NHL Rumor Mill – June 22, 2019

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Despite the lack of trades involving NHL players during the first round of the 2019 Draft, the rumor mill churns on. Check out the latest on P.K. Subban, Tyson Barrie, and Jason Zucker plus updates on the Leafs, Penguins and more. 


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports uncertainty over the final amount of the 2019-20 salary cap paralyzed some of the trade discussions during the opening round of the 2019 NHL Draft. The cap, projected to reach $83 million, is expected to be between $81.5 million and $82 million. For some teams, that $500K difference is a big deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The final number will reportedly be released during the remainder of the NHL Draft later today. It could launch a blizzard of late-round deals or clubs could wait until next week to start wheeling and dealing. 


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Nashville Predators are rumored to be shopping P.K. Subban and Kyle Turris in hopes of cutting their salary-cap payroll. Subban has three years left on his contract with an annual average value of $9 million. Turris has five seasons remaining at a salary-cap hit of $6 million.

TSN: Frank Seravalli cited colleague Bob McKenzie speculating the Toronto Maple Leafs might have interest in Subban. The Leafs need a skilled right-side defenseman. The Predators are reportedly willing to absorb 30 percent of Subban’s cap hit to facilitate a trade. The Leafs, however, must first shed salary if they intend on acquiring the Preds blueliner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators will also have to pick up a healthy chunk of Turris’ cap hit to move him. However, the remaining term of his contract could be a major sticking point.

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun said the Leafs are still discussing a possible trade scenario with the Arizona Coyotes involving winger Patrick Marleau. If they can pull that off, it could free up enough cap room to pursue Subban. Of course, that also depends on the cost of re-signing restricted free agent winger Mitch Marner. And speaking of the Leafs…

The P.K. Subban trade rumors continue at the 2019 NHL Draft (Photo via NHL Images).


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan took note of Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas talking with Predators GM David Poile before the start of the opening round last night. While rumors link the Leafs to P.K. Subban, Koshan points out they lack the cap space to take him on, especially with Mitch Marner, Kasperi Kapanen, and Andreas Johnsson to re-sign.

Dubas claims re-signing Marner is his top priority, but there’s talk he may be closer to re-signing Kapanen. It remains to be seen if he’ll keep or trade the winger. Koshan also dismisses the notion of trading Marner as absurd.

The Leafs could seek a defenseman if they trade Kapanen or Nazem Kadri. Those who could be available include “Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Brett Pesce of the Carolina Hurricanes or Tyson Barrie of the Colorado Avalanche.”

Koshan notes the Leafs are still trying to move Patrick Marleau and Nikita Zaitsev. Connor Brown could also be on the move and Koshan doesn’t rule out a William Nylander deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubas has to do something to free up cap space for Marner’s new contract. If he’s close to re-signing Kapanen, perhaps it’s a “sign-and-trade” scenario. Then again, he could keep Kapanen and move Andreas Johnsson. He’ll certainly have to shed salary if he intends to add a blueliner like Subban, Letang, Pesce, or Barrie. 


THE ATHLETIC: Ryan S. Clark reports Colorado Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is denying media conjecture suggesting defenseman Tyson Barrie could be traded. He claims there’s nothing to those rumors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barrie has frequently surfaced in media trade chatter in recent years. Despite Sakic’s latest denials, speculation persists the 27-year-old defenseman could be moved soon. 


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackay reports Penguins GM Jim Rutherford claims he’s no closer to swinging a deal. When asked about Kris Letang or Evgeni Malkin, Rutherford said it was “highly unlikely” anything happens with them. While acknowledging he’s open to trade calls, he claims he wasn’t aggressively shopping his top guys. He denied a lower-than-expected salary cap for next season is a factor.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, unless someone blows Rutherford’s socks off with an incredible offer, Letang, Malkin and Phil Kessel aren’t going anywhere. Their respective no-movement/no-trade clauses also hinder any possible effort movement to move them.


TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani reports Minnesota Wild GM Paul Fenton won’t trade winger Jason Zucker unless the price is right. “I listen to offers and I make offers just like everybody else does,” Fenton said. “It doesn’t mean that he’s pigeon-holed into something. I love Jason as a player and he’ll be a great fit for us when he comes back.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A few weeks ago, the right price was Pittsburgh winger Phil Kessel. At the trade deadline, it was Calgary winger Michael Frolik and a draft pick. Just sayin’.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Buffalo Sabres talked to several teams about a possible trade of Rasmus Ristolainen. The 24-year-old defenseman carries an annual salary-cap hit of $5.4 million through 2020-21. Garrioch believes Ristolainen could benefit from a change of scenery, suggesting there’s “a strong chance” he’ll be traded before the start of next season.

Garrioch also said the San Jose Sharks are shopping blueliner Brenden Dillon and there are a few teams interested in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ristolainen trade rumors won’t go away. I don’t doubt there are teams interested in him but Sabres GM Jim Botterill won’t just give him away. He’ll either want a top-four defenseman or a scoring forward in return.

The Sharks, meanwhile, already traded away a blueliner by sending Justin Braun to Philadelphia. Unless they believe Jacob Middleton is ready for prime time or intend to re-sign Tim Heed, moving Dillon might not be a wise course of action. 



  1. Since NY couldn’t pull off Kreider plus to get the 4th to nab Byram (very sad to not get this kid)

    perhaps Kreider plus to Buff for Risto

    or Shattenkirk to NSH for PK with 30% retained.

    leaves NSH with over 1.5m in space there if i ballpark it right

    • Personally, I’d prefer they hold on to Kreider and extend him. I’d be pretty shocked to see NY make another move on defense in the near future. A significant move anyway. Unless we’re talking about moving one out.

      • I am at the side now(keep changing) to extend Kreider. There is so much potential in the Rangers system now on the wings and backend, giving 77 million to Panarin is not the right move.

        The Rangers will need a top 6 center to emerge in the next 24 months and a left side D for the top 4.

      • Shatts & Namestnikov to NSH for PK =) lol if Poile was that gullible

        Well I would have been fine offering Kreider & ADA for Byram and a pick.

        That young man would help rebuild that NYR D fast. He is ahead of NYR top D prospects IMO.

        But you are correct…I can see Kreider resigning however…I don’t like him top line with Zib. Think Kakko, kravtsov, Chytil would proffered better suited to Zib then the “go long ….” parking lot football passing game zip and kreider plays. Very one dimensional offensive play that got stuffed more times than not.

      • Sakic could not pass on that defenseman. I am surprised he did not trade the 16th for a forward that can help now. his team is so close

      • I agree Nyr4life.. i want to see them keep Kreider, ya he may have slumped a bit.. but that size, speed and strength is hard to find these days.

    • You come up with some of the worst trade scenarios by far. Shattenkirk for Subban? That would never happen and you want Nashville to retain salary hahahaha. Why not throw Brendan Smith in there too.

      • OMG I totally forgot that…. as a favor Poile…we will pay for Brendan’s plane ticket too along with a NY Style Rubin sandwich. =)

        Most proposals are in jest.

      • Smith as a sweetener! Lmao!

        What I like about IHC is he acknowledges how horrible most of his proposals are upfront.

        Say what you want, he keeps the board flooded at times!

    • @ihc:
      Shattenkirk doesn’t net Subban (30% salary retained) LOL

      • I know that =)

        but trying to mimic the floor at the draft…. everyone was smiling so I am sure some silly proposals were made lol

    • dumb … as usual

  2. Friday was anti climatic …good deal with the Flyers . Getting 45 overall for nothing . I thought Arizona was going to take the goalie and pip Florida. Wasted

    Sakic will not move Barrie anytime soon. Look how long it took him to move Duchene

    I am getting a little tired of the Betman booing thing. From what I can see he has done a very decent job for all stakeholders. Except maybe the ticketholders.

    • The general booing wherever he appears simply reflects the average IQ of a fan base.

      • Pretty much same in other sports. Goodell gets an earful every nfl draft

      • I have to agree George. The man acts arrogant but he has really done a great job with the NHL . The only thing I hate is how they continually make rule changes. I miss the red line , continual stretch passes drive me nuts

      • I think there are some reasons where a boo is the appropriate reaction. Take for instance the salary cap. It’s projected to increase but not to the $83m and it hasn’t even been announced yet.

        I won’t pretend to know the ins and outs that is required to negotiate the salary cap but I think it should be raised beyond $83m and whatever they do decide to raise or lower it to, should be announced prior to the NHL draft.

      • Yeah Vinne, I agree that that removal of the red line caused a greater change in the game than any other single “tweek.” But I guess that was, in the end, a consensus decision. As for the cap fluctuation NYFNR, why this wasn’t announced before the draft was explained last evening – something to do with last-minute factors – but that can’t be blamed on Bettman. He’s there mainly to keep the owners happy and a cap had the blessings of most of them. Without a hard cap the league would be lucky to have 10 franchises.

      • George O, I completely understand the logic that a “sky is the limit” cap couldn’t exist, but I do think $83m alone is really tight.

        Regarding the unforeseen circumstances or last minute factors, I still find it hard to accept. The salary cap has a significant impact on how the teams’ treat their draft picks and as a result, we saw no real trades in the first round.

        I’d agree that it’s not Bettman’s fault however, fans need to direct their displeasure at different facets of the game somewhere and the individual with the best influence to make a change is Bettman.

        I admit though, I haven’t taken the time out to truly understand the reasons behind the delay with the cap but I do still think, its unacceptable and the cap should be established a week prior to draft in the future. Not that my opinion really matters much though lol

      • Embarrassing for Canuck fans and organization.

    • Agree, enough already with booing Bettman. I would say Vancouver should be embarrassed, but it happens in every city. The guy is good at his job, you are what you accomplish, and he has accomplished a lot.
      I thought we would see more action, and then, as always, nope.
      I guess you don’t get fired for the blockbuster trades you don’t make.

      • I’m not surprised that he was booed. Sure he make some money, also he works nicely for his buddies. But then, thx to him we had 3(?)lockouts, and the next one is coming. We also had Olympics without nhl players, but since in China they have more money, uncle Gary wont hesitate to send players there.

      • The booing of Bettman was excessive in my mind as well.
        I actually like Bettman and think he has done a good job. One of his goals was to grow the game which he has done. Just look at the amount of American drafted players in the first round this year.

        Because of the growth of the game in the US the talent pool will be growing exponentially. The out come of this will be better 19 – 21 year olds playing major roles on teams all wanting big contracts.
        It is already happening where these young players are pushing out the 30 year olds at a younger age.
        I can foresee the Pipeline of players from Canada and the US will flip and we will see a 60-40 or a 70-30 split of US to Canada born players.
        If this happens we will be seeing a lot more players like McDavid and a lot less of your typical 4th line plugger

        Just another note; I watched a bit of the NBA draft on Thursday and all of the NHL draft, what a contrast!

      • Major sports are certainly changing. Not only did a lot of American kids go in the 1st round in hockey, but 6 Canadians were drafted by NBA teams just the day before in their draft (which only goes 2 rounds).

      • see Hextall

      • Hextall would disagree

    • While I don’t necessarily agree with booing Bettman. I can’t say I’m a fan. I’m not as sold as others here on what a great job he has done in the nhl.

      He’s not exactly a branding, marketing genius by any stretch. As a matter of fact, I think the NHL marketing is the worst among all 4 major Pro sports.

      The guy is a NY’er! I’d love to have a different opinion…. but he is what he is!

      • We have never seen as much NHL hockey at anytime on TV as we do now. There has never been adds for merch or upcoming games on TV etc.- you get my point. We even get international play & awards etc.. Work stoppages are not Bettman’s fault. Ownership & the NHLPA are responsible for those- he mediates. Cut him a break! Continue the booing, don’t boo- that’s what’s great about these events- everyone knows when Gary’s around.

      • Glow pucks, making an embarrassing sham out of the all stars, 8 team expansion under his watch … while having teams like Arizona, Florida, Carolina struggle… A failed placement (part deux) Atlanta…. I mean Ray Charles could clearly see Atlanta was a bad idea…. but….

        3 lockouts, one of which cost them the espn deal… and in the United States, their huge tv deal at that time was the outdoor network…. which seemed to care more about bass fishing than showing NHL games more than twice a week.

        18 outdoor games a year that all spawned from the winter classic. Let’s take something fun and different and absolutely beat it into the ground until we kill it.

        And let’s never underestimate the live A list talent they bring in to perform. I wonder who will be next? Smash mouth? Nickleback? A Lynard Skynard cover band?

      • Expansion is great. No Arizona no Mathews. Talent is coming from so much more areas. This draft is a prime example… americans dominated round one. That doesn’t happen without expansion

        ESPN treated the nhl like crap. Giving espn the finger was a boss move.

        Most of the rest of your criticism is warranted

      • Espn gave them the finger by terminating the deal. Not vice versa. I don’t see how espn crapped on them? They definitely televised more games than Outdoor life network. And Thorne and Clement were by far the best duo to call games. Mike Emirck? Someone please stab my eardrums out!

        And I’m all for expansion. With the right city and demographics. The NHL still has yet to figure that out.

      • And as far as Arizona goes, not sure that YEARS of a team operating in the red and being on life support was a good thing. Mathews or not.

        I don’t think that Mathews has done anything to change the game. And the NHL has survived the loss or retirement of much better players than Mathews could hope to ever be… as much as I hated Gretzky…. He grew the game in the US. I don’t think Mathews has or will.

      • Mathews was just the example. When nhl was on espn that network systematically kept the nhl down. They were a side note. Want highlights? Good luck finding hockey! The most impressive deke or save might make the top ten… so long as bull riding nascar or golf didn’t have any routine footage to trump it. The nhl demanding respect from espn and not bowing was good on them. As a hockey fan I was quite proud

    • Joe s…..just waits and waits…I wanted him to move up to 11 from 16 last nite ….turns out he never had to….. while Tyson might go at some point….why rush right now?….Byram adds a nice future dman who does not need to be protected and Newhook while a ways away is a great skater

    • One of the things that makes Hockey so great is the passion the fans have. Fans displaying their displeasure. by booing is a big part of the sport. If a fan wants to boo Bettman I’m ok with that. Where I draw the line is when the man is trying to speak or present the most respected trophy in sports. Fans should show some respect, or at least self constraint, and allow others to enjoy the moment.

      • Agree with that, GP, but, work stoppages and all, my biggest beef with Bettman is the brutal way the league is dealing with concussions and their effects. Talk about marketing, NY4Life, a proactive commitment to this issue by the league would do wonders among fans.
        I also think the league could do far more for Women’s Hockey, including a WNHL based in Original 6 cities to begin with and expansion as the player base grows.

  3. The Sharks have 32% of an $82 mil cap tied up in 3 D and if you add in the contracts of Couture, Kane, Hertl and Jones that jumps to 62% in 7 players. Right now they have 15 signed with cap space of $15,342,583 to sign 8 players. And guys like Pavelski, Donskoi, Nyquist, Thornton, Labanc, Meier, Ryan and Gambrell to either re-sign or replace.

    So, somebody has to go and if not Dillon, then who?

    • Dillion to TML for Marleau LOL i kid i kid

      • LOL. That’s almost as absurd as Dubas trading for Subban! Since Nashville would be dealing him solely for the cap space needed, what could Dubas possibly offer that might entice Poile? Maybe a Kadri since that would save approximately half of Subban’s hit – but adding another $5 mil to his cap nightmare isn’t in the cards.

      • Winner of the draft HAS to be Sakic

        Drafting Byram to go with Makar and Gerard. Even if he hangs onto Barrie, Colorado D seems to be set for the next 10 years

        Then basically moonwalking back to the podium to select yet another tier 2 junior in Newhook. Makar, Jost, Newhook are definately planting the flags for the once great BCHL/CJHL.

        With Mackinnon, Jost, Newhook, Av’s center position appears to also be set for the next 10 years.

        If Joe can bring in a hot goaltender, that team will be back to glory

        Hats off to Sakic who took a bit of crap for his slow approach, telling his buddy Roy not to let the door hit his arse on the way out.

        Hats off to Benning for taking Podkolzin….poor Steamer really butchered that kids name. Big strapping kid should be a thick 6’2 210lb machine when he arrives.
        Hope Jim can stay the course tho and not do anything too bold

      • I don’t think you can declare a draft winner today, or for years to come.

        Go back to the 2011 draft. I wonder if Every team in the league skips over Kucherov (some twice) again. As a ranger fan, I’d prefer they got a mulligan on Miller and drafted Kucherov instead.

        Prospects are prospects… until they’re not.

        Nothing is won or lost on draft day or July 1st. We’ve seen it time and time again. But it never slows down the “winners and losers” threads.

      • NY4LIFE

        Not Sakic has drafted a dud yet but im sure Byram and Newhook will turn out just fine.

    • Donskoi and nyquist are going to free agency. The leafs have the same problem when marner is signed they will have 4 guys making close to 50% of the cap!

      • Oh I agree those two are going to free agency, but they still have to find replacements who will pick up their combined 36g 51a 97 pts this past season (Nyquist’s with 2 teams – but still production). Is their farm that good?

  4. Dubas can only sign Marner if Marner wants too.I think it will be a drawn out affair. I hope not .I would just go ahead and work on the rest of the team, deal with him when he is ready. And yes I would let him sit for a year. Should have let Nylander sit for a year. The GM’s are dropping the ball. RFA’S are supposed to be at a disadvantage, use it.

    • It was mentioned the other day that Marner is seeking 11.5. Dubas said he can’t guarantee he could match an offer sheet if there was one. IMO, I think Dubas can see this as an out. He’ll get killed by fan base if he trades him, but if Marner where to sign an offer sheet, he’s making the decision for Dubas. Maybe this solves all their problems. Sign everyone else, including Gardner. If it’s a team like Arizona, maybe some of those 4 first round picks could be high?

    • Exactly.

      RFA’s can threaten an offersheet but it is very rare and the GM still has the chance to match. Somehow RFA salaries are at UFA levels now. This is the fault of the GMs, nothing more.

  5. PK and The Leafs? They can’t afford themselves as is: ya sure whatever:

    • There is actually a lot of ways they could make that work if Nashville retains 30% of his salary. Start with Nylander going back the other way since they’re looking for help upfront or let Marner walk for 4 first round picks. Screw the sign and trade scenario, no way that’s worth more than the 4 1sts.

      • Why would Nashville take Nylander? They already have a $6 mil man that can’t produce when it counts in Turris? And even if they withheld 30% of Subban’s cap hit, add that $2.7 mil to Nylander’s $6,692,366 and they’re worse of cap-wise!

  6. GMs have every right to be royally frosted because the league and players’ union still haven’t announced what the cap ceiling will be. No wonder there were no trades involving players on the first day of the draft.
    This reflects badly on the league.

    • Teams are allowed to go over the cap (10%?) up until start of season. I don’t see how difference of 1/2 a mil is holding up any trades.

      • The Cap should have been determined “weeks” prior to the Draft.

        That should have been a priority. Much more important than a players helmet coming off during a game!

        Poor job.

  7. Could Florida skip signing Bob and bring Henrik down to south beach?? just a thought

    • If they don’t get Bobrosvsky, I can see them dealing for Craig Anderson to have for next season – and maybe 1 more year after. He lives in the region, was there once before, and is still a pretty good goalie when supported properly. Mind you, he wouldn’t bring all that much to Ottawa in such a deal – and theyt likely need his $4 mil+ cap hit to make sure they reach the cap floor this coming season.

      • Hearing both Detroit and Vancouver have approached Boston about Krug. Sweeney isn’t shopping him but he is listening.
        Happen to see you, would be nice.

      • George,

        Andersen may also be a good fit with Carolina. Waddell has stated they probably wont be able to sign Mrazek or McElhinney and they are moving forward with Nedeljkovic. Andersen would be a dependable starter and a good mentor through Nedeljkovic’s transition from AHL to NHL.

    • Lundqvist doesn’t appear to want to go anywhere.

      • All indications appear so. Every interview he really makes sure he says he wants to be part of this young team and help the transition and young players. He is a really classy guy.

        He could easy be a diva and ask out….after all he has proved….he is a consummate teammate and pro.

        I hate the cap but he is the guy of good competitor that Id want in my room……only 2 yrs left. No sweat.

      • I think having him and Allaire around to bring Shestyorkin and Georgiev along isn’t a bad thing at all.

      • As he always says, NY is all he knows. With the Trouba trade and possibility of signing Panarin to go along with additions of Kravtsov, Kakko and Fox, it looks like they could be a lot better team. But…. if they 1) don’t sign Panarin 2) don’t extend Trouba and 3) have another deadline sell off? Then maybe he asks out at deadline. I doubt he’ll want to hang around another year of getting pelted with 50 shots a night

      • @Slick….

        to be honest I am not sure he minds the 50 shot nights so long as the defenseman don’t block his vision of the puck and they are all not high quality chances. He actually looks more engaged and thrilled when he is very active and the D clear the zone the correct way. What gets him peeved is the turnovers, blocking his vision and not clearing the zone correctly that leads to high quality scoring chances and goals.

        He is a gem to have….still top 15 IMO.

        I think he will stick it out and the NYR will hire him right after for their organization.

  8. Question, and I know this is likely isn’t going to happen, what if Dubas signs Marner and Kapanen et al and fills out his blue line. He is way over the cap and Horton’s LTIR $ isn’t enough to get under the cap. Can’t move Marleau and Zaitsev.
    I know it won’t happen, but if it did, what does the NHL actually do?

    • That’s a good question, I don’t know the answer either.

    • A team can only exceed the cap by 10% in the off season. So it Dubas exceeds this, the signing will be voided

    • Cant move who?

      • Oh, he could always be moved. If they took a hosing in return, And they did.

  9. To TOR: Subban (30% retained)
    To NSH: Kadri + Brown + Liljegren

    To TOR: Pesce
    To CAR: Nylander + Sparks

    To TOR: Benning + Puljujarvi
    To EDM: Zaitsev + Holl + Gauthier

    To TOR: Z.Smith
    To OTT: Marleau + 2020 2nd Rounder

    Sign back CMac $1.5M annually, sign Puljujarvi to a 2 year bridge contract at $2.5M annually. Re-sign Johnsson to a 2 year bridge contract at $2.5M annual average. Re-sign Marner to a 5 year, $9.75 annual average. Trade Marleau for Ottawa to buy out his contract and he can re-sign with San Jose or another California team for cheap. We’d have to take a bad contract (but less AAV cap hit) in Zack Smith.

    Extra: Marchment($767K)
    Extra: Sandin($894K)

    Leafs 2019/20 team Cap Hit would be $80.852M

    • Your work here is done.

      • that was the best response I have read on this forum in a long time

    • Well, those deals certainly solve all of Toronto’s problems. Can’t see the benefits to the other teams involved, however. Dealing Subban, by all reports, would be done solely to create necessary cap space. So, when the dust settles, Toronto gets a D of his caliber for $6.3 mil while Nashville holds back $2.7 mil to go along with Kadri’s $4.5 mil and Brown’s $2.1 mil (ad have to deal with him next year as an RFA) putting them deeper into the cap problem than they were before the trade!

      Carolina gives up a Top 4 D in Pesce for an under-performing F (that’s the way he’s been painted by many in Leafs nation) and a goalie who wasn’t as good as the guy they got on waivers from the Leafs.

      Toronto gets Benning, a big solid D who was a +11 on an Oiler team that had overall trouble keeping the puck out of their net, plus a big 4th pick overall on whom the jury is still out as to his eventual impact in the NHL, for a costly D that will only add to Holland’s cap nightmares and two who might just be career AHLers.

      The one that makes some remote sense is the last one – but you’re asking a notorious nickel-pinching owner to engage in a buy-out for what is essentially a 2nd round pick which projects to be in the bottom third next year to add to the umpteen picks they already have?

      As I say, looks great for Toronto but there’s precious little there for the other teams involved Leafsadvocate.

      • The last one was kinda close. Except replace the 2nd from Toronto with a 1st round pick and replace Zach Smith with a 6th rounder. Nailed it!

    • @LeafsAdvocate: Now Tweet all that to Dubas and see where it goes as they are all on Twitter

  10. Duchene Panarin Marner and Bob are going to be lighting cigars with $100 bills.

  11. Letang and Hornqvist for Risto, Sheary and a 2nd round pick.

    • MG

      You forgot to include JJ…. an absolute must!!!

      I can’t believe GMJR discussing Letang with Leafs …. Leafs have no D to send back so Pens

  12. Marleau a Cane??????

    What else happened while I was shopping???

  13. Marleau just garnered a 1st rd pick wow

    going to CAROLINA

    TML still has a TON of work to do.

    • Hippocrates nailed it a long, long time ago when he observed that desperate times require desperate measures. Welcome to the big leagues Dubas. The only thing that could make this even more glaringly one-sided is if the Leafs somehow finished 11th from the bottom next year.

      • Don’t forget in all this that the Leafs picked up Marleau by adding a third year to his deal.
        Apparently Marleau now wants to head back to California and will undoubtedly get his wish, at the expense of a first round pick.
        Thanks, Patrick, thanks, Lou. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Hippocrates also said, “remember, do no harm.”

  14. Re Marleau … question to all … I’m assuming Car buys him out now… is he still owed his signing Bonus by Carolina?

    If so ; Car bought a 1st for $3.83M; which is crazy

    If not …. and just have to pay the 2/3rds of Sal (over 2 years)… then they bought a 1st for 834K…. very reasonable …. that’s the kind of money I was suggesting that Ottw should invest to get an up and coming prospect or 1st rounder …. one of my examples yesterday was taking on Clarkson July 2nd or later) from VGKs and then only having to pay $200 K (ins pays balance) in Sal

    That $200 K investment should get them a good prospect (I suggested Whitecloud but similar value would work)

  15. WTF …. PK a Devil????

  16. PK a Devil


    • Salary/personality dump I’d daresay.
      JT Miller to the Nucks?

  17. Zaitsev, Marner, Brown, and Bracco for Driasiatl, Larsson, and Puljijarvi.

    Then picks and prospects to Vegas for Miller

    Then Kadri for a first

    This results in the following line-up:

    Puljijarvi-Hyman-Korshkov or Mysh???



    This should result in a defense with a balanced top four, create a high-end top six of forwards, a cheaper bottom six of forwards, and keep under the cap.