NHL Rumor Mill – June 25, 2019

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Updates on Joe Pavelski, Tyler Myers, Nikita Zaitsev, Rasmus Ristolainen, Justin Faulk, Jesse Puljujarvi, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Iain MacIntyre reports the Vancouver Canucks recently met with Winnipeg Jets defenseman Tyler Myers. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. MacIntyre believes he could get a seven-year deal on the open market worth over $50 million. Canucks fans took to social media suggesting Canucks general manager Jim Benning should be fired if he signs Myers for that much.

THE SCORE: Josh Gold-Smith cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman said the Canucks don’t intend to sign defenseman Ben Hutton to a qualifying offer. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. If they don’t qualify him, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

TSN: Darren Dreger and Jamie McLennan discussed the Toronto Maple Leafs’ efforts to trade defenseman Nikita Zaitsev. They believe it’ll take a “sweetener” like winger Connor Brown as an enticement. They wonder if Benning might consider Zaitsev a more affordable option than Myers, especially if he can get an additional asset in the deal.

Tyler Myers could prove too expensive for the Vancouver Canucks (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with MacIntyre that paying Myers over $50 million is absurd. The Canucks have been linked to Zaitsev in the rumor mill. He’s earning $4.5 million annually with five years remaining on his contract. That’s much better than what Myers seeks but no guarantee he’ll improve Vancouver’s blueline. Benning should consider other options.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski has UFA interviews set up with a couple of teams this week. Dialogue remains open between Sharks GM Doug Wilson and Pavelski’s agent. It’s believed the 34-year-old forward could visit the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning this week. The Buffalo Sabres are also said to be interested but don’t have a visit scheduled with him.

NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Brian Witt cites The Athletic’s Kevin Kurz saying there’s “strong interest” in Sharks UFA winger Joonas Donskoi. While it’s still possible he could re-sign with the Sharks, Kurz believes he’ll be playing elsewhere next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Arizona Coyotes are also believed to have spoken with Pavelski’s agent. However, it doesn’t sound as though he’ll be visiting them this week. Just because he’s meeting with other clubs don’t make it a certainty he’ll sign with one of them on July 1.

Of the two, I think it’s more likely Pavelski returns. Of course, that depends upon how much he’s seeking and for how long. While he matched a career-high in goals this season (38), he turns 35 next month. The Sharks are likely reluctant to ink him to a long-term deal. 


WGR 550.COM: Paul Hamilton notes the ongoing debate among Buffalo Sabres fans over trading defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen. After examing the pros and cons, Hamilton feels trading Ristolanen is necessary if it’ll bring back a scoring winger. While that would create a hole on the blueline, Hamilton believes Sabres GM Jason Botterill intends to overhaul the defense anyway.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ristolainen has frequently popped up in trade speculation since April and it’s believed the Sabres are shopping him. However, I think they’ll keep him if they can’t get a scoring forward in return. 


THE SCORE: cites Sportsnet’s Mark Spector saying the Edmonton Oilers will qualify Jesse Puljujarvi’s rights. The 21-year-old winger has requested a trade and threatened to play in Europe next season if he’s not moved this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise there. The Oilers don’t intend to let Puljujarvi hit the open market. GM Ken Holland hasn’t ruled out a trade if he gets an offer that helps his club but he’s under no pressure to move the winger. 



  1. Probably need a sweetener for zaitsev too much term and money for a bottom pairing guy. I think risto will get moved after July 1st when teams don’t get who they want in FA.

    • A sweetner like Brown rids us of another 2.1 mill in cap space so by all means do it if that’s what it takes. We can fill that fourth line with a guy making league min anyways.

    • I agree BBB, but if the Leafs trade Zaitsev and add for example Brown, who does replace Zaitsev? I’m not a fan but when he played with Muzzin he looked much better respectively ok. The Leafs have Rielly, Muzzin, Dermott (who’s injured at least til december), Holl (a 27 year old minor league d-man or at best a 6th/7th d-man) and Zaitsev signed for next season.
      So idealy you replace Holl, Dermott (till he’s back and in shape again) and Zaitsev. One spot could be grabbed by a Marlie, for example Rosen. That still leaves 3 respectively 2 spots to fill.

      May bei they can trade Nylander for Ristolainen (if he’s available)? The next weeks will be very interesting…..

      • It all goes back to what was discussed yesterday Juss76 – i.e., the expected flurry of trades during the draft involving cap-strapped teams trying to unload a couple of their roster players to free up necessary space failed to materialize because those with plenty of space know they are between the classic rock and a hard place and, although interested in players like Zaitsev, most aren’t prepared to give up anything of consequence in the way of picks/prospects (only Benning has caved in so far). They can afford to wait them out until they absolutely HAVE to move someone – at which point they’ll wind up doing trades for lesser prospects and lower picks.

      • George the leafs can’t wait though if they want to sign any ufa dmen they need to see what kind of space they have! You could tell teams were holding out for a sweetener when he wasn’t moved at the draft

      • Yes that sweetener that never came at the draft was because the draft simply was held before July 1 when his big signing bonus will be paid out.

        How is it some comment adamantly about a team they do not follow and wish to spread their misguided musings?

      • You should ask yourself that Ron, how come the leafs didn’t wait to pay Marleau’s bonus and maybe not give up a first?

      • Bigbadbruins, Ron has been sniping at anyone and every one who offers any sort of critique on the Leafs which he views as negative, and likely is part of the group who function under “only tell me what I WANT to hear … never what I SHOULD hear …” which is a main reason why so many can’t stand Simmons or Kypreos, among others.

      • one spot for hainsey

      • I know George and you know he won’t reply back because both zaitsev and Marleau had a bonus! The quicker these trades happen the easier t is for dubas to know how this team stands

      • Some teams despite having cap space dont want to spend it unless the sweetener is really really sweet. Penny pinching Melnyck for instance.

      • That’s getting old Jeff. I think we all know where Melnyk stands. But in this case Ottawa is clearly not alone, I think it’s simply more of “you painted yourself in the corner … don’t expect me to bail you out.”

      • First I don’t spend as much time on here as the both of you, let lone spend time commenting so much on a team you don’t follow and seem to detest so I understand your feeling that I snipe your comments as a hater… like yourselves, I’m just calling it the way I see it.

        B maybe you can tell us why the Leafs traded Marleau before July 1st and not after his signing bonus was paid so it maybe wouldn’t cost the Leafs whaat it did. Maybe you have a list of teams that would of done it?

    • Zaitsev & Brown to Van

      Hutton and pick to TML

      TML can sign the myriad UFA Dmen for 1 yr cap like Girardi, Stralman etc…. as a stop gap

      Win Win

      Hutton can be let go or signed to a low hit 1 yr deal for TML.

      Benning might throw in Boeser to not be outdone by his Miller trade lol

      • I think it’s good that Marleau trade happened as early as it did, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of teams willing to burn that much cap space for a sweetener so take it while i’ts available instead of possibly by waiting too long because you wanted the price to come down.

        Dubas has an incredibly tough job to do right now and some of it isn’t his fault. I don’t envy being him and having to do it in one of the biggest hockey markets.

      • Canucks are not going to make a qualifying offer to Hutton. If they dont he becomes a UFA at 500pm est. No need to trade for him when they could just sign him.

        Rumor is Myers will sign in Vancouver as UFA.

    • Trade Marner to Buffalo for Dahlin.

      • Really?

      • Good one Gary. If I had to bet BUF would turn that down, but tough call.

    • What do you feel he’s worth…Risto

  2. Nylander for Risto??thought s?

    • I sabres aren’t happy with the nylander they have, I can’t see them being too interested in William

  3. Why would you want to move Ristolanen ?
    I think the rumours are greatly exaggerated.
    He is exactly the kind of defence man you need.
    Islanders need a scoring forward and they seem to do all right

    Moving Zaitsev and Brown as a package would help the financial cause. The Leafs should be able to manage that although combined is 6.6 and not much of any asset coming back.

  4. I could see Florida sending Mike Hoffman to the Sabres for Ristolainen, with picks going both ways. Hoffman is considerably older than Ristolainen, so Panthers will need to send the sweetener.

    • That could work, Hoffman would definitely help the sabres pp!

      • Good chance he’ll ruin the locker room tho’.

  5. Outside of returning to SJ, Tampa would seem best spot for Pavelski as far as winning. With Miller gone and Callahan destined for ltir or retirement, Tampa could probably get him at a decent price ( no state tax) while adding insurance if they don’t get Pointe signed. (Unlikely) highly doubtful he’d go to Buffalo

    • my post may have gotten cut off

      BUFF NEEDS him. must have a 2nd line to take match-up off Eichel’s line. They have no 2C that can handle that work load correctly.

      NYR can use him at 2C for 3 yrs bc I do not see Strome as a solution. Chytl is better on wing and it is too much responsibility to expect Kratsov to just step in and handle all that comes with being the 2C. Strome has had 2 good seasons so not sure he is the answer and I rather not go another season without a solid 2C. Pavs makes that happen and can help Zib get these young kids to step up a level.

      • Buff had a very good 2nd line center or even another first line center…. 😉

      • Kratsov Is a right winger. To my knowledge he’s never played center.

      • Kravtsov is primarily a winger but he can/has played center before. Most recently he played center at the WJC for Russia.

      • Kravtsov was a center before playing in KHL. I recall at draft Gorton saying they drafted his as a winger though. He has been compared to Kutsnetsov

    • Texas doesn’t have state tax as well. Stars could use him centering the second line. He’d be a little closer to home. TB still has to extend Point and possibly Vas.

    • The Lightning would be a good spot for Pavelski but it’ll be hard for them to sign him& give Point some kind of deal. They’d have to give both of them like two year deals probably if they find a way to sign both of them just to make it work. I doubt Pavelski goes there because they’re gonna wanna try & give Point a deal & it won’t be a two year deal. I could see Pavelski going to to team like the Avalanche, too! Avalanche are getting better & he’d help them, too!

  6. I watch and have watched way too many Leaf games…..it comes with getting old in Southern Ontario

    I think the Zaitsev criticism is way overdone….Leaf stuff seems to get overblown when it is good…..example this year Marner who is so overrated in my opinion it is approaching the absurd..let this guy interview with other teams and learn what they would actually pay in money and draft choices…..I think it would be good for him and his father..

    And on the negative side Zaitsev it is overdone too….there is just to much media….too many Leaf fans ( like me) ….too much attention paid to what an old man ( Cherry ) says on a Saturday night using 10 second clips to prove he is never wrong in selective hindsight and to continue his bias against non North American players….then it is repeated and repeated and gains strength and becomes a un true truth, fake news,,,, an urban myth

    This Leaf fan would say to Marner….go out and find out what you value is….then come back and we will talk about your new contract…..to Zaitsev….suck it up buttercup you are paid a lot to suffer the slings and arrows of unkind fortune….

    • 🙂 Very good post obd!

      I wrote it an answer to BBB above, if the Leafs trade Zaitsev who replaces him? With Dermott injured and only Rielly, Muzzin, Holl (at best a 6th/7th d-man) and Zaitsev signed next season there would be 3 (with Dermott still injured) respectively 2 open spots to fill. If Rosen grabs one, you still need 2 more d-men.

      • Juss I understand trading zaitsev hurts the leafs but would you really want a guy that said I want off this team to be around young players or wonder if he is even trying on the ice

      • Good argument, but if there is no other choice respectively a good trade i would keep him. That would show the young players that you have to fulfill your contract and act like a professional. He signed the contract and gets paid a lot of money. If they can trade him (and a sweetener) for a return they like, they’ll do it. If not, he has to play for the Leafs or return to Russia. But I doubt he’ll do that (to much money).

      • Good points, but the longer the wait the tougher it gets. I bet shanny as a former player is saying get rid of this guy quick

    • It’s not just don cherry saying it, when that contract was signed a lot outside of leaf media were questioning it. Analytics and eye test both confirm he is a bottom pairing guy, he might be second pairing on the leafs but defence definitely isn’t their strong point

    • The catch with Zaitsev is he publicly requested a trade. I can see Dubas looking for a deal in order to get the guy out of the room.
      Zaitsev does have value as a right shot defender and he did look better playing with Muzzin but he wants out and that is the problem.

      • As I’ve said repeatedly, I’d take Zaitsev in a heartbeat if I could find a taker for Ceci.

    • Good post. Toronto does seem to get all the attention. Alot from fans from other teams who hope failure happens to them. Must be worried that Toronto is actually building a good team. Shanaplan is working, and everyone can see it. I think they will be fine if the move on from Marner.

      • Ya it’s working 3 first round knockouts 40 million with 4 forwards losing players already and terrible defence lol

  7. Not likely but worth a shot, the Pens should offer Justin Schultz for Ristolainen. If Botterill can resign Schultz long term, he might want the player he knows and won with and the Pens could get younger.

    Actually, the Leafs should offer Nylander for Risto.


    Reports say Rutherford asked about Puljujarvi. Holland asked for Rust.

    That’s too much. Rust’s inconsistency has become frustrating, but he’s the fastest guy on the team (now that Hagelin is gone) and can play on any line. He’s too valuable to them.

    But, what I’ve seen Schultz do in Pittsburgh and then Dylan Strome do in Chicago makes me think it’s worth taking a shot on a #4 overall pick like JP.

    Bjugstad for Puljujarvi, Sam Gagner and 3rd round pick (for taking the Gagner deal to balance the money)?

    Bjugstad gives the Oilers a legit NHL player, the Pens get a lotto ticket who fits their cap better.


    I don’t think the money works, but…Schultz and Hornqvist for Kadri and Zaitsev?

    Or keep it simple, Schultz for Kadri? Would the Leafs take one year of the RHD they need and the subsequent cap relief as enough of a return?

    • I don’t see the need for Schultz, the dude can’t stay healthy enough as it is, you keep that headache and his 5.5 mill in salary. No way he’s worth Kadri in a one for one deal.

      We currently have over 18 mill in cap space once Horton goes on LTIR for the year, that should be enough to get Marner, Johnsson and Kapanen signed. Ship out Zaitsev and Brown and go from there at this point. Our defense is going to be in rough shape no matter how we cut it at this point.

    • If that’s true Rutherford might have blown it. Rust might be the only player movable for cap space. To gets solid prospect in his place would be a win.

  8. I don’t know why Zaits is a difficult move, sure he hasn’t played up to his rookie year, but that has a lot to do with how Babs runs his lines. I also agree that Zaits hasn’t been playing to his contract dollars worth…but at $4.5M in 2-3 years, that’ll be a reasonable contract. But also agreeing, that because of everything just mentioned, someone like Brown will have to be sacrificed. Maybe…

    To TOR: Hamilton
    To CAR: Zaitsev + Brown + Borgman


    To TOR: Martinez + Lewis
    To LAK: Zaitsev + Brown + 2020 5th Rounder


    To TOR: Eriksson + MacEwen
    To VAN: Zaitsev + Brown + Hollowell

    • on your proposed CAR-TOR deal, I can’t see it happening for 2 reasons. 1) CAR is mystifyingly suddenly short a quality D, so I don’t see them moving another D. and 2) I don’t see how that helps TOR’s cap problems, with Hamilton at $5.75M.

      • What about Zaitsev and Kadri for Hamilton plus a draft pick or rights to one of Carrick/McKeown.

        Pesce /Slavin, Zaitsev/Faulk , Bean/Fleury/TVR and Carolina has a top 6 center/wing. The De Haan trade is explained, still not a good move, but a reason for the trade.

        Toronto has 3.25 mill more cap space, signs Marner and has a right handed top pair D.

      • I’m with you on this one, GP. If you can get a decent 2/3 C in Kadri, and replace DeHaan that makes it a little better. I’d still much rather DeHaan over Zaitsev, to the point where I think CAR would need a little sweetener to give up Hamilton. I’m with you on the framework, though.

        Effectively trading DeHaan and Hamilton for Zaitsev, Kadri and two magic beans for Charlotte? That still seems weak, but closing the gap, at least.

  9. I still propose

    to BUFF: Kreider & ADA

    to NYR: Risto

    long term it gives them flexibility if Trouba does not resign…. Shatts will be off the books the following season. Risto better than ADA

    Kreider provides top 6 winger for Buffalo. NY loses him BUT gives more time for Chtyl on top line or Kratsov, etc… Gives more of NYR young forwards more opportunity.

    • ihatecrosby:

      NYR don’t need more defense at this point.

      No way I would trade Kreider without getting either (1) a 1st round pick plus a b+ prospect or (2) a blue chip (grade A) prospect or (3) two B+ prospects. Rangers will be able to get that for Kreider at the deadline. He’s a proven playoff performer and will warrant a bigger return than Nash or Hayes brought in.

      Adding ADA to the mix makes your proposal even worse.

  10. Shame Orpik retired. TML can make him bottom pairing with one of their young guys. He is good on the PK, plays real physical too ( good against Boston for the playoffs) and can mentor. Cost would be league minimum. Though he is not as fast…used correctly…he would be good for cost control.

  11. Going to be interesting to see what Vyle Dumbass does with the Leafs defence.
    Reilly and Muzzin are 1 and 2 and both very good. After that? Injured Dermott and some AHL hopefuls. Gardiner and Hainsey are likely gone in FA. Zaitsev wants out of Toronto so Leafs may have to replace 3 NHL defencemen with no cap space.

    Trade Kadri for a #3 or 4 defenceman with similar salary, but who? Straight up one for one, no sweetners which dman would you trade for Kadri?

    Kadri has 3 years at 4.5 left on his deal

    • I wrote the nearly the same above. But I would rather trade Nylander for a d-man. I know you’re one of the guys that think that his value is low at the moment, but I think he could bring back a good stay at home d-man or even someone like Ristolainen.
      I would not trade Kadri.

      • Hard to move a 29 point forward making 6.9 million a year. Leafs would be selling low on Nylander.

      • Imo he had a down year. But if his bonus is paid on July 1st he is a lot easier to move. I agree that they would still be selling low, but I rather move him than Kadri. And for his $6.9mil you can sign Kapanen and Johnsson (may it takes a little bit more).

      • take Petry from MTL!

      • After July 1 Toronto will have paid 45% of Nylander’s contract which should make him very attractive to other teams. It would cost a team $700,000 for 2019 and 6 mill for the following 4 years. $24,700,000 of remaining on his contract after July 1.

    • Jeff Petry for Kadri. Habs could retain some salary to balance cap.

      • No thanks.

    • You been hanging around my exwife again Ron . You sound miserable. They aren’t trading Kadri, they need him to play Boston. The league couldn’t suspend him 3 years in a row. It would be suspicious. Alot of people would call that a hockey play. You reap what you sow. And Debrusk got it

      • Once again we agree totally Vinnie. Some want to run him out of town on a rail for having been suspended two years in a row in the playoffs simply for doing what Marchand seems to get away with more often than not. He has the grit I like in a C, has back-to-back 30 goal seasons, and this past season took on the 3rd line role assigned by his coach without complaint. And a bargain contract to boot. I’d take him – and Zaitsez – in a flash in Ottawa. Imagine Kadri with someone like Tkachuk as a winger.

        By the way, did you and OBD see my apology in yesterday’s long thread re my post on Lanny McDonald etc? I did not mean that the way it came out.

    • Ron Jull, Kadri for Adam Larsson seems to stand out as one that works for both teams. Add a pick as required, but seems pretty even to me.

      • Pretty fair, I agree.

      • That sounds fair, but i’d rather try to trade Nylander for Larsson. I know the salaries of Kadri and Larsson are similar bzt Nylander is younger. May be add picks and another player to balance the salaries.

  12. Wait till about July 7th before adding any sweetener to move Zaitsev. I am thinking his price might look good then once silly season has past.
    If not, play on he is under control and the Leafs are not obligated to move him unless the deals work.
    Brown can be moved anytime for draft picks. The farm teams has recruits for both D and up front.
    Wait it out and don’t jump to soon.


  14. Since Leaf fans are so intent on wanting to ship Nylander, Kadri and Zaitzev out of town, how about this:

    To Toronto:
    T.J. Brodie (RHD final year of contract)
    Frolik (RW/LW final year of contract) or Stone (RHD final year of contract
    Jankowski (C final year of contract RFA next year)

    To Calgary
    Nylander or Kadri

    If you go with the stone deal you get 2 RHD defence in the deal, filling the void in your defence. All three can come off the books next year and allows cap space next year to sign free agents

    • No thanks,
      That deals stinks.
      Dubas would be gone if he gave away Willie for cap space and nothing more. He is an asset even at his contract
      Zaitsev is under contract so make him play if you cannot get the deal you want.
      Kadri is an easy move but replacing him will be expensive so why do it.
      There are other trades coming………

    • Nylander or Marner have to be traded and I sell high….bring back a top Rhd for Marner at around 8 mil sign a good back up goalie and depth rhd .
      One difference between Marner and Nylander deal is one did not threaten an offer sheet.
      I would play Nylander with JT and he will bounce back to his first two year numbers.

    • Broken record warning:

      How many trades in the modern NHL cap world involve 4-5-6 players with those kind of contracts between 2 teams in one trade?

      The answer is none. We may as well discuss the possibility of humans growing wings and flying.

      • Exactly. As for Dubas, with all possible options open to him to start the season with a solid D corps, his best – like it or not – is dealing Marner – not Nylander and/or Kadri – to a team that a) has the cap space to meet his demands and b) has the D (and other necessary ingredients) that the Leafs are looking for. May as well start planning a trip to Mars.

        All you have to do is look at this list at CapFriendly to see that the vast majority of teams don’t have both commodities – in fact, try and find ONE that has both a) and b), especially the latter which, if they did try and accommodate Dubas, would severely weaken their own D corps and put them in much the same boat in which Dubas finds himself.

        The new reality associated with a hard cap that some warned about not too long ago is here.


      • Well. It had three teams but duschene turris deal.

      • Chrism, there aren’t 5-6 guys under one way contracts between 2 teams…..with those type of money deals.

        Not a good example. Duchene and Turris were that deal. Not one other player was a ft nhl’er with millions on a contract.
        So if 3 teams can’t pull off a deal like that…. I’m growing wings and flying before 2 teams can.!

  15. Kevin connauton and a 3rd traded to colorado for soderberg, does that mean Barrie is on his way out?

    • to me more like a sign that Sakic is gathering $ to go big game hunting on July1. Panarin top target , Lee would also look good in an Avs uniform.

      • Ya maybe I just think barrie’s Stock will be very high right now

      • That Colorado team is slowly but surely being built towards a powerhouse in the not too distant future. I freely admit that I didn’t think much of Sakic as a GM not too long ago, and often exchanged “opinions” on that subject with Striker. But he was right and I was dead wrong.

  16. then again could be Barrie to Leafs for Zaitsev, Kadri +

    • I could see Kadri but Colorado has no use for zaitsev with the dmen they have coming

  17. never know Zaitsev could end up being solid playing with Zadorov …..adding a sweetner as the ‘+’ could be enticing enough. Sakic is definitely in the drivers seat, lots of cap space and a stable of solid young players and prospects. One of the few GM’s who does not have t worry about a young star , Rantanen, getting an offer sheet he cannot match.

  18. joe s is def up to something here…soda was just dumped to free up even more cap space…time will tell

    • Could be that they only have 13 players signed and a few needing big raises (Rantanen, Kerfoot, Zadorov). No doubt they’ll look into someone like Panarin, but they do have some of their own they need to address first.

      • even after rants, kerfoot and zads they still have +- $15-$16 mil to play with

  19. Someone asked the other day how many teams could make an offer sheet for one of the rfa’s this year that would cost 4 1st picks and the answer is 31! The 4 1st have a 5 yr window, and a lot of teams have the cap space as of right now

    • Did you conveniently forget all those years he played for those horrendous Panthers and had to stop 50 shots a night?

      • Not at all….without the Panthers Luongo would have no shot at the record.

  20. Risto not a great fit for Leafs: trade NYlander but where? Not to Sabres, why would they want two of them and the father? I still think we trade Marner to Arizona for OEK and a young winger….Marner on the Leafs as currently shaped is wasted, since he cannot alone be the make up for poor D. The other option is sign Mitch, 9.5 for five years, bring up rookie d-men from Marlies and let them show what they can do first half of the year….please do not re-sign Hanisey, and Z has to go, since he publicly said he does not want to be in Toronto-maybe he stays until trade deadline?

  21. The board seems to be becoming quite conciliatory lately (not a judgement an observation). It’s like people had a bad case of blue balls… the playoffs was a long awaited night of love making… and now the mood is calm. I even smell cigarette smoke in here

    • I smell weed, lots and lots of weed. Oh wait a minute, thats mine.


      • I’m wearing a Cowboy hat (the one with the whistle) and boots.
        That’s it.

  22. Aa lot of teams are going to find themselves in Cap Hell after July 1, and I think Dubas probably knows that a player like Zaitsev will be in demand if the free agent d-men are all signing for $5 to $6M+
    The message has been sent that he may be back with the team, and certainly trading him could happen any time over the next 8 months. I think they get better value for him come late July/Aug/September. No sweetener unless the Leafsre getting an upgrade over Zaitsev. Don’t forget that Dubas learned under Lou for a few years.

    • He didn’t learn much because Lou wouldn’t have gave into nylander

      • Nylander will be fine again this year. Zaitsev will play for The Leafs at training camp then maybe either be happy once he’s not stuck with Gardiner and plays a full year with Muzzin. If not we’ll deal him nearing the trade dead line.

        I like the posts suggesting Marner can go sniff around and see what other teams are offering. He won’t go anywhere. He likes being JT’s wingman. He loves playing for Toronto – he just doesn’t want to get stuck with the hometown discount. If he does end up signing an offer sheet then Dubas has an out from his cap hell and doesn’t look like the bad guy. Maybe having all those picks (no value against the cap) and not having the 11 mill Marner is asking for on their books Dubas will have cap room and assets (both picks and players) to deal with…

        I still say let Marner sign somewhere else, collect the picks and make a package that Calgary can’t refuse for Tkachuk. He will command a cheaper salary and is more of the kind of player The Leafs are missing / needing come playoff time. Nylander/Kapanen/Jonsson/Brown/Moore are all cheaper and less talented versions of Marner…

        Also – people forget that Marner’s camp could have followed the Matthews’ camp’s lead and tried to get this all done before July 1 but they didn’t. Marner left it to the last (after Nylander and Matthews) and now he’s stuck trying to be shoehorned in – like everyone knew he would be…

        I like the kid and he’s an amazing talent but lets not forget that The Leaf’s have bin bounced to years in a row in the first round WITH him – its not like he’s Kawhi Leonard and we can’t win without him. We never won with him…

      • Maybe the leafs should just trade marner for tkachuk straight I don’t think Calgary is trading him for less

  23. George….I have just read your note on the threads from yesterday….it is amazing how easy it is to write something and have it come out wrong as I did with the word “deceptive”

    As to your observation about trading Marner not either Nylander or Kadri, that thought has been occurring to me….it is beginning to look a little the shoot out at the OK Corral ( put that reference in for the non-millennials ) …and that Marner leaving is the outcome that avoids bloodshed

    I suggested to a Leaf ticket holder friend of mine….maybe he should get himself ready as trading Marner would solve more problems than trading others….one should read the numbers on Matt Moulson …before being with Tavarres,,,during Tavarres and after….maybe there is a lot of Toronto hot air in the Marner balloon

    I don’t think that is what will happen however….my guess is Kadri to Colorado….they just traded what Avalanche fans think is their 2 nd best C to Arizona ….Avs fans feel they were desperate for a 2nd C that can drive a line before that trade….

    If the AVs don’t get what they want in free agency….maybe they will look to the Kadri of 30 & 32 goal seasons….what for I don’t know…but I hope a presence on D….

    My preference is probably not doable…..it is Marner for Doughty +….Kings kickstart their rebuild & get younger…Leafs get some quality D while Matthews is still around

    I enjoy reading your posts

    • Old Blue Dog, some historian revisionists have been claiming for some time that the “murderous” Clantons were ambushed by the Earps and Doc Holliday.

      No matter who – if anyone – among the Leafs top corps gets dealt, there will be those types of writers not too long off saying it was all part if an “internal struggle” for control.

      Enjoying your post as well. We old crocks gotta stick together 🙂


  24. Connauton will be in the minors and might not see a game this season. A great deal for the Avs getting a Arz third who might be a league bottom third ranked team and all the Soderberg dollars (who is grossly overpaid) going right to Rantanen.

  25. George, I know sometimes things come out wrong , unfortunately it happens to me alot. I do respect what you say I’m just very opinionated. I love the heart in Kadri , while I do believe he should have been suspended, I think Debrusk got what he deserved. I would be very disappointed if they traded kadri , Toronto needs more players like him. I hate it when goalies get run and their teammates do nothing. Zaitzev and Gardner are great players. I think Toronto’s defensive system is flawed.

  26. The Lightning would be a good spot for Pavelski but it’ll be hard for them to sign him& give Point some kind of deal. They’d have to give both of them like two year deals probably if they find a way to sign both of them just to make it work. I doubt Pavelski goes there because they’re gonna wanna try & give Point a deal & it won’t be a two year deal. I could see Pavelski going to to team like the Avalanche, too! Avalanche are getting better & he’d help them, too!

  27. Part of the reason the Lightning traded Miller is so that they could find a way to resign Point. Yeah Pavelski would be a good fit for the Lightning but I think if they sign him they’d have to let Point walk. I don’t see them letting him walk. They’ll try & find a way to resign Point so I doubt Pavelski ends up with the Lightning.

  28. Am I correct in assuming that if a club extends a qualifing offer to a player, then that player cannot sign an offer sheet with another club?

    • No. If they elect arbitration, they can’t sign an offer sheet.

      A qualifying offer just allows a team to either match or get compensation if they do sign with another team.