NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 7, 2019

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The Blues take a 3-2 lead in the Stanley Cup Final, Stars re-sign two players, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The St. Louis Blues are one victory away from their first-ever Stanley Cup following a 2-1 win over the Boston Bruins in Game 5 of the Final. Ryan O’Reilly scored the game-opener and set up David Perron for the winner while Jordan Binnington kicked out 38 shots.

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington backstopped his club to victory in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final (Photo via NHL Images)

The winning goal was controversial as an obvious trip on Bruins winger Noel Acciari by Blues center Tyler Bozak went uncalled before David Perron’s tally. Bruins president Cam Neely and coach Bruce Cassidy were furious with the officials. Following the game, Cassidy said the non-call was “egregious”, calling it a “black eye” for the league.

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara suited up for this contest despite a broken jaw suffered in Game 4. He played over 16 minutes, blocked three shots and led all Bruins defensemen with four hits.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That missed trip by Bozak on Acciari was just the latest embarrassment for the league in the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs. If the Blues go on to win this series, Bruins fans could point to that missed penalty as the reason. The officiating has been terrible, so much so that league commissioner Gary Bettman recently promised some changes in the off-season. 

That call overshadowed Binnington’s outstanding performance. The Blues were dominated through most of Game 5, especially in the first period. Binnington, however, made the difference.

O’Reilly also deserves his share of plaudits for his efforts in this contest. While Binnington will be considered the Blues’ front-runner for the Conn Smythe Trophy, O’Reilly also deserves consideration. He’s been impressive throughout this postseason. 

SPORTSDAY: The Dallas Stars re-signed defenseman Roman Polak and winger Mattias Janmark to one-year contracts yesterday. Polak, 33, will earn $1.75 million for 2019-20. The 26-year-old Janmark will make $2.3 million.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators officially hired Jack Capuano yesterday as an associate coach.  His role will be improving the club’s young defense.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets inked forwards Seth Griffth and JC Lipton to one-year, two-way deals worth $700K at the NHL level.

NEW YORK POST: Overhauling their AHL affiliate will be the priority of the Rangers under new team president John Davidson.



  1. “I hate to see that evening sun go down ….” The spirit of W. C. Handy will be there to make sure this series doesn’t go beyond 6 games.

    My dark horse team is on the verge of ending a 52-year drought. From dead last on January 1, 2019 to one win from the cup. Can’t write a better script than that.

  2. As for the blown call, it’s not as if the officiating hasn’t been brutally inconsistent throughout these play-offs … why would anyone expect anything different in the finals? Two referees and yet they still miss the obvious. Since they’re clogging up the ice with 4 officials, why not give them all authority to make such calls? Then we’d be hearing as many whistles as you do in an average basketball game.

    • There was also an obvious check to Krug’s head earlier in the game, directly in front of an official, that was not called. I can’t help but think that Berube’s comments last week got into the head of the referees, this entire series has changed since then.

      The way Binnington was playing, I’m not sure having a couple more power plays would have changed the outcome. Having the game-winning goal scored on an obvious blown call is a bit of a gut-punch though. I’m glad I didn’t pay $3,000 for a ticket to watch that!

      • Missed calls either way that game just one lead to the GWG, binninnton stood on his head! Do or die now

      • The check to Krug was mainly his fault when he lowered himself and stretch out to get the puck. The Blues player was already committed to the hit as the multiple replays showed and the announcers acknowledged this fact. Why is no one pointing out the “low bridge” hit by Marchand on Taresanko (sp) shortly after the hit on Accari that went uncalled?

    • George O, they didn’t miss the call, he was standing right there and watched it, he chose not to call it.
      Give all the credit to Craig Berube, since his calling out the refs for too many penalties they have chosen not to make some calls.
      Now Cassidy has called out the refs and called the game a Black eye for the league. Will be interesting to see how game 6 gets called.
      Personally never agreed with the phrase “let them play” you have a rule book, use it, game 1 of the regular season or game 5 of the final series, make the call.
      At the point in the game Boston had 3 pp to St.L 1 and Sutherland chose not to give Boston another PP, if he knew it was going to end up as a goal he would’ve made the call. Simply put by not making the calls you are impacting the game.

      • The trip did not directly contribute to the goal. It was the Boston players who stopped skating when they saw the play that contributed to the goal. Rask was left pretty much on his own. Even the NBC play by play guys commented on this. Same happened to the Blues I believe in round 1 of the playoffs that cost them a goal. Never stop skating until you hear a whistle.

      • That is straight up BS.

        Acciari was laying on the ice in obvious pain from “trip” which was really an illegal and dangerous slew-foot. Acciari was actually removed from the ice for concussion protocol.

        Your team caught a break. Enjoy it, but don’t make it sound as if the Bruins don’t have a legit complaint.

      • Just watched Tim & Sid where Seixeiro went on a rampage about the blatant blown call – after which Micallef showed a montage of Bruins spears to the gonads, slew-foots, face-washings, slashings – that were never called in past series against Vancouver and Toronto. Karma has no menu … you get served what you deserve.

  3. As much as I’d like to hang the officials for the blown calls that have benefited any given team, I wanted to commend The Big Z for even suiting up for Game 5.

    Don’t Want The Bruins To Win: Nope: But The Big Z, Broken Jaw And All, Played: The Blues, Out Of Respect For That Old Warrior, Didn’t Crunch Him Like They Could Have.

    Hard fought win for the Blues. Too bad the outcome is ,marred with controversy

  4. Bruins dominated game Binnington was great but hit to the head on Johnsson was not called he will be suspended ref saw the play. The slew foot was obvious another horrible call I thought Vegas call was bad and this was worse it was obvious and right in front of ref. Boston went into Toronto won game six they should be more motivated this time. NHL should apologize and make sure ref doesn’t work for awhile. If Marchand makes that slew foot he is out for10 games.

  5. go St. Louis!

  6. Must be Leaf fan I thought I told you guys to go golfing with your team and teenage GM you guys should be pro,s by now.

    • Poor loser. Max Jackson who use to broadcast the Kingston Canadians games use to say.

      • By reading your comments you certainly don’t live by that quote.

      • But I can play a sport, sounds like it’s for you caper. Cool dude name

  7. Want better officiating? Clarify the rules, and call the game the same way from the first day of training camp until the 7th game of the final. If you want the rules to be different within six feet of the crease, but a circle on the ice that OK’s cross checks within but not without. If you want stuff to stop when the whistle blows, call stuff after the whistle.

    But it’s the playoffs. So let a little go, and a little more. Actually, a lot more. Until the only call you can make with confidence is delay of game.

    Then comes “that” play. & the whistle isn’t blown. And then the next random interference is called, unconscious make-up.

    And here we are, talking about bad calls rather than exciting games and stirring personal courage.

    • Well said.

  8. Believe whatever you like anyone with half a brain knows that cost Boston a chance at winning the game turn on TSN and watch and listen. Ruined an awesome game best of the playoffs hope next game is as good and that players decide the outcome not the stripes.

    • Boo hoo

  9. Lot of Canadian lads on Blues, eh ???

    • Blues have had some bad luck over their years, it would be nice to see them win for themselves and the city

  10. It’s funny Don Cherry called out Toronto for looking at the officials everytime they got hit. Must have been contagious Bruins are doing it now. I think they were even looking for a call when they were playing the national anthem

  11. Feel for the Boston fans. I’m no Boston fan but something that blatant cannot be missed regardless of whats at stake.
    Is Marchand a dirty player, no argument there but two wrongs don’t make a right

    • Marchand wasn’t even on the ice…what does he have to do with it?

      • just putting that in there because heard a lot of commentary saying its karma catching up to the bruins.

  12. Vinnie you sound like a real man (boo hoo) typical nerd who couldn’t play the game but loves to yap.

    • Ha Ha you’re right. But I suppose you’re doing this in between shifts. I was the 1973 pickup sticks champion. Whiner

  13. Nerds usually have money, and I don’t

    • No money no class no idea about hockey and I would kick your ass in pickup sticks.

      • Ha Ha

  14. It’s looking like 2011 again – one small difference.
    Can I just say that Zdeno Chara has my complete respect – what a leader!

    • I count 2.
      1. Different opponents.
      2. The script has been flipped on my beloved Bruins.
      Can’t complain about the finals though.
      The Blues are playing my style of game and its making for some exciting hockey.
      Hoping for 2 more games!

  15. well said after the 2011 Bettman gutted Dept of player safety…..what goes around,,,,