NHL Rumor Mill – May 29, 2019

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Could Mitch Marner sign an offer sheet? Are the Canucks considering a swap of Loui Eriksson to Edmonton for Milan Lucic? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


Could Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner sign an offer sheet in July? (Photo via NHL Images)

TSN insider Darren Dreger created a stir yesterday by suggesting the Toronto Maple Leafs will have to make an aggressive contract offer to re-sign Mitch Marner. The 22-year-old winger becomes a restricted free agent on July 1. Dreger believes it could cost the Leafs between $10 – $11 million annually. He also said he’d be surprised if the Marner camp sought more than five years on his next deal. 

Dreger also said he expects Marner’s representatives will take contract negotiations beyond July 1. That would make the winger eligible to sign an offer sheet from a rival club. He expects Marner could start visiting teams beginning on June 26 during the RFA offer-sheet interview period. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger’s comments didn’t sit well with some denizens of Leafs Nation. Several accused the TSN analyst of baseless speculation. Others slammed Marner, calling for the Leafs to trade him or play “chicken” with the winger if he intends to go the offer-sheet route.

The Leafs limited salary-cap space (over $74 million invested in 17 players) explains the ongoing concern over Marner’s next contract. Even if he accepted a “hometown discount”  below $10 million per season, it won’t leave sufficient room to fill out the remainder of the Leafs roster. That includes re-signing fellow RFA wingers Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson.

Some fans believe Marner isn’t worth over $10 million per season. Because he’s a Toronto native, they feel he should take less money to continue playing in his hometown. Since his NHL debut in 2016-17, Marner’s led the Leafs in scoring twice and is coming off a career-high 94-point performance. He’s worth over $10 million per season. 

Some will split hairs by suggesting Marner never would’ve been the Leafs leading scorer had Auston Matthews not been injured during those seasons. Perhaps, but that doesn’t diminish Marner’s offensive abilities.

A player coming off a 94-point performance will make over $10 million per season unless he plays in a city without provincial or state taxes. That’s why the Tampa Bay Lightning can re-sign their top players for less than market value. The fact Marner plays in his hometown doesn’t mean he should accept less money for the privilege of doing so.

The Leafs could’ve avoided this situation last summer had they not ponied up $11 million annually to John Tavares. Now, they must gut their roster to pay their leading scorer the big raise he’s earned. Otherwise, they must trade him before July 1 or pass on matching an expensive offer sheet from another club. 


TSN’s Jason Gregor took to Twitter yesterday reporting a source saying Vancouver Canucks management discussed shipping Loui Eriksson to Edmonton for Milan Lucic. “I heard from a really good source that Jim Benning and his staff did sit down and discuss a Loui Eriksson for Milan Lucic trade. I see it from both sides. Here’s our bad guy for your guy who’s underachieved. I was told it happened in April, May, this offseason.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gregor didn’t say Benning contacted the Oilers to discuss this. Sounds like it was an internal conversation with his staff on the pros and cons of this move. Lucic has four seasons left on his contract with an annual average value of $6 million plus a no-movement clause. Eriksson has three seasons with the same annual cap hit and a no-trade clause.

 For the right teams, both players could waive their respective clauses. Lucic has hinted he’d be open to joining his hometown Canucks at some point. Whether this swap takes place remains to be seen.


  1. Would the Kings consider a Doughty for Marner trade? Would the Leafs consider it?

    Would the Leafs let Marner sign an offer sheet and take the 4 first round picks and use that money on defence – perhaps EK? The money would be about the same, and it would be like trading Marner for EK and 4 first rounders.

    • The words Karlsson and defence dont belong in the same sentence.

      • Amen!

      • Actually they do Ron. The reason Karlsson is so effective is that when he is on the ice you spend way less time in your own end defending and more time in the offensive zone generating quality scoring chances.
        No he isn’t a physical defender breaking up the cycle, but he doesn’t suck defensively either. He just plays to his strengths.
        I would take him on my team any day, and if he can recover and be 100% healthy (BIG IF with a serious groin injury) then I would take him over Marner based on his play today and over the next 4-5 years..
        It is all about his health and the fact that Marner is young and just entering his prime so you get more prime years.
        But if you get 4 1st rounders and a healthy EK? All day everyday. A lot of ifs in that statement but if you could it would be a mistake not too IMO.

    • Mariner and Marleau for Doughty !! Love it

      • Just what LA needs, a 39 yo winger and taking on 16-17 million in cap space for Doughtys 11.

        I’m sure they’ll be all over that!

      • Nyr4life the Marleau contract is the price they’d pay to get Marner ? Its only for 1 year and they are rebuilding plus do trade after July 1st Leafs pay signing bonus LA only actually pays him 3 mil

    • I wouldn’t offer Karlsson that much but I would take the 4 1st rounders for Marner. Offer Karlsson 7 year 55 to 60 million with most of it as bonus money. The difference would help keep Kappy and Johsson. The trade would look more like Marner for Karlsson Kappy and 4 1st and they wouldn’t have to worry about replacing Gardiner

      • Keep dreaming lol

        That’s a cap hit of 11-12m per season.

    • No. Stop dreaming of Doughty in Toronto. Yes he had a bad year last year, but they probably only give up Doughty for Matthews.

  2. I agree, they did this to themselves by signing Tavares. The burden of carrying the Leafs will have to sit on their 2 centers. They can succeed without Marner. Get the highest amount you can for him now, and make sure some of the return plugs the holes on D. Then move forward…

    • It wasn’t signing Tavares that have put the Leafs in cap hell. It was signing Nylander with a 7 million dollar cap hit.

      Seems decades of losing has made Leaf fans genetically predisposed to whining. Bitching about Dreger may be an easy target but it doesn’t change the reality that Marner is worth double digits, and it doesn’t change the fact that the Leafs are responsible for the cap mess they are in.

      Leaf fans need to ask themselves: why should Marner sacrifice income when none of the other top end forwards have?

      • @ LJ Tavares took less money to play for the Leafs, his home town team. I know 11 million doesn’t seem like he’s taking less, but other teams offered more to play for their teams. Marner is a really good player, but he should not be making more than Kane, who has 3 SC rings.

      • Once the puck drops on the ypcoming season. Over half of Nylanders actual salary dollars 9f his entire cintract will be paid out. At this point he may be an easy dump for teams wanting to reach the floor the following year.

      • CB, what tipped the scales in favour of the Leafs with the Tavares signing probably had very little to do with them being his “home-town team” and much more to do with that massive up-front money that the majority of the league simply can’t do. That alone gave him millions that he could immediately invest however he liked as opposed to getting it in dribs and drabs over 7 seasons, or whatever the length of his contract is.

        As for Kane, why should Marner be restricted to the same kind of money that Kane accepted from Chicago 4 years ago when $10.5 was unmatched anywhere else at the time? What do you think Kane could get now if he was a UFA?

    • There is too much to discuss with Leafs mess/success since they drafted Matthews, and for a change it is nice. It has gone from nobody is good enough to play along side or behind Mats Sundin to there are too many good players to pay top dollars. So here it goes…trash away
      FIRST AND FOREMOST: get the 3 headed monster of Shanahan/Dubas/Babcock on the same page. One played a tough heavy game, one likes a puck control speed game and one likes to coach a big heavy puck control game. The pieces are there GET IT TOGETHER LEAFS BRASS.
      2ND Having to pay for 2 top centres a number 1 d man and a goalie has worked for the Pens and their count em 3 Cups. I think Matthews Tavares Reilly and Andersen are almost the same in potential.
      3rd :to sign Marner for 8 figures will cost the Leafs 2 of the 3 from Kadri, Johnsson and Kapanen. Kappy disappears in the playoffs s well as Kadri (for 2 different reasons). Since Shanny took over Kadri has basically finished his season with a suspension 3 times: once by the leafs twice by the league.
      4th: free up the Zaitsev Marleau contract anchors by any means neccessary. Lou stuck the Leafs with Zaitsev, so maybe he will do them a favour. Compare JVR to Marleau for the last 3 years, neither one of them has won, so who do you really want.
      5th: everyone basically said Nylander should get 7 Mil a year, he held out and burned one year of that contract for an average of 7 mil a year. So what was the point in playing chicken with him only to give in. Dubas held on to Kappy /Johnsson and not get more defensive help. Now he could lose both for 2 nd pick each! Does any of the d men not named Slavin/Hamilton fit on the Leafs for either one of those guys?
      “We can and will have all 3 under contract”, remember that nonsense. Was the rest of that sentence muffled and we didn’t hear “at the expense of the rest of the team” Shame on Dubas
      If Marner walks great, take the 4 1st rounders. That allows them to sign Kappy/Johnsson . Tavares made a lot of money for Okposo, Lee, Bailey etc. He could make Kappy and Johnsson stars too!
      What about trading Matthews to Arizona? What would the hometown do for a chance to keep that franchise afloat and not be supported by the rest of the league AGAIN!
      WE have too many smurfs Marner Kadri Kappy Johnsson Moore Petan all are young fast tiny little people. The final four all had bigger stronger teams. I am not talking picking Manson Probert Semenko and so on. But Ryan Reaves Adam Mcquaid and Brayden Mcnabb could be had for free agent money and one of our smurfs. A puck mover will be here in the form of Rosen Lillegren or Sandin, that replaces Gardiner. A full season of Trevor Moore and Mason Marchment shores up the 4th line. I like Connor Brown, but another little guy who tries hard but is not properly utilized. He led the OHL in scoring one year, where did that go? Hainsey is the other player with a ring, sign him to 6th/7th defensman money.
      All the offensive and skating tools are there, a little more of an edge and grit will help them become legitimate contenders.

  3. Would people stop giving Darren Dreger any respect when he’s spitballing numbers?

    • Dreger and Kypreos are brutal. Im pretty sure there arent any GMs dumb enough (Chiarelli excepted) to call either of these windbags so they can fill them in on their secret strategies.

      • I’m sure there are some gms smart enough to leak things to try to influence the market.

      • Bingo Chrisms

      • Nice to see the turmoil tho.

        Marner SHOULD be the highest paid and make more than Matthews. Kid is the best hockey player on the team. Would LOVE to see Toronto fans and the many other media windbags like O-DOG(more like Chin-Dog) and the other guy with the tinted glasses lose their minds over losing Marner.

        Cherry on the cake would be if he signed with Islanders

  4. I have to “see an offer sheet” to believe it!…gm’s worry that it could set off a war even in future years on rfa’s…most are unwilling to go there…that said the abs certainly have the space to offer a point/Marner type and still give rants his $….but I doubt it happens

  5. I’ll take the 4 1st rounders from the meathead club that will give them up thank you very much. Next…

    • Agreed!..most contending teams are up against the cap?..in which I’m sure they would have to move salary?,which some teams would be willing to do’for marner,but some have their own rfa and ufas..so recipients of 4 1st round picks would give them 7 first rounders starting next June,for the next four years.and 11 million in cap space starting July 1!

    • I don’t know that 4-1st rounder is that high of a price. Without even doing this experiment myself, take a look at ANY team in the league and look at their last 4-1st rounders.

      I dare say… again without looking, you aren’t going to find many 80-100 point players. And I doubt you’ll find any one team with more than one in their last 4 chances.

  6. Marner is going to be paid and likely between $10-11 million per season by somebody. Marner doesn’t owe the Leafs or anybody else any kind of discount.

    I’d hate to see him move on from the Leafs but hey, Marner has to be willing to sign an offer sheet to begin with no matter who offers how much for how long and I’m not so sure he wants to do that but if he is, take the 4 1st round picks and use them to improve the team as a whole; I mean after all, it is a team game and individual accolades means nothing if the team doesn’t win.

    • Joey, it all depends on the team from which he would accept an offer sheet. If it were, say Ottawa or L.A. (and I only mention these two as examples because they finished 31st and 30th), the 4 firsts would be higher picks for the Leafs than if, again only as an example, the offer came from a TB or a Calgary.

      But the whole process is as complicated as hell and that, as much as a GM’s reluctance to risk future retaliation, is a main reason why it hasn’t been used much.

      The compensation scale is based upon the average league salary and changes every year accordingly, and this year it’s as follows:
      If the offer is
      $1,339,575 or under – no compensation
      Over $1,339,575 to $2,029,59 – a 3rd round pick
      Over $2,029,590 to $4,059,322 – a 2nd round pick
      Over $4,059,322 to $6,088,980 – a 1st and a 3rd
      Over $6,088,980 to $8,118,641 – a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd
      Over $8,118,641 to $10,148,302 – two 1sts a 2nd and a 3rd
      Over $10,148,302 – four 1sts

      However, any team submitting one must have all the picks in that year to cover the compensation cost AND they have to be their own and not those acquired from another team. A team can also make 2 offer sheets at the same time but only if it has enough draft picks to cover the compensation of both offers separately.

      If the compensation calls for multiple picks in the same round, the signing team must not only have the pick in this year’s draft but any additional picks covered in the subsequent years. As an example, if the compensation is two 1sts, the signing team must have its own first-rounder in 2019 and 2020 (since the signing period began July 1, after this year’s draft).

      A GM would need to be the proverbial Philadelphia lawyer before extending the offer to prevent becoming another Feaster who, if he’d been successful in his offer sheet to O’Reilly, would have had to put him through waivers, in which case he not only would have lost him to another team but also his 1st and 3rd round picks which would have gone to Colorado as compensation for signing O’Reilly in the first place!

      Bottom line – I don’t think Marner is going anywhere – maybe a hold-out like Nylander which could get ugly – but no offer sheets involved.

      Kapanen and Johnsson are different commodities, however, and a 2nd round compensation would be well worth offers in the $2,029,590 to $4,059,322 range which Dubas would be hard-pressed to match.

      • ANYBODY…ON a unrelated subject how the f****k did the Russians not win gold at the IHF’s

        Malkin Ovechkin Kucherov Dadinov Kovalchuk


      • George: Ya I thought about that too as it sure does make a difference getting 4 First rounders from the bottom 5 teams then say 4 first rounders from any of the top 5 teams in the league.

        I agree with you that its likely Marner stays but he wants to get paid and in his mind, he worth Matthews money and based on the stats alone, its hard to argue.

        I get the winger vs centre pay scale thing but in Marner’s case, he seems to drive the play and distribute the puck much like a centre does anyways so, I don’t know. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • George, this is why Kapanen and/or Jonsson are expected to be traded before July 1 – after Canada Day, anything’s possible including offer sheets.
        I think late June and early July could be incredible busy throughout the league.

      • The other aspect of the 4 1sts which comes into play is the fact that the team giving up those picks – unless they have a 1st from some other deal over the following 3 years after this draft – can’t even respond to what they might see as a juicy trade offer if the offering team is seeking a 1st in that period. As I say, convoluted as hell.

      • Kapanen and Johnsson are different commodities, however, and a 2nd round compensation would be well worth offers in the $2,029,590 to $4,059,322 range which Dubas would be hard-pressed to match.

        Yes sir and I wouldn’t throw out the offer sheet just yet there are teams who made the playoffs and almost that losing 4 late 1st round picks means nothing for a player like Marner.

  7. Why didn’t Tavares take a discount for his beloved Leafs ?
    Even a million looks valuable now. Same for Matthews. If not for that market he is in should have been a million less at least.

    Lucic for Erickson is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I believe the Oilers would have to add a sweetener

    I like Dave Tippett signing and getting rid of the last of the cronies in Coffey . Should turn the corner and maybe make the playoffs twice in 14 years

    • Tavares did take a discount Boston Islanders and San Jose all made higher offers to him. Tavares had to talk his agent into signing

      • That massive up-front money, which Tavares could then invest anywhere he liked, also was a prime factor.

      • Bob Toronto offered more than anyone else there was no discount that was just Toronto media saying that

      • bbb, its well documented that he took less to be in Toronto. News comes from the media – that’s how news works. In this case it came from multiple sources, not just the Toronto Media – this includes reporters who cover the New York Islanders. Andrew Gross being an example.

      • Were you with his agent getting the the offers? Numerous media outlets outside the Toronto media said Tavares got as much or more from Toronto than what other offers were

      • @Big you’re amazing in how little you know or how far you seem to go to distort the facts when it comes to the Leafs. Tavares did an interview with Mathews and he admitted that he had to talk his agent into the deal. He also said in the end that it came down to a choice between the Leafs and the Bruins not the Islanders like everyone thought. Also Wilson in San Jose said he was disappointed that Tavares took the discount over his offer which reportedly was close to 13 million per and the massive upfront money probably did make a difference

      • This is just silly, I have documented my response with actual material and you come back with childish remarks like ‘was I with his agent?’ Just take the loss buddy

      • Taz you named one hack islanders reporter! Get a life you know you’re wrong

      • As per forbes, the Islander dealer was 12M/year for 8 seasons.
        Michael Anderson Fox sports reporter.

        There’s a couple more for you.

        hit me up when you get something tangible to back up your asinine comments

      • Forbes!! Lol and you talk about tangible?? Who is Michael Anderson? Let me guess another islanders reporter trying to make Tavares look bad? Get back to me when you have something credible ! You know you’re wrong

      • 11m a discount in what world?

  8. Lucic for Eriksson is trading garbage for trash.

    • Bob, disregard this BBB guy, he’s a noted Leaf troll. Most on this board just ignore his comments and never reply to him. I would love it if this board allowed people to fully ignore certain users like many other boards allowed.

      • Bob disregard this Trekkie guy, he’s a noted leaf lover just ignore his comments and don’t reply to his silly comments

      • Snicker

  9. Thats right Marner is worth over $10 million…give me a freaking break already. He got his breakout year the same year that multiple young players made large strides in their point totals and almost exclusively on account of goaltender equipment changes and other rule changes to help scoring. Nvm the disappearance in the playoffs after those 2 blocked shots.

    He also did it the year he had a top 15 centerman for the whole year…not a young one either a veteran player in JT.

    He is not worth a penny over $10 million a year.

    Why is nobody talking about Point, Rantanen, Aho, Laine, Tkachuk, Laine and others receiving offer sheets and enormous contracts?

    Its so freaking ridiculous and out there that an UFA in Panarin with a greater body of work is not being talked about the same way Marner is.

    At this point I could care less if Marner signs an offer sheet, I’ll take the 4 first rounders because in the long run that helps with our cap.

    Reading your comments after Lyle its rather clear you are indeed one of those people that does not want to see the Leafs succeed…could care less but it needs pointing out.

    • And you’d be wrong in my assessment of the Leafs, Gary. I don’t wish ill for any club. Pointing out the facts of the Leafs conundrum doesn’t make me “anti-Leafs”.

      • Everybody loves the Leafs, just ask Sportsnet, lol.

      • I do apologise Lyle but I’m just sick of the money in sports, I stopped following every sport after the baseball lockout but can’t bring myself to include hockey yet.

        Started with Willy in regards to Toronto and not JT, many teams were trying to get JT and offered more.

        Clearly Toronto is not ready yet and as such they should have let Willy sit the year.

        Oh well it is what it is now and on Marner again, he did NOT make Bozak and jvr better…the kind of money he wants is reserved for players that make others better imho.

      • Gary,

        I’m curious about your statement of hating the money in sports. Are you referring to player salaries?

      • Lyle over the years it’s also obvious you hate the Marlies the raptors the blue jays and maple syrup. Give it up already

      • What about poutine?

    • Gary, I very much agree with your comments. Your question of why we never seem to talk about other RFAs is that the Leafs garner more media attention then most teams and some teams combined.

      Dreger has no credibility anywhere. He often suggest he has received info from credibility informants, sometimes at the GM level. I can’t imagine anyone including a GM sharing their plans and strategy with anyone in the media. I can’t imagine he has any real idea on anything hockey related.

      Last point, who wouldn’t have signed Tavares for 11MM if given the option. It was the right move for the Leafs. I get they have cap issues, this will become a constant yearly issue for the Leafs and quite frankly any team that is close.

      I take Marner at no more that 10, will go slightly over 10 if he signs for 8 years. Else, he can sign and offer sheet and we take the picks. When thinking about which teams can sign him, I’m not aware of any top end team having that kind of cap space and\or their own picks. A low end team signing him would be a huge blessing for the Leafs as the quality of first rounder is significantly increased.

      • Gary, regarding your comments on whether Marner makes his line mates better, he absolutely does. He drives the line with an experienced Taveres and Hyman. Both Taveres and Hyman had career years in goals, Marner was the principal reason for that. But I will agree that doesn’t make him as valuable as a key centreman like Taveres or Mathews as controlling the centre of the ice and the front of the defensive net is a bigger factor then what any winger can generally do.

        Marner is special and should be due. I’ve noted you have him at 10MM, that number is very fair IMO.

      • Marner will get the same as Tavares, it was marner who carried that line not Tavares. This is marners career he isn’t taking a hometown discount at his age? Would any of you?

      • @BBB:
        No I wouldn’t take a hometown discount. And I don’t think Marner will and should take one. Especially after Dubas signed Matthews to his $11,634,000 5 year deal. Matthews missed 20 respectively 14 games the last two seasons and still got that much and didn’t get a “show me” bridge deal. And no I don’t think that a 5 year $11,634,000 deal is any kind of a discount that Matthews gave the Leafs.
        Imo the Tavares signing is good, they overpaid Nylander a little bit and overpaid Matthews. And the Matthews contract is the one reason why Marner will get $10.000.000+.
        If Dubas will not or isn’t able to trade Nylander for a solid return the Leafs will lose Kapanen and Johnsson.

      • Pretty sure Point was talked about here yesterday

    • Gary, you’re right about offer sheets around the league – if you wanted to rank the RFA’s this year, a real bonanza, the question is: would I trade this guy for this guy?
      I would trade any of the players you named for Point. I’m not sure if Miro Heiskanen is an RFA but, if he is, he’d be second on my list. You could make a case for the others, including Marner, being next.
      I think there will be offer sheets made to some of these players but still not sure any of them will be signed.

      • BTW Heiskanen is an RFA in 2020. Get the offer sheets ready.

      • Wow leaf fans are sad! They want to talk about how EVERY player wants to come to Toronto and how good they’re but when it’s possibly bad news , the media doesn’t know what they’re talking about dreger is a hack lol grow up boys

      • Bigbadbruins – for many of them – not all by any means but a good % of them – it’s always been a question of “tell me only what I WANT to hear … never what I SHOULD hear …”

      • Exactly George!

    • Oh and Gary. Rantanen and aho at least arnt talked about cause the teams aren’t in cap problems

    • Gary, if we are speaking on merit then Marner had a rough playoffs but other Leaf who disappeared in the playoffs was Tavares.

    • Those other players are a topic for another day. They won’t sign for cheap either. FYI the Leafs are in their own cap created hell.

  10. Dubas should offer Marner, Gardiner and Erik Karlsson the league minimum. Im sure they would all sign immediately because according to Sportsnet and all Toronto media everyone wants to play for the greatest team in the greatest city with the greatest coach ever.
    Dont forget Johnny Tavares had higher offers but took less to join Mike Boobcock and the rest of the one round wonders.

    1967, longest no Cup drought in the NHL. Go Leafs go. lmao.

    • Ron, everyone on this board takes your posts extremely seriously. Your wisdom is second to none. Keep up the good work.

      • lol.

    • Not yet the only one Ron – but if the Blues should win the cup, then the dubious honour is all theirs.

  11. ….still. That no move of Lucic seems to just get forgotten every time his name pops up. Unless it’s some Stanley cup contender asking to trade for him not sure why he would leave Edmonton.

    Marner seems like a great player every time I watch him. Reminds me of Hossa.

    So…Ottawa certainly wont be offer sheeting anyone no pick this year – no money either.
    I wonder though, could they offer sheet him after the draft because technically it would then be in the 2020 season, in which, they own their own pick?

    • Even if they could, I just don’t see Dorion being an offer sheet kind of GM. I mean, instant rejection is not something he particularly likes and if you look at those offers he made to Karlsson, Stone and Duchene as, in effect, offer sheets, he was rejected in each case.

    • Uhmm lucic has said he was willing to play with the Canucks .also no cup team will want him.

    • You don`t need a 1st round pick this year the 1st rounder you offer is next years So Ottawa could make an offer sheet to someone this year

  12. Looking forward to next year Boston VS Toronto round one matchup. Leafs better find some D men if they want to win forget Marner he blocked one shot and now he is a hero. Take the 4 first round picks forget Karlsson he is a broken man and sign two stay at home Defensemen.

  13. I know you are not a Leaf fan……I am….and I agree with you

    I would add they need to learn from Boston the synergy of playing like a team instead of a group of subcontractors turning up to a worksite.

    • Starts with JT & AM breaking the bank. Nothing to learn.

    • @oldbluedog: Like your phrasing ” playing like a team instead of a group of subcontractors turning up to a worksite. Creative !

  14. It’ll suck for toronto fans if they lose marner but i dont think it was a mistake to sign Tavares. Championship teams are built steong down the middle not at the wing. A trade could better round out their roster. Sure they will lose the offensive dynamite in Marner but may be able to shore up the D while adding good depth along the wings.

    Multiple 1rst round picks from a team making an offer has its benefits aswell. Those picks can be used in future trades or allowing the leafs to continue tk add cheao talent tk their roster via the draft

    • Being strong down the middle includes a solid D – one without the other is a formula for ultimate failure when the chips are on the line.

    • Blackhawks 2 cups say otherwise.
      Play driving wingers are rare.

  15. If Marner plays hardball, let him go.

    • Why wouldn’t he?
      Only an idiot takes less after others get 10m+.

  16. So if Bo Byram is available at #4, why not see if Colorado wants Marner and make a package deal. What would it take to make something like that happen?

  17. The Ottawa Senators signed goaltender Anders Nilsson to a two-year, $5.2 million contract on Wednesday. Good signing IMO he was one of the few bright spots on the Senators last year. Allows Hogberg and Gustavsson another year to develop. Hogberg may even make the jump this year if Anderson gets moved.

    • Fergy, I doubt Dorion wants to go through a season with Nilsson the effective # 1 backed by a rookie, so I doubt Anderson gets moved. By the season after next Hogberg or Gustavsson may be ready to take the next step, and even d’Accord can’t be counted out. What Dorion needs to do now is either buy out Condon (if he can – he needs to be declared fit to play first) or trade his contract in one of those convoluted deals involving a prospect/pick.

  18. Finally, somebody telling it like it is about the Tavares signing. So many Leafs fans claimed it wouldn’t be an issue at the time.

    • I’ve been saying it the whole time! Everyone knew the leafs needed defense but no let’s go sign a forwArd for 11 million dollars the best part of the signing is the islanders went farther than the leafs lol now they’re going to have 3 forwards making avg 11 million and no defense

      • Lets say Marner gets an offer sheet. Thats 4 first round picks.
        What would you rather have.

        A. Tavares plus 4 1st round picks
        B. Marner

        How does that signing look now?

      • Do you really think dubas isn’t going to open the cheque book after the nylander fiasco last year? Lol keep dreaming

      • Again, not sure what you are actually trying to get at? What am I dreaming?

        The speculation is an offer sheet for Marner – I simply stated what that means to the Leafs.
        If they can sign him, great.
        If they can’t – that’s fine too. Thats how the cap works

        Now have the Leafs made no mistakes? Obviously not.
        I have been critical of their moves;
        Zaitsev, Marleau and Nylander. I didn’t like any of those and have made it clear.

        Signing JT wasn’t one of those mistakes. While I don’t have a long term projection, the short term is what I stated earlier.
        Marner = JT + potential return on Marner – looks good to me.

    • Math challenged ppl with blinders on only lol

  19. OTT should target Marner and speed things up =)

    OTT has nowhere to go but up

    • Without their 1st round pick this year Ottawa can’t target Marner – at least not through an offer sheet. A trade is out of the question if either the names of Chabot or Tkachuk come up.

      • George, wouldn’t the draft picks for RFA compensation start next year? This years draft is over before RFA’s can sign an offer sheet. According to cap friendly Ottawa has the draft picks necessary to make an offer of 5 years or 7 years at 10 mil.

      • That’s right GP.
        The Draft is June 21st and he can’t receive an offer sheet till after July 1st

      • Heh. As I said elsewhere in this thread GP it’s convoluted as hell. You may be right if the 1st doesn’t kick in until next year. I just read it as, if an offer sheet goes out this spring the offering team has to have 4 1st starting with this year, but if what you say is the way it goes, then yes, I suppose they could. But would Dorion go down that road. Again, as I say elsewhere, I don’t see him as an offer-sheet kind of GM. Besides, if the Sens finish in the lottery again after next season, he’ll likely want a shot at nabbing Lafresniere.

  20. The rumour in Winnipeg is that a deal to trade Trouba has been made, no details yet.

  21. TML signed JT and overpaid for him, then they got railroaded by Nylander, oh, and they still lost to Boston in the 1st round. TML may have won the summer last year, but they are no closer to a Cup. Heck, the JT less islanders went further than the TML. I agree, let Marner walk, take 4 1st round picks and restock.

  22. If Marner even signs an offer sheet, the Leafs should let him go.No interest in players that put their wallets first.

    • He’s early 20s! Would you not want your money before a major injury? People are nuts saying they’re would take less at marners age

    • Tavares signed his deal only after getting that huge up-front cash which he could then invest anywhere he liked to solidify his future – as opposed to signing an $11 mil per deal that would spread that money over the length of the deal. You don’t think he wasn’t thinking about his wallet?

    • JT & AM got yer ears on…

  23. Lyle I respectfully disagree with your take on Tavares. You do not pass on a fa of that quality taking a hometown discount. They should have used that acquisition to move other offensive pieces to fill holes. Nylander kadri being up at the top. Even if Tavares costs you Marner in a offer sheet you gotta take Tavares and that pick haul over Marner every time!

    • No chance dubas let’s marner go in a offer sheet after last years fiasco with nylander! Marner is in the drivers seat and let’s be honest Tavares doesn’t have marner on his line and he doesn’t hav3 that year

      • Marner needs to stay. Tavares is the albatross of a contract that will get worse each year. Marner is entering his prime and Tavares is leaving his. Tavares does not have his season without Marner driving the play. Babcock even said it. “John knows where to stand so Mitch and Zach can get him the puck”. Look it up. Dubas put this team in a bad situation.

    • If a team signed Marner to an offersheet it could be the good situation for the Leafs(2nd to finding a trade partner for Nylander)
      Trade assets for Drew or similar D…Trouba, Larsson…

      If the Leafs rolled out almost the same lineup next year vs the Bruins which included Kadri in all games+ a top 4 D in replace of Nylander they can win that series

  24. I’ll reserve judgement on the Nillson signing. He was streaky. But so was Bishop in the beginning. We’ll see.
    Right now it smells like Condon 2.0.
    I think Mike’s injury is similar to Emery’s hip. Condon may never play again is what I’m hearing.

    Sens offer sheeting anyone is a bad idea especially the leafs. The retaliation from the deepest pockets in the league could be catastrophic when Chabbot, Tkatchuk come due. I don’t think they’re staying anyhow with our current owner. But….

    • I think a Maner offer sheet makes a ton of sense. Ryan, Gaborik and MacArthurs contracts will be off the books by the time bridge deals need to be made.

      Marner offer sheet make sense. 7×11 .

      • ihatecrosby, so you think Marner would sign an offer sheet from the Sens? And in Ottawa’s current situation, wouldn’t they prefer the picks to augment their excellent prospects?

      • Ottawa can’t offer-sheet anyone if the compensation involves a 1st round pick this year because they don’t have one that’s not their own. Now Kapanen and Johnsson are entirely different matters since any offers sheets their way will likely only call for a 2nd round pick.

        As for Leafs retaliation when Chabot and Tkachuk come due, should they sign Marner at his reputed demands, they won’t be in any position cap-wise to offer-sheet anyone at a high salary – besides which Dorion, with no cap issues when they come due, would simply match.

      • That’s a $14.6m cap hit AAV

    • I think Marner should see what all his Options are. He came this close to July 1st. And the Leafs should also see what trade options are available. The right team and you could fix any defense issues. Ottawa must be planning a trade , they have 3 goaltenders making 11 million total

    • Dark G, deep pockets don’t mean a thing in the salary cap world. Get to the floor, spend to the cap, same for every team.

  25. Nylander stock up with the Worlds… Can they move him for a top 4 D?

  26. Not sure why Leaf fans think Marner should take less money to give Toronto a “hometown discount”. Would anyone do that? If you were making $25.00 an hour and another company came along and offered you $60.00 per hour to do the exact same job with the exact same benefits, working conditions and job security and your current employer only offered a raise to $30.00 can you really say youd decline because youd rather stay with Company A?

    If you wouldnt, then why expect Marner too?

    If you would, your a Chiarelliesque idiot.

    • Or a diehard, always dreamed of wearing the blue-and-white – the sweater alone is worth millions – fanatic.

    • Ron it’s like talking to wall with leaf fans! You’re a hater as soon as they don’t agree

  27. The biggest problem for the Leafs is that guys like Andreas Johnsson and Kapanen are both looking like gems as well. Giving Marner the same as Matthews isn’t a team killer, but it may make it hard to give fair value to Johnsson and Kapanen. I firmly believe that after a great World Championship run, Nylander is going to be the odd man out and will be dealt for a defenseman and/or a top quality prospect/pick.
    Dougerty has made it clear in the past that he wants to stay on the West Coast in Sourthern California. Dubas and Babcock have no doubt heard that before and won’t be knocking on that door unless Dogerthy’s agent sends word of a change of heart.
    The Leafs would be ok with swapping Nylander’s $6.8 M for a $6 M top pair dman. I think that is what it will finally boil down to.

  28. I find it funny that people argue whether a player owes a team a home town discount. They absolutely should make decisions that are in the best interest of their career. But let’s be clear, money is far from the only factor in making career decisions, especially when the amount is going to be huge or really huge. Aside from factors like location, weather, etc. they will factor in winning. As long as a team is committed to spending to the cap, they now have to decide are they happier with a bigger pay cheque and lesser team mates, or a smaller pay cheque (although still big) and better teammates and a better chance to win.

    The only way a player is giving charity is if they agree to a home town discount and the team doesn’t invest that savings into other good players. I’d happily give a discount to play with a team that spends to the cap and gives me a chance to win a cup. I would never give a home town discount unless a team was prepared to spend every available dollar on talent.

    So the question for these players is how much money will you sacrifice for an increased chance to raise the cup?

  29. At the start of the season I was listening to Toronto radio station and on NHL network they said Matthew’s had a great chance to get 93 goals and break Gretzky’s record(because he was off to a fast start)…lol. He only came up short by 56 goals…must be something in the drinking water in Toronto, they were already penciling him in as best Leafs goal scorer ever

    • I’ve read several articles on TSN that have mentioned something along the lines of “the beginning of Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s hall of fame career.” There are many fortune tellers in the Toronto media it appears.

      • Or many wishful thinkers.

  30. Today on specters I predicted cloudy with a chance of trolls. Boy was I right.

    • I guess you had to show you are still the biggest though!

  31. If I’m a Leaf fan I have no problem with them signing Tavares my issue would be how does Matthews warrant almost 12 and Marner 11? I bridge Matthews at 7 for two years and Marner the same if a team try’s to steal him then match. If I can’t afford both I let one walk Marner and sign two Defenseman. Leafs are in a very good place unless they sign Marner for big bucks and don’t look after their D weakness. Your 4th line is as important as your first and your only as strong as your defense plays.

    • What…

  32. If I was a GM and if I could not make my team better by acquiring players I would do my best to ensure other teams can not acquire players. In this case I would offer sheet Marner at 10,500,000 just under the 10.58 threshold for 4 first round picks. The 10.5 offer would be 2 firsts, 1 second and 1 third.
    I would do this not with the goal of signing Marner but to put Toronto into cap jail.
    They couldn’t get out of the 1st round this year, so next year when they have to dump good players and replace them with rookies or slugs helps my team.