NHL Rumor Mill – May 14, 2019

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Five possible contract buyout candidates, plus the latest speculation on Phil Kessel, Nazem Kadri, and William Nylander in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TVA SPORTS: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Karl Alzner, Edmonton Oilers winger Milan Lucic, Oilers defenseman Andrej Sekera, New York Rangers blueliner Kevin Shattenkirk, and Vancouver Canucks winger Loui Eriksson could become contract buyout candidates next month. The buyout period begins June 15 and runs through June 30. 

Could the New York Rangers buy out Kevin Shattenkirk next month? (Photo via NHL Images)

Alzner has three years remaining on his five-year, $23.125-million contract. He spent most of last season in the AHL. Lucic has four seasons left on his seven-year, $42-million contract while Sekera has two years left on his six-year, $33-million deal. Shattenkirk is two years into a four-year, $26.6-million contract, and Eriksson has three years remaining on his six-year, $36-million deal

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Contract buyouts for those players count as two-thirds the remaining value over twice the remaining term. Of the five, Sekera could be the easiest to buy out. It comes with a $2.5 million cap hit in the first two years, dropping to $1.5 million for the remaining two seasons. Sekera, however, looked good in his recent return from injury. The Oilers could hang onto him for next season.

The others would be more complicated. Alzner’s buyout would count as over $1.069 million against the Canadiens cap, except for 2020-21, when it jumps to $4.19 million. Shattenkirk’s would be $1.43 million, except for 2020-21 when it would be over $6 million. That’s because a significant chunk of their respective salaries for that particular season is paid as a signing bonus. It’s a form of salary insurance for those two in case there’s a lockout in 2020-21.

Signing bonuses also affect the buyout structure for Eriksson and Lucic. An Eriksson buyout counts as over $5.55 million against the Canucks cap for the first two seasons, dropping to $3.55 million in year three, before falling to over $555K for each of the final three seasons. Buying out Lucic counts as over $3.625 million in 2019-20, $5.625 million in 2020-21, $4.125 million in 2021-22, $5.625 million in 2022-23, then tumbling to 625K for each of the final four seasons.

If the league or the NHLPA choose to opt out of the current CBA in September, there could be another lockout in the fall of 2020. Teams considering the buyout option this summer could opt to wait a year and see what happens with the CBA.

A new CBA could see each team allowed two compliance buyouts as they were when the current agreement was implemented. Those buyouts didn’t count against a team’s salary-cap payroll. 


TRIBLIVE.COM: If the Pittsburgh Penguins trade Phil Kessel, Jonathan Bombulie believes it must be more than addition by subtraction. Despite his age and “quirky personality”, the 32-year-old winger remains a productive scorer. Replacing his scoring would be difficult. If Kessel’s traded, Bombulie believes the player they get back makes the Penguins better away from the puck and improves the chemistry on the second line. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel has an eight-team trade list, which could complicate things unless he’s willing to widen that list. The Penguins reportedly entertained offers for the winger last summer and could do so again this year.

Moving Kessel and his $6.8-million cap hit could be done to free up salary to bring in a more affordable, younger player. That player could come in the return for Kessel, or through a separate trade with another team, or via free agency. 


TORONTO STAR: In a recent mailbag, Kevin McGran was asked if the Toronto Maple Leafs will consider moving center Nazem Kadri and winger William Nylander. Kadri’s undisciplined play cost the Leafs in the last two seasons while Nylander carries a big cap hit that could affect efforts to re-sign Mitch Marner.

McGran believes Kadri is more vulnerable to a trade. He points out Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas “went through a lot to sign Nylander. He’s not trading him.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree. Kadri is the more likely of the two to get traded. One can’t fully dismiss the possibility of a Nylander trade despite Dubas’ “promise” not to move him. Still, it would’ve been all for nothing to trade Nylander at this point. Kadri’s loose cannon act has proven too costly over the past two years. 


  1. After reading the above analysis of the contract reality for Lucic, Alzner, Shattenkirk and Eriksson some need to stop imagining trade scenarios that have a -2% chance of happening. Those teams either have to swallow hard and then go the buy-out route – or they’re stuck with them, because other teams are facing their own reality when it comes to their top RFAs who, it seems, are no longer interested in signing bridge deals, and so have NO interest in taking on those albatross deals – no matter what carrots are dangled with them because, not too far down the line, they’ll be facing their own cap crunch and the last thing they need is how to clear a cap space problem they unwisely saddled themselves with.

    • George, could not agree more…..it all sounds so easy to just “unload” a bad contract… in reality it’s difficult….the key is to stay the course in many cases and stay very “quiet” in the ufa market

    • You say that George yet teams find ways out all the time. Payoff trades, robidas island, expansion, bad contract swaps.

      How about Eriksson for lucic and alzner for shatty 🤪

      • So Tweedle-Dum for Tweedle-Dummer? Ahh well, one simply can’t soar with the eagles if they load up with turkeys.

    • Kadri for Benning and a third

  2. Interesting…all 5 of the buy out candidates were signed as free agents and 4 of them by Canadian teams where most free agents seem not to want to play. These teams are under Canadian media pressure to improve their teams. this combination may result in more errors north of the border.

    Lyle….on a % basis how many of these free agent signings would you guess are a success?

    As to Kadri or Nylander, I guess I go Kadri. More teams seem to want him and you would be selling low on Nylander. But it is a Hobson’s choice. My preference would be trading Andreas Johnsson who I think does the team no favors by constant complaining to the refs. and my hunch is you would be selling high.

    My wish would be Kadri + for a good D man & Johnsson for a lesser light D man

    • I don’t have time right now to figure it out exactly, but my best guess is less than 25 percent.

      • Thanks Lyle….your educated guess is good enough….I was just curious.

  3. Nylander is lighting it up at the World’s, against rinky dink opponents who cannot catch him to frighten him by body contact. Good for him, it might enhance his trade value which right now is nil!
    I think Kadri is past his sell by date with Leafs, much as i like him…in a package, maybe with Connor Brown, would the Oilers have interest, for Nurse? Might have to sweeten the deal on the leafs end? Is Nurse a fit for Toronto?

    • If Dorion and Dubas could work out a deal beneficial for both I’d take Kadri in a flash in Ottawa. Yeah, he’s had costly brain farts two years in a row in the playoffs – but he’s young enough where maturity will balance out his knee-jerk reactions. To me, a 30 goal C (2 years in a row) asked to drop to 3rd line duty without a complaint and still do reasonably well with reduced ice time is gold.

      If the Leafs deal him they could come to regret the move.

      • George, couldn’t agree more. Kadri has tremendous value. As a second line centre, he put up two 30 goal seasons and played a 200 foot game.

        I’ve often stated the key to winning is being strong up the middle. I do understand Kadri’s value to the Leafs, but unfortunately in a cap world, having two top end centres and a third near top end, won’t work cap wise for the Leafs in 2019-20. Kadri will be dealt at a very nice return. The return will be likely futures as the Leafs can’t take back a contract without doing alot of other things. These futures can be dealt at the deadline for current value.

        I don’t see Marleau leaving, he is the key for 2019-20 with respect to the Leaf’s cap issues. So guys like Kadri, Brown, Johnsson are likely gone. Brown and Johnsson are fairly easily replace within the system, Kadri is not.

      • I’d take Kadri on the avs in a heartbeat!

      • I wouldn’t trade Kadri , Toronto needs his emotion. Sometimes he does get out of hand but that happens with alot of players. If I was the coach I wouldn’t have a 4th line center . I would just run with Tavaras , Mathews and Kadri and double shift whoever is going the best. Those 3 guys need more ice time.

      • Totally agree George.

        If Dubas trades Kadri I’ll lose my mind. He has to trade Nylander!
        Kadri is easier to trade (cap hit of $4.500.000, two times 30 goal scorer, grit) but who would replace him? Nylander? I don’t think so. He’s not what the Leafs need. Trade him for the best return you can get. Hopefully he continues to score at the World’s.

      • “If the Leafs deal him they could come to regret the move.”

        Maybe in the regular season, but in the playoffs they’ll be happy that they can ice their best roster rather than having some nitwit take himself out of commission.

      • Congratulations on never having made a mistake in your life – must be great to be you!

      • The thought of Nylander lining up with Elias Pettersson for the next 5 years is enticing

      • @Trekie who in the system replaces Johsson. The only person that’s close is Moore and he’s no Johsson. Grundstrom would have been the next but we traded him away. Marleau will never replace Kadri so trading Kadri shouldn’t be an option. Plus Kadri has a modified ntc now

  4. Kadri and a package of Brown and maybe a prospect for Nurse with the Oilers? Is Nurse a good fit for Leafs?
    Nylander is lighting up the World’s mostly due to playing against teams that cannot catch him to hit him and frighten him off the puck. His trade value is less that Nazim’s right now, it it not? Leafs could perhaps have had either Slavin or Pesce from the Canes but not after their playoff run!

    • Nurse is as close to an untouchable as you can get without being an untouchable. There isn’t a replacement for Nurse in the Oilers system. It would be a huge mistake for the Oilers to trade him.
      If Kadri is traded to Edmonton the d-man I see going the other way is Benning plus a grade A prospect like 19 year old centre Ryan McLeod.

      • Nurse? Darnell Nurse? The human pylon? Untouchable?

        Thats the exact kind of thinking that put the Oilers in the sewer in the first place.

      • May be Kadrie and Brown are not enought to get Nurse, may be.
        But Benning and McLeod aren’t getting the Oilers Kadri!
        The Leafs don’t need another offensive prospect, who’s not a “grade A” prospect imo and a no. 5-6 d-man.

      • @juss76
        Sorry, but I’m one who goes by “never give quality for quantity.” So no matter how many 3rd liners you give it will never equal Nurse.
        In giving a regular 5th d-man who can move up to a 4th d-man for short periods of time (to cover injuries) and can play on the 2nd PP plus McLeod who should be at least a 3rd line centre, which Kadri is, but could be a 2nd line centre. Plus the Leafs are getting what they desperately need, CAP SPACE. The Leafs get 2.6mill in cap space plus Benning is still a RFA after next season.

      • Sorry, forgot to add that Benning is also a right shot, which Nurse is not. Right shot d-men are what the Leafs are lacking in as well.

    • Bob, the most obvious is Bracco. Bracco is significantly better than Johnsson. From there Timoshov is a fair replacement but the real guy to start the season will be Marchment. He’s a big guy that has developed extremely well. Bigger players generally take longer and he looks ready to me. I’ve been to a playoff game, heading to another next week. Marchment has played very well, his skating is very much improved.

      The Leafs just signed this Russion Mikheyev, who Babcock is big on. They did this as they know guys have to go.

      The Leafs also have some real good up and coming wingers that are perhaps a year or so away. Yeah, not next year for those guys but very deep on the wing is my point.

      • Bob, one more comment regarding Kadri, I don’t want to see him go, I believe he’s gone as he will garner the highest return of the guys Dubas and quite frankly myself believe are most expendable. Yes, I’m dealing Kadri before I deal Nylander. Many will disagree but the only one that really gets a vote is Dubas and I don’t believe he is dealing Nylander unless the deal is too good to pass on. JMO

      • In what way are you stating that Bracco is “significantly” better than Johnsson. Based on what? His AHL numbers? Johnsson just had a 20-goal season in the NHL. Bracco has yet to prove squat at that level.

      • @Trekie you haven`t watched much of the Marlies have you. Bracco is somewhat of a powerplay specialist, he isn`t NHL ready unless you`re willing to take all his flaws to go with his offense defensively he`s terrible. Super coach hasn`t taught him a thing when it comes to playing a 200 ft game. I used to think why isn`t Bracco in the NHL then I watched him play. While it`s possible he may learn how to play a complete game it won`t be under Keefe

  5. The question with trading Kadri is who replaces him? The Leafs have pretty good depth on the wings but not a lot at center. Best case scenario – Kadri and Nylander have bounce back years and Toronto finds another way to shore up the defence – improved penalty killing would be a start.
    Always intriguing to see names as buyout candidates – in this case, Shattenkirk was highly sought around the league, Eriksson was considered a solid pickup for the Canucks, many thought Alzner would really help Montreal’s back end; Lucic might have been the one where the warning lights went on at the time but there was a theory that he would be McDavid’s deputy who would keep other teams from taking liberties. Good theory but, in reality…..

    • George, I watch the games and have watched Bracco many times. I don’t need stats.

    • Bob, you’re entitled to an option and that’s fine, but yes I’ve watched Bracco and the Marlies a lot and I totally disagree. He’s a developing player and quite frankly, high skill level and high hockey IQ. Yeah, he needs work, what player at his age doesn’t? Johnsson at Bracco development stage was not the player Bracco is and that constitutes significantly better. Bracco won’t be starting the season with the Leafs but I fully expect him to play the last 25 games – any idea why?

  6. Nurse’s name shouldn’t be mentioned. He is the most valuable dman for the Oilers. No chance.

    I don’t expect those buyouts to happen.

    Leafs will need to suck it up next season and deal with a team that lacks depth. Unless Marner signs a 1 year deal at like $6M, and the year after the Leafs can re-sign him to 11.5ish or so long term.

    • I’d take Larsson for Nylander. 🙂
      Nylander is not Tyler Hall, but he could be a player who drives along McDavid or Draisaitl.

  7. I see Kesler is unlikely to play this year. Does anyone know if that means he’ll go on LTIR and his very large cap hit becomes available to the Ducks, at least for this season?

    Could make some big changes as to what the Ducks do in the off-season (or at least once he’s officially allowed to go on LTIR)

    • players go on LTIR when the season starts , an injured players cap hits the team overall cap during the off season, so in Ducks case they do not have an extra 6.875 to sign free agents if Kesler is on the shelf next season.

      • Thanks, Fergy!

  8. To put it mildly, Shattenkirk was a terrible idea from the start, combined with the Girardi buyout… disastrous.

    However, why would NY buy him out? 2 years they lose Lundqvist, Staal, Smith, Shattenkirk…

    In one year Vesey, Namestnikov, Fast, Beleskey and Strome, Kreider possibly expiring if not extended. Spooners retention also comes off.

    They have approximately 23 million in cap space next year, and a boatload coming off the following 2 years….

    So why are they buying him out again?

    • Exactly Nyr, they won’t. I also can’t see the Oil buying out Sekera or Lucic.
      Sekera showed he can still play even after 2 significant surgeries. These often take at least 1 full off season to recover from so he may even be better coming out of camp this upcoming season. Play him as he makes the Oil better.
      If you want to save a $1M per year on Lucic, then send him to Bakersfield. I am pretty sure he clears waivers. But they won’t, as you would still need to spend close to $1M to replace him in the lineup with a 4th liner. Same as if you bought him out. The math is pretty obvious IMO.
      Oil need to be patient for 2 years and $$ comes off the books. They have decent prospects now, let them play and learn in Bakersfield for another year or 2 and you will have less expensive and better players to fill your lineup.
      Holland has proven he understands that young players need to learn in the AHL so at least that should change in Edmonton.

      • Ray Bark,

        I believe Lucic has a full NMC for the entirety of his contract which means Bakersfield is out.

      • Thanks Nyr, I had no idea that a full NMC meant you can’t be sent down.
        I didn’t think the Lucic contract could get worse, and it just did for me.

    • Traded Stepan to fit Shattenkirk’s contract… odd move at the time too… Would of been easier to swallow IF the ‘NHL ready’ Lias actually was NHL ready…

      That said I’d take Kadri and his one year left on his contract off from the Leafs asap… Give him 3/4 season with the Rangers and he leaves @ TDL

  9. Kessel, Hornqvist and one of Schultz or Maatta to Arizona for Stepan, Grabner and Chychrun.

    • A 6.5 mil third line center… yummy.

      • Bolland may be available?


      • 😂

    • MG…i like your idea…except– instead..

      Kessel & Matta to Arizona

      Stephan & Hjalmarsson to Pittsburgh

      Kessel >Stephan we gain 4 years age s

      Hjalmarsson > Matta they gain 6 years in age

      we get a top 4 d-man who has won a cup in Chicago and can play defense and stabilize Schultz. and a two way third line center we have missed since Stahl and Bonino..

      They get a pure goal scorer who will net 30 plus goals. the coach loves him and he loves tochet and a young controllable top 4 dman in Matta who is solid.

      salaries almost identical maybe the Penguins add a Tristan Jarry or a Dominick Simon

  10. Sekera is valuable enough to keep here as LTIR is his biggest issue. No to trading Nurse as he is really coming into his own! Bear, Jones, Lageson, Bouchard, Samorukov , give good reasons to smile with our D prospect pool. Now if our management and coaching can only bring them along slowly and only bring up when ready???😊

  11. The Oilers would save more cap space in trading Russell than buying out Sekera.
    IMO see how Sekara does this season. If he has a good season and stays healthy then the Oilers defence is better for it. If not then the younger guys like Bear, Jones, Persson, and Lagesson have a chance to prove themselves.
    By trading Russell you open up one spot on defence for Bear, Jones, Persson, and Lagesson to fight for. Along with that you can also have competition for Bennings place. If two of those four young guys have a better training camp than Benning then you can also trade Benning.
    IMO Bouchard and Samorukov should be starting the season in Bakersfield.

  12. I think Kadri is one that is dealt for certain, there is value there. Perhaps the team that takes him is asked to take Zaitsev back as well. That’s over 8 mill.
    Marleau wont move and they wont ask him too- maybe he gets slotted in as the 3rd line centre for a year to preplace Kadri- he has played centre quite a bit in his career and would be a good it there.
    Safe to say Kadri/Zaitsev would return a good D?. Along with Brown moving – and Marner taking 10- there is room to sign Kapanen and Johnsson to a shorter bridge deal (Johsonn can to arbitration?)
    marleau’s 6 mill falls off the cap next year just in time to give some to Muzzin.
    Of course if Marner sticks to ridiculous notion that he wants to be highest paid winger in league based off of one year and an underwhelming playoff- then all bets are off.

    • So, Sam, if your trade happens, the Leafs are trying to replace three starting defence men and the third line center who saw time on the power play. You know something about the Marlies that the rest of us don’t?

      • @BCLeafFan, no, I think Hainsey comes back for a year at reduced salary. Zaitsev/Kadri trade would hopefully yield a defenseman in return and Rosen I would imagine was targeted for the roster. Along with Rielly/Muzzin/ Dermott. Dermott’s injury clouds things, but I think Sandin and Lilegren will be given a chance to see what they can do as well early on.
        I didn’t mind Zaitsev’s game at all in playoffs paired with Muzzin, but this would be opportunity to move him, knowing that beyond next season Rielly, Muzzin, Dermott, Sandin, Rosen could be locked in

      • Some do get overly excited when a top farm team wins the big prize, figuring everyone on the roster is headed for the NHL. The same thing happened in Ottawa when the Binghamton Senators won the Calder Cup 8 years ago, If you read the comments from some at the time, over half the roster was headed for Ottawa, As it turns out, the only one from that team who has had what can remotely be described as a solid NHL career is Mike Hoffman, with Robin Lehner a “maybe” after a very good year in NY after being discarded by Buffalo. Borowiecki and Zack Smith have become 7th D/4th line types,

        All of Cody Bass, Andre Benoit, Bobby Butler, Erik Condra, Jared Cowen, Kaspars Daugavins, Colin Greening, Eric Gryba, Jim O’Brien and Patrick Wiercioch have had what can best be described as the proverbial cup of coffee in the NHL.

        All of which is to underline the fact that there’s a world of difference between the AHL and the NHL.

      • Zaitsev was solid playing with Muzzin, so may be they’ll give him another season.
        If you trade him with Kadri, how good would the return be??? If they’re both traded, imo it will be in separate deals.

    • Agreed Kadri will be the one to go, perhaps also Brown and Johnnson. Johnnson because he has twice turned down qualifying offers and will be pricing himself beyond what the Leafs can afford. I could see Kap and Nyl playing eith AM, Marleau as 3 C, playing with Marlies or the new Russian guys. Goat as 4C with Marlies or the new Russian guys. Don’t see Zaitsev moving, perhaps Hainsey back for a cheap victory lap, if they are unable to acquire a Brett Pesce, Josh Manson or Colin Miller. My money would be on Miller because the Knights need to move cash, and he was in the doghouse too. Oh, did I mention Miller used to be a Soo greyhound? Just sayin.

  13. Re Buyouts:

    Not mentioned is the one that immediately benefits their team ABSOLUTELY the most in the NHL

    No player is as costly (in play ) to his team as JJ(individually cost Pens 11 game points; 2nd in the entire League ; 4 shutouts; all teammates valuable stats; team moral; fan confidence)…. his buyout per Cap Friendly is only $270 K next year (yep)… saving the team $3.0 M in extremely needed Cap space and immediately the team is waaaaay more competitive

    Re: Leafs : Kadri vs WW:

    Keep Kadri; move Marleau and WW …. cost an asset to move Marleau; WW gets a top 4 D in return.

    Rid Leafs’ current Albatross perpetual LTIR contract (cost some me pick/prospect)

    Freed up Cap space will allow room for paying the acquired top 4 D (WW trade) , MM, Kappy, Johnsson , plus another key D; and rest of Roster …. team better; No Cap issues!!!!

    Re: Kessel…. I posted late last spring many times that Phil’s trade value was at its peak (after his 17/18 record season)… and he’d be on the decline thereafter …. I stick with this assertion ; and truly believe his decline will continue and at an accelerated rate …. Pens cannot afford to have to protect him (in lieu of faster younger cheaper players) for the Expansion draft when he’ll start that season at 34!

    Pens must move him now …. perhaps packaged with JJ?? 🤞👍

    • I will preface, I’m a William Nylander fan, his situation reminds me a lot of the Marian Hossa situation in Ottawa, years ago. Hossa (at the time) wasn’t particulary defensive minded or physical and Ottawa blamed a lot of their failure on the need to get tougher – so they traded Hossa for Heatley. History tells us Hossa’s game evolved and he became an incredible player.
      ironically, the Sens signed him and then just a couple days later- dealt him.
      Nylander’s skill is off the charts, i will get killed for this lol, but take away last season how much difference was there between Nylander and Marner? I recall Kypreos saying there was no room for marner !!!!
      Give the kid a chance to play with Matthews for a whole season, like Marner did with Tavares. He has NEVER had that opportunity, the years prior, he was on the 1st line maybe half the season between getting demoted by Babcock and AM34’s injuries.
      At the same time Marner got top power play time with Bozak and JVR.
      Marner is a great talent (a little over-stated for my liking- in this market) but a great talent.. I just don’t understand the gap in Leaf fan’s thinking. Nylander is a 2 x 61 point player and not worth 6.9 but Marner’s one great season puts him in the same stratosphere of salaries as Nikita Kucherov and Patrick Kane? Come on.
      Nylander had a terrible year, but miss camp (fault is debatable) and then joins a team who was an incredible roll and the fourth line..he had chances for sure but a fresh start for kid is no brainer. How can you trade this kid?

      • Sam, early in 2018, many on this board thought Marner was useless and the Leafs should deal him for next to nothing. I wasn’t one of them as I could clearly see his skill level. I see similar skill level with Nylander and I will not be in favor of dealing him.

        I know guys like Brian Burke have a very opposing view and I get he was a GM for years. To me, there is a reason Burke is now an analyst and nothing more. The Leafs will not be dealing Nylander as that kind of skill level is not common in the NHL.

    • @Pengy:
      I think the Pens will keep Phil the thrill and Geno for at least another season (Geno probably till his contract ends or until he retires). They think they have another shot at the cup with the current core.
      If they re-sign Blueger, Aston-Reese, Pettersson and Riikola AND BUY OUT JJ they will be fine.
      May be GMJR can trade Maata for a good third liner too.

      • Hi Juss76

        You are probably right …. they just might keep Phil another year …. I wouldn’t but I can see GMJR doing it

        It will be much much harder to trade him in July of ‘20

        JJ absolutely MUST go… Pens have absolutely no chance whatsoever at another cup in f they play JJ…. he is that costly

        A buyout is the way to go…. Mario has the $’s andCap hit only $270 K next year (if bought out)…. easy peezy

    • Pengy…two trades here your thoughts (involving kessel)

      even though i would rather trade malkin..another story

      To Arizona-Phil kessel and Olli matta &Tristan Jarry

      To Pittsburgh Derek Stepan & Nick Hjalmarsson

      In Stephan we gain 4 years in age 28, save $1.3 million in salary and get the two way center we have missed since Jordan Stahl and Nick Bonino.
      In Hjalmarsson we get a solid top 4 d man who can play defense, has won a cup with Chicago, and be a good fit with Schulz.

      Arizona gets pure goal score who will net 30 plus (He and Tochett) are tight and a young controllable d-man plus a young good back up goalie..

    • Pengy…second trade sorry….

      To Pittsburgh:
      LW Jason Zucker 27
      D-man Jonas Brodin 25

      To Minnesota
      LW Phil Kessel 31
      Olli Matta 24
      Dominick Simon 24

      We get a 25 goal scorer LW and we get younger (he did score 33 goals 2 years ago Zucker) and we get that top 4 smooth skating solid puck moving d-man in Brodin

      Minnesota gets a pure sniper of 30 plus goals a year an young controllable top 4 dman and a young winger/ center that has skill and can add depth to their line-up..


  14. kadri gets traded—marleau untradeable—sj don’t want him–thornton buddy gone next year—who plays centre for 3c—-nylander moves up or gets traded—but we should keep him especially after worlds—but he did the same thing last year—so definitely keep—next suspension for kadri is big—can’t chance it—why can’t we get a tough fighter who can play for 4 line—to keep boston in check

  15. Jeff Toronto doesn’t need a fighter to help beat Boston the Bruins are not big and strong anymore. Leafs need to improve their defense and in order to do that they must move one of their 10 million dollar forwards. I would play hardball with Marner and if a team offer sheets him that would be perfect. Take the four firsts sign a quality D man or two and they would be farther ahead.

    • Agree on the B’s Obe, they are not the Big Bad Bruins anymore. What they are is a deep team that is well coached and play smart team first hockey all over the ice. Great leadership makes that happen, and so did the TDL deals Sweeney made as they now have 3 lines that can produce. They have organizational depth and their young guys have developed and step in ready to play up front and on the blue line. And Rask seems to have his head on straight this year.
      They are tough as they stand up for each other, take hits to make plays, and go to the dirty area’s. All of them.
      Well done by Sweeney and Cassidy.

  16. Perfectly said Ray one of my sons middle name is Ray I think you know why lol. Love the Bruins game now but must admit back in 2011 when they had McQuaid Miller Chara Thornton Looch and more who all could throw them that’ was awesome.