Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 19, 2019

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Should the Canadiens attempt to sign Mitch Marner or Kasperi Kapanen to an offer sheet? Should the Flyers pursue Nazem Kadri? Could Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky become “sign-and-trade” candidates? Check out the latest speculation in this Sunday’s NHL rumor roundup. 


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey suggests the Canadiens should attempt to sign Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner to an offer sheet in July. He points out the Leafs lack sufficient salary-cap space to match an expensive offer.

If successful, the compensation to the Leafs would be two first-round draft picks, plus a second and a third-round pick. Hickey feels that’s worth it for a player who’s already an established young star. Such a move would be more worthwhile than pursuing older players like Columbus’ Artemi Panarin or Matt Duchene via the unrestricted free agent market. 

TVA SPORTS: suggests landing Marner would be too expensive, especially for a GM like Montreal’s Marc Bergevin who prefers building through the draft. A better option would be Leafs winger Kasperi Kapanen. He’d be more affordable in terms of salary and compensation.

Could the Montreal Canadiens sign Mitch Marner to an offer sheet? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The last offer-sheet signing took place in 2013 and was quickly matched. It also takes two to tango. The player has to be willing to sign an offer sheet. For all we know, Marner and Kapanen have no interest in entertaining that notion. That’s not to suggest they won’t. However, Montreal might not be their preferred choice regardless of the salary.

Bergevin hasn’t ruled out going the offer-sheet route. However, it’s important to remember his comments on the subject back in early-March. “Just making an offer sheet for the sake of making an offer sheet, I don’t believe in that”…“You have to believe there’s a real chance you’re getting the player.’’


PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi feels the Philadelphia Flyers could attempt to bolster their center depth via trade or free agency this summer.  Potential free-agent options could include Columbus’ Matt Duchene or Winnipeg’s Kevin Hayes. Carchidi proposes pursuing Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri.

Despite the decline in Kadri’s production last season and his undisciplined postseason play, Carchidi feels he’d be a good second-line addition for the Flyers. He also notes the center has three years left on his contract with an affordable $4.5 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs could be forced to shed Kadri’s salary to free up payroll to re-sign Marner. They won’t want to take back much salary. If the Flyers are interested, a decent draft pick and either a good prospect or promising young player might be enough to get him. Kadri would cost a lot less salary-wise than Duchene or Hayes.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun recently pondered the possibility of the Columbus Blue Jackets signing pending UFAs Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky and then trading them. It’s a tactic that’s yet to be employed under the current collective bargaining agreement.

Under that scenario, one or both sign eight-year contracts with the Jackets before July 1, as they would be limited to seven years as UFAs. The theory is the extra year would be attractive to the player and improve their trade value.

Panarin and Bobrovsky both seem destined to depart via free agency. A sign-and-trade option could help the Jackets recoup some of the NHL draft picks they shipped out at the trade deadline to acquire players like Matt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The New York Rangers and Florida Panthers could be willing to entertain that scenario. Panarin’s been linked to the Rangers by the New York media for months. The Panthers, meanwhile, are believed interested in both players.

If the Jackets already know for sure that both players aren’t coming back, it gives management plenty of time to put that type of deal together. We’ll find out in a little over a month if a sign-and-trade comes to pass for one or both players. 


  1. Unless the players insisted on the sign and trade it doesn’t really seem likely. 7 years and only money is better for the receiving team you’d think. Unless that 8 year really brought down the cap hit. Even then you’d think cbus wouldn’t get much back. But something better than nothing I suppose

    • Both would probably also want to know beforehand the other team involved. I doubt they’d sign 8-year contracts and then find they’re headed somewhere they’d never go voluntarily.

      • Sign and trades in just about any league involve the player. Generally they include NMC or NT language in those new deals and the player is usually those one or their agent who facilitate the whole thing

      • Tell that to Marian Hossa.

    • I’d find that highly unlikely as trade talks could break down and things could get bitter. I doubt the players want that and they prefer to talk to the teams rather than the GMs doing it. GMs like UFA signings because it’s only a financial move. No assets traded. This may piss off teams who don’t want to trade.

      At best we see negotiating rights get traded before July 1.

      Sign and trades never happen and there is a reason for it.

      Offer sheet signings also rare.

      • Offer Sheets will not be rare this year. Too many RFA’s holding out for exactly that.

      • The players or their representatives ARE the ones talking with the acquiring team.

        The GM’s talk to each other about the compensation due for the trade, then the player is given permission to speak with the acquiring team and negotiate the deal.

  2. Unless NY solidifies the 2nd line spot, I do not see a point in signing Panarin. I think they should continue to use this summer to build and attempt to peddle off contracts. The Rangers are in a good position currently. They are certainly under good leadership and young 18-20 yr olds take time to develop.

    I actually like Hank but if FLA misses out on Bobrovsky would they accept a King Henrik?

    • @ihatecrosby
      interested point on FLA and Henrik. Smart $ is on Bob there of course. I cannot see Henrik agreeing to end his career in Calgary or Colorado so unless another contender’s #1 goes down with an injury Henrik stays

      • @ds

        not that I want to lose Hank bcI think he has been a helluva player for us and still can stand on his head but….

        NY tends to send their snowbirds south to FLA. Why not this time to the Panthers? They are further along than NY and I think Hank would love a playoff run at lest 2 more times. The new energy would do him well. =)

        Goaltending was not the problem in COLORADO. Grubauer played greta and their team is poised the way it is constructed.

        CGY is interesting butI agree Hank may not want to go there and it would be an awfully tight fit forcing NY to take back a Frolik or Neal unfortunately.

      • avs have no need for henrik…grubs was fine and Francouz will prob backup grubs next yr…joe s has sd he has about 2 ufa’s he would want to talk to and if they don’t come he is not throwing $’s around at band aid’s

    • Why would Panarin or Bobrovsky agree to a sign and trade for an additional one year? At first it would seem plausible, however you would have to look at the bigger picture. A sign and trade would mean that the team you are going to is giving up assets that could help your team moving forward. Is the extra year worth your new team not having a 1st round pick + whatever would be included to get you?

      • Adambuffalo your right in the sense no one is giving up 1st, 2nd or even 3rd rd picks in a sign and trade for anyone. The trade is essentially for a player seven years from now. That’s seven years or injury and wear and tear. Who is the player going to be 7 years from now?? Oh, and what stops a player from re-upping with a team after 7 years anyway? Total waste of assets doing a sign and trade, for the acquiring team. If the player wants to sign an offer with you, great if not, that’s life he was never yours to start with.

  3. Why would either (Bob or bread man) do a sign and trade. If whichever team doesn’t give a “satisfactory “offer, they’re stuck with staying. So, sign and trade is ridiculous.

    Marner wouldn’t accept/sign offer sheet. He will be a leaf. I think Kadri will stay as well. They may not have enough cap space to sign Kapenen.

    • Well they wouldn’t sign until the offer was agreed on by all parties so no they wouldn’t be stuck staying.

      • Offer sheets can`t be negotiated, one of the reasons there aren`t that many. A team makes it`s best offer a player either accepts or he doesn`t

  4. The Leafers will re-sign Marner, but no matter how much, it will handcuff their cap situation going forward….. as everyone already knows.

  5. Someone should ask Pat Hickey if Patrick Roy or any of the numerous other Quebec born nhl’ers would sign an offer sheet with the Leafs.

  6. Marner is from Toronto living the dream of being the top star on the Maple Leafs.

    This is not longer the era where fans would come to the game wearing paper bags over their heads.

    First, nobody hands out paper bags anymore unless you are doing yard waste at Canadian Tire. Second, those same fans wouldn’t be able to afford to go to a Leafs game anymore. Third, there has been a culture shift from hapless losers to above .500 records for some time.

    Marner is not going anywhere. They can keep dreaming.

    • In the end, that will be up to the front office, however right now they are not in a spot where they can match a high offer sheet. They have some unloading to do. He will get offers…

  7. Mcavoy and Carlo could be offer sheet candidates. Lots of teams looking for right defenseman. I think Boston can sign both but some moves will need to be made to fit them in. Backes could be moved or bought out. Heinen,Miller and Moore could be moved for draft picks.
    Toronto is gonna be in cap trouble with those big contracts. They really need defensive help but if they sign Marner they won’t have any cap space for defensive help.

    • The Bruins easily have the cap space to sign both McAvoy and Carlo, without the need to move or buy out anyone. However, they’d have to move someone, if they want to resign Markus Johansson.

      • Bruins don’t need to sign Johansson they need to play Bjork and some other young guns especially if they win this year. They do need to sign Carlo and Charlie and hopefully they sign reasonable contracts.

  8. Heck of a RFA class… I’d sent an oversheet to Rantanen before Marner but the Avs have no cap issues like Toronto

    My list is
    M Tkachuk

    • Trouba to me could be the best bet. Figuring his salary will fall in the 6.3 to 8.4 mil range, the compensation will only be a 1st,2nd and 3rd round pick. If he’s not in their future, Teams might talk to Jets before going the offer sheet route in hopes of working out a deal. Jets probably would be fine with the picks, but maybe they can get an nhl ready player.

    • avs just match ….and get rants longterm …it will be a futile exercise…..

    • Impressive list if someone was indeed contemplating an offer sheet – I wouldn’t rule these out either as the teams in each case have some potentially hefty contracts to settle and might be hard-pressed to match

      William Karlsson (Vegas)
      Timo Meier(SJ)
      Broke Boeser (Vcr)
      Kyle Connor (Wpg)
      Jordan Binnington (St.L)
      David Rittich (Cgy)
      Kasperi Kapanen (Tor)
      Andreas Johnsson (Tor)

      • George,

        I think the guys you listed will have a better chance of getting an offer sheet.
        Teams generally move mountains to sign their stars, which opens up a lot of very good talent that can be had cheap.
        The teams that have managed their cap well, will be able to strengthen their teams by signing excellent players to fill the 3rd and 4th lines with the second tier group.

        I think this year we have hit the perfect storm for offers sheets. That being the large amount of young talent available along with the players available are on teams that do not have the cap room.
        So the second tier players will all come into offer sheet play.

      • The no. 1 guy on Georges list I think is going to be Binnington. There`s a definite need but as Bobby Mac says about offer sheets I`ll believe it when I see it

      • agree…the most effective offer sheets are made to “good” players on cap strapped teams… not the star players who will just be retained for whatever it takes….

      • Follow up to this discussion,
        If a team has the opportunity to offer sheet a good young player in the 2.1 to 4.2 million range all it will cost is a 2nd round pick.
        There are a few of these players available on cap strapped teams.
        The opportunity to sign a proven young player with upside and all it would cost is a second round pick will just be to enticing for some teams to pass up.

        If you were a GM and had the opportunity to get a young, proven NHLer for a second round pick that can play now it would seem to be a no brainer.

      • He won’t be Broke Boeser for long, George O.

  9. At first glance, the idea of the Rangers doing a sign and trade doesn’t make much sense. 8 years will take Panarin to age 35 and why give up assets? But, if true that Shattenkirk was shopped at deadline, would Columbus take him, maybe with some salary retention? Maybe Smith? Not sure I’d give up any picks or prospects, but maybe if Columbus took back someone that they’re looking to move already. With JD now in Ny, would be easy for him and his old team to work out something.
    As far as Marner, will he sign for less than 10.5 mil? Otherwise any team offer sheeting him will have to give up 4 1st rounders as compensation.

    • Agreed something would have to go back but if Panarin is signed for top dollar NY can’t afford to hold salary along with that. Still on the hook for Girardi with Hank, Shatts, Smith & Staal all weighing down the cap boat. Kreider is up next summer too.

      Personally I do not think NY is far enough along in their rebuild to take on Panarin. A 2c is their major position of need

      Think they should rotate the 2c between Chytil and Lias and see who is more consistent without the puck and ride the rebuild another season.

      • IHC.
        Rangers have cap space for Panarin. In a year where all 4 division winners went out in 1st round, I don’t think the argument that teams aren’t ready to compete holds water. The goal of the Rangers rebuild was to build a team that can compete every year. With 5 picks in first 2 rounds this year and possibility of having 2 first rounders next year, the key moving forward is to not trade away future picks for older B list players. I don’t see Rangers going backwards. Adding an elite winger like Panarin isn’t about being able to win the cup next year. It’s about having him as part of group that’ll be in playoffs every year. As far as a 2C, there’s still a chance Devils take Kakko, dropping Hughes to Rangers. Maybe they package a player with the #20 pick to move up for one of the other top centers. Otherwise, Chytil, Howden, Anderson, Strome, or maybe even Kravtsov.

      • I do not hate Kadri as the Rangers 2C if we draft Kakko

  10. No offer sheet love for Boeser….

  11. Hagg and a pick for Kadri?
    What would he cost the Flyers?

    • might cost ya Ghost

      would ya
      to PHI: Kadri & Zaitsev
      to TML: Ghost & MacDonald & pick


      • Gudas and 2nd for Kadri and 4th (STL)

      • I wouldn’t give up the ghost
        He had a down year last year, has much more value than an undisciplined center. Gudas, I really like to keep as well. He seems to be coming into his prime and Philly would really be helping TOR out. Not just by giving them the edge they are giving up, but by helping them to keep Marner.

        Hagg and this years first?

    • No thanks. Kadri is a P.OS.

  12. The habs are one Carey Price injury away at any point from being being a bottom five team in the league. That risk alone should deter MB from signing any players to offer sheets.

    • So many teams are! Could you imagine the leafs without Anderson, sparks is terrible and the leafs give up one of the top scoring chances against in the league

  13. I anticipate the draft will have some action leading up to and then free agency. I hope Zucker lands in Calgary. Can’t wait. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year “

    The Leafs do not need to repeat the Nylander situation and get Marner done. After that figure out the balance sheet.

    Roy in Ottawa ? I hope there is enough ego room with him and Melnyk . He will probably quit when things don’t go his way.

  14. sign-and-trade deals aren’t player agent friendly. free agency allows several teams to make bids starting 7/1, but a sign-and-trade, the teams are limited. So I doubt Panarin and his agent would limit themselves before 7/1 when they could have 5+ teams making $10M+ per offers starting 7/1

    • MikeP,
      I think Panarin has a very short list of cities he wants to go to. Doubt he’s leaving Columbus because he thinks he can get more money somewhere else. Then there’s the issue of how many teams he’s willing to sign with, and can they fit his new deal under the cap. Rangers seem like most likely destination from all the chatter. Doing a sign and trade could be a possibility since there’s been talk NY might be looking to move Shattenkirk, Smith or maybe Namestikov or Vesey. Might be worth it for NY to shed some salary and lower Panarins cap hit, as well as Columbus getting something is better than nothing.

  15. I don’t see the Leafs trading Kadri as he’s the only real sandpaper they have. But. should they decide to, It would have to be an offer they couldn’t refuse and likely, they would trade him to the Western Conference.

    Marner, he’s not going anywhere. Nylander likely is and either one of Kappi or Johnsson is. Now what to do with Marleau? Can they do anything with Marleau?

    • Joey, one more year.

  16. Leafs should not do anything with Marleau unless he is a willing participant…..

    Kadri will be of interest to a number of teams both because there is widespread need for a 2 C and because his contract is cap friendly….should only be traded for a credible D man

    Zaitsev is underrated on this and other sites. Neither his play nor his contract are as bad (IMO) as frequently stated on these pages. Not saying he or his contract are good….just not as bad as described here. Don’t need to give up anything to get rid of him. Ride him out this year & see how he looks for a full year without Gardiner

    • Zaitsev has the ability to look both great and useless and do it all on the same shift !

      Would not be surprised if Cody Franson arrives back in Toronto again as an inexpensive free agent. Size and good point shot. Foot speed? Not so much but he gets by.

      Kadri I think stays; maturity has no timetable and I’m not sure if the sand has run out of the hourglass for Kadri in Toronto just yet from a management point of view.

      • Cody Franson would be a cheap replacement for Hainsey. He’d likely come in on a 2 year deal at 1.5M each. He would be a good partner for Reilly.

        I’d let Kapanen or Johnson go and slot Kadri in as 2nd line LW before trading him. He’s underrated and only saw his numbers drop because his ice time was lowered and his PP time was taken by Tavares.
        Kadri-Matthews-Nylander would be a good combo

      • Franson? Cody Franson?
        Is that sarcasm? I’m german so may be my english isn’t good enough to understand or get that this sarcasm or fun.
        I’d rather re-sign Hainsey and let Rosen, Sandin AND Liljegren play before i sign Franson!

    • Wow, first smart thing I’ve heard about Marleau in a long time. And that’s not sarcasm.

      • I`ve said the same thing about Marleau never liked the deal but. Babs has taken flack for being classy with Marleau but unless Marleau retires we live with it

      • Look up Cody Franson’s advanced stats. He’s statistically better than Hainsey. Every player that plays with him has better stats with him than without him. Hainsey has the opposite results.

  17. To sign Bob and the Bread man, You must not be taking in account the state tax rate in NY vs Florida who has a NO state tax rate which is becoming a huge part of UFA signings as NY/NJ/Cal and Que have HUGE tax rates that are turning away top UFA’s and even with endorsement’s which are NOT deductible the money difference is HUGE and not to mention Tallon drafted Panarin and Oh yeah the weather!

    • You got it Rob! Team/city loyalty is long gone when someone sees the vast amounts of income difference.

    • Calgary has low taxes and is competitive with the vast majority of NHL cities in that regard. Same for Edmonton.

  18. Last year, Pat Hickey wrote that the Canadiens should trade the #3 overall pick for a top line center. And yet he did not suggest or speculate as to any realistic target that would make sense for the Habs and any other team involved. Because there weren’t any. And now this offer-sheet nonsense. Does he not realize that there’s a reason why 31 NHL GMs have chosen not to resort to offer-sheets.
    Sadly, Hickeys best days as a sports columnist are well behind him. Now he just spews forth crazy stuff that has no foothold in reality.

    • BUT, things are significantly different this year as compared to the past which, for varying reasons (but related and aided to a considerable degree to the gradual disappearance of bridge deals for the likes of Matthews, McDavid and others that GM, for whatever reason, thought would serve the team better off by being locked up long-term (and for BIG bucks in some cases). Now many of these teams find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place when trying to find cap room to keep some of their more prominent middle-level RFAs.

      Then there’s the Dubas factor – he didn’t exactly please most of the league’s GMs when he forked over that huge up-front wad of money to Tavares since those GMs are in no position financially to follow suit. Many were royally pissed and so have no reason not to stick it to Dubas (and a few other GMs who have gone down that same road) by extending offer sheets to their mid-level RFAs which they KNOW they can’t afford to match. It’s clearly a quick path to the type of instant credibility enjoyed by Vegas.

      As for worrying about retaliation – few if any of the teams targeted could make similar offers any time soon as their own rosters are spent to the limit for several years.

      • There has been lots of crazy signings over the years. In 1993 somebody gave Alexandre Daigle 12 and quarter million for 5 years. That’s 26 years ago. And he hadn’t even played an NHL game. That’s when the ELC contracts came about. Like Daigle said thou nobody remembers the 2nd pick. Chris Pronger for anyone interested.

      • Daigle was pre-cap.

      • Signings like that were the reason the cap came about , the so called smaller markets complained they couldn’t compete. But in reality they helped cause it by stupid signings like this.

    • Did you read Hickey’s actual article because your comment reads like you jumped to judgement based on Spector’s condensed version. Hickey makes perfect sense: get Marner at a worthwhile price or financially hobble a division rival you go head to head with for critical points … which might have got you into the playoffs this year had you won them.
      No foothold in reality?

      • Yes I read Hickey’s article. And I stand by my comments. For numerous reasons offer sheets just don’t happen. It may make sense but it doesn’t happen. Every year, the hockey media speculates that this summer might see an offer sheet. And every year it doesn’t happen. I’m sorry, but I see no reason why this year will be different.

  19. If Marner signs habs offer sheet for what ever hickey suggests. Then all theyve done is do the leafs a favor. Yes tje leafs will have cap problems but marner is likely seeking more then what hickey is mentioning so itll be 4 first rd picks. Also if Marner signs for hickeys unlikely term and amount the leafs would gladly match. And send a nice gift basket with a warmly worded letter of thanks signed leafs managment lol

    • @Leebird76: Sorry but I believe that Marner would never sign an offer sheet to play for the Habs. No matter what. I’m also doubtful he would any offer sheet period.

      • Im with you on that one. i was just pointing out that the fact that hickey thinks the habs can just walk in and offer sheet marner for a number the leafs would likely sign him for. Meaning to drive up marners cap hit its goona cost 4 first rd picks. And at a number the habs would regret . I know marner isnt gonna do it. Just that hickey’s opion the habs can just sign him for a lower number just like that is short sighted.

  20. Ghost for khadri.

  21. Marner isn’t going anywhere! They’ll trade Nylander in a heart beat before they lose Marner. Yes Nylander’s whole saga wasn’t very good for his image, nor was his lack of production in the Regular Season and short stint in this year’s Playoffs. But he is proving how good he really is in this year’s IIHF World’s and that is certainly helping his cause in which teams would trade for him. The prior 2 years before this past Regular Season, Nylander proved he can be one of the best scorers in the league and now he’s showing it again at the Worlds, teams would definitely trade for him that’ll be looking for a Top 6 Forward. Won’t happen, but my Arm Chair GM’ing would be:

    To TOR: 2019 1st Round Pick + Woo
    To VAN: Nylander

    To TOR: 2019 2nd Round Pick
    To COL: Kadri

    To TOR: 2019 2nd Round Pick
    To DET: Zaitsev

    Then there’ll be lots of cap to re-sign Marner, Kapanen and Johnsson.

    • Wow you`re fired

      • Makes one wonder why owners bother paying their GMs big salaries to make tough decisions.

    • Kadri is a former 7th overall pick with back to back 30G seasons and a reasonable cap hit for another 3 years and you think you’re getting him for a 2nd round pick which is likely at around # 50 overall?

    • @ LeafsAdvocate:I don’t agree with your trade suggestions but I do agree that Marner is not going anywhere But I Do Agree that Nylander is likely going to be moved.

      Somehow, for some reason, the team chemistry sagged for the most part AFTER he returned from his holdout.That said, Nylander did little or nothing moving forward to convince me to keep him in the fold

  22. Kadri’s game is about maturity: Everybody matures at their own speed. That means You, Me and Kadri Too.

    Whats matters to Maple Leaf Fans is whether or not the hourglass of patience has run out for Kadri In Toronto. Ya they can trade him; even to the Western Conference;; But then, they have to go out; and after developing Kadri, go out and find somebody just as good who plays with his kind of edge and DOESN’T CROSS THE LINE; all cuz he’s more mature than Kadri. OK, Ferland has the gnarl but has health issues. So who else you think The Leafs should go get while dumping Kadri?

  23. If a team has money to spend AND lots of picks to give in comensation, I have my doubts that they have much else. If there are any offer sheets, I think they will be for cheaper options than Marner. Many teams have guys set to earn 6 or 7 Million a year who could be much easier to land than Marner.
    If Bergevin were to offer a first round pick and a decent prospect – he’d easily land Nylander in a trade. Much cheaper to trade than to risk putting your own team into the same spot for next year.

    • @ Dave: all of what you have said maybe true, But I doubt the Leafs would send anybody to a division rival unless the offer was too good to turn down

  24. a polite comment awaiting moderation? really

    Didn’t know it was that harsh here Lyle

    • You typed your name in wrong, Joey. The filter didn’t recognize it.

  25. 76 comments and yet somehow one I made stood out. No idea why. Who pays who around here for this?

    • Again, you typed your name incorrectly. You spelled it “Joiey” instead of Joey. Nobody’s singling you out.

      • Bit of a persecution complex filtering through there!