Five Potential Bargains in the 2019 NHL UFA Market

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  1. Donskoi- Montreal should go after this guy, and maybe Chariot too since Benn is leaving.

  2. oscar lindberg was solid 4th liner for the rangers. not sure what happened in vegas

  3. I’m not one of the Pens fans with hair on fire over Jack Johnson. He was good a bit more often than he was bad. There were times he was quite good.

    BUT…seeing how many young bargain left shot D man are available this year…Morrow, Pouliot, Hutton, Beaulieu, etc. makes the Johnson contract look worse.

    Still can’t believe a guy with as much talent as Morrow could never put it together.

    • Hi MG

      I’m sorry but here I have to stand firm and massively disagree.

      I only missed one Penguins game this year. He could have been good that night (I don’t really know) but he was a minus 2 that night so unlikely

      From the 81 regular season games I saw….. if you weigh that play against all games I have ever watched over my life…. a few thousand anyway…. JJ is by far the worst influence on any team.

      He is absolutely brutal for 1/2 of his games and generally poor for another probably 40%. At the very most he had maybe 4 – 5 “good” games all year.

      He had bouts of excellent play in some games (see outdoor game) but then had equally brutal moves in the same game

      By the eyeball he’s brutal

      It is not just by the eyeball though

      I wish I could find the online article that had links to all of his stats and broke down quite literally how bad an influence he was on the outcome of games and 5 on 5 XGF

      The stat that I do remember was that he was absolutely (and by a massive margin over next worst) the worst in the league for on ice / off ice XGF for the team ; for any player…. at 5 on 5 XGF any time JJ was on the ice; Pens were 20% less than when JJ was on the bench….. WOW

      In addition the article showed that for any skater in the league that had played in at least 30 games( I think it was 30, could have been 40) , JJ was the only player that had made each and every team mate he was on the ice with , drop a minimum of 10% in XGF

      …. so the eyeball test from me stating his brutal impact on the team ; is backed up statistically

      Above is not tongue n cheek ; it’s not blah blah blah banter.

      It’s what I truly believe.

      Before this year I was on and on about Hunwick. I jokingly kept referring to him as “that which shall not be named”….Hunwick was a very weak and costly Defenseman and remains so……. a Hunwick JJ trade would immediately (and substantially) improve the Pens….. that’s how bad JJ is

      He needs to be forced to watch each and every one of his game tapes …, 3 times…. and with a coach working with him throughout.

      He has the talent…. his brutal play is always mental mistakes

      He needs to write out on the blackboard a thousand times…

      “I will not follow my D partner to the corner after the puck and leave an uncovered man in front of my goalie”

      and 1,000 times

      “ I will not stand arms length from my D partner at all times”

      and 1,000 times

      “I will not be a complete eclipse to my goalies view of the puck”

      With the above and his promise to adhere to those quotes and Sully’s promise to fully bench him (note; he was benched for one single shift all year …. so Sully is culpable as well) if he repeats these offences; and Sully agrees to have him in the press box for games at a time ; if it continues….. then and only then…. should JJ stay

      Rant over

      Off to shop

      • Johnson played on the Penguins top pairing during the March run while Letang was out.

        They went (something like) 17-2 with him on the top pair.

        Asking more than that of your 5th highest paid D man seems unreasonable.


        Generally speaking, the Pens D are getting too much blame, even Letang. The D are playing Sully’s system as designed, but the forwards are now loafing in terms of back pressure and cycling to cover up the points.

      • Also, Jack Johnson is Bobby Orr mixed with Nick Lidstrom mixed with Ray Bourque mixed with (insert every other Norris winner ever) compared to Hunwick.

        Again, Johnson (in a pinch) played well on our top pairing for long stretches while Hunwick couldn’t get out of the press box, even with injuries to other D men.

      • Hi MG

        I agree that there are system deficiencies

        But JJ is the cause of many problems and direct cause in losing some game points and shutouts

        You are right ; he should never have been given any game in which he played top pairing minutes….. regardless of injuries…. Pens should have brought up more Baby Pens and put more minutes on them instead of JJ…. coaching error

        Pens were not 17-2 in that stretch

        From Mar 1 onPens went 11 W 8 L; JJ alone cost them 2 of those losses; and if it weren’t for Murray it could have been more

        I stick with my assertion ; change in other Roster players; change in systems; change in coaching style… all irrelevant if they have JJ as a regular for the season … Pens have ZERO chance at a cup…. ZERO…., he is that brutal

        A buyout immediately improves expectations; frees up $3M in Cap ; and has a massive motivation increase to the rest of the team

        I’ve never been more opinionated about any player in my life

        It’s all mental mistakes

        He has the skillset …. if they can get him to understand his mistakes and correct them then he can be used effectively for 8-10 minutes a game as a bottom pairing D… that’s over paying but no one else seems to want him

        I’m very very skeptical that this can happen though

        Humbly apologize for my disagreement with youre JJ ; I’m usually on board with you for most things

        Keys in hand now; off to shop