Canada’s Teams: What Will The Edmonton Oilers Do This NHL Off-Season?

by | Jun 8, 2019 | Soapbox | 6 comments



  1. You have to wonder if the oilers can ship lucic with salary retained and puljuajarvi for a 7 th round pick? I think that’s what it’s going to take to move the worst contract in the league

    • How does JP have any value near that needed to swallow any of Lucic?

  2. Sometimes you just look at situation and think “I knew when they signed Lucic, that day would come back to haunt them for years. But I thought the haunting would be toward the end of the contract, not closer to the beginning.”

  3. OK Move the contracts, what then?
    Not a lot of top shelf FA’s are going to choose EDM over the other cities.

    In the end, EDM’s biggest problem is, it’s EDM…

    Go Houston Oilers!!

  4. What Will The Edmonton Oilers Do This NHL Off-Season? Watch as every other team around them improves.

    • That is true George as their options are limited. The reason they are limited is that they lack patience and their organization was dysfunctional because ownership decided to hire his childhood hero’s, and then made a kneejerk move to hire PC. They now have a proven hockey guy, who has preached and practiced patience in the past. Hopefully he has control to do the same this time.
      JP has no real value as a trade chip but is still a kid, you are better off waiting and working with him than trading him for a mid round pick. Let him play pro in Europe for a year, even 2 and hire him a skills coach.
      They have some prospect depth now, be patient with them in Bakersfield. Keep this years picks.
      Gagner and Manning come off the books after this year. Russel and Sekera the year after.
      Some of the prospects will be ready over the next couple seasons, start playing them when they earn it, plus you now have some cap space and ELC on your roster.
      This needs to be a 3 year plan.
      Lucic? There is no good option. He is an expensive 4th liner. You simply have to live with it and get it over with as soon as possible and don’t buy him out.
      And most importantly don’t repeat the same mistake.
      UFA’s will come to EDM, even if Danny doesn’t like the place, methinks he isn’t going to be a prized UFA in the near future.