inside the management offices. Apparently they won’t come out until the bad man from Motor City goes away. Someone was heard shouting ” Come and get us, but you’ll have to get through Dave Shulz first.”

      • 😁

    • Well, TSN reporting that Mike Babcock will return as Toronto’s Head Coach next year. So much for my Ken Holland speculation.
      Life goes on.