NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 27, 2019

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Roberto Luongo retires, the Golden Knights trade Erik Haula to the Hurricanes, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: After 19 NHL seasons with the New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, and Vancouver Canucks, goaltender Roberto Luongo yesterday announced his retirement. He has the third-most wins (489) in league history, is second all-time in saves (20,409), and 10th all-time in save percentage (.919). Of the seven NHL goalies to appear in at least 900 games, Luongo’s save percentage is the best

Roberto Luongo hangs up his goalie pads after 19 NHL seasons (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Luongo, 40, is among the greatest goaltenders never to win the Stanley Cup. He also never won the Vezina Trophy despite being a five-time finalist and was runner-up for the Hart Trophy in 2007. Luongo backstopped Canada to Olympic gold in 2010 and helped the Canucks reach the Stanley Cup Final in 2011.

Apart from his eight-year stint with the Canucks, Luongo played for a lot of bad teams during his 19 seasons. During his first go-around with the Panthers, he was often the only reason they were at least competitive.

Luongo was the best goaltender in Panthers history, definitely among the best in Canucks history, and a future Hall-of-Famer. Best wishes to “Bobby Lu” and his family in their future endeavors. 

TSN: The Canucks and Panthers will feel the bite of Luongo’s salary-cap recapture penalty. The Canucks will be tagged $3.03 million for each of the next three seasons, the Panthers $1.09 million per season over the same period.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM/REVIEW-JOURNAL.COM: The Vegas Golden Knights last night traded center Erik Haula in exchange for center Nicolas Roy and a fifth-round pick in 2020. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a straightforward salary dump by the Golden Knights. By shedding Haula’s $2.75-million annual average value for Roy’s $750K, they sit $4.775 million above the $81.5-million salary cap. Perhaps they’ll make another move to get closer to the cap before the start of the season.

Haula is a versatile swift-skating forward who can play center or wing. He missed most of last season to a knee injury. If he regains his form, he could be a solid addition to the Hurricanes’ forward lines. 

ARIZONASPORTS.COM: The Coyotes have hired former Buffalo Sabres head coach Phil Housley as an assistant coach. 

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: The Philadelphia Flyers re-signed goaltender Brian Elliott to a one-year, $2-million contract extension. He was slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. The Flyers also hired former NHL defenseman Nick Schultz as a player development coach. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers didn’t like the slim pickings for experienced backups in this summer’s UFA market. 

TSN: The Montreal Canadiens re-signed defenseman Mike Reilly to a two-year, $3-million contract. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: The Penguins re-signed defensemen Zach Trotman and Kevin Czuczman to two-year, two-way contracts. 


  1. Re “The Flyers didn’t like the slim pickings for experienced backups in this summer’s UFA market” – I’m sure Ottawa would have sent them Mike Condon for a used goalie mask

    • @George: thanks for the early morning chuckle here on the west coast.

      Bad day yesterday as I had to bury a friend so I can use all the humor in my life that I can find. Cheers !

      • Sorry to hear that Joey. When you get to my age that becomes all too frequent.

      • Just wondering, Joey, since you’re out on the west coast, what drew you to the Leafs as the team to follow? And before anyone else jumps all over that, I am NOT being adversarial here – just genuinely curious why some, so far away from the team they chose to cheer for/follow, decided that would their team?

        I remember, as a kid growing up in the early 50s, in baseball I latched onto the Pirates and Dodgers primarily because I just had this attraction to the underdog and the Pirates were perennial door-mats while for “da Bums” it was always wait till next year. Happy days when Brooklyn won the series in 1955 and Mazeroski’s homer sunk the Yankees in 1960.

        In hockey it had to be the Habs because, to wear any other team’s sweater in those days in the region I lived was suicidal.

    • @ George: I’m probably there now: 65+. First time for me and likely not the last either.

      Thanks for the condolences. Cheers hockey buddy

      • You’re still a sprite Joey. I was 16 when you were born 🙂

      • @ George: Sprite? Well geezer: As I see it, still rocking despite 15 lifetime surgeries so as I see it, everyday above ground is a good day.

    • @ George: Well I answered your question but apparently, although telling me I did it too quickly, It timed out and so the system here posted a dumb message in its place.

      I try again in minute and copy it

    • @ George: One more time: Born In Toronto.
      Watched The Stanley Cup game in 1967 after watching Bob Baun, on a broken leg, help his team win a cup in 1964.

      Was at the Skydome in 1993 when Joe Carter hit the dinger to win the world series for the Jays.

      Now, the Raptors are champions. So, its now up to Shanny and Co. to deliver the goods.

      The Canucks are my transplant team and they appear to be on the right track so all is good from my perspective; sports wise

  2. Poor Mike wasn’t long ago everyone thought he was a steal. I think Vegas got a great young player in Roy, he is big and has good hands.

    • He actually had a good stretch for Montreal in 2015-16 and again with Ottawa in 2016-17 … but after letting in a 100-foot triple-bouncing shot in one memorable game his confidence seemed shattered. The guy is still only 29 y/o but it seems that hip injury is slow to heal. Sad to say but he might be done,

  3. Weird how things work out.

    Two years ago, the Sabres were choosing between Housley or Rick Tocchet for coach. Botterill likely wanted Tocchet but Sabres owner and fanboy put his finger on the scale for former Sabre Housley.

    Now, he’s Tocchet’s assistant in Arizona.

    The Sabres’ fortunes could be vastly different now had they hired Tocchet. Meanwhile, it’s one of the few good moves Chyka has made…where might they be with a lesser coach.

  4. Congrats on your retirement BobbyLou

    Enjoy your retirement

    Re: Haula move … yep Sal Dump but more has to come … it’s got to be multiple players or a biggie like Patches or Stastny

    For fun I was clicking on different buyouts…. per Cap friendly Patches buyout would actually have a NEGATIVE cap hit (extra savings) of $1.2 M in 19/20…. that is , buying out Patches now frees up $8.2M and not just his Cap hit of $7M

    Won’t happen of course; but I found that hilariously odd

    Even with Clarkson on LTIR (note that is on day one of season)… cap relief would give them about $500 K to sign 4 players including a back up goalie… league min at $650K…. uh oh 😱

  5. Vegas still needs to trade out salary to get under the cap. Can’t help but think some GMs are wanting to see Vegas bent over, after being bent over by Vegas in the expansion draft.

    • @Caper: Now you know why Seattle is so anxious to get in on the fun

      • Boy , teams lost one player per team. You should get something for 650 million. Other teams are upset because they made it look easy to be successful. Maybe it is if you have the right person running the show. I don’t think they even got to pick first in the junior draft.

      • Vinnie in theory teams could give up one player; however as you know deals were made which cost more then one player, not to take a certain player.
        It will be interesting to see what teams do in the Seattle draft, will they say take your one player or deal to protect the one player.

      • I think, too, that a lot of the bitchin’ about the Vegas expansion was by earlier expansion teams who, relatively speaking, had essentially crap from which to choose. Of course, they also didn’t have to cough up anything close to $660 million either.

  6. Can’t wait for Roberto Luongo to start his career as a colour commentator – bright guy with a sense of humour – what a concept!

    • Put him, Jeremy Roeneke and Brett Hull on one of those TSN or Sports Network panels and I might actually tune in to watch. Of course, the network lawyers would be having nervous breakdowns worrying about what Roeneke and Hull might blurt out. But entertaining it would be in spades.