2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Have The Blues Blown It?

by | Jun 11, 2019 | News, NHL | 5 comments



  1. 0Bettman worked really hard to keep Bruins alive. With this weak suspension only in one side…Watch now, game nr 7 will be the same joke as in Vancouver (2011).
    Bruins won. Unfortunately, but at least uncle Gary will be happy (and the worst fan base in the entire league)

  2. I think all the pressure is on the Bruins. Everyone expects them to win. St. Louis just has to come in and play, since they’re supposed to be the sacrificial lamb.

    • Let’s pray for them. There is nothing worse the seeing Bruins win

  3. Geez Lyle, that is such a loaded ?: U know, The Blues Had Their Chance To Finish Off The Bruins But Failed To:

    Some People Believe Jeremy Jacobs, Behind The Scenes Is Pulling Strings To Influence The Outcome While Craig Berube Is Wanking Big Time About Penalty Issues.

    Both Scenarios Have A Certain Value To It All; But In The End, The Blues And Their PK, Does Not Basically Have An Effective Way To Shut Down The Bruins Powerplay.

    Furthermore, Refs Bias Or Not, Its Up To The Blues To Stay Out Of The Penalty Box; Be Smarter Than Your Opponent.

    I’d Like To See The Blues Win But U Know, Its Just Not The Coach who Have To Evolve Here, But The Players Need To Understand That This Moment, In Time, Is Rare; Meaning No Matter What, Nobody Is Going To Hand A Championship To Anybody; So Blues, Stop Wanking, And Play Better ; If U Want 2 Win

  4. Totally agree Joey. The Blues have been my “dark horse” team right from the start of the playoffs – and they can still pull it off tonight IF they avoid the unnecessary chippy play … the one thing they clearly lack is, of course, playoff experience and the discipline that goes along with it this deep into the finals whereas many among the Bruins have it in spades.