NHL Rumor Mill – May 1, 2019

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The latest on Evgeni Malkin, Kevin Shattenkirk, Mitch Marner, P.K. Subban, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports some NHL clubs believe there could be something to the recent Evgeni Malkin trade rumors. The 33-year-old center has a full no-movement clause. Recent buzz suggests he’s taking time to decompress and consider if he’ll waive it and where he’d be willing to go. Friedman believes it would be a short list, suggesting the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers as possible destinations. Penguins co-owner Mario Lemieux is reportedly against trading Malkin.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: If the Penguins are going to trade Malkin, Paul Zeise believes they should engage in a full roster rebuild. That includes trading Phil Kessel, Kris Letang, Patric Hornqvist, and finding a taker for Jack Johnson’s contract. He doubts the Penguins would get the type of return for Malkin that would keep them in contention for the Stanley Cup. 

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Kevin Gorman believes trading Malkin would create more problems for the Penguins. He feels Malkin’s no-movement clause doesn’t give the Penguins any leverage. He suggests surrounding the center with a better supporting cast. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Doesn’t sound like the notion of trading Malkin is going down well in the Pittsburgh media. I don’t fault Penguins management considering their options but his no-movement clause handcuffs them.

If Malkin doesn’t want to move, there’s nothing they can do to change his mind. They won’t reduce his ice time or banish him to the press box. If he is willing to accept a trade, there’s a good chance the clubs on his list either can’t afford his $9.5 million annual average value or the Penguins’ expensive asking price.

Will the New York Rangers trade Kevin Shattenkirk this summer? (Photo via NHL Images)


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers acquisition of prospect defenseman Adam Fox yesterday could lead to a trade of Kevin Shattenkirk. The 30-year-old defenseman signed through 2020-21 with an annual salary-cap hit of $6.65 million.

Brooks believes the Rangers could pick up 50 percent of his annual average value. However, they got little interest in him at the trade deadline. Those who inquired insisted the Rangers take back an onerous contract in return. Brooks also believes a corresponding decision will have to be made about acquiring Winnipeg Jets blueliner Jacob Trouba. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shattenkirk’s injury history and the decline in his performance accounts for the lack of interest in the trade market. Picking up half of his salary-cap hit will help but potential suitors could still want a draft pick or prospect included in the deal. His 10-team no-trade list could also hamper efforts to move him. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports it’s believed Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner could seek a deal comparable to teammate Auston Matthew’s $11.6 million AAV. The Leafs, meanwhile, don’t see him surpassing Chicago’s Patrick Kane ($10.5 million). They would prefer something similar to Vegas’ Mark Stone or Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov ($9.5 million) but they play in no-tax states.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt Marner accepts less than $10 million annually. I can see him accepting $10.5 million, especially if the deal is front-loaded. Still, his agent could insist on something between $11-$12 million. As Friedman noted, it’ll be an interesting couple of months in Toronto. 

If Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban is available this summer, Friedman points out he would’ve become a Vancouver Canuck in 2016 if the Montreal Canadiens found a way to draft center Pierre-Luc Dubois. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Canucks getting into any sweepstakes for Subban. The asking price will include a scoring forward like Elias Pettersson or Brock Boeser. Forget about it. 

Zach Bogosian’s hip surgery could change the Buffalo Sabres plans for Rasmus Ristolainen. It’s rumored the Sabres and Tampa Bay Lightning discussed a trade involving the defenseman. However, general manager Jason Botterill could instead look at how to help Ristolainen improve his game. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Ristolainen wants a trade, I think it would be a mistake to move him. Better to find a coach or perhaps a veteran blueliner to mentor the youngster. 

Friedman believes the Winnipeg Jets will try to re-sign unrestricted free agents Brandon Tanev and Ben Chiarot. To free up salary-cap room, they could shop center Mathieu Perreault. Friedman also wondered if they’d consider trading winger Nikolaj Ehlers.

Most expect Jacob Trouba to be traded. He becomes eligible next summer for UFA status. One observer wondered if the Jets could keep him for next season as an “own rental”. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if the Jets preferred to keep Trouba as an “own rental”, they still have to re-sign him this summer. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’ll likely seek around $7 million per season. With Patrick Laine and Kyle Connor to re-sign, the Jets won’t have enough to re-sign Trouba and fill out the remainder of the roster. 


  1. If Mario doesn’t want Malkin traded, it will not happen unless the Pens get Hughes in return.

    • Better be careful Mario or they’ll start comparing you to another meddlesome owner who won’t allow his GM to make team decisions.

      • Don’t think Mario will run outta do anything I want clout in pburgh for a very very long time

      • After the last 2 summers someone needs to save Rutherford from himself. If they trade Malkin for Subban I think I might take the year off from hockey. They already have too many dmen.

    • Exactly!!!!! Malkin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!!!!!

  2. How about a Malkin-Subban swap?

    • Malkin only goes if he wants to go. Except he will decide where.

      Reminds me a bit of Jagr situation.

      Marner will get a lower cap hit with more term length than Matthew’s, but it will still complicate Leafs roster and deplete depth.

      Unless NYR deals Shattenkirk there’s no Trouba. Would be foolish to trade Ehlers, but the Panthers were big fans of his in his draft year.

      • Not if Marner and his agent think otherwise. And forget all that chatter about Marner dreaming of “being a Leaf” and will make decision only based upon remaining in TO. When mics are shoved under their noses players will almost always go the politically-correct route – but they’re not idiots. $10 mil per in a city where there are no state taxes plus wall-to-wall sunshine and personal privacy once a game is over is one hell of an enticing option. Just ask Stamkos, Perry and a few others.

        Why should he settle for less over a longer term? So he can cough up a good chunk of it to the provincial and federal tax man?

      • They wouldn’t need to trade Shattenkirk, but it would be ill advised to not move some sort of salary before acquiring Trouba.

      • Jagr was activity publicly lobbying to get out. Malkin is just chillin. Not nearly the same

  3. Name the team that is going to give up enough to make the Pens pull the trigger on a Malkin deal.

    I can’t find it.

    Mario doesn’t want Letang traded, either. So, the Pens mission is to find younger and faster legs to put around this trio. That means Phil and/or Hornqvist and one of the defenseman are the players most likely to go.


    Why all the talk of Nashville trading it’s best player?

    To keep the other stiffs?


    Marner will get $11 million per, at least. That’s $40 million in 4 forwards if they insist on keeping Nylander…or overpaying Kapanen.

    • Subban isn’t Nashville’s best player! Imo that is Josi! And if you look at the total icetime per game, Josi, Ekholm and Ellis logged more minutes.
      And a cap hit of $9.000.000 isn’t easy to trade. May be that’s the reason some suggest a Malkin for Subban trade.

    • Yes but Marner stands to earn way more in endorsement money in Toronto vs any tax free US state.

    • George, you are so chimed in on Toronto players. There are other players in the rumours today, yet you respond to the leaf talk. Good for you!

      • Just weary of the prevailing suggestion that players put the glory of playing for the Leafs ahead of common sense about their future. Tell that to Dave Keon.

      • George you hater! Lol FD can’t handle the truth!

  4. DId the Rangers trade for Harvard prospect D so they could move him on the the Lightning? :<)

    Seriously, these two have swapped pieces a lot, arguably helping both, and there is restructuring in both places.

    And Fox is small, just up the Bolt's alley…..or maybe not so much after the first round this year.

    Bolts would return Cally to NY and eat money.

    • No thanks on that! You’re not getting young talent for Callahan. You’re giving up young talent to unload him.

      • Oh yeah … and forget about Ottawa doing TB any favours by taking on Callahan (or Edmonton by taking on Lucic and other tired old and expensive crock for that matter) – they have plenty of top-notch prospects now plus a passel of picks over the next couple of years which will keep the coffers filled for awhile.

  5. What about a Trouba – Shattenkirk trade? Obviously not just Shattenkirk but the Rangers could take 50% of Shattenkirk’s salary for the next two years which will ease the burden on Winnipeg yet still give Winnipeg a decent D-man. Trouba does not want to be in Winnipeg anyway and the Jets do not want to pay him. In addition the Rangers could give the Jets back their #1 pick for 2019 and possibly a later round pick or prospect also. I am sure that the teams could work out fair compensation between them.

    • It could work if the Rangers offer up Andersson or Vesey, but I doubt Shattenkirk doesnt have Winnipeg on his 10 team no trade list.

      • Could be that now that Winnipeg has a good club that Shattenkirk could be convinced to waive his NTC. Maybe it would do Shatty a little good to get out of the limelight in NY as things are not quite working out as he had hoped. maybe he has better luck in Winnipeg.

      • I missed the jets get back their pick part. My bad

    • I never like to say never, but the odds NY passes on Kakko or Hughes is slim… and I mean near non existent.

      Gorton seems to be sticking to the plan.

      • No way NY passes on Hughes or Kakko but Winnipeg’s #1 draft choice is not in the number 2 spot. They made the playoffs so it is a later first round pick.

    • I don’t blame Trouba for wanting out of Winnipeg,
      I was there a couple of weeks ago and oh my god, that place is a 3rd world city,
      I was very surprised how dumpy it is.

    • Wake up and smell the coffee Buddy do you think the NYR’s will trade their #1 pick which will be Jack Hughes or Kappo Kakko for Jacob Trouba Hahahhahahahahhaahaha

  6. I proposed the other day Malkin and a D for Subban and a forward.
    Can’t see it happening though. Moving Phil the thrill would have a better chance.

    The Jackets are looking good. A Cinderella story.

    • It’s going to come down to Columbus vs St. Louis – two teams that have never won a cup – and that’s as it should be in this year of upsets.

      • George I hope you’re wrong. I cross my fingers for the Avs (because of Grubauer) and the Blue Jackets.
        And it would be funny to see Duchene playing against the team that drafted him 🙂

  7. Marner is going to get paid and likely Matthews $ as well as he’s more than proved his worth and I”m very doubtful he’s going to take any kind of team friendly deal as he doesn’t have to and both the Leafs, his agent and Marner all know that as well.

  8. Trade idea that I both like and think is legitimately plausible…

    Phil Kessel and Olli Maatta for Derek Stepan and Jakob Chychrun.

    The money is almost exact. The Yotes get two former Tocchet proteges with 4 rings between to help them win now. The Pens get (incrementally) younger while Chychrun (who was in the press box down the stretch) adds more speed to the mix.

    • Mg…its not bad Matta and Chyrchrun pretty even tooo much drop off from Kessel to Stephan..not doing that…

      ow Hjalmarson and Stephan for Kessel and Matta yes that i would do…

  9. Why do people always think that a young player who has never played a NHL game in their lives can automatically come in to the league and replace a veteran?
    Just because the Rangers acquired Fox he is now suppose to come in and replace Shattenkirk!? Fox was a 3rd round draft pick people!!! For comparison Justin Schultz was a 2nd round pick. Fox should at least start next season in the AHL.

    • I can see Fox getting the 9 games at the start of the year and then down to the AHL for at least a portion of the season.
      Not so much because of who he will replace, but because it is the best place for him to learn the pro game.
      He isn’t some 19 yr old kid, but it still can’t hurt to have him get more one on one coaching and practice time at that level.

    • I agree with what you are saying about young players replacing veterans but disagree that it matters when a player is drafted, especially a defenseman.

      Using Carolina drafting D as an Example:

      Dumoulin – 51st pick
      Faulk – 37th pick
      Slavin -120th pick
      Pesce – 66th pick
      Ryan Murphy – 12th pick
      Haydn Fleury – 7th pick
      Jake Bean – 13th pick
      Noah Hanifin – 5th pick
      Jack Johnson – 3rd pick

      • Seems Ottawa and Carolina have been following much the same drafting pattern when it comes to D

        Thomas Chabot – 1st Rd – 18th
        Mark Borowiecki 5th Rd 139th
        Cody Ceci – 1st Rd – 15th
        Ben Harpur 4th Rd – 108th
        Christian Jaros 5th Rd 139th
        Jacob Bernard-Docker 1st Rd 26th
        Jonny Tychonick 2nd rd 48th

    • The Rangers do not “need” to replace Shatty. They are re-building and if it takes Fox 2-3 years to develop, that’s fine. They need to get something back for Shatty while he still has some trade value left as he is still a good 16-19 min defenseman with some offensive prowess. If Shatty, the Jets #1 going back to them and a good prospect are needed to get Trouba, then I think it is worth it. Trouba does not want to play in Winnipeg and the only way anyone will know if he has reached his ceiling, is by getting him out of there.

  10. People getting a little ahead of themselves with Trouba. Yes the Jets have to “re-sign” him but are in complete control of the situation. He’s restricted. Qualify him at whatever it is, or let it go to arbitration. Frankly he’s not as good as he thinks he is. He finally played a full season this year and his numbers show that this is probably his ceiling points wise. On top of that, for the minutes he plays his +/- is iffy at best.

    • I did point all of this out yesterday. However, I don’t think he’s anything but a depth move right now with hopes he can make the roster.

      All that being said, we’re talking about replacing Shattenkirk, not Doughty.. Shattenkirk spent a good amount of time on the 3rd pairing this year. He’s no 25-30 minute muncher. As much as I’d miss his amazing defense (hahahaha) I’m sure NY, somehow, someway, some Day… will carry on without him.

  11. I disagree with the TSN comments that it hurt Carolina to trade Fox because he could have stepped in to the line up after their current injuries. Carolina has Haydn Fleury and Jake Bean ready to step in if needed and they are both more ready to play NHL playoff hockey and Carolina’s style of play than Fox is.

  12. To TB: Shattenkirk & their 1st rd pick back
    To NYR: Callahan & T.Johnson

    TB gets cap space and a right hadn’t D instead of resigning Girardi and Stralman

    NY gets a 2nd line center and space on the backend to let Fox play 3rd line pairing and work his way up.

    All depends though if they get KK or Hughes at the draft.

    • sorry 2nd rd pick back

      • Not bad.

  13. Alternatively

    to NSH: Shattenkirk & Vesey & TB’s 2nd
    to NYR: Subban

    would like him paired with Skjei

    • Booooo

      • lol…..you love my ideas that much as always eh!? LOL
        thanks buddy

  14. Sorry…way off topic here, but my condolences go out to the Botchford family……R.I.P Jason Botchford.

  15. There is no way Marner will be making less than Matthew’s, no way. I bet Marner will make just slightly higher than Golden Boy Matthew’s. Why would he accept less? No reason to, he scored more points.

    • Totally agree. Marners better than Matthews and more durable. Matthews status is a result of the Toronto hype machine.