NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 8, 2019

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The Sabres re-sign Jeff Skinner, Ivan Barbashev receives a one-game suspension and Patrick Marleau puts his Toronto home up for sale. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

WGR550: The Buffalo Sabres last night reached an agreement with Jeff Skinner on an eight-year, $72-million contract extension. The 27-year-old left winger was slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. His new deal is worth an annual average value of $9 million. 

The Buffalo Sabres re-signed Jeff Skinner to an eight-year contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly provides the full details of Skinner’s new contract. He’s earned $10 million annually in actual salary through all but the final two seasons of this deal. In 2021 and 2023, he’ll receive $7.5 million in signing bonuses. It also comes with a full no-movement clause throughout.

Critics of Sabres general manager Jason Botterill quickly took to social media saying he overpaid to keep Skinner in the fold. They point to the decline in his goal production over the final two months of this season as a cause for concern.

Botterill, however, had little choice. Skinner established strong offensive chemistry with Sabres captain Jack Eichel. Letting him walk via free agency would’ve sent the wrong message to Eichel and his teammates, as well as the Sabres’ long-suffering fans.

Yes, this could end up being an expensive mistake by Botterill. But if Skinner continues to produce on Eichel’s line and helps turn the Sabres into a playoff contender, it’ll be considered as money well spent. 

STLTODAY: St. Louis Blues forward Ivan Barbashev will miss Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. He received a one-game suspension for an illegal hit to the head of Boston Bruins forward Marcus Johansson during Game 5. Blues GM Doug Armstrong called the punishment “excessive”. 

THE ATHLETIC: Thanks to the solid defense in front of Jordan Binnington, the Boston Bruins are struggling to cash in offensively on the Blues goaltender. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Bruins fail to address this issue in Game 6 on Sunday they can forget about returning to Boston for Game 7. 

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs winger Patrick Marleau put his Toronto home up for sale. Recent trade rumors have him linked to the Arizona Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marleau is coming off a down season and carries a $6.25-million annual cap hit through 2019-20. Still, he could be moved to a budget club if the Leafs bundle him with a quality draft pick or prospect or perhaps a young NHL-ready player.

It could take until early-July for a potential Marleau deal to go down. Cap Friendly indicates he’ll receive $3 million of his $4.25-million actual salary as a signing bonus on July 1. Interested clubs will likely prefer the Leafs pay that bonus. 

LAUSANNE HC: signed forward Josh Jooris to a three-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jooris spent five NHL seasons with the Calgary Flames, New York Rangers, Arizona Coyotes, Carolina Hurricanes, and Pittsburgh Penguins. He spent this season with the AHL’s Toronto Marlies. 


  1. So A 40 goal scorer just snagged him an 8 year, 9 million per year contract huh?

    So Tavares gets $11 million per season, scores 47 goals :Mathews get $ 11+ Scores 37 I think, and somehow or another, Kyle has got things under control huh?

    • To compare Matthews and Tavares to Skinner is laughable. A more realistic comparable would be Nylander which makes Dubas look like a genius now.

    • Funny! Are you really comparing Skinner to Tavares and Matthews?
      Tavares 751 games, 319 goals, 390 assists, 709 points, 0.94 ppg Center
      Skinner 661 games, 244 goals, 198 assists, 442 points, 0.67ppg, lef wing

    • 40 guys had more points than Matthews only McDavid gets paid more than Matthews. Matthews is a good player but not 11.5 good and Marner is also good but not 11 good they haven’t proved anything yet besides they suck when the going gets tuff playoff time. Good luck with them contracts maybe they should look at their back end and find someone who can skate backwards and who will go in a corner.

  2. A lot of money for Skinner. $9.000.000 for a player scoring a career high 63 points and 40 goals.
    I know 40 goal scorers don’t grow on trees, but….

    • I’m in the they overpaid camp, so do 20 goal scorers automatically ask 4.5 now as a starting point?

      • Yes actually

      • @Habfan81
        20 goal scorers are already getting over 5.5 million per season.

  3. all in all Buff did the only thing they could do….get him signed

    • So true – they had no choice and Skinner’s people knew it. It’s an overpay by about $1M, but that’s OK.

      Okposo’s contract is a bigger issue for Buffalo. Murray’s folly.

    • More kids need to try Jeff Skinner’s formula for success – he was a figure skater before he started to play hockey. Not sure how many figure skaters are making $9 million a year these days.

  4. Nothing says terrible officiating more that the continuing discrepancy between penalty calls on the ice & later suspensions. The aggrieved team benefits a lot less from the suspension that they would from an appropriate call.

    • Agree if the call was made it would’ve been a 5 minute major. Boston would’ve much prefer that over him sitting out the next game.
      This is one of the issue in the playoffs now since the SJ – VG game. Refs won’t make the call let the league handle it for the next game. If the call was made I don’t believe there would’ve been a suspension.
      There is no guarantee Boston scores on a 5 minute major but they would’ve like the opportunity.

  5. Pretty sure Barbashev is paying the price for the blown call

    • Nah, he’s paying for the elbow he placed into the head of MoJo.
      Rightfully so.

      • You really think the nhl suspends him for that in the finals if the ref didn’t blow the call? I’m not so sure

      • Bruins need to just keep playing. St.Louis got screwed in O.T. against the sharks, they had no chance to come back in that game, it was over. Boston had a chance couldn’t score.

    • Yes, as indicated by the suspension served earlier in the series final for a, wait for it now………Headshot!
      That’s 2 for the Blues, but who’s counting?
      I’m not complaining, because I enjoy that style of hockey as well as the finesse game.
      The Bruins used to play just like that .

  6. They actually scored 1 Vinny.
    Try and keep up.

    • Sorry, as I have said before I am not very smart. And they did score. And I guess they won 1 to 2. Bruins fans don’t seem to take it very well when a call goes against them. And I’m a Bruins fan as well. Bruins didn’t get the break this time . But they got it now so when they play Toronto they will just suspend Kadri because he is to rough.

      • Vinnie you just keep embarrassing yourself time and time again your a poor excuse for a Bruin fan one who cheers against them. Please find something else to do your giving me ulcers and a headache. Maybe find a job and move out of your mothers basement for starters.

      • Obe, mom says I can stay in the basement, and I don’t have to get a job. She says it looks like I am as smart as the rest that post. Maybe that I have a better understanding of reality. On here I am smart like you.

      • No need to apologize for being stupid Vinny.
        We all surmised that fact pretty quickly after reading your posts.
        You hang in there sport.
        I’m pulling for you.

      • Thanks for being understanding shoreorrpark. What nationality is your name. Or just wishing you were something you never will be. Could change it to sour grapes.

      • No worries buddy.
        I’m of Canadian decent.
        Thank you for asking.
        No grapes for me, thanks.
        I like my name, no need for changes.

  7. LOL $9m a year for a floater who care less about defensive responsibility, Buffalo now with 2 bad contracts makes it impossible to rebuild after the ELC’s are over

    • Skinner has a personal 9-year playoff drought. With this move, I predict at a minimum it will be 12. I’m not sure I would argue against it going to 17.

      BUF is such a mess of a team, that I don’t see how a luxury-item (a darn fine scorer, but so one-dimesional as to be a luxury item) puts them over the top of anything. He will become a cap-gummer for years if/when BUF rights the ship.

      • …in case I sounded disgruntled, above, I’m not. I actually like Skinner and wish him well. But there is ample evidence that he does not make a mediocre team better. A better fit would be an already-good team needing a jolt of scoring to put them over the top.

      • You can same the same about Tavares too though he’s never gone anywhere in the playoffs and the team he leaves doesn’t add anything and makes the second round?

      • The Islanders added Lehner who had a very good year and hired a coach named Barry Trotz.

        But as we all know it doesn’t matter who’s the coach.
        And it was certainly the failure of Tavares that the Islanders never gone anywhere in the play-offs. Same goes with San Jose and Thornton. Who are those idiots paying such bad players millions of dollars?

      • Just stating the facts juss but as a leaf fan sometimes you only read what you want and not what’s written