NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 25, 2019

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The Hurricanes ship Calvin de Haan to the Blackhawks in a four-player trade, the Flyers re-sign Travis Sanheim and ship Ryan Hartman to Dallas, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES/NEWSOBSERVER.COM: last night reported the Carolina Hurricanes traded defenseman Calvin de Haan and forward Aleksi Saarela to the Chicago Blackhawks for goaltender Anton Forsberg and defenseman Gustav Forsling.

Carolina Hurricanes trade defenseman Calvin de Haan to the Chicago Blackhawks (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Having recently acquired Olli Maatta, the Blackhawks continue shoring up their defense corps with veteran players. de Haan brings a measure of “stay-at-home” defensive ability to a blueline that was missing that element this season.

The Hurricanes, meanwhile, move out a third-pairing rearguard who was earning $4.55 million annually for three more years. Taking back Forsberg provides additional goaltending depth that might be needed soon. The Athletic’s Craig Custance believes Hurricanes goalie Curtis McElhinney intends to test the unrestricted free agent market on Monday. 

COURIER-POST ONLINE: The Philadelphia Flyers re-signed defenseman Travis Sanheim to a two-year contract worth $3.25 million per season. They also traded winger Ryan Hartman to the Dallas Stars in exchange for winger Tyler Pitlick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sanheim gets a cost-effective short-term bridge contract. Hartman was a restricted free agent who no longer fit into the Flyers’ plans. Pitlick has a year remaining on his contract worth $1 million. The Flyers now have around $17 million in salary-cap space for 2019-20. 

TWINCITIES.COM: The Minnesota Wild re-signed defenseman Brad Hunt to a two-year deal worth $1.4 million.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: The Bruins will reportedly re-sign defenseman Steven Kampfer to a two-year contract extension.

STLTODAY.COM: Blues forward Robert Thomas underwent surgery to repair a tendon in his left wrist.



  1. Good deal for knights. Never saw dehaan as a cost cutting move.

  2. That’s a great signing for VGK as Karlsson was apparently quite happy living and playing where he was so the money was enough for him. Don’t see that often

  3. I want to go on record to let Kyle Dubas know to stop the Mitch Marner spectacle already.

    You are responsible for the team and not a individual player to force a decision on team need.

    Please announce the signings of Johnsson and Kapanen and whoever else you deemed necessary to “ice a competitive team” moving forward.

    Enough is enough.. Marner is no better than many players that have signed to lucrative deals already.

    I’m sure a lot of hardcore fans like myself would rather you put the team first and not a individual and his camp. For the record, let him sit, walk or trade for assets.

    TML fan

    • Not sure why you want to blame Marner? Is he not entitle to the same as JT and Matthews. Should Marner except less, just because? to be a team player? Take less then value?
      Don’t forget it was Dubas himself who gave Nylander, Matthews and Tavares them lofty contracts and now you want him to tell arguably his best player to sit and screw off.
      Dubas dug the hole and he’ll need to find his way out of it. But don’t blame Marner for expecting the same treatment as Dubas has shown to Matthews and Nylander who were both RFA’s.

      • Caper when an RFA and handler decides to make demands especially talking to other teams, that crosses the line and no further talk or negotiation needed.

        Draisaitle, Kucherov; Pasternak etc.. are on lucrative deals and much more deserving and did not negotiate though the media.

        And by the way Tavares and Matthews are much more valuable to the Toronto Maple Leafs and I’ll take a William Nylander at $6.9 all day long. What happened last year with his production will not be repeated.

        TML fan does not deserve “contractual drama” Mitch in my opinion broke it and cannot fix, unless he fires his agent and or short of making a humble plea to get the fan back on his side.

        I am not the only one that feels this way.

        I take no offence to your opinion.

      • Antoni, you do realize that Nylander held out and got what he wanted. Blame Marner all you want, doesn’t change the fact Dubas but himself and the leafs in their present situation.
        The names you mention also have something else in common they didn’t hold out like Nylander are all better then Nylander.
        Not understanding how you can be upset at Marner and yet be happy with Nylander.
        We’ll know soon enough how Dubas handle these negotiation, remember it’s Dubas who is throwing around the money. Can’t give one guy over 11 and ask the other to take a discount.

      • The difference Caper is Nylander stated all along he wanted to remain a Leaf.

        Marner is NOT as valuable as Taveras or Matthews and every other team knows this as well.

        Taveras and Matthews can both finish what they started, Marner needs a player at the other end of his passes to finish them.

        Its also obvious to anyone that if Nylander played with Taveras all year he would be within spitting distance of the points Marner put up.

    • Marner is exercising his rights to explore all possibilities. Remember, phone and internet chats and actually putting pen to paper is quite another thing.

      The Leafs have a price point to which they will then decide to either match or take the 4 first round pics.

      The Leaf fan base has its own price point before they start siding with team needs over individual wants.

      Marner must now decide whether his needs should be bigger than the team needs.

  4. Antoni, that was as succinct, eloquent and no-holds-barred way of advising someone to “s*&t or get off the pot” as I’ve seen in a long time. Well put.

    • Thank you George.

      For example Kyle Dubas can get a journeyman like Brandon Pirri and play him with Matthews and or Tavares and even if he only produces 45-70 points all it cost you is upwards to 1 million if that!?

      What ever happened to bridging a contract?

      • That more or less coincides with my observation yesterday which I’ll repeat here for easier reference

        “What we’re beginning to see – as salaries rise faster than the hard cap – is a hardening of the lines as GMs/ownership realize you can’t build a winner by paying your top 4 or 5 guys a 40% (+ in some cases) portion of the cap.

        You can bet the NHLPA can see the writing on the wall as well and that could lead to a bitter bargaining negotiation of the next CBA, with either a strike or lock-out in the cards.

        I hope I’m reading this wrong – but the same thing, in a way, happened in recent years with mainstream TV where top stars priced themselves out of the equation leading to the current plethora of “reality” shows which are far less costly to produce.”

        The unfortunate part is, today’s GMs are faced with two distinct types of “fans” – and, to some, degree, this applies to certain among the influential media as well.

        One type (of which I count myself) are those who love and follow the sport at all levels – pull for one team in particular, hope they make the right decisions in signings/trades/drafting – and bitch when they (to us) seemingly do not – but deep down also realize that there has to be a limit when filling out a roster in order to achieve some semblance of balance with a hard cap. At some point someone needs to say “that’s enough.”

        Then there those who emphasize the full aspect of fan – fanatic – by painting their faces in team colors, spend small fortunes on jerseys and seasonal tickets, and are seen screaming and tugging on the logos for the TV camera when their team scores a goal (as if they had something to do with it) – and sometimes even engage in willful damage to public/private property when “celebrating” a championship – or losing a final (hello Vancouver). That type is not interested in the slightest about responsible management and balance – if there’s a star or a “stud” on their team – open the vaults.

        Unfortunately, the latter seems to be in the majority among the various fan bases (and among certain media types) and so exercise the greatest influence on some GMs who then have to engage in some deft juggling so as to try and please everyone.

      • George I didn’t know you were in the tv/entertainment industry like myself. I would love to hear your theory on how actors are to blame because I don’t think you have any of that right, at all.

        Internet is full of people spreading stupid ideas where they live in a world where if they think it, it’s fact and fail to recognize that.

      • Ron, I say that simply from what’s now run as prime-time shows – reality crap – in far greater numbers than sit-coms/dramas. Scripted junk like Storage Wars, Mountain Men, Swamp Guys, Alone (yeah, right, complete alone in the wilderness – but with with perfect picture and sound reproduction. If that’s what it’s demand, then I guess I have to be grateful that I’m on the way out sooner rather than later. At least outlets like Netflix seem to get it and, instead of programming upwards of 20 shows a season, they emulate the Brits and produce around 8. And when the “stars” begin agitating for more pay – they just cancel the show and find others from the hoards of “actors” happy to get a steady job.

        If that makes me “stupid” – so be it. I don’t need the effing Internet to sway my opinions. I form them on experience. Whether you agree or not could not be more immaterial to me.

      • That’s fine George don’t get all bent outta shape and butt hurt because you were called out for BS.

        If you’re speculating then say so; don’t try to sound like you know when you really don’t. No one benefits other than your ego from your wrong ideas and thoughts.

    • Masai Ujiri of the Toronto Raptors had to make a very difficult calculated risk in trading fan favourite DeMar DeRosen (Equivalent of Marner) and they are now World Champions.

      We don’t need competition in “I make more money than you do”

      Tavares earned his deal.

      • New Shanaplan. Get rid of Marner and win the Stanley Cup!

  5. So, a solid NHL defenseman, under a semi-reasonable contract, for 2 guys destined for Charlotte in the AHL. Awesome.

    • I fear it’ll only get worse bud.
      Aho is truly offersheet worthy.
      Captain track suit would never match an offer north of 8 or 9.
      The Canes fans deserve better than that.

    • I believe this is due to Bean , Fleury , Carrick being ready to challenge for a full time spot with the Canes . Caught me off guard , especially Saarela bing included since he was a big part of Charlotte’s championship run

    • I agree with you Whalercane. Losing De Haan and McElhinney, two experienced, calm dependable veterans and leaders is troublesome. De Haan’s play in the first half of the season was a big factor in Faulk getting his career back on track. If a defenseman had to go I was in favor of Hamilton. De Haans current injury, injury history and Fleury not being waiver exempt were factors in this trade.

      I keep thinking of Dundons comments a year ago when they lost out on Grubauer and didnt have a goalie “we wont be in this position next year.”

  6. Boston now has 7 defenseman signed for next season with two more to go McAvoy and Carlo. Don’t think Sweeney plans on sitting 3 guys in the press box next season. Something got to give. I believe Krug is on his way out.