NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 22, 2019

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The highlights from the opening round of the 2019 draft, the home-opening schedule for 2019-20 revealed, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: The New Jersey Devils selected American center Jack Hughes with the first-overall selection in the opening round of the 2019 NHL Draft. Finnish winger Kaapo Kakko was taken second overall by the New York Rangers. 

Jack Hughes (left) and Kaapo Kakko were the first and second overall selections in the 2019 NHL Draft (Photo via NHL.com)

A record-setting seven players from USA Hockey’s Under-18 team from the National Team Development Program were selected among the top 15 picks. Overall, eight players from NTDP were taken in the opening round. Click this link for the complete list of picks. 

Rounds two through seven will be held today at 1 pm ET. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was only one trade (a swap of first-round picks between the Arizona Coyotes and Philadelphia Flyers) in this round. Despite considerable speculation, no established NHL players were traded in this round. For the first time in 33 years, no players from the OHL were selected in the top-10 of the first round. 

The biggest surprise saw the Detroit Red Wings select German defenseman Moritz Seider. High-scoring right wing Cole Caufield dropped into the Montreal Canadiens’ lap at No. 15. Vasily Podkolzin, selected with the 10th overall selection by the Vancouver Canucks, was the only Russian player taken in the opening round. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning selected left win Nolan Foote with the 27th pick. He joins brother Cal Foote, who was taken by the Bolts with the 14th overall selection in 2017. Both are the sons of former NHL defenseman Adam Foote. Center Dylan Cozens, taken seventh overall by the Buffalo Sabres, is the first Yukon-born player in NHL history to be selected in the first round. 

Before the start of the opening round, the league released the home-opening schedules for its 31 teams. It begins on Oct. 2 with the Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues facing off against the Washington Capitals. 

During his introductory remarks, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman revealed Daniel and Henrik Sedin will have their numbers retired by the Vancouver Canucks next February. The twins were onstage with Bettman at Rogers Arena when the announcement was made.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well-deserved honors for the two greatest players in Canucks history. 

VANCOUVER SUN: The Canucks announced former winger Alex Burrows to their Ring of Honour. He will join Orland Kurtenbach, Kirk McLean, Harold Snepsts, Thomas Gradin, Pat Quinn and Mattias Ohlund.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Former Penguins winger Chris Kunitz is said to be considering retiring as an active player and go into coaching. The 40-year-old winger spent last season with the Chicago Blackhawks, netting 10 points in 56 games. He’s a four-time Stanley Cup winner, including three with the Penguins. 


  1. More or less to me a blah blah 1st round

    Stevie Y move on Seider shocked me but Yzerman knows his stuff so Im guessing this will work out

    Very strange to me was Arz trade ….. they knew Phi was not picking a D and everybody knew that Fla was after Knight …. Arz must have absolutely coveted Soderstrom and must have been 100 convinced that Minny was taking him because Phi was not taking a D (already loaded with young D prospects )…. strange

    Congrats to Cozens …. first first rounder from the Yukon

    Was kind of surprised at Pens puck but per the TV screen he’s 6’1” and 220…. that’s friggin solid…. does this mean he’ll play at 6’1” 230? He’s got a good pedigree

    George…. Ur up at 32…. I’d pick Lavoie or Leason… and I would actually trade the 44th pick along with another future pick to move up in 2nd round .,., pick at 32 AND maybe a couple later and get BOTH Lavoie AND Leason

    Get one of them 👍

    Get both 👍👍👍👍👍

    Off to shop now then going to ARGOS home opener so will be out of loop for rest of day

    • I’m a bit surprised that Lavoie dropped out of first round and with habs having so many draft picks i’d like to see them trade up and take a local talent!

    • pengy philly did take a dman! Philly’s young dmen haven’t been turning out the way they expected a few have really struggled

      • Thanks BBB

        I must have had a brain fart… thought York was a winger

        Either way …. Arz must have been certain that Minny or Phi we’re taking Soderstrim as consensus ranking had him going much later

        Perhaps Arz scouts know what others don’t

  2. Hey Lyle you wrote Dylan Couzins, his name is spelled Cozens.
    Other then that it was a pretty tame draft day, lots of talk and rumors but no trades hopefully there are more today. Glad to see Caufield dropped to 15 for my habs to draft!

    • Fixed, thanks

  3. Once again, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – or déjà vu all over again – take your pick. After all the expectations of a flurry of trades on the floor due to teams needing to clear cap space, there was nothing of the sort except for one exchange of about 3 draft positions.

    Brian Burke, commenting just before the draft, said all early indications were that that was going to actually happen … then, as he said, things died down just moments before the opening bell. Why is open to conjecture, but one reason is that, perhaps, those teams feeling the cap squeeze were still asking what others considered too big a cost to take – not necessarily the Lucic’s and Callahan’s of the world – but those players with some significant life left in them but who simply have to go for cap reasons.

    There were some suggestions that such activity might pick up today leading up to Round 2 at 1:00 pm ET – but now I’ll believe it when I see it. One name that didn’t go – and which was a bit of surprise – was that of big Raphaël Lavoie of Halifax Mooseheads, ranked anywhere from 14 to 25.

    He’ll likely go very early in the 2nd.

    • Lavoie isn’t the speediest skater think that held him back I agree I think he goes early in the second. I never get too excited until Gary says “ we have a trade “

    • Kaliyev was another that fell. Maybe today, with all morning to talk, somebody trades up to grab one of these guys.

      • Yea my Rangers could use himaa

  4. How good is Colorado’s backend going to be.Bowen Byram is going to be a force. I remember everybody ripping Sakic. He sure looks like a genius now. He has been making great decisions.

    • Another team that is building a strong blue line is, surprisingly, the Edmonton Oilers.
      Immediate need was up front but love the Broberg pick. Might be the best skater in the draft and a big fella. Finally a GM that is thinking long term.

      • right on Vinnie and Ray, both the Avs and Oilers have a pretty impressive stable of future NHL D men.

      • I agree that broberg is a great pick

    • I don’t know about everybody … but I was one of them. Boy was I wrong! He’s done a damned good job as GM I have to admit. They will soon be a major force out west

  5. Thought the Panthers taking a goalie that high was a shocker. All the talk here has them expected to sign Bobrovsky in free agency.

    • I think that’s still a possibility. 18 year old goalies in the nhl are rare. Almost never happens. (Oddly, the only one I can think of was Dan Blackburn, and that was very forced , and in hindsight, a huge mistake. ) Their development is long, erratic and tricky. Florida is still waiting on Loungos decision on his future. And probably seeing if they can move Reimer.

      They have at least a 4-5 year window to see where Knight is going. No reason they can’t still explore Bobrovsky now.

      • I agree you won’t see the goalie right away. I think he’s heading to BC next year. Just thought 13 was pretty high.

      • Maf

    • They are still expected to sign Bobrovsky. Selecting Spencer Knight was indicative of the lack of goalie depth within their system. He’s years away from joining their lineup.

      • Again. I don’t expect Knight in line up next year, but don’t you think Panthers are better off with a guy that maybe is in line up in next 2-3 years? I’m assuming Bobrovsky will get a 7 year contract, making the kid a back up until he’s 25? Sorry, I think they where better off with someone closer to helping sooner. I’m a Ranger fan, and thought the same last year when we took Lindblom early in the 2nd round.

  6. I did not see every pick but I was surprised at the lack of congratulations to StLouis for winning the cup.
    Bergevin was a class act for acknowledging their win and also for asking Shea Weber , a BC native , to make the first pick. Caufield is small but 72 goals in 64 games , pretty impressive , you can’t teach scoring.

    • Ya Fergy, there might be some teams that regret not taking this guy. 72 in 64 is crazy.

      • Kaliyev had 51G 51A in 67 games in the Oglala. He’s still 17. Read there’s only been four other guys this century to score 50 before 18th birthday. Stamkos, Tavares, Skinner and Debrinkat. Somebody is taking this guy at top of round 2.

      • One of the biggest knocks against the Habs in recent years has been their lack of size up front and Caufield does nothing to dispel that charge. Yeah, he might just turn out to be another Gaudreau or St. Louis – but he could also wind up being another Corey Locke who they drafted back in 2003 from the Ottawa 67s, a 5’8″ 165lb C who, in 2002-03, had 63g 88a 151 pts in 66 gp. He wound up playing all of 9 NHL games with 3 different teams.

      • George o the nhl is totally different then it was back when they drafted corey locke, i think this is a great pick for the habs considering that hes the best sniper in the draft and was considered to be top 10 pick

      • Perhaps, but what team with a little guy went deep in the playoffs? Boston, maybe, with Marchand – but he ain’t no ordinary little guy. Calgary with Gaudreau got knocked around by Colorado and were out in 5 games after finishing 1st out west. If you’re going to get a smaller player – even in this era where they may shine in the regular season – he’d better be feisty as well if he’s going to contribute anything when the playoffs roll around which, unfortunately, is a completely different game whether we like it or not. Is Caufield that type? Haven’t seen him enough to know.

      • George I just read this on Caufield, might give you a little more reason why the Habs couldn’t pass on him

    • He was a guy I didn’t think would make it past 12, Burke made a good point when Detroit picked seider yzerman probably could have traded down 4 or 5 picks to get him but I guess you don’t take the risk in yzermans mind

      • @BigBad
        I thought the same before the draft knowing Yzerman wanted a Dman and Bryam would be gone by #6…So it points to Edmonton maybe taking their man if they moved back in the draft.

      • That’s exactly what I thought edm might hav3 wanted seider

  7. It will be interesting to see how John Beecher turns out….size speed and a little on the nasty side just what the Bruins needed….

    • Beecher Fredrick Syneshyn
      Looks like a decent line a couple of years from now.

      • Like Frederick and Beecher. Syneshyn? Kinda of looks like a dud to me. I am wrong quite a bit, so hopefully again with him.

      • I’m still optimistic Ray.
        Kid has an amazing stride and a great first 3 steps.
        Let’s hope his hands catch up to his feet.
        They’re doing a fine job drafting and developing from what I can tell.
        Let’s hope for some Late round gems.

      • would coulda shoulda , don’t want to dig up bones but the B’s could have landed Barzal , Debrusk , Chabot in the 15′ draft instead of Zboril Debrusk Senyshyn

      • Lots of teams passed on them.
        Sweeney missing on them was the same as the others.
        If’s an but’s, gets us nowhere.

      • Big year for him and Zboril coming up. Go time.

  8. Jim Rutherford only drafts in the first round when he can take the son of a former Hartford Whaler.

    I hope to eat these words, but Poulin over Lavoie and some of the other players with more upside? Boooo.

    I never believe in drafting a bottom six player or a #4/5 pitcher…always draft for upside. You can find marginal players later anywhere.

    • Hi MG

      I just was hoping for Leason …. setting aside the JJ debacle …. window is now not 2 years from now …. most late 1st rounders DON’T get to NHL until 20…. Leason already at 20 and at NHL size level …. he has a possibility to slot in this year IMO

      When I watched the draft I thought that the screen said Poulin was 6’1” and 219lbs ……. he only turned 18 in Feb…. that’s likely to mean playing at 230…. that’s big

      Players at that weight in the NHL are usually 6’4” or taller

      Wikipedia has him at 207 and Elite prospects at 208????

      Either way he’ll play at 220 or more