NHL Afternoon Rumor Mill – June 20, 2019

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Some tidbits on Corey Perry, Artemi Panarin, and Sergei Bobrovsky plus the latest on the Leafs and Hurricanes in this afternoon’s NHL rumor update.


MAYOR’S MANOR: Los Angeles Kings insider John Hoven appeared on Winnipeg’s TSN 1290 discussing the club’s plans heading into the 2019 NHL Draft weekend. During the discussion, Hoven “dropped a little nugget” linking the Kings for Corey Perry. The 34-year-old right winger was recently bought out by the Anaheim Ducks and is seeking a new home via free agency.

Could Corey Perry sign with the Los Angeles Kings? (Photo via NHL Images)

Hoven said we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of chatter in the coming days regarding Perry and the Kings. He believes there’s a fit there, suggesting the Kings could bring him in on an affordable, bonus-laden winger to mentor their younger players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Hoven isn’t saying this is a done deal. Nevertheless,  Perry joining the Kings would provide an additional measure of intrigue into the longstanding rivalry between the two clubs.

As Hoven points out, Perry’s spent his entire 14-year NHL career in Anaheim. Perhaps he’d be willing to accept a deal that keeps him in Southern California. Keep an eye on this situation in the coming days. 


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Toronto Maple Leafs are telling teams they’re willing to entertain offers for forwards Nazem Kadri and Kasperi Kapanen. He believes the Leafs would need a defenseman back for Kapanen and a center for Kadri. He also claims there’s a “strong sense” Connor Brown could be moved as well.

Dreger adds Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas will meet with Mitch Marner’s agent in Vancouver during the upcoming draft weekend. It’s unknown if Dubas will formally table a contract offer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Kadri carries an annual average value of $4.5 million through 2021-22. He also has a 10-team no-trade list. Brown has a year left on his contract with a $2.1 million salary-cap hit and lacks no-trade protection. Like Marner, Kapanen is a restricted free agent on July 1.

Dubas is also attempting to honor defenseman Nikita Zaitsev’s trade request and move winger Patrick Marleau to a club close to San Jose. His willingness to listen on Kadri and Kapanen suggests he’s having difficulty moving the other two. Dubas must free up cap space to re-sign Marner. If he’s looking for a defenseman or a center, he can’t take back too much salary. 





  1. Kadri for Zucker? Similar numbers, similar Number$$
    Change of scenery for both.


    • Not a bad suggestion because TOR isn’t strong at LW. However, I’d rather just put Kadri at LW. Unless the leafs can get a good D for Kadri it makes little sense to trade him.
      The Leafs are strong at RW with Nylander, Marner, Kapanen and Brown.
      Would Brown or Kapanen + Zaitsev get Zucker from the Wild?

    • I don’t believe Zucker is on the move regardless of past trade speculation. After winning his award last evening, he seems very much in tune with the team & more specifically the community.

  2. Toronto….Tanev is finally available

    • Brown & Zaitsev ($1m retained) for Tanev

      Marleau & Kapanen for Vesey & Shattenkirk

      TML gets 2 right side defenseman

  3. crazy idea

    to MIN: Kadri & Marleau
    to TML: Spurgeon & Rask

    Kadri is an upgrade over Rask for MIN and in ridding of Rask they take on Marleau for 1 season (but they can send him to where he wants for conditional pick)

    TML loses a good center but gets a RD they need by using the cap space they currently are…..

    Rask plays 3rd line center and is isolated.

  4. Sounds like the cost is to high for the leafs to get rid of Marleau, this will be interesting if they can’t move that 6.25. sounds like the Canucks and oilers are backing off zaitsev now dubas must be asking too much

    • I don’t think Dubas is asking too much for Zaitsev. I suspect it’s a case of he’s not offering teams enough to take him.

      Toronto Media acting as shills by placing Zaitsev at the top of the trade bait board.

      • I agree that’s kinda what I meant but leaf fans can be sensitive

      • Typical. If its a Leaf its worth a first round pick, a roster player and a top prospect.

        TSN and Sportsnet beating the Marner, Saitsev and Marleau stories like a dead horse.

      • Toronto media acting like shills. Surely you jest!

  5. These old forwards need to retire! Corey Perry has been washed up for years now. 4 years ago is last time he was able to score goals age 30

  6. Interesting….. read Kings are looking into Letang

    what could possibly go back and LA still be under the cap?

    • Eklund doesn’t know what he is talking about lol

    • I hate Crosby…my two fav teams Pittsburgh and Los Angels.. Kings have nothing the Penguins need or want and can’t imagine Doughty and Letang on the same team. hats like what $18.5 for two dmen??????

      Letang isn’t going anywhere Kessel probably is…..

  7. Lets See: Zaitsev & Marleau want out: Mitch wants about $11.5 Million a year so he & Matthews can continue to throw biscuits In a basket while JT sleeps on a Casper as the zamboni guy drives around.
    Willy was content to sit out until he got his way & Dubas caved In.

    Dubas took full responsibility for the playoff shortfall while Babcock agreed with him.

    We still pay Kessel $1.2 Million per season for the next 3 years I believe to eat hot dogs in Pittsburgh because he didn’t want to switch wings while he was destroying the character of Peter Horacheck.

    So, If I’m reading this right: If Marner gets his $11.5 million per season thereabouts, along with Matthews at $$11.66, Tavares at $11 million and that Wee Willy guy coming in a near $7 million per season; all with a projected salary cap of about $81.5-82 million per team, it would seem to me that you’re going have 4 players eating steak every night while the other 18-19 players are settling for Happy Meals?

    Now no matter what, how does this financially all come out properly in the wash and if it somehow does wash itself out, where is the team chemistry?

  8. I guess what I’m saying here is that what’s going on in Toronto could best be described as a clusterf**k.

    No matter what Dubas does or doesn’t do, he is not in a position strength anywhere in any of this; and while Shanny totally believes this guy is a whiz kid and a creative progressive mind moving forward, the OHL and the NHL are two different animals.

    Now to be fair, lets see how Dubas digs his way out of this mess; some of it self created; some of it thanks to his mentor Lou:

    I like the Shannyplan for the most part, but man, this year, is going to challenge the Leafs in many ways and after the dust has settled, and training camp has opened, it cannot look the same as it does now.

    • If they can’t move the 6.25 the leafs will look drastically different next year

    • I just saw in Vancouver Sun that the term is 2 years.

  9. I suspect that Patrick Marleau willl be traded to the Anaheim Ducks for Patrick Eaves announced after July 1st.

    Marleau is owed $4.25 less bonus tbd. and an AAV of $6.25 million
    Eaves at $3 million

    Anaheim can still use a player of Marleau’s skill and experience.

    Eaves ( no longer able to play ) will be bought out of his existing contract at a cost of $1 million per year and no cap penalty due to his deal being signed before 35 years of age.

    It’s works for both clubs.

    • Anaheim just say goodbye to an aging, past it player – obviously because they think it’s time to start re-loading. So why would they then bring in another aging, past-it player? To what end?

  10. I wonder if something like this could work?

    To TOR: Crouse
    To ARZ: Marleau + Kadri + 2019 2nd

    Marleau is acquired and then bought out by Arizona, so that Marleau can sign with a California team, maybe San Jose for 1 year at $1M. Arizona obviously need to do something like this, to get to the Cap Floor. Kadri obviously isn’t worth Crouse 1 for 1, so the 2nd is thrown in to top off the trade.

    To TOR: Pesce
    To CAR: Kapanen + Brown + Sparks

    To TOR: Puljujärvi + Lucic + Bouchard
    To EDM: Zaitsev + Nylander + Liljegren

    Then add Ferland and re-sign Hainsey
    Extra: Crouse

    • You might want to do some research the coyotes are way above the floor and couldn’t take Marleau and Kadri

    • Yes, I see that they have currently $6.7M in available cap space (before the Cap goes up to $82M) . Once the cap goes up, they’ll have $12M available, and they currently have a roster size of 21 according to CapFriendly.

    • Arizona has it’s own RFA’s to sign and might not have the cap to take on Marleau