NHL Rumor Mill – May 8, 2019

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Evgeni Malkin to the Panthers? What could the offseason hold for the Stars? What’s the latest on the Canucks? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski reports sources within the Penguins organization and around the league said the Florida Panthers are interested in Evgeni Malkin. Penguins management wasn’t pleased with Malkin’s performance this season. They could seriously consider trading the 32-year-old center, who has a no-movement clause.

Are the Florida Panthers interested in Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin? (Photo via NHL Images)

The Panthers could also be interested in Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin if he becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1. Kingerski feels a Malkin-Panarin punch would go a long way toward making the Panthers competitive again and revive a struggling fan base. He believes the Penguins’ asking price is a high scoring forward (such as left wing Jonathan Huberdeau), a prospect, and a first-round draft pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt the Penguins are considering all their options short of trading Sidney Crosby and Matt Murray. If the Panthers are willing to part with Huberdeau, a top prospect, and a first-round pick, I daresay Pittsburgh general manager Jim Rutherford will seriously consider it.  Such a deal depends on whether Malkin waives his no-movement clause. 

The Panthers had no trouble scoring goals this season, sitting ninth in goals for per game (3.22). It was keeping them out of their net that was the problem, as their 3.33 goals-against per game was the league’s fourth-highest. A Malkin-Panarin duo might add star power to the Florida lineup and help sell tickets. They won’t address the Panthers’ glaring need for a reliable starting goaltender and another top-four defenseman. If the Panthers do this deal, they might not have sufficient assets to address their defensive issues.


ESPN.COM: Following the Dallas Stars elimination last night from the Stanley Cup playoffs, Emily Kaplan and Chris Peters speculated over the club’s offseason plans. They believe the Stars should attempt to re-sign winger Mats Zuccarello. He fit in well with his new teammates after coming to Dallas at the trade deadline.

Restricted free agent defenseman Julius Honka has fallen out of favor and it could be time to trade him or pass up qualifying his rights. The Stars lack salary-cap space and draft capital that could be used as trade bait, but they should attempt to add a scoring winger. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Stars have over $60.7 million invested in 15 players. Zuccarello, who turns 32 in September, might be amenable toward a three-year contract for roughly the same annual average value ($4.5 million) as his current deal.

Lindell logged top-pairing minutes and netted a career-high 11 goals and 32 points this season. He’s got arbitration rights this summer and could be in line for a long-term deal worth over $5.5 million annually.

I expect they’ll shop Honka, who surfaced in trade speculation this season. Perhaps he’ll be packaged in a deal to add a scoring winger. The rise of Jason Dickenson and Roope Hintz this season could lead to RFA Brett Ritchie hitting the trade block. 


THE ATHLETIC: Ryan Biech recently suggested the Vancouver Canucks leverage their salary-cap space this summer to acquire future assets from other clubs. He recommended targeting cap-strapped clubs like the Tampa Bay Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, and Winnipeg Jets. 

SPORTSNET: Iain MacIntyre recommended the Canucks clear out some clutter to improve their depth going forward. Buyout candidates could include forwards Tim Schaller and Ryan Spooner. He doesn’t see a trade market for Nikolay Goldobin or Markus Granlund.

Trading veteran Loui Eriksson ($6 million annually through 2020-21) is a long shot. If they retain part of Brandon Sutter’s $4.375-million cap hit, he could be a tradeable asset. However, it might be best to retain him in hope of a healthier season improving his trade value. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks have over $53 million invested in 20 players. RFA winger Brock Boeser and UFA defenseman Alex Edler are their only core players to be re-signed this summer. Assuming ownership is willing to spend to the projected $83 million salary cap for next season, there’s plenty of room to target teams looking to shed salary. It remains to be seen if GM Jim Benning intends to be that bold this summer.

Eriksson must agree to waive his no-trade clause and I daresay the Canucks will have to pick up part of his cap hit to move him. However, his age (33) and declining performance will make it difficult to drum up interest in the trade market. I concur with MacIntyre that they’ll need a healthier season from Sutter if they hope to move him. 


  1. That Malkin to Florida thought involving Huberdeau a prospect AND a 1st round pick would, on the surface, have as much probability of happening as the chances of the proverbial snowball in Hell – except, Florida has made some awfully weird moves before, so who knows?

    • 9.5$ million?

      For a player with Malkin’s injury history who is going to be 33 in July?

      AND they want to sign Bobrovsky and Panarin?

      This is ridiculous, and sounds very much Pitt-engendered.

      • Rattus…… Malkin needs to go somewhere and quite frankly its now or never….while we can at least get a decent return.

        We wait any longer and we will be stuck with him… he is still a point a game player and elite…not dominant anymore but can really help a contender.

        We dont want to be the Chicago Bllackhawks or Los Angeles kings aging and capped to the max..

        Florida needs a guy who purts people in the seats malkin can do that….. Don’t think the new York rangers wont go after Pananrin and trade for Malkin..they need offense. john davidson back in New york he will want to make a splash they have a goalie so malkin & Panarin possible..

        Malkin’s wife apparently likes New York City…..Malkin would be top dog there in NYC1!!…who knows

      • Ratticu……Malkin is more likely for the New York Rangers..

    • totally see that happening–florida is heavily rumored to be getting panarin and bob the goalie–both have same agents and one has property in florida–seen it mentioned a bunch–and malkin gets instant raise due to awesome tax setup in florida

      • So, the idea is to grant Malkin an unexpected raise, and make Borovsky and Panaris multi-millionaires – none of whom, incidentally, could advance their teams beyond the 1st and 2nd rounds? Small wonder they’ve been – with rare exception – a floundering franchise unable to attract a Corporal’s Guard into the arena since Day 1 while their neighbour across the state has won a cup and is an ongoing powerhouse.

    • The league has helped out the Penguins in the past…No need for any team to do so..Geno stays with Sid…

      • Emikey…What are you referring to the league has helped out the Penguins in the past??

        League sure helped Boston out McAvoy gets a slap on the wrist one game penalty for targeting & head hunting the Columbus player…please…

  2. Brandon Sutter has been hurt every year of his career. Having a healthier season is unlikely. I would bet on it.

    I predicted that Zuccarello would be one of the better trade deadline acquisitions and he was. He is a good fit in Dallas . Letting Spezza go will create some free cash flow and they should sign him.

    Never mind Malkin and Panarin the Panthers need to target and focus on “Bob” only.

    Holland in Edmonton and Tippet is on the way. The Oil had better look at that their amateur and professional scouting teams priority one.

    • I think the pro scouting would be a great fit for Ken Hitchcock. He probably knows the NHL as well as anyone and I’m sure he’d have a great eye for prospects in the AHL and overseas. The Oilers don’t want to lose his expertise.

  3. Hockey journalists always take the same formula and rarely does it ever happen. It’s always this: Team X will want Player B, Prospect Z, and a 1st rounder for Player A.

    Never happens.

    Star names that seek to be traded, are aging, have a high cap, and a NMV clause don’t bring back much value. Just look at past cases.

    If it so happens that Pens and Malkin agree to split up, Malkin can say “I just want FL” and Tallon says “Ok, we are only offering x, y, z. Take it or leave it.

    But if we are to look at a hockey trade between these two teams with Malkin then I’d consider Ekblad would be part of the deal as he carries a big contract and no clauses.

    Just for kicks, this was a fun play at Armchair on Capfriendly:


    But this is all unlikely. Panthers are willing to splash but not of that kind.

    If anything, NYR may sniff at Malkin if they come empty handed with free agents this offseason and Malkin could like the wave of young Russian talent on the Rangers.

    • Seriously doubt Rangers would have any interest in Malkin. Not a fit at all and if he has issues with Sullivan, he’ll have same with Quinn

      • If the Rangers top 4 D was closer to being Playoff ready…maybe you swing Malkin and run the Zib+Malkin one two punch but a 32 year old fading superstar for a rebuilding squad makes zero sense

  4. I had only seen Dallas play twice this year prior to the playoffs but they grew on me in the post season. Aside from the obvious the top 3 forwards , Bishop and Klingberg …Zuccarello impressed me in that line up, Hintz and Dickinson also looked very good. Lindell very very solid and Heiskanen will be a top tier D man in the NHL for years to come. I now understand why the Stars were reluctant to give him up to Ottawa in a trade for Karlsson.

  5. ekblad????huberdeau???I think its highly unlikely that either is traded. not that anyone in south florida will really notice.time for vinnie viola to call a yellow cab for talon.

  6. Larry Brooks reported Davidson has an out clause in his contract if offered job with Rangers. Seems like a done deal. He also thinks this gives them inside track on Panarin, with Davidson already having idea what it will cost. Hoping Zuc signs in Dallas as that pick could be higher than this years Dallas 1st rounder would’ve been had they won last night (28-31) perfect scenario for Rangers would be Zuc signing and Dallas having bad year!

  7. Seems like Brobosky, Panarin are going there as free agents. They have Dadonov so why not add Malkin and make it Russian city south.

    Look Florida needs a player that can put people in the seats and Malkin can still do that at least..He is still a point a game player..and elite..just not dominant anymore..

    Quite honestly I love my penguins if they are ever going to do this its now while they can get something and clear cap space…

  8. George O….. From Pittsburgh’s stand point who cares if Malkin can advance his new team…if we can get a good player in return and much needed cap space.. Do it..

    Its now or never with Malkin…. There seems to be at least a willingness on Malkin’s part to explore moving where before there was none…

    • There is almost zero chance Panthers trade for Malkin. The guy is past his prime with an expensive contract. The return looks to be way too high for a player like that. If I were the Panthers, I’d try and sign players who are younger just coming into their UFA…like Panarin for example.

      • Owen…cant disagree with you…..Rangers more likely and i would take a decent to good return they wont get a great return..

  9. Makes absolutely zero sense for the Panthers to trade for Malkin unless they feel Trocheck won’t return to form. Otherwise, you’d have Trocheck as a 3C and Borgstrom as the 4C. Both have shown they don’t do well as wingers. Add to it that Huberdeau and Barkov have incredible chemistry, and this trade looks downright stupid on its face. Can’t see Tallon making this move.

  10. The return for Malkin after a bad season would pale in comparison to Malkin coming back and being dominant… which a healthy Malkin very well might do. I do think the statements that Malkin is “fading” are premature. If the pens could get a great return for him then consider it. They won’t. Gotta keep him and hope he bounces cack.

    • maybe Minny tries to see what it takes to get him since they need a #1 with Staal and Koivu aging fast

      or NSH sending Turris, Grandlund & Subban to Pitts for Malkin & Kessel & Maata

      • I hate crosby Pittsburgh doesnt make that trade… Not Kessel and malkin and Matta.

        Subban ok not Turris and Grandlund no thanks…

    • Chrisms……They will get a decent return thats fine. If we do as you say let him rebound and have another dominant season he will be a year older so……

      I would take a decent to good return clear the cap space and move on…..he isn’t dominant anymore elite yes…a point a game player yes… he wont change his stupid habits…

  11. If Dallas is giving up on Honka already, NYR will ship Smith and a pick for him. =)

  12. LOL that asking price for Malkin is insane!!! Mainly because his NMC comes with him right???? Or once traded does that go away? The NMC diminishes Malkin’s trade value even from a negotiating point. Pittsburgh would clearly win that trade