NHL Rumor Mill – May 10, 2019

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Latest on P.K. Subban and Kyle Turris plus a look ahead for the Avalanche in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


THE ATHLETIC: If the Nashville Predators were to trade P.K. Subban, Adam Vingan spoke with several of his colleagues to inquire what type of return he might fetch. They examined the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, and Pittsburgh Penguins as possible trade partners. 

John Glennon wondered what the Predators will do with center Kyle Turris this summer. Injuries limited him to 23 points in 55 games. His contract ($6 million annually through 2023-24) will be difficult to trade unless the Predators absorb part of it and package him with a promising young player. A contract buyout would mean the Predators would carry an annual cap hit of $2 million per season for the next 10 years. 

THE TENNESSEAN: Paul Skrbina noted Columbus Blue Jackets center Matt Duchene recently traveled to Nashville with several of his teammates. Duchene is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. The Predators lacked scoring punch this season and could use a top-six forward. Predators general manager David Poile hinted at offseason changes following his club’s first-round playoff elimination. 

Trade speculation continues to swirl around Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vingan and his colleagues were spitballing about what those clubs might offer up for Subban. They don’t believe the Leafs would part with Mitch Marner or the Flyers with Jakub Voracek. They don’t see the Canucks giving up any of their good young forwards. They also feel the Penguins would only go after Subban if they trade Kris Letang, which seems unlikely.

I don’t see Turris drawing much interest in the trade market this summer. Wouldn’t surprise me if Poile stands pat and hopes the center regains his form next season.

Cap Friendly indicates the Predators have over $76 million invested in 22 players. They can’t afford a UFA like Duchene unless they shed a big contract like Subban’s. 


ESPN: Emily Kaplan and Chris Peters believe re-signing Mikko Rantanen and bolstering their goaltending depth will be among the offseason priorities for the Colorado Avalanche. They have plenty of salary-cap room to re-sign Rantanen, who could become the Avs’ highest-paid player.

It’s possible they could re-sign pending UFA Semyon Varlamov to a short-term deal but he’d have to accept a pay cut and a reduced role. They also advocate the ongoing incorporation of talented youth (such as Cale Makar) into their roster. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Steven Ellis believes GM Joe Sakic’s youth movement is paying dividends. With their salary-cap space, Sakic could test the free-agent waters if he wishes to bring in a second-line scorer. Ellis suggested Micheal Ferland or Gustav Nyquist as free-agent options. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remember when we all chided Sakic as an incompetent general manager two years ago? Joke’s on us as the Avalanche continue to improve with their young talent. He doesn’t have to make any major acquisitions this summer if he doesn’t want to. 

With over $46.8 million invested in 13 players, they have more than enough to re-sign Rantanen to a big raise (I’m guessing $9 million per season). Some might question paying him more than Nathan MacKinnon but that’s just the nature of the market now. The rising cap means good young players get more than a comparable did three years ago. MacKinnon’s $6.3 million salary-cap hit was considered a huge investment in 2016. Now, it looks like a bargain.

After re-signing Rantanen, Sakic will have enough to re-sign or replace UFAs like Varlamov, Colin Wilson, and Derick Brassard, as well as other RFAs like Alex Kerfoot, J.T. Compher, and Nikita Zadorov.

Provided ownership is willing to spend toward the projected salary cap of $83 million, there’s room to add a secondary scorer via free agency. I expect Sakic will explore the trade and UFA markets for an affordable second-line option. 


  1. That’s what I’ve been trying to get across to those who keep saying “Duchene will get his money and term” in one breath and “Duchene wants to be with a cup contender” in another.

    Just how many so-called “contender only” teams can take on a close to $9 mil C for 7 years without somehow getting some other team to take on a big-dollar contract they’d have to shed? Or two if they also have several RFAs/UFAs of their own that they absolutely need to re-sign?

    • That’s a fair point George. Colorado is an up and coming team with cap space, but I would bet a paycheck Duchene is not returning there.

      If Thornton retires, which I expect he will, and the Sharks opt not to resign Pavelski (he is 6 years older than Duchene and I am thinking will want a contract similar to Blake Wheeler) I think the Sharks would seriously consider Duchene and would have cap space without those other two centers.

      • Not if they re-sign Karlsson at the $10 mil plus he’s looking for. And why would they not re-sign their captain Pavelski? He’s just 34 coming off a 38 goal season and has 8 goals so far in the playoffs to lead the way. The Sharks have close to 59.5 mil committed to 16 players with UFAs Nyquist, Dobskoi, Haley and Heed and RFAs Gambrell, Meier, Lebanc and Ryan to either re-sign or replace with the 24 mil at hand, which will swiftly disappear if they keep Karlsson and Pavelski.

      • Just spit-balling on one possibility…not making any bold predictions or anything.

        SJ likely will resign Pavelski to a 5 year contract worth $8M per year or so. Personally, I think that after the first couple of years, when Duchene is just hitting 30, Duchene will be the better value though.

    • George, for one I’d say Columbus. They have advantage of being able to start negotiating. I wouldn’t count out Nashville as it’s not like Subban is the only guy they can trade. Josi is heading into last year of his deal. Grandlund lacks ntc protection. Bonino. Smith. It’ll be an interesting summer heading toward FA in July.

  2. “the Predators have over $76 million invested in 22 players. They can’t afford a UFA like Duchene unless they shed a big contract like Subban’s. ”

    So why are they even spitballing a hockey trade for Subban, get futures and sign Duchene or another scoring forward like Panarin.

  3. So Rantanen will get around 9 million but Marner wants 11.5 ..only in Toronto…..Dreger won’t be happy.

    • Sam, good call but those two players will be very close in cap hit once the dust settles. Marner’s contract will be closer to $9 million per than $11.5M.
      Another example of “centre of the universe” reporting is the focus on Marner to receive an offer sheet. Many others could be in the same situation this year – Rantanen and Braydon Point among them.

      • every year we talk about “offer sheets” and nothing develops…gm’s hesitate to use them because what goes around comes around….but an offer sheet is most effective targeting a cap squeezed team …the avs simply match any offer sheet for rants and that’s the end of it

  4. Does Nashville want to move Subban or would they only do it for a great deal? If they need scoring, would they consider Nylander, Zaitsev (cheaper right shot D or anchor?) and a pick (which round?)?

    • Rantanen is the real deal and in my books worth more than Marner just on the size factor alone. No way Marner is worth 2m more annually.
      The Avs need a top 6 forward and should be set for a while. This draft could easily satisfy that if they get lucky at the 4 slot.

      • But that’s what makes Ranaten more of a offer sheet target than Marner

      • @SilverSeven I couldn’t agree more- that was my sarcasm coming out. If Marner wants more than 10 they should be actively looking to deal him.
        Hearing the “Marner is just as valuable as Matthews to his team” crap is troubling, franchise centres make more- just the way it is..

    • Nylander straight up for Subban?
      He’s 6 years younger than Subban and comes in at about $3M per year less on the cap. Also, almost 50% of the actual cash will be paid after his signing bonus is paid July 1 this year. That helps his value as a tradeable asset as well.
      The Leafs would need to move another salary as well to squeeze Subban in under the cap. They’re weak at RD so moving out their only other right shot defence man isn’t a great idea.
      Gain set and Gardiner will be gone with their $3M and $4.05M cap hits. Take away Brown at $2.1M and Subban’s contract is taken care of.
      Top 4 D looks like this
      Reilly $5M Subban $9M
      Muzzin $4M- Zaitsev $4.5M

      • The issue is the Leafs currently have just under 10 million in cap space and Mariner is going to get at least 10 million. So they have to move some pieces just to get Mariner signed.
        Plus how bad will Dubas look in trading Nylander less than a year after promising him he will not be traded.

    • Sounds to me like PK’s outsized (read overbearing) personality and the fact that he wasn’t the difference maker Poile hoped he was means Nashville would indeed move him for more scoring.

      In fact, with Nashville’s cap space they have to move a lot of $ and that alone make PK a logical choice.

    • If they want scoring, why would they want Nylander?

  5. “If” avs can hit on the 4th & 16th pick in draft or even use the 16th overall and a later rd pick, plus prospect to add a decent 2nd liner this team will be set for a couple of yrs…. I think speed is where the nhl is headed and joe s. is ahead of the curve

  6. I don’t understand why all the Preds rumors. Yeah they only have little over 2.5 million in cap space, but will increase to little over 4.5 if the cap climbs the minimum 2 million. 1 or 2 minor moves will give them plenty of cap space to sign their 2 RFA’s. It’s not like they are an old team.

  7. Pens won’t trade for Subban…he would get more press than Sid & Mario. They couldn’t deal with that.

    • Hi Ray

      If Preds will take JJ in the deal it just may be worth it….just sayin’ …..

      JJ & Phil (10.3 M) for

      PK & Gaudreau (9.7M) & Sissons (RFA)

      Letang Dumo
      PK Pettersson
      Shultz Riikola

      Can then move Maata for a winger

    • Yeah, two of the most private people in NHL history who only do interviews when necessary (aside from post game media obligations) would hate losing the spotlight they shun.

      Also, Phil and Schultz (or Maatta) for PK and Turris (or Bonino).

      • MG

        It’s gotta have JJ going the other way.

        Pens can’t get anywhere with him in the line-up

        They must be rid of JJ…Buyout is perfect….Cap hit:

        $0.27 M (yep only $270 K ) in 19/20; then $1.27; $1.27; $2.0; $1.0; $1.0, $1.0; $1.0

        Peeeerrrrrrrrfect buyout

    • Can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not… sid and Mario hate publicity. They would relish that.

  8. Nashville is ok cap wise unless they plan on adding UFA’s , then they need to shed salary. Trading Subban frees up $ for 2020 when Josi’s contract ends. It also frees up a spot for Fabbro who could likely slide into top 4. Also consider the expansion draft in 2021, Poile would likely prefer to go with 7 f, 3d protected vs 8 skaters so if Subban stays they risk losing one of Josi, Ekholm, Ellis or Subban for squat.
    Also I am predicting a bounce back year for Turris next season, from what I have heard and read he played hurt most of the year. Trying to play and rehab a bad hip at the same time is a bad recipe.

    • He’d be bouncing back from more than just this season past. Was he also hurt after the trade from Ottawa when, in 65 gp for Nashville, got 13g and 29a – 42 pts and, in 13 playoff games, also contributed just 3 assists.

  9. George , 17-18 he had 76 total games played 51 pts between Ottawa and Nashville which is decent for him. But I agree 3 assists in 13 playoff games sucked, not sure if he played injured in the 18 playoffs.
    Not a huge fan of Turris but I would not write him off just yet. If he does not rebound next year then he goes into that bucket of aging players on the decline with hefty price tags and term ( Lucic, Okposo, Eriksson. Ladd etc).

  10. Doug Hamilton and Subban should play on same team so less players have to suffer. I guess problem with that is that one team would have twice the frustration.

  11. Of All the things the Maple Leafs could use moving forward, I really don’t see how a trade 4 PK would help the team. I mean, I guess if Dubas were able to unload a couple of contracts such as Marleau, Nylander and whatever else would seem like a blessing short term, just not convinced at all that PK; who to me; is kinda like hockey’s version of Snoop Dog, is going to be a positive influence in the room.
    I mean, opinions vary for sure but sorry PK is not the kind of answer TML needs