NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 4, 2019

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The Blues tied the 2019 Stanley Cup Final at two games apiece, the Jets trade Kevin Hayes to the Flyers and more CBA updates in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Ryan O’Reilly scored twice, including the game-winner, as the St. Louis Blues doubled up the Boston Bruins 4-2 in Game 4 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Final. The series is tied at two games apiece heading back to Boston for Game 5 on Thursday. O’Reilly’s teammates Brayden Schenn and Alex Pietrangelo each collected two points.

St.. Louis Blues center Ryan O’Reilly scored twice as his club won Game 4 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Final (Photo via NHL Images).

Blues defenseman Vince Dunn returned to action after being sidelined by concussion symptoms since Game 3 of the Western Conference Final. St. Louis center Oskar Sundqvist also returned after serving a one-game suspension for boarding Bruins blueliner Matt Grzelcyk in Game 2. 

The Bruins blueline suffered a significant blow when captain Zdeno Chara left the game in the second period after being struck in the mouth by a puck. He returned to the bench in the third period wearing a full face mask but didn’t play. His status for Game 5 is uncertain. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once again, the Blues showed a remarkable ability to bounce back from a lopsided defeat. Veterans like O’Reilly, Pietrangelo, Schenn, and Vladimir Tarasenko led the way in what was a very entertaining contest.

While the Blues dominated most of this game, the Bruins also demonstrated they’re still a dangerous club when outplayed. They tied the game twice and kept the outcome in doubt until O’Reilly’s winning goal in the third.

Chara’s absence hurt Boston’s blueline. With Grzelcyk already sidelined, losing Chara would further deplete their defense corps for Game 5 if both are unable to play. 

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: The Flyers last night acquired center Kevin Hayes from the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a fifth-round pick in the upcoming 2019 NHL Draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A versatile two-way forward, Hayes had a career-best 55 point splits between the Jets and New York Rangers this season. Acquired by the Jets at the trade deadline, the 27-year-old center struggled in Winnipeg and couldn’t address their need for a reliable second-line center.

He’s an unrestricted free agent on July 1 but it’s apparent the Flyers hope to sign him before then. Flyers coach Alain Vigneault probably had a hand in this move. Hayes played for Vigneault during their tenure with the Rangers. 

EDMONTON 630 CHED: Sportsnet’s John Shannon is confident the NHL can avoid another lockout with the NHLPA. He points out how both sides are doing well under the current collective bargaining agreement. The team owners are very happy with the current CBA and Shannon believes only tweaks are necessary.

Because Shannon doubts we’ll see another work stoppage, he doesn’t see compliance buyouts being part of the next CBA. He also suggested contracts terms could be shortened to five years. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shannon’s remarks are the latest in a series of optimistic reports regarding ongoing CBA negotiations between the league and the PA. Both sides can exercise their early opt-out in September but we could instead see a new agreement by then. If the league were to agree to reduce the percentage of escrow clawbacks, I can see the players agreeing to a five-year cap on their contract.


  1. It’s like these 2 teams are jeckle and Hyde every other game! Lol nobody could predict this outcome of this series at this point! I wonder how much Hayes is going to get? He’s a player that looks great one night and than is invisible the next

  2. You can see that Lyle? Curious as to your rationale for that. Seems like a loss for them

    • Most players don’t get contracts longer than five years. Rank and file would accept a five-year limit on contracts in exchange for lower escrow clawbacks, something they hate with the heat of a million suns.

      • That was the piece I was missing… the give and take.

        Would love to see the union fight to lower rfa offer sheet comp but that would mean fighting for the newer younger guys… not typically a union strong point

  3. Looking like the Heavy game isn’t gone from hockey the Blues can bring it but these aren’t the Big Bad Bruins

    • I’m surprised we haven’t seen Wagner suit up to bring some of that same energy…though the fourth line has played well and none of those guys deserve to sit. Losing Chara, especially with Miller already out, would certainly not help in that department.

      • Wagner is out with a broken arm, we won’t be back, Miller had a setback with his knee he won’t be back.
        This has been a weird series, as Boston dominated game 1 and 3 and St. Louis dominated game 2 and 4; hopefully the trend continues and Boston will skate off with the Cup in a game 7 victory on home ice.

      • Doh! I forgot Wagner had broken his arm.

        Hoping to hear good news on Big Z….

  4. Admittedly, I didn’t see a lot of Hayes in Winnipeg. But how is 13 points in 20 games , 3 points in 6 playoff games “struggling “?

    Isn’t that about right on pace for Hayes? Or were people expecting a point per game player from a guy who’s never been or will be a point per game player?

    I’m confused.

    • Looking a little deeper, I’m even more confused.

      18-19 Rangers shooting % 11.8
      18-19 Jets shooting % 13.5

      18-19 Rangers FO % 48.6
      19-19 Jets FO % 51.6

      His production dipped from .82 points per game to .65. But he also averaged 4+ more minutes per game in NY.

      • I guess Hayes and the coach were not a good fit

      • So Cheveldayoff gives up this year’s 1st round pick and Brendan Lemieux, a 2nd round pick in 2014 with a lot of upside, and a conditional 4th round pick in 2022 (likely voided now) to the NYR for Hayes, and when the dust settles he winds up with Philly’s 5th round pick – and that’s all. And some people think Dorion got jobbed on some of his deals!

        What would be the ultimate irony is to see Hayes sign back with the Rangers.

  5. Size and the intimidating factor are alive and well in the NHL as we have seen the last few years in the SC playoffs …..Blues had 24 hits in the 1st period alone last night & the Bruins are having a tough time playing 5 on 5 hockey against this team …..Blues FO did a nice job building this team and the coach has them playing his style of hockey

    • You’re right about the Blues, Joe, but don’t forget that Doug Armstrong’s GM IQ skyrocketed when they found a goalie who could stop the puck.

      • Or as John Tortorella once observed, when asked in a scrum what his then TB Lightning needed to turn things around during a slump, “a save would be nice.”

  6. On this slow day I’ll go ahead with my predictions on the NHL awards

    Selke – RoR
    Lady Bing – Barkov
    Masterton – Lehner
    Vezina – Vaselevskiy
    Norris – Giordano
    Messier – Williams
    Jack Adams – Berube
    Calder – Petterson
    Hart – Kucherov
    GM? No idea here

  7. Can’t believe Binnington is being even considered to start game 5 after that vicious slash from Brad Marchand almost took his leg off. If he plays next game he must be Superman wow what an embarrassment to hockey. St Louis runs Rask 3 times during playoffs and get penalized for it Rask says nothing Binnington drops like a soccer player should be suspended for embellishment and stupidity hope someone drops him like a bad habit.

  8. Hope Chara gets well like a true Captain he will probably dress the game seeing it’s the Finals and in Boston