NHL Rumor Mill – June 20, 2019

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The Oilers’ Jesse Puljujarvi requests a trade, plus updates on Tyson Barrie, Nikolaj Ehlers, Chris Tanev, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


SPORTSNET: Mark Spector reports Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi wants to be traded. According to his agent Markus Lehto, the 21-year-old is threatening to play in Europe next season if his request isn’t honored by the Oilers. The club has until Monday to sign Puljujarvi to a qualifying offer. A source indicates he doesn’t intend to sign it as a player under an NHL contract cannot sign with a European team. 

Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi has requested a trade (Photo via NHL Images).

Oilers general manager Ken Holland said he’ll do a deal if he can find one that makes sense for the Oilers. Otherwise, he indicated he has no problem with Puljujarvi playing in Europe. The Oilers will still retain his NHL rights. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes Holland would prefer Puljujarvi sign with the Oilers and return with the club next season. The Puljujarvi camp, however, believes the youngster would benefit from a fresh start elsewhere.

Matheson suggests the Winnipeg Jets and Carolina Hurricanes as possible trade destinations. However, he doubts Holland will shop Puljujarvi because his trade value is very low right now. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can’t say I’m surprised by this news. Selected fourth overall in the 2016 NHL Draft, Puljujarvi struggled to reach expectations with the dysfunctional Oilers.

There probably isn’t a market for him right now. Still, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a trade. Holland indicated he’d do it if he found a deal that made sense for the Oilers. Maybe he packages Puljujarvi in a larger deal. 


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports a source claims the Colorado Avalanche are listening to offers for defenseman Tyson Barrie. The emergence of promising rookie Cale Makar and the presence of Erik Johnson makes the right side of their blueline a crowded spot.

Barrie is eligible next summer to become an unrestricted free agent. It’s not a certainty the Avs will trade Barrie but LeBrun believes they’ll consider it if they get a top-six forward in return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing wrong with listening to offers but that doesn’t mean they’re shopping Barrie or intend to move him now. If they don’t find something to their liking they’ll stick with him for next season and determine his future at a later day. I would expect they’ll want an established twenty-something scoring forward in return. 


LeBrun also reports the Arizona Coyotes are keeping an eye on Toronto Maple Leafs winger Patrick Marleau’s situation. He believes the Coyotes would acquire the 39-year-old if the Leafs include a sweetener. Some believe it could be a winger like Kasperi Kapanen or Andreas Johnsson. Lebrun said he was told it doesn’t have to be that expensive. 

There’s also talk of Marleau returning to the San Jose Sharks.  LeBrun believes the cap-strapped Sharks would want the Leafs to absorb half of Marleau’s $6.25 million annual average value to make it work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m not convinced there’s a place for Marleau with the Sharks now. While it would make a “feel-good” story to see him return to the Sharks, an aging, fading winger won’t improve their roster. They also have to find sufficient salary-cap space to re-sign Joe Pavelski, Joe Thornton, Timo Meier, and Kevin Labanc. 


WINNIPEG JETS: Ken Wiebe believes more moves are coming for the Winnipeg Jets after trading Jacob Trouba to the New York Rangers on Monday. Center Mathieu Perreault ($4.125-million AAV through 2020-21) could be a cost-cutting trade candidate. He could be appealing to clubs in need of reaching the salary-cap floor (Ottawa Senators) or clubs looking to add scoring, like the Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes. 

Wiebe also noted recent trade speculation swirling about left wing Nikolaj Ehlers. A recent report claimed he’d been offered to the Hurricanes for one of their right-shot defensemen. Wiebe believes Brett Pesce would be a perfect fit next to Josh Morrissey on their top blueline pairing. However, just because the Jets may be listening to offers on Ehlers doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll trade him. If they can’t get a significant return, they’ll keep him. 

The Jets have expressed interest in re-signing pending UFA blueliner Tyler Myers. As he’s likely seeking a raise over the $5.5-million AAV of his current deal, Wiebe doubts he’ll be back. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is planning another significant move. It could involve Ehlers or Perreault. He could swing a deal for a top-pairing rearguard or a reliable second-line center to skate alongside winger Patrik Laine.

Having traded away Trouba, Myers departure could put more pressure on Cheveldayoff to find a suitable replacement for Trouba. Neal Pionk, who came from New York in the Trouba deal, would be considered Myers’ replacement. 


VANCOUVER SUN: Patrick Johnston cites TSN’s Matthew Sekeres reporting the Canucks are shopping Chris Tanev. They point out the 29-year-old’s modified no-trade clause and long injury history could make him difficult to move. Johnston believes this feels like “too little, too late”, noting the decline in Tanev’s performance will affect his trade value. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Johnston. The time to trade Tanev was a year or two ago. Injuries have taken a toll on his play. He won’t fetch a first-round pick or a quality young player now. 


  1. Leafs fans dreaming about Barrie in 3… 2… 1… Now…

    • Leafs fans will have to keep dreaming.

      This reminds me of an Archie comic I read years ago (millennials, ask your parents). Archie, with a newspaper ad in hand, calls out to his father “Dad, I dreamed that you got me a snowmobile”. His father took a look at the ad and replied “Go back to sleep son. Maybe you can dream up a way to pay for it”.

      • Millenials have their own version – Riverdale. What was old is new again.

    • Not this Leaf fan. Barrie fits well on a team that needs a PP1 QB which he Leafs do not need. His value to the Leafs is way less than his value elsewhere and the AVs aren’t just giving him away. Now if it were Johnson in the conversation I’d have a different opinion

    • $$$$$$$
      Good luck with that, lol.

  2. Winnipeg might be the right place for Nylander….go along with Laine, two equally spoiled and problematic players. Leafs get Ehlers and take Perrault in the deal which might allow them to shop Kadri?
    Is Corey Perry done?

    • @ jon mcgill

      Good morning ,

      I dont think Perry is done , once again today I am going to be the optimist here, he still has a very good 2 years left in him in my opinion and with the right line comb can use his very good hockey smarts and the way he protects the puck to be a very effective player, is he a power forward any more probably not but he can make a difference for a team that needs a player like this….its just going to have to be at $1 – 2 million dollars to fit in most contending teams.

      If Iam Rutherford and you can get him for that 1 – 2 million to play with Crosby for the next 2 years that would be a wicked scenario.

      Another landing spot could be Vegas , if they can move on from Rielly Smith that too would be a quality pick up as well, to have to go against Mark Stone and Corey Perry as a 1 – 2 Right wing top 6 every shift would be incredible for Vegas if it came to fruition…and most likely a lot of FUN for him to be there close to home for that last 2 years of his career !
      I still think he can be effective for sure and a difference maker…time will tell.

      • Hi

        I agree for sure he is not done.

        It will all come down to $’s

        Would like to see a 2 * 1.5 offer by GMJR…. priority however still has to be the D issue … again … with all objectivity and setting aside emotion and bias…. statistically the Pens would have basically 0 chance at a cup if still suiting up JJ

        Per above…. Colorado is listening to offers??….. hello Joe it’s Jim… here is an offer you can’t refuse…. Rust + ZAR + JJ for Barrie

        To me this is an offer that Col just can’t turn down

        Is the sweetener to take JJ steep; yep…. but that is what it will likely take

        This massively improves (solidifies) Pens D (and massively improves team); frees up an extra $1.25 M in valuable cap (and remember ZAR still needs to be extended so in effect that is basically freeing up at least a total of $2M in Cap [using 750 K as a min for ZAR])

        Extra space can be used for UFAs like Perry

        I would also like Pens to pick Leason on Friday

        Window is now (note if JJ is moved) for Pens… so drafting futures is not as important…. I think Leason is the only player available late in the first round that could potentially play in the NHL this fall…. size and being 20 factors in to that

      • I think Perry gets more than $1.5 to $2 per year. Last year he missed all but 31 games, but the years previous he still produced, just not at the rate that justified his salary.
        IMO he gets a 1 year incentive laden contract, with some easy targets like games played and some more difficult ones points and goals.
        $1M base with an opportunity to exceed $3M.
        Fits the $ amount and need for Edmonton. Would he go there or is he gonna chase a cup?

      • Pengy. Don’t speak for all pens fans please. I do not want Jj bought out. Traded? Sure. But zero interest in a buyout.

  3. The report yesterday that Patrick Marleau wanted to return to San Jose, if true, really ticks me off. Marleau is the guy who left the Sharks two years ago when they wouldn’t offer him a third year on his contract. Now, heading for the third year of his current contract, he wants to go back?
    Spare me, Patrick, you made a choice, now live with it.

  4. What kind of return would Puljujarvi fetch?

    • I read one rumour of Washington trading burakovsky for puljujarvi since the caps might not have the cap space to sign burakovsky? That could be a win for both teams

      • @ big bad bruins

        Good morning

        You did not mention that the trade rumor was also including a goalie prospect …which means that the Oilers are trying to pry out Samsanov and that is there main target Bruokovsky is the gravy as hes out anyways..If the Oilers can get this goalie they will hit a home run in this trade forget about Burokovsky

      • I don’t think samsonov is going anywhere, it did say goalie prospect but I don’t think the caps would ever pay that much

      • If the ask is straight up for Burakovsky for JP, then the Oilers should jump all over it.
        At the moment all Puljujarvi has is his draft pedigree and yes that will get him more opportunities.
        I would trade Zboril for him, but sound like Edmonton wants more.

      • @ Caper & Bigbadbruins


        Congrats on a great run this year ..you have a really good deep organization and high quality players through 4 lines and into your farm team.

        In regards to J P I don’ t know why the Caps are even mentioned here as they have Tom Wilson , T J Oshie and Brett Connolly on Right wing …which means he is a 3rd line or 4th line player on that caps team …however his money works ..but he will not be in the top 6.

      • Here’s what I don’t get about this whole JP thing.
        JP says he wants a fresh start and an opportunity.
        OK if that is actually true and not just agent speak, then isn’t Edmonton a really good place for him moving forward?
        Fresh start – an new head coach and staff, hockey operations including the GM are new.
        Opportunity – Look at the Oilers depth chart at the wing positions, specifically RW. Who does he need to beat for playing time?
        They have 2 of the best C’s in the world to play with if he improves enough to earn a spot?
        Oh yeah, he has to earn it.

      • Ray, that was a pretty solid post

    • @ BadCowboyDan

      I think that is a great question …If I am a team I am not giving up my First rounder for him if its in the top 20

      Iam also not giving up ANY of my top 1 A prospects that are knocking on the door either ..id say it will have to take a more depth player or role player or someone that a team can not sign due to money issues but is projected to be a quality player …

      Id say a good deal for both teams would be :

      Jesse Puljujarvi ( RW )
      Tobias Reider


      Michael Rasmussen ( C )
      Tyler Bertuzzi

      • hard pass from Stevie Y on that offer

      • That is a good question on JP’s worth?
        I am guessing the offers haven’t been good enough or he would have been traded. Mid to late 2nd round pick?
        Yes the previous Oil MGT mishandled him, but JP also played a part in that but whining and getting his agent involved when they sent him down to Bakersfield. By doing the same when he wasn’t playing in the top 6.
        The Oil’s mistake was giving in to it or compromising with him instead of doing what was best for him and his career and that was getting more playing time and practice time in an environment that is about player development and not just about winning.
        The NHL is about winning hockey games, the AHL is about player development and JP needs to develop as a player.
        That is the attitude you are getting for a player who maybe will develop into a valuable player, but is also showing signs he isn’t willing to do what he needs to to get there. What will you pay for that?
        Methinks he ends up in Europe and I hope he plays great and develops his offence. Then he is worth something in a trade.

      • Why would Detroit EVER consider this trade ? JP and Reider combined aren’t enough for either Ras or Bert individually. Dumb like I ain’t ever seen before.

      • No Thanks.

        Bertuzzi is a pest who can chip in 20 to 25 goals and Rasmussen is 19yo who was forced to play in the NHL due to rules with Juniors and the AHL.

        Reider has bounced around and really does nothing particularly well and Puljujarvi has been talked about for at least 2 years and can not make the team. Not a good sign when a player like that requests a trade. Buyer beware

      • Unless Holland thinks COMPLETELY differently, the path taken on Puljujarvi (a 4th overall) will likely match that on Yakupov (1st overall), i.e., they’ll hang on to him for fear of seeing him develop into what they thought he was going to be … but for someone else. And they’ll do that until the day arrives when they deal him for some non-entity such as they got for Yakupov (who’s still in the ECHL) and a conditional pick based on his coring 15 goals or more that won’t pan out, such as happened with Yakupov.

  5. I dont think your retelling of Lebrun is quite accurate. He said others have speculated that it would cost Kapanen or Johnsson for the Coyotes to take Marleau, however his sources with Arizona say it doesnt have to be that big a sweetener.

    That’s a huge difference because the Leafs never do it for that price, but definitely would think about it for a Bracco I bet.

    • Fixed, thanks!

      • The whole JP thing in Edm reminds me of the JHS thing on the Island. Josh Ho-Sang is another enigma, wrapped in a riddle written in pig-Latin. Try & figure them out. I would say swap em’ out but wouldn’t want either. Shouldn’t say that because JHS has proven his worth to a certain extent but needs the light bulb to go off sooner than later.

  6. Namestikov for Puljujarvi! This just screams Rangers. Fresh start with a team that’s in the midst of a rebuild. Adding a Fin with Kakko coming helps both. Names in final year of contract, could be a good fit for an extension with Oilers. Has speed to play with Connor. Had success playing with talent in Tampa

  7. Habs could make a play for Barrie they have a lot of youth in their system and will be flooded at centre in a couple of seasons. Time met be right to bolster their blue line and inject line in their anemic power play. Bergevin also has a surplus of draft picks to play with.

    • Andy I would package juhlsen, a second and a third for barrie. Anything else I think would be too much. Your thoughts?

  8. Will there be much trade activity , during tomorrow’s draft , or are we waiting until July 1st .

    • @ Ken

      good morning

      It is projected that the NHL will announce the NEW CAP HIT after the Draft ..LMAO …so this may effect trades at the draft …the Cap may take a 2 million dollar nose dive …will that make or break some trades ..its possible …but if there are deals that are too goo to pass up I see teams doing the deal and than trying desperately to fix it with small trades afterwards …its really the only way , the other thing is the Draft may be the point where teams only trade up and not big deals …but use that platform to talk about the deals and do them after the cap has been figured out.

  9. I don’t think Barrie will be traded. You don’t give up good d men even if they costs more. Make an effort to sign him.
    Not sure what Puljujarvi would cost. But he’s trending to be a bust or at least a “project”. If he is traded, and things don’t work out as he hoped, hopefully he’ll have a clause that let’s him walk.

  10. Here is a trade for Puljujarvi with the Leafs. Send Connor Brown the other way as a 1 for 1. Leafs get a younger player with some upside and the Oilers get a player who fits their asking price of a third line player who also has some upside if put in the right situation.

    • @ Leafs fan 39

      I would decline this trade, Connor brown is potentially a 2nd line winger penalty keill and can also play up and down teh line up and on a top line if need be at times, also plays a physical role most nights,

      If you trade Brown it has to be for a role player or a better D man …not another soft one dimensional player…just my 2 cents anyways – Go Leafs

      • “Connor brown is potentially a 2nd line winger” at the age of 25 Brown is who he is now, a third line player who can move up to the second line when needed.
        Puljujarv at the age of 21 has 1st line potential.
        That being said I still wouldn’t do that trade from a Leafs fans perspective. From an Oiler fans perspective I would jump all over that!

    • A rare good trade. Oilers likely get better end unless jp really evolves but leafs dump salary on a worthwhile gamble. Win win.

  11. Puljularvi was a 3 rd overall pick. They cannot give him away at his age. Burakovsky was also a first rounder and still on the front nine of his career. There may have to be other pieces but a good basis for a deal.
    If Samsonov is included I think a defence-man from the Oilers would need to be included. Both sides have to watch the dollars .
    My take on Holland is he didn’t make a lot of trades over his last number of years in Detroit. We will see.

    • I ain’t about to call you a liar for missing by 1 – 🙂 – but he actually went 4th in that draft – I only point this out because, had they had the 3rd pick they might have taken big C Pierre Luc-Dubois – who went to Columbus in the slot. But even then they likely would have screed it up given their history – incidentally, LW Matthew Tkachuk went 6th, D Mikhail Sergachev 9th and D Charley McAvoy 14th

      • What a GREAT Job by Kekko and the Jackets to take

        P L Dubois ..he is a stud …

        scouts for Oilers have been the issue and the former GMs have not done their jobs and have gone the status quo as opposed to picking for position and need …that has been the Oilers demise thus far …they will go down in history as the team that has squandered the best picks, over a 10 year period.

      • George, you’ll recall that Columbus management was criticized for picking Dubois ahead of Puljujaarvi.
        Occasionally the pundits are wrong.

      • Probably it was Craig Button who did the criticizing. He’s as bad at his new job as he was a GM. And that’s saying something.

  12. Likely confusing stuff regarding the next week or so :

    1) why would you put much value on an RFA with one year left unless you were really sure you had a credible chance at the Stanley Cup….

    2) what has happened to the difference between the signing value of an RFA and an UFA…..the system itself seems to have left the tracks

    3) why do GMs make the same errors every July 1…. Erkison/Vancouver, Lucic /Emonton, Neal/Calgary, Clarkson/Toronto, Alzner/Montreal…..can’t think of one for Winnipeg…..

    4) why are draft choices ( beyond the top 15 more or less) valued so highly when the statistics on making the NHL are so low

    • OBD, great questions. The RFA-UFA thing reflects the league getting younger and the effects of the salary cap. GM’s are betting on the cap going up for the forseeable future and want to get the young guns signed long-term.
      A good dose of offer sheets around the league might make teams look again at veterans who have proven their worth.
      There have to be others like Corey Perry and Joe Thornton out there.

      • Boogey. The cap has absolutely not kept bottom six forward salaries down.

    • @ Old blue dog

      Forgive my rant here ….lol

      I think the funniest thing to all of these scenarios you mentioned is that they were all put in place to protect the owners from there own GMs who were asking them to fork over millions more for players and giving players crazy money in an open market ..back in the 90s
      which every owner had to sign off on LMAO …

      these rules are to protect the owners from themselves so now they can only over pay 1 – 2 players as you mentioned and it hurt them not 3 or 4 or 5 ..LOL …the even funnier thing is …is if you were to alleviate some of these rules the owners would be paying out even more money in bidding wars over players rights and signing crazy money to players in an none UFA year….as an Owner if he owns a team it is most likely under his HOLDINGS company so he can protect himself from taxes and gives him options to move money around from one business title to the other legally which means that if these owners in an open market overpaid a player in a NON CAP ERA and they make billions
      ( which they do ) in another business …it just gets chalked up to a loss against there Billions in yearly earnings it would mean absolutely nothing in dollars and cents on paper …in a scenario with a player like Dion Phaneuf or Corey Perry…if these rules were not in place and these teams only lost 20 million on these deals to cut the player loose …it just goes against the 2 billion in earnings and ends up being pennies on the dollar to help on the year end tax payout….for the billion dollar business that they own outside of hockey

      But the cap has increased profits for the owners kept wages down for the players in the bottom 6 roles and depth players and now only 40 players in the league get paid good dough ….the rest goes to the owners …it has killed the bottom 6 players on each NHL team and they are not getting paid what they should.

      but they say it creates parady.

    • OBD,


      I went to an auction once and watched these people bid up a vase. Nothing special about it, it looked modern, to me cheap. It went for around $150.00, which to the winner probably seemed reasonable because they wanted it. When the auction employee lifted the case I saw a big Target 29.99 sticker on the bottom.

  13. Erik Karlsson money and term didn’t surprise me; but Jeff Skinner and Kevin Hayes certainly did.
    Silly season and stupid money is now here. What can Matt Duchene and Artemi Panarin expect to sign for when the market opens July 1st? Or is it a case of the team that owns your rights just going to blow you out of the water with an offer, that you and they know that no other team will match this offer. You could certainly argue that no one was going to other team was making them offers to Karlsson, Skinner or Hayes. Of the 3 I think the most likely to have received a similar offer would’ve been Karlsson; the least likely was Hayes who next best offer very well could’ve been at $5.5 -$6m per season.
    Any potential ufa’s must be drooling and can probably hardly wait for July 1st or June 23rd when they can start talking to other teams.
    If you’re an UFA and unless the team holding your rights is blowing you out of the water with an offer, why not wait there seem to be stupid money out there might as well get your share of it.
    What can a player like Marcus Johansson expect, he has had better season then Hayes and at least cracked the 50pt barrier once with 58pts, e is coming off a season that paid him $4.75 Hayes made $5.175 last season an he is a C so somewhat of a premium.
    Winnipeg has two UFA dman in Tyler Myers and Ben Chiarot one is worth more then the other and both will have several teams biding for their services and both will be over paid and most likely they both have probably played their last game in a Winnipeg Jersey. Winnipeg will have to over pay to get either guy. Welcome to UFA season, the season where most GM can’t control themselves and get a little to excited. Don’t worry we’ll all be here to criticize all the moves and signings. Can’t wait!

    • I’m guessing Hayes probably would’ve got 5.5-6 from Rangers…. but I doubt they would’ve went 7 years. That’s why he ended up in Winnepeg

    • You can’t make that argument caper. If these players signed for this amount then it was extremely likely the open market was going to top those offers. The teams offers would be the baseline to work off of for the player

      • I think you can make that argument with Karlsson Chrisms because of the 8th year. What other team would have matched the total value of that contract over 7 years? That would give Karlsson the highest AAV in the league.

      • Fair enough ray. Good point. But Hayes gets more than he got if he goes to ufa. Same with skinner. Obviously it’s rhetorical but I believe when people see what some of these ufas about to get these contracts won’t look so surprising

      • Chrism respect your opinion but obviously I disagree.
        Hayes was rumour to be going to Boston and it was rumoured Boston was interested in his services and no way was Boston paying him $7.1 over 7yrs.
        Philly traded for his rights and knew they had to agree with Hayes numbers and not their own, because even two days after trading for Hayes they couldn’t get him to go look at the facilities and in the end Hayes signs, why? because they offered him more money then anyone else was going? Otherwise why not wait? It wasn’t his prefer destination and yet there he is and the other reason he signed now and didn’t wait is because Philly might has said something along the lines of this dead expires midnight to night or there is no guarantee this offer is here two day after free agency starts. I take that same logic and apply it to Skinner because he is but isn’t a $9m player.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me that the NYR balked at the term asked for by Hayes. Kind of reminds me of Turris in Ottawa. Dorion offered him the money – but said a firm no to the term demanded. He demanded and got it from Nashville – now they’re having a tough time trying to deal him.

      • Caper. Karlsson ain’t a 10+ player either. Cept. He is. Philly doesn’t do that trade without understanding the ballpark they were looking at. Nhl gms ain’t surprised at these contacts. No one is going “gotcha!” Again I can’t obviously prove these players get more… but they definitely get more.

  14. How can the NHL be the only league that can not figure out there cap in time for the draft ????

    • It is the NHLPA Swany and a decision on escrow.
      If the players want less money held in escrow, the cap will go down.

      • I do understand that just makes 0 sense that it could not be done by Friday .

      • Maybe the players have to vote on it? That is simply a guess.
        I agree with you though, this should have been dealt with well prior to the draft.

  15. A contract is a contract so each party should honour them. That is why we have them. Teams that want to break contracts are prohibited from doing so why can player dictate that he wants to be traded?
    Fine if a team agrees but other wise play on.

  16. I have a feeling there is going to a GM or 2 out there who would rather throw offer sheets at Point, Marner, Tkachuk, , Connor, Laine, W Karlsson vs. chasing Duchene & Panarin.
    Jarmo K would be my choice as someone who may go that route.

    • Let’s see if this post will get some action…lol. What if Marner get’s offer sheeted – but the Leafs let him go. Then go and either use the picks and offer sheet or trade for Matthew Tkachukj. Marner is the best small winger that The Leafs have but lets face it – they have quite a few smallish very skilled wingers. What once again was glaringly obvious was we could use a bit more size and tenacity in a series like the one against The Bruins.

      Also – for those who think Tyson Barrie would solve The Leaf’s problems on D – again we have a lot of smallish puck moving D-men. We don’t need another. We need a D-man with size who can make a good first pass out of the zone. Lots of teams would love Barrie and for good reason – but The Leafs shouldn’t be one of them…

      • I like the theory. If they are going to do that I would go after Panarin instead. That way for the same money you would pay Marner you get Panarin plus 4 first round draft picks.

    • that’s a good point Chris , but not thinking a GM will go over 10. + offer which would result in the four 1st rnd picks for Marner, Point , they could potentially get offers of up to 10.5 million compensation = two 1sts , 2nd , 3rd. A GM could start a ruckus by offering up to $8,454,871 for Tkachuk, Laine, cost = 1st, 2nd, 3rd rnd picks and up to $6,341,152 for Connor and Karlsson, compensation = 1st, 3rd. The teams in cap hell, like Vegas and Tampa may not be able to counter. I like the fact the RFA rule could come into play this year.

  17. The league should run the cap more like the NBA then. Huge luxury tax for teams willing to spend that much and screw up the money for bottom and middle tier players.

    Run buy outs that don’t count against the cap

    and do relegation like Soccer =)

    • If luxury tax didn’t exist in baseball, there would be about 8-9 teams gone from the MLB. On more than one occasion, the Marlins received more in luxury tax than the spent on payroll.

      I think the NHL would be better off with this system.

      • A fan of the rangers would love that system… as a Pittsburgher who watches the atrocity of the pirates I can tell you the thought of the nhl doing it makes me want to weep

      • As a Pittsburgh fan you should love the idea even more than a NY fan. Ny teams aren’t going to ever be moved… the penguins and pirates? A very good possibility that The penguins ultimately run out of their draft superstar luck at the right time…. then what?

        Seats will start opening up, and the pens will once again be in trouble.

        Luxury tax means you won’t have to be cheering for the Houston penguins.

      • The pens are locked into ppg paints arena for some time with not crooked owners that spend to the cap. I’m not the least bit worried about that. And let’s be honest… the pens will never run out of draft luck for long. Been 35 years with the best talent for most of it. Another 35 years coming.

    • Doesn’t the NBA also share revenue between teams? Big market teams like the Lakers and Knicks (who have massive local TV contracts) pay in and the small market teams like Memphis take out.
      Would Ranger and Leaf fans like that?

      • Think they would bc they would not be stuck with a hard cap.

      • Good point ihatecrosby.
        Let me phrase the question differently – Would Leaf and NYR ownership like that?

      • @Ray

        I know NYR ownership has no problem spending$$

        I would assume TML would not mind either.

        What would be a point of contention would be how much the owners actually spend on the lower end teams…before the revenue share kicks in from the luxury tax. If the poor end of the pool still spends their own $ and then also gets extra luxry cash then I think NYR and TML would be ok with it day in day out.

        These 2 franchises generate so much revenue that it makes sense to give it back to the players in terms of pay.

        Makes RFA negotiations harder though when you know you are a GM of a team that is willing to spend hand over fist.

        Would allow “cap hits” to virtually disappear and allow free market to allow players more mobility.

        but this comes from a guy like me who thinks ELC contracts should be 5 years not 3 and UFA should start at 23 and not 28 regardless of games played.

      • ihatecrosby, I think the NBA has revenue sharing between teams regardless if they spend enough to get a luxury tax. It is hard to find out exactly how it works, so not 100% on this. Lakers make a whack and their TV contract is like 15 times that of Memphis, and always will be. Hence Memphis will never catch up.
        I believe they are 2 different things.
        If the Leafs or Rangers had to send pay in $20M every year and teams like Arizona collected $15M every year, would the ownership of the Rangers and Leafs ever agree to that even if they didn’t spend over the threshold and if they did go over they send even more $$ in?
        The Ranger and Leaf fans would like it as it shifts the competitive balance, but not sure the ownership would.

  18. Trade Idea – Leafs send Nylander, Brown and Zaitsev to the Oilers. Oilers send Larson, Puljarvi and Gagne to the Leafs.

    Oilers get two right wingers and a replacement right d. Leafs get a first pairing right d, a prospect right wing and Gagne can slot is as the fourth line centre (his inclusion is to try and even up the dollars) and save some money to help sign their RFAs.

    Would either team do it?

    • Oilers would, if they had the cap space.

    • Nope, to much cap hit going to the Oilers. About $13.5 going to the Oilers with only $7.2 plus PJ’s extension, which shouldn’t be much. Plus the Oilers giving Larsson. NO WAY!!!
      The Leafs will be needing to give up more if they want someone to take on Zaitsev’s contract. Also there is no way Zaitsev can replace Larsson.

      • You might be right on the cap. Zaitsev isn’t really meant to replace Larson. The real trade is Nylander for Larson and the other pieces are due to the trade requests by two of the players.

      • Yeah, it would be nice to get Nylander, but his cap hit is to high for the Oilers right now. That and they don’t have anyone to replace Larsson on defence, so that would be filling a hole to create a hole.
        IMO the Oilers, with their cap situation, need to focus on cheaper players to fix their bottom 6 forward group. If they can get the support from their bottom 6 that they didn’t get last season they should be able to get a wild card spot next season. When Sekera and Russell come off the books in two seasons, and ideally get replaced by Bouchard and Samorukov then they will have the cap space to add to the top 6 and become condenders.

  19. So Pulujarvi asks for a trade or he’ll play overseas next year. So? If all the leverage he has is I wont play then let him walk. Its not like hes a difference maker. Hes shown next to nothing at the NHL level and has next to zero trade value. Wrong time for him to ask for anything.

    He must have a moron for an agent.

    • Nischukin in Dallas did the same thing and look how bad he is now. He may not even be qualified a contract again by Dallas. He was invisible this year. Pujujarvi should at least give it one more year and honor his contract and see how Holland treats him.

  20. Canucks sign Edler…2 yrs …12 million…

    • considering the available UFA D with this skill set the price seems fair , I like the fact it is only a 2 yr term. Canucks may have had to add $ to the AAV to get a 2 year term. Myers and Gardiner are going to be hot commodities.

  21. Flyers : Gostibehere, Hagg and Vorachek

    Leafs: Marner, Zaitsev, 2nd round pick.

    • yeah, no thanks. Take 14 million in salary?

      If the Leafs wanted Ghost they would have just kept Gardiner plus traded Marner for all he is worth and I can tell you that he’s worth more than Voracek.

      • Id break the deal into two parts: Gostisbehere and Vorachek for Marner (12.75 million in dollars approx for 11 million approx). Ghost will make at least 2-3 million less than Gardiner gets in FA assuming he leaves as FA, he makes the same as Zaitsev and Vorachek is likely to be 3 million under what Marner signs for.

        Hagg for Zaitsev and a 2nd. Younger cheaper player for the Leafs equals more cap space for Leafs.

        Toronto In: Vorachek (8.25 million), Gostibehere (4.5 million) and Hagg (1.15 million). Totals: 3 players and 13.9 million in money.

        Toronto Out: Marner (11 million est), Zaitsev (4.5 million) and Gardiner (7 million est) assuming he leaves as FA. Totals : 3 players, 1 draft pick and 22.5 million in dollars.

        Leaves Toronto with positions filled, added depth on defence and approximately 8.6 million in cap space.

        Makes sense to me for both Toronto and Philly.

  22. ….anyone want Ceci?

    • sure….i’ll trade ya Shattenkirk & Vesey for him

    • what do you think lands him a 2nd and a 3rd ? I too am hoping he gets moved

      • I think you’ll see Ceci on the move – soon.

    • Not sure what trade value he has but instead of signing him at 5M, wouldn’t it be prudent to take on Zaitsev, who in my opinion is a better player, plus get the sweetner from the Leafs?

      • if Zaitsev’s term was 3 years perhaps , it’s the 5 year term that is scaring teams off. Thinking Ceci goes to arbitration again and settles on a 1 year 4.85 deal becoming a UFA next year.

      • Vancouver should trade Tanev for Zaitsev & Kapanen along with $1m retained on Zaitsev

  23. Since TML is up against the cap and NYR has some space, would TML switch Marleau & Brown for Shattenkirk?

    Since TML has to spend the $6m on Marleau if they cannot move him….why not spend it on your defense by merely shifting where that $6m goes?

    NY takes Marleau and Brown to clear more room for TML and can trade those contracts for nothing since NYR only wants picks where TML needs players.

    Frees $2m up for to resign Kapanen and no long term investment in Shatts for TML

    Brown can be sent to anyone
    NYR can then unload others to clear roster spaces.

    • I’d do it if I were Toronto and Marleau agreed.

  24. Kreider & Shatts to Buff for Risto?

    Buff has $ and can use depth on their top 6 that has speed and can score

    they would only be stuck with Shatts for 2 yrs

    Risto back up plans in case Trouba does not sign

    then Buff trades Okposo to NSH for Turris

    Gives buff a 2nd line center to play with Kreider and company

    chance of scenery for both players

    • You are persistent, I’ll give you that.

      • IHC you gotta be in sales , if not you should be

      • Thank kindly good sirs. Yes I am in sales. I only propose and let the buyer decide. =)

    • @ihate
      I actually prefer Risto over Trouba but with ADA+Fox there is no need to add Risto. Kreider+ADA+shatty for Risto+……still not making sense for the Rangers

      • @DS
        My thought process is Risto is a back-up to Trouba NOT signing….or even better…trade ADA as Risto is a bigger body upgrade.

        Gives them better options to upgrade their D faster.

  25. Interesting MLB story today. Tampa Bay Rays have been given permission to explore splitting their schedule next year with Montreal.
    Could be a workable concept for the NHL – Florida and Quebec City, for example, Arizona and Houston…….

    • I read it after seeing your post BCLeafFan, it is interesting.
      Testing the water for as possible move in the future and for MTL to gauge the fan support?
      Obviously not drawing well in TB even with a quality team.
      Would love to see an Expos reboot, in the same division as the Jays to make it better. That would be great for baseball in Canada.
      Old enough to rememer Rogers, Valentine, Dawson and the heartbreak of Rick Monday’s HR. And then the lost season…

  26. Hearing that the Leafs are considering moving Kadri or Kapanen, and it bugs me as it is obvious that neither of these players being dealt makes a huge lot of sense positionally nor cap-space wise. Nylander moving helps the salary crunch, Marleau going does too. Kapanen isn’t inline for a huge raise and should come in between $3 and $4 on a short term before his real longterm contract in a year or two. As for Barrie, he’s $5.5 Million for one more season. About what The leafs would offer Gardiner as a low-ball home-discount.
    So the leafs dealing for Barrie wouldn’t make much sense unless they were clearing salary or Colorado with lots of cap space were to eat a significant chunk of Barrie’s salary this season. Sounds like a hard-sell. but perhaps with a player like Kapanen, it might well be something that the Avs might look into.

    • Maybe Sakic would do

      to TML: Barrie & Soderberg
      to COL: Marleau, Kadri, Kapanen & 1st this yr .

      • Leafs don’t have a first

      • oops….you are correct….next yr?

  27. do you see philly making a play for kapanen or maybe brown for the rw on the 3rd line. if so what would it take ( and no leaf fans not ghost and provorov)

  28. 💯 🍾

  29. hear it’s the canucks that are in the hunt for Tyson….joe s. needs to remain very patient