NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 18, 2019

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The salary cap could be lower than projected, plus the latest on the Bruins, Senators, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

TSN.CA: The NHL’s salary cap for 2019-20 could be lower than the projected $83 million. That could make life difficult for teams already facing limited cap space next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last year, the cap numbers for 2018-19 were announced on June 21. Next season’s totals should be released by this weekend at the latest. A lower-than-projected cap could force some teams to shed salary via trades or contract buyouts. 

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Several Bruins are undergoing surgeries to repair injuries suffered this season. They included captain Zdeno Chara (elbow) and John Moore (shoulder). Meanwhile, Noel Acciari (heel) and David Backes (undisclosed) will be following up with doctors to determine if they require surgery. 

It appears David Backes will return with the Boston Bruins next season (Photo via NHL Images).

Speaking of Backes, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be traded or bought out. General manager Don Sweeney indicated the veteran forward isn’t going anywhere

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators re-signed winger Anthony Duclair to a one-year, $1.65-million contract. They acquired Duclair from the Columbus Blue Jackets before the trade deadline as part of the return for Ryan Dzingel. They informed pending unrestricted free agent Magnus Paajarvi he won’t be re-signed. Contract negotiations continue with restricted free agent Cody Ceci. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After washing out with Arizona, Chicago, and Columbus, this could be Duclair’s last chance to get his NHL career back on track. 

With former Senator Erik Karlsson re-signing with the San Jose Sharks, Ottawa receives a 2021 draft pick from the Sharks. 

THE ATHLETIC’s Joe Smith reports the agent for Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Anton Stralman will be going through the UFA interview period. Smith suggests this doesn’t mean the Lightning are out of the running to sign him. 

CBS SPORTS: The Columbus Blue Jackets re-signed left winger Markus Hannikainen to a one-year, $735K contract. 


  1. One other team he didn’t stick with….Duclair started out with Rangers.

  2. I think Duclair has had some good moments. But he’s always been a we’ll see kinda player. His we’ll see is running out. But important to remember , the guy was a 3rd rounder.

    I do remember a certain someone telling me he was a “stud” can’t miss kinda player that just needed those 400 games to get up to speed…

    Maybe his 4th “change of scenery “ is just what the doctor ordered? I doubt it but “we’ll see”.

    • May need 3 or 4 more years / teams to hit that magic number of 400 lol . Only at 287

    • On the bright side, he did score 8 goals in his 15 games with the Sens … whereas the $4mil man Boedker managed just 7 in over 70 games

  3. Teams were planning for $83M; the talk is it “could” come under …. but per TSN that amount might be $82.6M….that’s only 0.5 % off what they were planning for…. and that’s spending literally right to the cap…. to me that means a very small group of teams just “might” have to “tweak” their plans.

    Re: Sharks with EK… individually the AAV nor the term was not a huge surprise to me; combined; I thought it was a bit high

    11.5 for 5 or 10 for 8 yrs …. good to go for me…. time will tell… they are already (IMO) calculating into the contract ; the perceived big jump in Cap due to upcoming new US TV deal in a couple of years

    In short term this my cost one or even both of Little and Big Joe

    Kudos to those who predicted $11 + for 8…. atta go Chrisms …. U da man…. would appreciate your crystal ball on when Leafs will upgrade D and when Pens buyout (🙏🤞) JJ

    RE: Trouba trade…. certainly not shocked he was traded but I certainly thought the return would be better… to me ; that return is prob what they easily could have got next Feb

    With teams up against the cap I noticed VGKs already over 83 still with Karlsson and others to sign…. after a quick review of Clarkson’s contract I see a Golden opportunity for George and the Sens:

    After Clarkson is paid his SB on 1/7 ; he is only owed $1M; Sens would only need to pay the ins. Premium and the non-insurance payout Sal… overall about $200 K

    Sens would use the full Cap (and they have placenta of room) and get a prospect (Whitecloud perhaps) back…. win win both teams

    Off to a meeting in 5

    Will look later for your (George’s) take on this

    BTW…. good contract on Duclair …. reasonable show me deal… I think he’s got potential

    • Plenty not placenta


      • That one had me laughing out loud Pengy…and got me a handful of strange looks from around the office…

      • Sorry Double Minor

        I freaked when I read it myself.

        I lay full blame on Siri and her Mofo Sociopath sibling “auto-correct”

        Humble apologies

    • Oh pengy. Gmjr essentially shut down the Jj buyout. He said two things about that

      He denied that Jj was ever in the minny deal.

      He also said when it came to cutting salary it was maatta or johnson…


      • Hi Chrisms

        I certainly hope that your crystal ball is wrong on that

        I hoping (and in reality , logically thinking) that this is public posturing

        He knows Pens have no chance at a cup playing JJ as a regular and can’t afford $3.25 M idle to give Pens a chance

        I fully believe that JJ was part of the Minny deal that fell through…. giving Phil and taking back the tough Rask contract and the Zucker Cap would not fly from any logical standpoint

        Bad contract for bad contract and swap of younger Zucker for Phil was still a poor move IMO….. JJ not in the deal …. pure insanity

        Buyout is the way to go

        I bet Sid I s having a brutal off season now


  4. Cap space,

    A few months ago, my son wanted the iPhone XS or XR. Nothing wrong with his current phone that’s relatively new….

    So in his plea he said, “I can cover half.” 15 and unemployed I said “how are you doing that?”
    To which he replied “ the birthday money I get from grandmas , uncles , aunts etc.”

    The moral of the story…. don’t bank on or spend money you don’t know is coming!

    • Are grandma uncle and aunts stiffing him this year? That sucks.

      • They may? They may not? But either way, I’m not teaching my kid to spend money he doesn’t have yet! Lmao. Especially when I’m the guy who eats it!

      • You allowed to officially work in ny at 15? Maybe he can’t mow lawns… but maybe he could stand near stop lights and wash windshields or something. Polish sidewalks?

      • Lol. I don’t live in NY Chrism. I’m in Florida. You can work at 15, but most of those type of jobs have a year waitlist in my area. He’s unemployed but not for lack of trying.

      • Damn that booming economy!

        Florida? He could be a coke mule!!

        Which Florida man story stars ny4life?

      • Huh?

      • I’m thinking March 13th sounds about right….

      • 😂

      • Hahaha,

        I’m definitely NOT a Florida man. As most in Florida, I’m a transplant. And definitely not on that list.

      • Double Minor

        Cried with laughter and guffawed so loud my EA ran into my office …. after reading about Jan 7th Florida Man

  5. Nice one, NY4Life, makes me think of my grandsons, also not clear on the concept.

    • The scary part bcleaffan is it’s not just kids with that mentality. I see adults talk about spending their tax refund etc in November, months before they even file!

      Probably has a lot to do why most Americans (78%) now live paycheck to paycheck. The idea of saving money and not spending money you don’t have is long gone it seems.

      • Just a couple of upticks in interest rates and it all goes BOOM!

      • As Bill Murray once said, if you want to teach your kids about taxes, just eat 30% of their ice cream.

      • Taxes make kids parents diabetic?

  6. Backes is history despite what management has said. He’s making 6 mill can’t skate can score can’t fight .They have got to get rid of this guy plenty of rah rah guys in providence at an eighth the cost of this pug!