NHL Rumor Mill – June 1, 2019

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Leafs and Kings reportedly discussed a possible Patrick Marleau trade. The Jets have spoken to several clubs about moving Jacob Trouba. Details and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Toronto Maple Leafs and Los Angeles Kings have held discussions about a possible trade involving Leafs winger Patrick Marleau. He has a year remaining on his contract with a salary-cap hit of $6.25 million. He also has a no-movement clause but could waive it to join the Kings. However, the Leafs will have to take back a contract with term to help ease the Kings’ salary-cap concerns. While a deal isn’t close, LeBrun said discussions could continue. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly trying to move Patrick Marleau to the LA Kings (Photo via NHL Images)

LeBrun’s colleague Bob McKenzie said Leafs forwards Kasperi Kapanen, Nazem Kadri, and Connor Brown are also generating interest. He also indicated John Tavares, Auston Matthews, Morgan Rielly and Mitch Marner (provided he re-signs) are the Leafs’ untouchables. William Nylander and Frederik Andersen fall under the “highly not likely to be traded” category. “Anything and everything outside of (the) untouchables will be considered,” McKenzie said.

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox acknowledges moving Leafs defenseman Nikita Zaitsev won’t be easy. The blueliner recently requested a trade but his style of play and contract (five years remaining at $4.5 million per season) could make him a tough sell. However, there are clubs also facing complex issues this off-season (Columbus, Winnipeg, San Jose) that some could become viable trading partners.

Cox notes the Oilers need blueline help, the Senators need skilled bodies, while the Rangers could get ambitious this summer. He also wondered if Zaitsev could be packaged with Marleau to clear the latter’s salary from the Leafs’ books. Cox also points out Zaitsev’s departure will leave the Leafs in need of depth on defense. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With just over $8.7 million in cap space (assuming an $83-million cap for next season) and Marner to re-sign, the Leafs must shed salary without gutting too much depth. Moving Marleau and Zaitsev would free up nearly $11 million, along with the additional $5.3 million for putting permanently-sidelined Nathan Horton on long-term injury reserve. 

Some observers wonder why the rebuilding Kings would want the 39-year-old Marleau when they should be getting younger. However, there could be a method to this madness. Remember, the Kings agreed to part with Jake Muzzin in January because the Leafs gave up Carl Grundstrom and a first-round pick. Grundstrom, 21, showed some promise with the Kings, netting five goals and six points in 15 games. They could seek another of the Leafs’ promising youngsters as part of a deal for Marleau.

There could be a market for Zaitsev but the length of his contract could be a deal breaker. As with Marleau, perhaps the Leafs will have to include a sweetener to make the deal palatable.

Assuming they can pull this off, the Leafs will have enough room to re-sign Marner to a whopping big raise. They could also have enough to get fellow RFAs Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson re-signed to affordable bridge deals. However, they must shed more salary to find replacements for Zaitsev and the recently-departed Igor Ozhiganov and to re-sign or replace Jake Gardiner and Ron Hainsey. 


THE SCORE: Josh Wegman cites TSN’s Frank Seravalli reporting the Winnipeg Jets have held trade talks with several teams regarding Jacob Trouba. The 25-year-old defenseman is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’s a year away from unrestricted free agent status. Seravalli’s colleague Darren Dreger claims there’s significant interest in Trouba, who’s coming off a career-high 50-point campaign. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t surprising. Trouba and the Jets (hey, sounds like a song title!) have a contentious contract negotiation history. With the Jets having to re-sign wingers Patrick Laine and Kyle Connor, they probably can’t afford to sign Trouba to an expensive long-term deal.

Trouba should fetch a solid return. He’s been linked to the Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, and New York Rangers. I won’t be shocked if he is traded during the NHL Draft weekend later this month. 


  1. all leafs, all the time!

    • the maple loaves are one of those teams who tease their fans year after year and end up winning nothing … pretty soon you will have the highest paid team, highest paid coach and highest paid president of operations … congratulations!

    • That’s right brother, and dont you forget it!

      • Way to chime in with yet another great hockey comment shticky!

    • The Sportsnet hype machine in full force. Everyday hot rumors of Leafs garbage for team Bs stars, picks or prospects.

      Marleau to the Kings, good luck with that. Marleau will fit in perfectly with LAs plan to get younger, faster and create cap space.

      It would be funny if it wasnt so pathetic.

  2. Lyle in the muzzin trade you forgot about durzi who the kings wanted instead of lilegren andwe can see why! The leafs are in big cap trouble, no matter how you look at it even with trades to move salary they’re going to have to give up picks/ prospects and fill their defensive holes with ahl players that clearly aren’t ready for the nhl yet!

    • What did u see? Obviously not Liljegren playing big minutes in a damn good league all the way to the conference finals mostly as a 19 year old. Durzi is a good prospect as well, we shall see but don’t sleep on Liljegren just yet

    • since TML needs to fill the backend how about …

      to NYR: Marleau
      to TML: Shattenkirk

      to LA: Marleau & Smith
      to NYR: Martinez & bottle of sunscreen

      • Marleau for Shattenkirk doesn`t clear cap space for the Leafs and buying out Shattenkirk won`t help much either if it did the Rangers would just do it

      • IHC. They both have ntc’s and I doubt either would agree. Rangers have no reason to move Shattenkirk unless they’re trading for Trouba or maybe signing Karlsson. Would think they’re definayely in on Trouba .

    • Show us all where you got that information from. Since you`re the one always asking for proof. Come on and it better be from a credible source of course because that`s not was reported. Liljegren was injured at the time of the trade

      • Still no reply bob? Is Friedman not credible enough for you?

    • Leafs need a restraining order against you bigbear. Your like a creepy ex who watches in the bushes.
      Go Raps Go!

      • Ha

      • Can’t wait for the replies! Lol Friedman doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Lily is 10X better than Durzi anyways! We have so much prospect depth it don’t matter! A bright future since 67 leaf fans!

      • So your information is based on an unnamed scout`s opinion who Friedman quoted. Doesn`t even give a reason why or who this scout works for. Talk about throwing **** against the wall and hoping something sticks. Maybe it`s the scout that`s here watching the 13-year-olds at the summer camp here in the Okanagan. WOW that`s reliable info Hahahaha

      • Bruins will defeat the Leafs again next year.

      • The league knows that it’s just leaf fans that don’t

  3. Could look like Marleau and prospect for Tiffoli.

    TML can they flip Tiffoli to regain assets (2nd) and cap space.

    Not sure where else on the roster LA can still fit Marleau and what TML would take back.

    Zaitsev to Van for 2nd?

    • At the deadline LA was asking for a 1st and a top prospect for TT. So if LA is relieving the Leafs of Marleau’s contract as well, the package coming back better be damn good. I just don’t see this as a fit for either team.

      Marleau plus a pick/prospect for Martinez makes sense for both. LA sheds cap space long term and TO sheds cap space short term, LA gets an another asset for their troubles and likely flip Marleau at the deadline for another.

      • And why the Leafs do this trade? They move out a $6.25 mill third line winger for a $4 mill top 4 dman to replace Zaitsev.

        Add in the fact that Muzzin and Martinez have excellent chemistry together and it’s a no brainer.

        Leafs also lose another asset too but who cares, there in win now mode anyways.

    • If the Canucks thought they could improve their defence with a player who bleeds shots, provides minimal offence and isn’t particularly physical they could have kept Pouliot for $1 million per year. No need to take on Toronto’s mistake, they have enough of their own.

  4. There is no way I want Trouba on the Sabres! Sure, pay him 8 million a year for 7 years then goes back to his normal 25/30 points. If he was a good playoff guy at all I would do it but he is terrible just brutal in the playoffs. He is not a real scoring, two way D man, not worth 7-8 million.

    • i agree, he is overrated but some gm will overpay for him, happens every off season …

    • Who would you rather have… Risto or Trouba? I don’t think Trouba will get 8 mil

    • If he’s not worth 7 mil, who is? You look at a guy like Pietrangelo on Blues. He’s 29, and in last year of 7 year deal that paid him 6.5. That’s a contract that was signed 6 years ago. He’s topped 50 points twice. Parayko is in middle of a 5 year deal for 5.5. Best year was 35 points. With salaries rising, Trouba is easily going to get 7 mil

      • Totally agree Slick, Trouba will easily get 7mil.

  5. Marleau to the Kings? Right coastline for Patty. And What To Do With Zaitsev? Can’t See Both Of Them To The Kings Unless the Leafs Are Taking Back Something Ugly Too. Geez, please let it not be Dion. U know The boos will be in full force before the friggin plane ever lands

    • Pretty much whomever Toronto got back in this deal would be bought out for cap relief So it really wouldn`t matter if it was Dion coming back but sending Dion back would make sense for L.A.

  6. if TML really does not think their AHL talent is ready for the NHL level they could look at

    Honka (23)(RD) from Dallas who may not be qualified
    Pouliot (25)(LD) from Van who won’t be qualified.

    It only costs money. sign them for a 1 yr deal. They need a fresh start and I still think they are better than their AHL guys at this moment in time. They can fill the gap and perhaps in a Babcock system may find a simplified game for them on the back end easier.

  7. Leafs will still be in cap trouble even if they get Marner before July 1, they still are weak on D and after watching Freddy in playoffs, I wouldn’t be sold on him as a #1 goalie if I was a Leaf fan.

    • Zaitsev, Marleau, and Anderson to L A for Phaneuf, Quick and Trevor Lewis

      • No thanks.

  8. are the leafs able to trade jake gardner prior to july 1 ? i am not familiar with UFA rules.

    • They can trade his rights before then. Won’t get much back in return. In those circumstances, it’s usually a conditional draft pick.

  9. Part of Marleau to Kings rumor was the hiring of his former coach in SJ, Todd McLellan. I would think Phaneaf going the other way would have to be part of deal to offset cap hit. With all the constant chatter about the Leafs defense, getting back Phaneuf and adding some grit wouldn’t be worst return, especially considering 1 guy you have wants out and 2or 3 are ufa. Possibly Marleau and Phaneuf part of a bigger swap of players.

    • You`re right about L.A. sending someone like Dion back in the deal other than that it doesn`t make sense for L.A. But whomever they would send back it`s more likely Toronto would buy them out to get the cap relief.

      • Sending Dion back in a deal with the Leafs makes sense for the Kings but not for the Leafs.
        And Dion has a modified nmc. I don’t think he wants back to Toronto. And isn’t his wife an actress????

  10. One GM or perhaps two will get the better end of a deal with the Leafs this summer.

  11. The health of the league as a whole is directly related to the pain the salary cap is causing individual teams. I hope the players & their Union leaders understand that, within the cap, they have 25 or more teams aggressively pursuing talent to the cap limit. Absent the cap, 6 to 8 would spend wildly, but several others would find a vastly reduced payroll and different strategy more profitable. Absent the cap, the profligate would simply eat bad contracts and spend more; the frugal wouldn’t choose to afford such contracts in the first place.

    in extremis, ordinary fans get priced out of games in the rich markets, and lose interest in the poor ones (see MLB).

    We need to understand the consequences for game, even as fans in Toronto and a few other places are lameanting the ‘cap hell’ that appears to be forcing a dismantling rather than a building.

    Consider two direct competitors, Tampa and Toronto, both quality teams, both competitive, both filling their building, both facing cap issues. Toronto has an average ticket price of about $365. And a local TV market of 6MM. Tampa has an average ticket price of about $105. And a local TV market closer to 3MM.

    What would hockey competition look like between them, absent salary cap limits?

    There are certainly free marketeer arguments against the cap. My thinking has evolved to the model that the NHL is more like a corporation with franchises, and does best and maximizes overall revenues when all franchises are strong and successful.

    • Note – using median prices, the difference is Toronto $155, Tampa $80. The average I used more cloesly tracks with total gross revenues. And Toronto has a difficult to quantify advantage of its national audience, not shared by Tampa.

      • Richard, a really good post and I think fans throughout the league would acknowledge the overall positive effect of the salary cap.
        The RFA situation is certainly something that needs attention. Offer sheets could be a truly exciting part of the off-season and a good way for teams to improve their rosters quickly but the current rules prevent virtually any movement by restricted free agents. If there are no offer sheets this year, then the whole concept is dead in the water and needs to be replaced.

  12. Any chance Winnipeg would trade Trouba for Philadelphia’s 1st round pick, since they don’t have a 1st rounder this year?

    • Jets should get the Flyers 1st (11th I think) plus more.

      Maybe they should look at Trouba++ for Couturier.

      • Zero chance Flyers trade Couturier for Trouba.
        30 goal Selke calibre center for a headache?

        No thanks.

        Laughton and a 2nd but nothing more.Philly would still need to resign Trouba as well.

  13. Rangers definitely have the assets and cap space to get Trouba. I still think Detroit is his top choice and fact he’s a year away from ufa he has a little control over that. I don’t get the comments about being over rated. Locking up a shut down guy like him for next 6-8 years, a guy that’s just hitting his prime? Points aren’t everything. A first pair guy with his size that hits and actually plays defense, AND has some skill? Look at finals. Look at both teams defenses. McAvoy, Chara, Carlo….. Pietrangelo, Parayko. None of them had 50 points. Krug had 53 but with Trouba you’re getting a different type of D man. For Srangers, trading for him would be a more likely move than signing Karlsson.

  14. Dion Back To the Leafs and some people are going ya that works for me. If motorized wheelchairs on the ice is acceptable for relics who got traded out once for being too slow only to be brought back for being even slower then so be it

  15. Kadri for Trouba makes too much sense for either team.

    Marleau and a prospect to LA for a pick

    Zhaitsev and a pick to EDM, NJ or OTT for a pick

    • Kadri is not landing trouba on his own and the jets will want a dman back also so it really doesn’t make much sense for the jets

      • As much as I would like Trouba in a Leafs jersey I have to agree that Jets would want a d-man in return.
        On the other side do they lack a 2nd line Center. And Kadri has a very reasonable cap hit.
        Still not happening because the Leafs cannot re-sign Trouba.

    • Trouba for Trochek+ ??

  16. I just read a Tweet by Mike Aguello re: Zeitsev; after his bonus payment at July 1st, his actual salary will be $1.5 million, similar to Marleau’s contract.
    So Zeitsev could be easier to move after July 1st.

  17. Trouba to the NJ Devil’s.

  18. I asked u what u saw Bigbadbruin and it was an article from six months ago, great research, nice to see you can think for yourself!! I hope both Durzi and Liljegren have great careers but u already know who will be better, we shall see, but my advice to you is to actually watch these kids yourself before you “see” whose better through Friedman’s eyes or a scouts

    • I guarantee I’ve seen them play more than you have and I think the scouts know more than you so keep overrating your leaf prospects everyone knows the leafs prospects are the greatest until their not

      • How do u guarantee that? I live in a major junior city, i have seen Durzi live in his OHL career, i have Leaf tv and watch all the Marlies games that r on there, i watched Sean at the Memorial Cup, i like Sean, what is this “we can see” that Durzi is better? First it’s your opinion and whose? Whose we? Then its a Friedman article, then its scouts opinions then ubhave seen them more than me and know that for some reason ok Big badbear lol u r something else

      • And by your math how is January 30th 6 months ago? And again I’ve seen both durzi and lily play more than you think and durzi is better

      • Lol you’re the one bringing up watching them play! I just said the scouts who obviously know more than you said they like durzi better than lily and backed it up with the article from Jan 30th which in your mind is 6 months ago? Lol you’re a real gem

      • Aaah the little troll is at it again twisting words telling lies just to try to piss Leaf fans off. Freidman`s couple of unnamed scouts from which league or team nobody knows. You talk about throwing **** against the wall and hoping something sticks. Wow, some peewee scout makes a comment and the troll is all over it and it`s from Jan.30th Liljegren was injured so he wouldn`t even have come up in the trade discussions. If bb ever watched either player actually play he could offer why one player was better in his opinion and not have to spend days scouring through garbage to come up with his stupid remarks. If he had watched any of the AHL playoffs he might have seen the post game interview from the Charlotte head coach who happened to notice that Liljegren had improved a lot after coming off the high ankle sprain he had. Maybe the scouts were from the Oiler organization and Freidman was too embarrassed to mention it. I`m surprised you haven`t been kicked out of here from trolling all the time. Get a life

  19. How much cap space does LA have this summer? Not a huge amount. They have their own problems with Phaneuf’s ~ $5.6 M, Doughty’s $11 M, $6 M on Kovalchuck for 2 more years, Carter for 3 years at about $6, and Dustin Brown also about $6 M for 3 years.

    So asumming they plan to rebuild and dump a few contracts, none of those names make sense coming back to Toronto, unless it were something major like Nylander + Zaitsev plus a top prospect + for Dougherty…. unlikey.
    To have LA take Marleau, is possible as he’s just got 1 more year, but it would take quite a sweetner for a team that is already trying to find places to put all the older big salaries.
    Something along the lines Martinez + picks for Marleau + Jeremy Bracco or Eemeli Räsänen D (KHL) could well fly for LA as they add a little salary for 1 season (about an extra $2M) but land 1 or 2 players who could be NHLers and replace some expensive old guys in 12 months. When Marleau’s deal expires.

  20. I brought up seeing them play because u said “we” know, whoever that is, sorry 4 months and one day ago the article was written, bruins fans dont overate there prospects though i bet, because they r so smart lol unreal

    • Or because they’re in the finals and the leafs haven’t won a playoff round in what 15,16 years? Lol give your head a shake smarty

    • Keep thinking you know more than the scouts……….people will listen to you lol

      • So if your team is in the finals or has had a better record lately you know more than fans of other teams? So patriots fans are the smartest football fans, because their team has done better? You’re more of an idiot than I thought, I didn’t say I knew more than the scouts, although scouts have been known to be wrong, I’m just saying its not proven yet that LA asked for the better prospect, but missing the point is your strong suit isnt it Little Bear? The guy who somehow knows that he seen players more than other people have, you are amazing

      • I just stated what the scouts and Friedman said you thin skinned leaf fans are the ones getting all offended? You’re more of an idiot than I thought

  21. Lyle are you related in some way to bigbadbruins or possible you are bigbadbruins. Is that the reason he`s allowed to constantly troll Leaf fans without getting tossed off the site. If you don`t want Leaf fans to read or comment on this site just put a big sign up where we all can see NO LEAF FANS ALLOWED. Your hatred of the Leafs is showing and I`m not the first to notice this. I`m sure this won`t get posted nor will you respond either

    • Here’s a thought: act like an adult and just ignore the troll. Honestly, to suggest I’m biased against a team because someone is trolling you in the comments section is silly. And to suggest it’s me is laughable. I’ve got better things to do with my time. Others here share your viewpoints about your favorite team, so converse with them and tune out those who don’t. Cheers!

      • bob. Or is it rob? Or Robert? Or bobert? Been a fan of Lyles work for years. Best damn hockey site round. And ive seen him censor hatred racist sexist extremely vulgar posts (a few of the vulgar ones mine) but he generally lets the real pathetic trolls go because this board itself polices it by ignoring them. Unfortunately there are a few posters still giving said trolls a platform… that’s not on Lyle but on YOU! Man up bro and ignore the human garbage.

      • Good one Lyle is that the reason you blocked my responses to the troll. You say it`s not you but you protect him all the time. Why did you block the responses you allow him to verbally attack people but you block responses to him. There was absolutely no reason for you to block the responses then was there but you did anyway. How about explaining to everyone why you blocked the responses. Just for the record you know

      • @Chrisms what got me is that Lyle blocked the responses to the troll and for absolutely no reason. That`s what got my response to Lyle. He won`t block the turd from trolling but he`ll block the responses like he`s the grand troll protector. Trolling is a form of bullying not sure about the states but in Canada, they keep passing laws to get rid of it. Most sites have tried to clean it up here Lyle kinda endorses it even protects it

      • Comments are blocked or removed when they contain profanity or vulgarity, racism or bigotry. I check them once per day because, as I’ve previously noted, I’m a busy man. You had two in the moderation queue because of profanity. I have removed the offending word and re-posted them.

        Again, act like an adult and simply ignore the troll.

      • Hey bob go back and look at how this all started ok! I made a comment and than backed it up with where I read it………and than you leaf fans started attacking me so save the whining and like chrisms says man up! Btw it’s 5-1 bruins be nice if the blues made it closer I hate blowouts don’t you?

      • Don’t even have to mention your name and you respond. Kinda shows how guilty you are. Getting a little worried bigbadbruins you should be. The amount of time you`ve been trolling people there`s a ton of evidence all it`s gonna take is for someone to file a complaint. The fact that you spent your whole day here trolling proves what I`m saying doesn`t. You won`t stop will you no you`ll try to justify what you do and you`ll keep doing it until there`s a knock on your door and then it`s too late. That day maybe coming sooner than you think

      • worried about what exactly bob? Again go look at who started all this it wasn’t me I brought something up and than backed it up and you started with the name “ leafwolf” when you thought Lyle was blocking you! Lol it’s not hard to figure out I’m sure Lyle has so maybe you might be gone who knows? Big win by the B’s tonight though eh

      • BBB: Bob and Leafwolf are two different people.

    • Bob are you being serious? I stated what Friedman and scouts said and gave you proof! Lyle writes the truth just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean he hates the leafs! Leaf fans really need to start reading/ watching more hockey media than leafsnet and TorontoSportsNetwork and you might realize not Everyone thinks the leafs are the greatest! And to complain to Lyle and accuse him of hating the leafs is very immature! Please grow up

      • Oh boy Little Bear , u sound upset, thanks for the truth, Leaf fans appreciate you telling us how to follow hockey, and how to be mature, you are truly the best!!! Waiting to hear what I should think next, and where to go to find the”truth” Go Bruins Go, i mean that by the way, its the truth

      • Oh boy little wolf? Lol you’re very original! Why would I be upset there are leaf fans trying to get me throwing off lol seriously throwing off a chat forum lmao I’m just enjoying leaf fans trying to say they know more than Friedman and actual scouts it’s very entertaining I must say

    • You tell him Chrisms! You’re one of if not the biggest troll on here and Lyle lets you away with most but you have been way too vulgar at times! Cheers

  22. Throwing off? What the hell does that mean? I am watching the pre game, Friedman is on, so much to learn, oh Brett Hull is on, the scouts said he couldn’t play in this league LOL so did the Calgary scouts LOL

    • You’re lying! Lol you think January 30th is 6 months ago! Lol I’ve got some hockey to watch I’ll be the complete opposite of leaf fans I didn’t think we had a chance getting to the cup final but we ended up with an easy route against the leafs,jackets and canes! The blues are a great team I give them the advantage with there secondary scoring and Bergeron looks like he’s hurting but so are some of the blues players! But regardless we’ve won more series this year than the leafs have in what the past 20? Lol enjoy watching some actual good hockey teams play not some soft and very weak defensive hockey! Golf leafs golf

      • Bergeron is a great player, drafted in the 2nd rd? So was PK and Weber, Daigle first overall over Pronger and Karyia, Wickenheiser over Savrard? Where were the scouts Little Bear, the scouts r never wrong right? Lol

      • Shhhh game is on little wolf……. pay attention to some good hockey, have you ever saw the little leafs in the cup final………oh wait never mind

      • Did you see that goal little wolf?? Maybe we can win this Stanley cup thing……

  23. That has absolutely nothing to do with what we were talking about puny cub, I guess I pounded you’re argument into the ground enough but don’t worry, Elliot Friedman just checked Bob McKenzie‘s Twitter account so I’m sure he’s gonna have some information for you to swallow , open up wide and remember, dont think for yourself, that’s not your strong suit

    • Shhhhh 3-0

  24. Bigbadbruins,
    I here you man, it is tiring listening to leaf fans constantly go on and on about the leafs.
    Obviously I am a flame fan but I talk about other teams, leaf fans are myopic and sometimes I question their intelligence.
    The leafs have managed to put themselves into cap jail but I keep hearing them talk about trading for Doughty who is an 11 million dollar defensemen, either they are not very good at math or just plain dumb.
    I like good discussion with realistic and thoughtful comments but sometime I just have to call leaf fans out.

    • I hear ya it gets pathetic after awhile, it’s hard when they troll about the garbage for gold they can get and how they’re contenders! Only teams fans I’ve ever heard think they’re contenders when they haven’t made it out of the first round in so long

  25. Leaf fans there needs to be rule when your team is on the links you should be also. I know hockey is Canada’s game it’s just been a few years since your beloved Leafs have won anything hey but Marlies have won. See you all next fall and remember keep your head down and eye on the ball.

    • Hahaha ya leaf fans should be great golfers!

      • Took em all on by yourself tonight BBB?
        Lol. Stay on the bandwagon bud.
        Feels good doesn’t it?
        You’ll have lots to cheer about next year.
        Good job working up the millenials.
        For the record, I don’t think you’re a bully.
        You are fun though.

  26. I golfed 18 holes with Luke Schenn and Tyler Bozak and they were great golfers and great guys but they both said playing for Toronto isn’t easy ,fans are expecting miracles and they all think they know hockey.

    • They’re two good guys who are in a better place right now.
      Jaden Schwartz is a beauty too.

  27. Hoo boy, scanning through this thread early this morning to see what I missed, am I ever glad I didn’t weigh in with my two-cents worth on the Leafs topic – makes me & Vinnie’s exchanges resemble a casual conversation!

  28. Lyle, your management of posts on your site yesterday was impeccable. As a Hab fan it really showed that you kept control yesterday of the situation and did NOT let it get out of hand with the leaf bashing. Good for you! Before you know it, you’ll have diminished all the Toronto fans from bothering to post.

    • That will happen when you actually post a hockey comment shticky

  29. FD that will never happen Leafs fans can’t help themselves they need to post they believe there is a light at end of tunnel and I don’t blame them. Sports fans are die hard the ones who leave were never fans just trolls. Toronto will be back in playoffs next year and if they shore up their D and get a little meaner they will be fine.

  30. Dreger on TSN, Marner will not sign before July 1st and will take visits to Teams who may decide to offer sheet him after the June 26th date.
    Guy wants 11+ a year and is worth it.
    Estimated 8-10 teams right now in a position to offer sheet hi above 11+ per year.