NHL Rumor Mill – June 11, 2019

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The latest on Corey Perry and Phillip Danault plus updates on the Canucks and Flyers in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz examined the Anaheim Ducks’ options for parting ways with Corey Perry. The 34-year-old right winger’s play has declined in recent years. The Ducks want to bring in younger, cheaper talent. Recent reports indicate they could buy out the remaining two years of the 34-year-old right winger’s contract if they’re unable to trade him before June 30. 

The Anaheim Ducks could find it difficult to trade winger Corey Perry (Photo via NHL Images)

Gretz believes a trade would be better than a buyout but doubts the Ducks will get much back in return. His annual salary-cap hit ($8.25 million through 2020-21) and performance will affect his trade value. They could be forced to retain part of his cap hit, though Gretz feels that would be preferable to a buyout. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gretz pointed out Anaheim’s situation with Perry is similar to that of Edmonton with Milan Lucic, Vancouver with Loui Eriksson, and Toronto with Patrick Marleau. One advantage for the Ducks is there isn’t as much term left on his deal compared to Lucic and Eriksson. There could be a market for Perry but the Ducks could be forced to absorb part of his cap hit and/or include a decent draft pick or prospect in the deal. 


SPORTSNET: Iain Macintyre reports Vancouver Canucks general manager Jim Benning didn’t provide much detail on the stalled contract talks with Alexander Edler. However, he did say he doesn’t have the appetite for signing the 33-year-old defenseman to a deal longer than two years. That type of contract might require the Canucks to protect Edler in the 2021 NHL expansion draft. 

Benning will also be speaking soon with Loui Eriksson regarding his comments about head coach Travis Green. in a recent interview, the 33-year-old said he didn’t get along 100 percent with Green. He felt he wasn’t getting as much trust from the Canucks bench boss as he used to get from other coaches. Eriksson’s remarks fueled speculation he could be traded, linking him to the Edmonton Oilers in a possible swap with Milan Lucic. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s looking more likely Edler could test the UFA market on July 1. However, he could find other clubs share the Canucks reluctance to invest longer than two years because of the Seattle draft in 20201.

As for Eriksson, if he truly believes Green isn’t giving him a fair shake Benning could be forced to try and trade him. That could mean swapping him for another struggling veteran carrying a hefty contract. Remains to be seen if it would be Lucic or somebody else. 


TVA SPORTS: cites Yvon Pedneault saying several teams have interest in Montreal Canadiens center Phillip Danault. The 26-year-old’s performance this season (53 points in 81 games) have some clubs looking at him as a third-line center. Pednault claims he’s not saying the Canadiens will trade Danault but there is interest around the league. He feels the Edmonton Oilers are one club that could use the Habs center. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Danault is signed through 2020-21 with an affordable $3.083-million cap hit. I doubt the Canadiens are looking at moving him. However, his future with the Habs could depend upon the development of promising young centers Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Ryan Poehling, and Nick Suzuki. If all three become full-time players and establish themselves as rising stars next season, perhaps the Canadiens might consider moving Danault.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall reports Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher has informed his peers he’s willing to move his first-round pick (11th overall) for immediate help. If they do move the pick, assistant GM Brent Flahr said it’ll be for a younger player and not a rental. Fletcher admitted there hasn’t been a big push yet for his pick but suggests that could change as the upcoming NHL Draft approaches.


  1. Lyle…

    I have a question….if Perry has a NMC even though he agrees to move ….he still has control of where he goes …….I am basing this on a vague memories of the McCabe trade out of Toronto during the Muskoka 5 episode…McCabe choose Florida then the trade happened

    So having agreed to leave Anaheim Perry still retains control of where he goes…What the team controls is whether to buy him out….And if they do then Perry becomes a free agent and controls where he goes..

    Do you think the assumptions above are correct?

    If so, my guess he ends up in Toronto either as a free agent or as part of a Marleau trade if the Ducks and Leafs can come to an agreement around money and players.

    • Perry controls where the Ducks can trade him. If they buy him out, he becomes a UFA on July 1.

    • LOL your guess is Toronto? the leafs need to dump Marleau to gain cap room for marner, kapenen and Johnson plus need to find the room to sure up their D. they’re not going to swap a bad cap hit in Marleau for an even worse cap hit in Perry whos contract also has more term left… yet another leafs fan who doesnt have a clue… you must of been a huge fan of previous leafs management who wasted their time on past their prime players. suppose you wouldnt mind seeing them take a shot a Eriksson and lucic too hahaha

      • Do the Leafs have to abide by the NHL salary cap? I’m only asking because these Leaf fans think they can get anyone & everyone.

  2. Thinking out loud. Wonder if it’s permissible to sign a contract with a nmc some years but not others… could elder sign say a 5 year deal with a nmc on every year but expansion year? Not saying he’d want to necessarily but if it gets him more years on his contract maybe?

    • interesting question Chrisms , if a player with a NMC reserves the right to consent to waivers or reassignment you would think he could also consent to waiving the NMC for the draft?


    • Yes he can. You can even have in your contract weeks or days where you cant be traded. Its open ended. Just need to ask and negotiate.

  3. Perry would have some value on a short term (3 years max) on 4-5m deal.

    I am really interested in the buyout period this year. Normally eh but I think there are a number of candidates this year. June 15-30 with the draft on 21 & 22 there should be some fireworks.

    Why would the Habs move Danault. Center is currently not a position of strength

    • Silver screen….. If Anaheim buys him out he becomes and unrestricted free agent July 1st..

      He would be a nice bottom six addition winger to Pittsburgh…he adds grit, he is motivated after a injured and bad season.

      Maybe 1 yr $2 million dollar deal to play 3rd 4th line wing he cans till play and shoot..

  4. Man, for all of the lean years without any hope down the middle, the Habs sure are loaded at centre these days … all three of those kids have a chance to be stars … of course, by the time they develop they will need a new goalie by then …

    • Primeau will be ready by then

      • Primeau looks like he is going to be pretty good, the habs have some solid looking prospects……now they’re only prospects some might not turn out

    • I have read opinions that Suzuki projects more as a winger. That said, Domi has shown amazing promise as a centre, so same issue, different names….

    • Habs should move Weber and Price for picks and young studs than they would all jell together their timing is off right now.

      • You look at the leafs and Edmonton both tanked for high picks and both drafted forwards and more forwards your team has to be built from goalie out, Weber and price have a lot of years left look at chara

  5. Rangers should offer DeAngelo and Vesey for Flyers 11th pick and a 3rd rounder. DeAngelo a South Jersey kid and Vesey might entice Hayes to sign there. Rangers can then use 20th pick to trade for Trouba

    • Would need more than ADA+Vesey+3rd for the 11th. ADA is still such a wild card-his effort/energy and puck movement are very good but he gets outmuscled down low and I do not know if he will ever be consistent. Reminds me of a smaller Del Zotto.

      ADA+Vesey +Dallas 2nd rounder

      • Flyers want young players who are in league already. 11th pick has no guarantees. A former 1st rounder and a honey baker winner should suffice

    • would need more than a 20th pick for Trouba – likely by more than double. I don’t think the Rangers have the right package available for Trouba as it will take something like the 20th + a solid #2c or RHD in return.

      • Meant it as using the 20th in a package deal.

    • No way Flyers do that deal.

      It makes no sense to acquire another young, developing D when we already have 5.

      Vesey is a 2nd or 3rd line winger.

      These are players a rebuilding club should keep.

    • Maybe the 20th and ada and vesey for the 11th then flip 11th to jets for trouba

      • the 11th for Trouba doesn’t get it done either. Maybe for the #1 or 2. Any other pick needs a proven NHL player added.

      • Ada, Vesey and the 20th is a huge overpay for the 11th. Regardless of the 11th, I think Rangers will make offer for Trouba. They’re one of the few teams that he might be willing to sign with, along with having cap space and assets.

      • 2.0… the 11th for an rfa with arbitrator rights looking at a huge deal is more than fair. The number 1 or 2 pick?

        Slick a bottom six forward and a mercurial prospect to move up 9 spots seems about right to me… if anything I’d think philly says no thank you.

      • NY should consider taking on Marleau & Kapanen from TML for Nieves, Lettieri

        then take Kapanen, Vesey, ADA and the 20th and see if that gets ya Trouba & Roslovic

      • an RFA is still under team control and he will sign somewhere. The market isn’t limited to NY. Even if signed to an offer sheet compensation is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
        11oa is not an NHL ready player and Jets are in win now mode. If that is the best offer the jets will play out the year with him and either move him at the deadline or as an ‘own rental.’

      • Honestly, I don’t see Philly and NY doing a deal, but there’s no way I’d add the 20th pick. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

      • Sorry Chrisms the 11th isn’t getting trouba that’s PlayStation trade right there

      • If the Jets would take the 11th for Trouba, I’m sure the Flyers would already have announced the trade…

      • 2.0 there are more factors in it than just 1:1 value. There is the impending cap issues. His season probably has him on par for 5.5-6 mil or more if arbitrated. And then he is as you say either a keep rental or a trade rental. Getting the 11th overall pick is quite a reasonable return due to all the considerations on troubas value. Very valid that that deal might not be in jets current best interest but I will be quite shocked if they get better equivalent value in a trade

      • Chrisms you obviously don’t follow trades that much! You’re good at trolling but your hockey knowledge is below par! Trouba especially as a rfa will get more than the 11 th overall, ghost and the 11th makes more sense

      • And like cowboy says if it was just the 11th the trade would be done already

  6. Why would Flyers trade 11oa to Rangers? It’s no secret that they covet Trouba. 11 and Ghost for Trouba and a 2nd seems fair to me.

    • Ghost & 11oa for Trouba and 2nd sounds about right.

      • That’s a pretty fair deal I think the 2nd might be a later round pick though

    • 11th and Gostisbehere for Trouba? ha ha ha Karlsson did not get much in return..

      • Ufa vs rfa hahaha remember if signs in sj another first is given up

  7. Boston should move some players for picks. Will be hard to sign Mcavoy,Carlo and Heinen after this season. Krug also heading for a big payday after next season.
    Could Krug fetch a top ten pick?
    Carlo and Mcavoy pretty much untouchable.
    Miller,Moore,Heinen could be moved. Couple good prospects becoming nhl ready Studnicka and Vaakanienen should make the big club. Plus a ton of forward prospects.
    Backes has to go also.

  8. Heinen isn’t getting paid a bunch keep him Johansson wants to resign rumor has it. McAvoy and Carlo going nowhere. Let Noel walk try and move Backes can’t see many takers though ,Krug will get paid and Chara will retire after next season. They have to be in win now mode as Krech Bergie Chara and other getting up there in age. Should be contenders next three years.

    • I think the Bruins need to win this year , I can’t see Bettman suspending Kadri 3 years in a row. It would be to obvious. Everyone else gets one game he gets kicked out till their done playing the Bruins. Lmao

      • Lol says the leaf fan! Hockeybuzz didn’t work out for you vinnie?

      • Everyone else isnt a multiple offending asshat like Kadri.

        Typical Leaf fan making excuses instead of placing the blame where it lies, on Dumbass and Boobcock for building a Charmin soft roster.

      • Everyone loves stats. Leafs have won the cup 12% of the time. If Boston wins tomorrow they will be 7% of the time. Iol
        Now I’m starting to be like you fellas

  9. Vinnie Kadri won’t be a Leaf next year he is an idiot and even your teenage GM should now know that. Leafs have no chance beating Boston next year or for years to come unless they can find some heart and D men who can skate backwards and will go in a corner. Until that happens Gooooooood Luckkkkkkkkkkkk.

    • You stuttering. Lol

  10. Wouldn’t Edler want at this stage of his career to sign with a team that has a legit shot at cup. (Bolts/Preds/Bruins/St. Louis? I’m sure his thankful his time in Van, but move on

    • Same could have been said of the twins when they had a chance. They all seem to enjoy Vancouver and wanted to close out their careers there.

    • Im sure tomorrow there will be multiple articles on how Edler is leaning towards the Leafs and will sign for less for a fhance to win.


      • That sounds fairly accurate Ronnie , he’s old enough he probably does want to win. And they are improving every year. They probably have the best chance.

      • Lol maybe if they actually won a playoff round! Lol how long has it been vinnie 16 years?

  11. Interesting to note: Corey Perry was washed up at age 30, his last 3 years he sucked.

  12. Lyle, what are the rules for the expansion draft? How many can a team protect etc? As a Wings fan who’s in the camp of not exactly a horrible idea for Wings to take in a toxic contract for a pick and also get rid of our own bad contracts. Would be useful to know. Also, would like to see what you andnothers thing about the Abdelkader situation in Detroit. Part of me says he’s shown he’s a tough competitor and will work hard in the offseason to help the club but the other says if we can get something for him via draft or prospect then go for it. Intriguing about Flyers. Getting the feeling the Russian issue with VP this year could work to Wings advantage if they trade a young D like Cholowski or a F like Bertuzzi for that pick. Love Bert 2 but the expansion draft gives me pause. All that being said- the Wings can go a bunch of different ways this offseason.

  13. I don’t believe Kadri is going anywhere. Headcase with anger issues? Ya apparently so;

    But for all his perceived faults, how come many posters on here would welcome him on their team if he’s such a problematic player?

    If Dubas Was To trade him, regardless of the return, coach Whinecock would be whining about how his team is too soft; wanking how trading Kadri for whatever the return is or was, put his team in a bad spot.

    No, t here is hourglass of sand on Kadri and I don’t think its run out of sand just yet

    • I don’t believe Kadri is going anywhere. Headcase with anger issues? Ya apparently so;

      But for all his perceived faults, how come many posters on here would welcome him on their team if he’s such a problematic player?

      If Dubas Was To trade him, regardless of the return, coach Whinecock would be whining about how his team is too soft; wanking how trading Kadri for whatever the return is or was, put his team in a bad spot.

      No, t here is hourglass of sand on Kadri and I don’t think its run out of sand just yet

  14. Normally, I prefer usernames to be simple like Frank, Dave, James, Steve….maybe I just don’t have the creativity that others do…but I have to say 2.0 wins the prize.

    The only name that does not have a consonant or a vowel.

    Let’s hope his wife doesn’t let him name his children.