NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 19, 2019

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The Flyers re-sign Kevin Hayes and acquire Justin Braun, the Lightning re-sign Braydon Coburn, plus updates on Joe Thornton, Vladimir Tarasenko, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

TSN/SPORTSNET: Bob McKenzie and John Shannon report the Philadelphia Flyers re-signed forward Kevin Hayes to a seven-year, $50-million contract. The annual average value is $7.14 million. Acquired from the Winnipeg Jets earlier this month, Hayes was slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. 

Kevin Hayes reportedly inked a seven-year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay more than a few NHL general managers are cursing Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher for this one. Fletcher gave up very little (a fifth-round pick) to acquire Hayes but gave up way too much re-signing him. The 27-year-old is a versatile forward who’s tallied over 40 points in four of the past five seasons, but he’s not worth over $7 million per season. 

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA/BAY AREA: The Flyers also acquired defenseman Justin Braun from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a 2019 second-round pick and a 2020 third rounder. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fletcher continues to bolster his blueline, having shipped Radko Gudas to Washington last Friday for Matt Niskanen. Braun, 32, is an experienced shutdown defenseman. He and Niskanen bring experience and leadership to a young Flyers defense corps. With the Braun addition and Hayes signing, Cap Friendly indicates the Flyers have over $60 million invested in 16 players. 

The Sharks, meanwhile, free up over $3 million in salary-cap space. Those savings could be put toward re-signing captain Joe Pavelski.

Speaking of the Sharks, Joe Thornton expressed his desire to return with the club next season. Like Pavelski, Thornton is slated to become a UFA. “I’m a Shark,” he said. “There’s one team, and it’s here.”

ESPN.COM: The Tampa Bay Lightning re-signed defenseman Braydon Coburn to a two-year, $3.4-million contract extension. He was slated to become a UFA on July 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A good, affordable signing by the Lightning. Coburn was a reliable presence on the Bolts blueline this season. The 34-year-old is taking a significant pay cut from his previous $3.7-million per season. As his career winds down, the Lightning is his best chance to win a Stanley Cup. 

TSN: David Clarkson submitted his 16-team no-trade list to the Vegas Golden Knights, who hope to shop his contract this week. All but retired due to injury, Clarkson has a year remaining on his deal with an AAV of $5.25 million. The cap-strapped Golden Knight must free up salary-cap room to re-sign free agents such as William Karlsson. 

NEW YORK POST:  Goaltender Robin Lehner remains hopeful of re-signing with the New York Islanders. An unrestricted free agent on July 1, Lehner is up for the Vezina and Masterton trophies at tonight’s NHL Awards in Las Vegas. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the mutual willingness on both sides to get a deal done, I expect Lehner to be re-signed before his UFA eligibility date.

STLTODAY.COM: Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko suffered a shoulder injury during his club’s Stanley Cup run. It’s unclear if it’s the same shoulder that required surgery last year. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Forward Charles Hudon rejected the Canadiens’ qualifying offer. The club still retains his NHL rights. 

TSN: Trent Yawney joins the Los Angeles Kings’ coaching staff. 

SPORTSNET: The NHL salary cap for next season could be lower than projected. Elliotte Friedman believes the league and the PA will agree to tighten the cap for the next two seasons as they work toward a new collective bargaining agreement. A new US television agreement in 2021 could also factor into this decision. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The cap was projected to reach $83 million. There’s now talk it could be around $82 million. That will affect the efforts of cap-strapped clubs to retain key players this summer. 


  1. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Hayes got overpaid. Probably about 1.5M too much per year, which doesn’t look like a big deal to the Flyers right now but young players aren’t cheap forever.

    I just don’t see their need to do this. They already have good young players with some still skilled vets around, why not build around that instead of overpaying for a decent second line center who probably gets pushed down the lineup after 3 years anyway?

    • I hate to take this position as anyone here who seems to against the grain gets somewhat ostracized, but this was a glaring need for Philly in the worst way.

      Sean Cotourier was really the only legit #1 Center they have had for a few years right now and Giroux was also playing there from time to time …next in line is Konecny and he is a good speedy little guy but when Cootourie goes down riddeled with injuries , is Travis Konecny at 5 foot 9 – 175 pounds your #1 Center for 20 – 30 games

      Cotourier has been delivering the mail for years and he has issues …this really helps them get over the hump with a top line Center with skill and GOOD size to where as in they just dont grow on trees.

      If they wanted a playerlike this the only other alternative would have been addition by subtraction and it would have cost an easy 1st rounder and 2 more players to get a top flight Center and they just arenty available.

      They took this chance and still kept the team together and players available for other more important deals when needed and if the opportunity arose …and I figure that is how they looked at this situation.

      I think this was a need and they did well to fill a hole !


      • Well said. This move really solidifies the 2nd line, even if Hayes was overpaid by about $750K per year. He is likely to center a dangerous line that will have Jake and JVR on his flanks. Don’t underestimate how this signing impacts Nolan Patrick, a young, talented but inconsistent center. He can now mature on the 3rd line with less responsibility.

  2. Wow! Didn’t expect that Hayes gets a 7 year dwal worth $7.14 million a year.
    Imo he’s overpaid by at least $1 million.

    I like the Braun deal for both sides. The Sharks free up cap space and the Flyers get an experienced shut d-man.

    So many teams are in cap trouble. God for the Sharks that GM Doug Wilson was able to make a good deal after he signed Karlsson.

  3. The Hayes signing could be a way for Chuck Fletcher to justify making the trade in the first place.

    • Expensive justification!

    • For a 5th round pick?

      • Good point, NY4Life, but perhaps a message to the players that things are going to be different. I’ve seen the Flyers a couple of times over the past two seasons and Giroux was on the wing, and looking good there. Alain Vigneault must like Hayes a lot as well.

    • No need to wait for free agency when you know, no one else is going to make you that offer.
      Yes Philly over paid to fill a much-needed need; in a different way then Winnipeg over pays to get players to play there.
      Happy to know it isn’t Boston handing out that contract.

      • No one? I’m surprised he got over 7 but on the open market if philly was giving him that he would have got at least that because we know philly was willing to go at least that high. What’s scary is it means it’s likely in a bidding war he gets more had he made it to the market.

  4. Before Hayes was traded from Rangers, most argued that 6M was too much and nobody was giving him 7 years. Big body guy who already struggles to keep fit. A few years and he’ll be compared to Lucic. With Coutier, Patrick, and Giroux, who’s moving to wing?

    • G is
      It’ll be Couts, Hayes, Patrick

      Fletch is starting to scare me…

  5. IMO Philly overpaid. As a ranger fan, I watched Hayes play a lot. He brings a lot of good qualities to the table, but he’s not worth over 7 million dollars a year. Unless the cap Rises significantly over the next few years, Philly will regret this signing

  6. That’s the problem with the salary cap. The GM’s pay out the money. They pay to much to try to win now. Somehow they should figure how to cap a GM as he moves around. 7 million isn’t that bad for Hayes , Bobby Ryan has been making it for years.

    • Nylander gets real close to 7 and he got a whopping 5 goals In 50 games last year

      • Looks like Charlie Hudon wants nothing to do with the Habs.

      • Yep , and it has been proven time and again that you can always get rid of a bad contract.

      • Kinda like zaitsev and Marleau shticky lol

      • Yes I would agree…how dumb is it to give a 23yr old who’s previous seasons produced 60+ points when there are big bodied 40pt players over 27 yrs old you can give $7M/year.


      • How’s the soft nylander looked in the playoffs Ron?


    • E Kane, Stastny… I could go on.

  7. After 3yrs this Hayes deal will be real bad for philly…..the term is crazy….

  8. Glad once again the Rangers did not sign Hayes to a similar contract. I still expect him to put up 50-65 points for the next few seasons.

    We have also heard often that big body guys mature later? Not sure how true this is but if Hayes loses too much foot speed he will be old fast

  9. Philly is shaping up with the moves this week Hayes , Niskanen and Braun. Lock up Provorov, Konecny and Sanheim plus a solid backup tender and they are in good shape….will also be interesting to see if Frost can make the team this year. I agree Hayes got more than I would have paid

  10. Duchene just called, he said “CHA-CHING!”

    • Overheard by Jarmo Kekalainen who had an instant panic attack!

  11. Am I the only that believes there was a gentleman’s agreement that the Rangers would send that pick back for Trouba after the Jets playoff run(or lack of one…)?