NHL Afternoon Rumor Mill – June 19, 2019

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The Ducks buy out Corey Perry, updates on Jake Gardiner, plus the latest on the Bruins and Blackhawks in today’s NHL afternoon rumor mill update.


TSN: The Anaheim Ducks have bought out the final two years of right wing Corey Perry’s contract. Because of his no-movement clause, he doesn’t get placed on unconditional waivers. Perry becomes an unrestricted free agent. Ducks general manager Bob Murray called the move “one of the most difficult decisions” in his 44 years in the NHL.

Anaheim Duck have bought out Corey Perry’s contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In his prime, Perry was one of the best players in the league. During his 14 seasons with the Ducks, he scored 372 goals and 776 points. He helped them win the Stanley Cup in 2007 and in 2011 took home the Hart and Art Ross trophies.

In recent years, however, Perry’s production steadily declined. A knee injury limited him to just 10 points in 31 games this season. Nevertheless, he’ll likely draw interest in this summer’s UFA market. His lack of speed and age (34) will likely limit him to a low-cost, one-year contract. Don’t be surprised if his name frequently surfaces in the UFA rumor mill. 


VANCOUVER SUN: Patrick Johnston reports the Canucks are interested in pursuing Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Gardiner when he hits the open market on July 1. Sources say Gardiner is intrigued by the Canucks, but Johnston believes they won’t be the only suitors. He expects the Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadiens, and Dallas Stars could use a blueliner of his skill set. Johnston also points out recent rumors suggesting Philadelphia’s Shayne Gostisbehere might be available and hopes the Canucks would pursue him.

THE ATHLETIC: Sean Shapiro believes the Dallas Stars have Gardiner on their list of free-agent targets. He would fit the role of top-four defenseman but Shapiro points out he comes with some risk. The 28-year-old is a left-handed shot who can only play on his strong side. He will require a lucrative new contract and missed time this season with a back injury. Shapiro thinks the Stars could also target Tampa Bay’s Anton Stralman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Erik Karlsson no longer on the market, Gardiner becomes this summer’s top UFA defenseman. He could seek around $7 million per season on a long-term deal. I believe the Stars’ priority is re-signing Mats Zuccarello or finding a suitable replacement up front. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $70 million tied up in 19 players. Once they sign Zuccarello or another forward there might not be enough left for Gardiner. Stralman could be a more cost-effective option. 

The Canucks, on the other hand, have plenty of salary cap space and an urgent need for experienced blueline depth. Still, GM Jim Benning will have to prove to Gardiner that the Canucks are heading in the right direction. 


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty yesterday reported Bruins president Cam Neely suggested his club could target a top-six forward in the near future. “I know it’s been talked about at length about another top-six forward, so we’ll see where that ends up,” Neely said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That could add more fuel to the Torey Krug trade speculation that surfaced in recent days. He’s a year away from UFA status. Haggerty recently suggested he’d be a perfect trade chip to land that elusive top-six winger. 



  1. Vancouver should use their cap space to rebuild their D and take on defenders like Philly did. Just using that as an example and not necessarily the caliber of players Philly brought in. Vancouver can send off players that are no longer in their future and a pick. Tons of teams looking to shed.

    The way Philly is spending perhaps they will make a 2 for 3 per pitch to Perry.

  2. With Zaitsev to Canucks also in the rumors I can’t imagine a world where they purposely reunite the tandem. Two guys who play significantly worse when paired together.

    • @Taz: I can see either/or: but both arriving there? Ya, anything is possible but I agree, those two together; at least under the TML system, was a disaster.

  3. Who will not try to sign Anders Lee?

    • Who will not? Most of the league. He needs a solid playmaking possession center to drive the offense where he is a huge compliment to but he is no Panarin.

      Most of the league cannot fit him under their cap for the length of term he will command due to the going market rate.


      • Big body. top6 forward. good hands. 28.

  4. Jake Gardiner to Montreal.

    • The only reason I see it is Shea Weber, Weber could be a calming influence gardiner when paired together. But do you think jake would sign in another hotbed the way fans have treated him in Toronto?

      • if Leddy can be moved I can see Lou making a push for Gardiner.

      • Well done, BBB. Shea Weber is correct.

  5. Crazy trade idea. Leafs trade Zaitsev and Marleau to Edmonton for Lucic and Larsen. Edmonton can buy out Marleau who can go sign in San Jose, and have Zaitsev as a 4/5 right d. Toronto gets Larsen to play right d with Reilly, but has to eat Lucic’s contract. Toronto saves half a million dollars and gets the better players, but is stuck with Lucic for 4 seasons.

    • if I am not mistaken Marleau has a trade clause right?
      I think he’d waive it to do that IF EDM bought him out so we can go sign where he wants. Outside of that, I cannot see him willing to head to EDM.

      • As crazy as that sounded at first, I can see Edmonton agreeing to that.

    • Hi Chris

      At first blush, not a bad trade.

      However; since Marleau is a 35+ contract … there is no Cap advantage to a buyout …. actual cash savings of $417 K and also a deferred $417 K; but Cap hit still $6.25 M for 19/20

      For me a better destination (sorry George) is Ottawa

      They have the Cap space to waste and Leafs have to sweeten deal by sending a prospect

      This would have to be after Leafs paid his signing bonus

      Two options then for Ottw;
      1) wait for potential arb window for buyout and have to pay $835 K over 2 years ; or

      2) bring him on to team and pay him his $1.25 M; this costs an extra $417 K but that is ONLY if he doesn’t retire …. his take home pay is only $585 K in ONTARIO …. to play a gruelling 82 games at 40 years of age

      If he does decide to play …. $1.25 M for a mentor in the dressing room; and what ever Leafs pony up in prospect(s)

      The final added bonus if he does play is that Sens could probably trade him to a contender at TDL …. they’ll get a 7th rounder 10 years down the road but save about $425 K

      …. so mentoring for 2/3rds of the year; help to get to Cap floor ; for about $825 K AND they get a nice prospect back…. I’d do it …. sorry George ; just my thoughts on that

      • Hi Penny,
        Understood there isn’t a cap advantage to buying out Marleau. They would be doing to rid themselves of Lucic and eat the full cap hit for year 1. The buyout would be to get Marleau to agree to the trade so that he could go an sign with the sharks for a minimum salary.

        Here is a bigger and crazier trade.
        Leafs trade Marner, Lilejren, Zaitsev and Marleau to the Kings for Doughty, Martinez and Tofoli.

        The numbers work out to be similar. LA adds young talent in Marner, a right d for today and one for the future, and has to eat a year of Marleau (which gets him closer to home). Toronto gives up talented youth for a chance to win now with Doughty and Martinez on right d, to pair with Reilly and Muzzin. Tofoli is most irrelevant other than to balance salaries, and having only one year of term to match Marleau.


      • Oops. Meant Pengy.

    • There’s no way Leafs do that… I ain’t a leafs fan but they can’t afford to take Lucic contract even if it means offloading Zaitsev and Marleau. You mean Larsson? Why would edmonton take salary and give away a good player?

  6. Marner, Zaitsev and 2nd rd pick to Flyers for Vorachek, Hagg and Gostibehere.

    Leafs get upgrade on defence, decent return on wing and save a couple of million in cap space assuming Marner comes in around 11 per year.
    Flyers get upgrade on wing, have decent defence already in place and can put Zaitsev in 5,6 or 7 slot. Draft pick is sweetner for taking Zaitsev.

    Crazy? Make sense?

    • Imo this would be a fair trade. The Flyers get the best player with the highest potential. The Leafs get an offensive minded d-man in Ghost and a solid stay at home d-man in Robert Hägg. But i am not sure that Ghost is an upgrade over Gardiner, but I don’t watch many Flyers games. I would rather have Travis Sanheim instead of Ghost, but that would be to much to give for the Flyers.

    • Nope. They have better options to get rid of Zaitsev and get a right d. None of those include trading Marner.

  7. Habs should go for Perry, if he wont ask for too much. Gardiner sure, but then, maybe they should trade Petry?

    • Perry would be good for Habs as he would be to many other teams. Gardiner would be great addition to habs if he wants to go to another crazy market. No need to trade Petry though his a righty Gardiners a lefty, means there’s room. Might even work cap-wise.

      I’m sorry to be such a boring individual who just tells others how wrong they are…

  8. Here’s my bitter rant (those who know my posts; should have expected this)…..

    How does a cash strapped team spend $8 M over 4 years to buy out a player and still have a massive cap hit in 20/21 while a team with cash AND precariously tight to cap; refuses to spend the same $8 M (note over 8 years) ; save a we’ll needed $3M in Cap this year …. and most importantly …. immediately give the team a massive increase in confidence and likely another 6-8 wins next year …. AND give them a shot at the cup (knowing that another cup is 100 % impossible with him on the team)

    Rutherford ….. take your thumb out of your nether regions and buyout JJ.

    All fans want it. All his team mates will definitely want it (all team-mates stats increase and team success probability massively increases); and I can’t believe that Mario and Partners AND all coaches din’t absolutely want it…. Jim your the only one

    Save a franchise ; rid a JJ

    • JJ will retired a penguin lol… jk

      trade malkin, Kessel & JJ to NSH for Subban, Turris and tolvanen


      • IHC

        any move short of Sid; ridding Pens of JJ should be examined

        Buyout is prudent; logical and win win…. should be a no brainer

      • I agree Pengy…..
        read an article showing the stats of players pair with then without then back with JJ

        ALL players paired with JJ fell significantly once paired with him since his tenure.

        Crazy but true. So the EYE test is telling the truth.

  9. crazy proposal

    short term cap relief for TB for 1 yr to figure out how to clear more cap space

    to EDM: Callahan & Miller
    to TB: Lucic

    gives TB a few extra hours to find ways to get cap space to sign Pointe and fill out the roster

    EDM adds a very versatile Miller and only has to absorb Callahan for one yr.
    EDM can then trade Callahan to TML for Zaitsev

    TML can buy out Callahan

    EDM can trade defense to anyone for picks…


    • LOL. I think the Bolts could get a much better return for Callahan and Miller. This makes absolutely no sense for Tampa.

  10. I have a new poster handle- IhateJJ

  11. Bruins have been looking for a top 6 for 4 years