NHL Rumor Mill – June 7, 2019

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Updates on Jeff Skinner and Jack Roslovic, possible trade destinations for Kyle Turris, plus the latest on the Flyers and Stars in today’s NHL rumor mill.  


Is it crunch time in contract talks between Jeff Skinner and the Buffalo Sabres? (Photo via NHL Images)

TSN’s Bob McKenzie took to Twitter yesterday with an update on contract talks between the Buffalo Sabres and left wing Jeff Skinner. “A week later than perhaps I expected, but it sounds like the Jeff Skinner contract negotiations are down to crunch time,” writes McKenzie. “My sense is he’ll either get a deal done in the next day or two or head off to UFA. If it gets done, I’d presume it to be 8 years at around $9M AAV.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both sides have expressed optimism over getting a deal done. Looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to find out if that optimism was justified. 


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall speculates Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher might not be done in the off-season trade market. He recently acquired pending free agent forward Kevin Hayes from the Winnipeg Jets. Noting Fletcher’s desire to add a veteran defenseman, Hall suggests Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba and Minnesota’s Jared Spurgeon as intriguing options. 

Trouba, 25, is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights and a year away from UFA eligibility. The 29-year-old Spurgeon is also slated to become a UFA next summer. His salary-cap hit is just over $5 million for 2019-20 and he has a modified no-trade clause. While serving as Wild GM, Fletcher signed Spurgeon to his current contract. 

Hall also noted Fletcher is willing to entertain offers for the Flyers’ first-round pick (11th overall) in the upcoming NHL Draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall points out there’s no indication the Flyers are pursuing Trouba or Spurgeon. Including that first-round pick in a package offer for either guy, however, could prove enticing to their current respective clubs. I daresay the Jets and Wild would also want one of the Flyers’ good young defensemen as part of the return. Of the two, Trouba is the most likely to be available in the off-season trade market. 


THE ATHLETIC: During a recent mailbag segment, Adam Vingan was asked which teams could be realistic destinations for Nashville Predators center Kyle Turris. The Preds require a scoring forward but have limited cap space for 2019-20.

Turris is coming off a disappointing, injury-shortened campaign. He’s signed through 2023-24 with an annual cap hit of $6 million). Vingan suggests the Columbus Blue Jackets, Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings and Ottawa Senators as possible options. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All could use help at center and have the salary-cap space to absorb Turris’ annual average value. While he had a solid performance at this year’s World Championships, that might not be enough to entice one of those clubs to take on that full contract.

Vingan points out Predators GM David Poile has never retained salary in a trade before but might have to if he intends to move Turris. Otherwise, he could be forced to include a sweetener like a quality draft pick, a top prospect, or a promising youngster in the deal. 


WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen reports the former agent for Jets forward Jack Roslovic denied a report claiming his ex-client requested a trade at least once during this season. “Jack never once asked for a trade,” said Ken Robinson. He explained Roslovic was disappointed in his role earlier this season as a fourth-line center. Despite being recently fired by Roslovic, Robinson went on to praise his former client.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Before this year’s trade deadline, there was a rumor claiming the Jets didn’t want to part with Roslovic in their pursuit of Kevin Hayes. That should be a good indicator that they remain high on the 22-year-old’s potential. He’s a restricted free agent coming off his entry-level contract. I doubt the Jets intend to move him. 


SPORTSDAY: During a recent live chat, Matthew DeFranks was asked who he saw as potential free-agent targets to be the Dallas Stars’ fourth defenseman. He took into account the Stars’ salary-cap constraints and the potential of losing that defenseman in the 2021 expansion draft. DeFranks suggests Tampa Bay’s Anton Stralman and Dan Girardi, Vegas’s Deryk Engelland, or perhaps Winnipeg’s Tyler Myers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, it’ll have to be an affordable veteran option signed to 2021. 


  1. Trouba might want to end up with the Flyers: Doesn’t mean they feel the same way. Skinner & The Sabres seems like a go and just a matter of time B4 we here of his resigning there

  2. Ottawa let Turris go because they didn’t think he was worth a long-term deal at $6 mil per. Now someone thinks that’s a possibility for a trade? The World Cup and its no-hit monstrous ice surfaces aside, he’s done nothing to suggest he’d be worth taking a gamble on for the next 5 years. Maybe they should also take a flyer on bringing back that other “can’t miss sure-to-be-a-star” C Curtis Lazar!

    • Turris reminds me of some aging rock band on a farewell tour hoping to cash in one last time

    • Turris was impressive during that Sens run that the league forgot he was a not quite a 2nd line center. Just like Marner blocked a shot at the end of a game and now he is a better player than Tavares or AM….

    • George, I agree. I really have no idea how the media come up with some of the speculation they do, some of their ideas make absolutely no sense. All of these suggestions for taking on Turris seem to be based on nothing more than teams with cap space. Why would Vancouver take Turris on? 4th line center? Pettersson, Horvat, Gaudette look to be their top 3 for the future, Pettersson and Horvat are now.

    • George, Sens were playing pretty decent hockey with Turris in thier lineup. Although, it looks as they may have dodged a bullet. Maybe a fresh start with another team is what Kyle needs. +1 for Dorian?

    • George if I understand correctly the sens management came out and said that they made a similar offer to Turris that he turned down.

      The sens have gotten very lucky with Karlsson and Turris turning down the deals made to them. It wasn’t competence on the management’s part. Sens fans deserve this luck after what went down in the last 18 months or so.

      • What Dorion said “no” to was the term he wanted – 7 years – not the money. He offered 5 max – when Turris and his agent said no, they were as good as gone.

    • If salary is retained or a sweetener like a top draft pick or promising prospect is offered to ottawa. Why couldnt it happened. They would get turris at a dollar value they could stomach or regain him with another solid piece for the rebuild.

      Though the divorce was a bit messy at that really makes it silly to suggest either him or ottawa would want to reunite.

  3. Turris looked good at the worlds playing with Mantha , perhaps Yzerman offers the Preds Nielsen?

    • Trade one horrific contract for another?

      • yes , that is what is boils down to.

      • Fergy I could see Detroit taking Turris contract as well as getting a pick/prospect as well. Like you said mantha and turris could click and could be a win win for Detroit

      • Only if they can somehow make the ice surface in Detroit European size and take ALL the hitting out of the NHL game.

    • “Turris looked good at the worlds playing with Mantha , perhaps Yzerman offers the Preds Nielsen?”

      As a Wings fan I say pull the trigger, Stevie!

      But to play devil’s advocate, WHY would the Preds want Nielsen? Turris had a bad season because he was injured for a good chunk of it, he’s likely to bounce back if he stays healthy whereas Nielsen just plain isn’t top six talent anymore.

      • Preds would get a player with 3 yrs term back for a player with 5 yrs term left. 750k less cap hit as well.

      • Garth, if it was just this season and his injury I’d say that’s a good point. But when Ottawa dealt him to Nashville he had played 11 games and had 3g 6a 9pts, wasn’t injured then, and in 65gp in Nashville came up with 13g 29a 42 pts and in 13 playoff games had just 3 assists. Not what you want from a C to whom you’re committed for another 6 years at $6 mil per

      • I thought of these same principle pieces when I saw the chemistry that Mantha and Turris had @ the Worlds together. Would be a better 2 C option and ditch Nielson. Another benefit for the Preds is the actual payout for Nielson is like around $2 mill per season left on his contract while Turris’ money is $6 mill across the years left on his deal.

  4. nice to see a GM , Nill, signing role players to good value 1 yr deals.

    • From the players’ perspective, signing one-year deals at that kind of money sure beats the hell out of shoveling crap in Louisiana (to paraphrase General George Patton)

  5. I think Philip Myers will be full time next year. He also looked not too bad at the Worlds . Someone has to move to make room for him let alone adding Trouba .

    Puljularvi is at the bottom and will need to work his way up. I believe the Oil will not give him away unless they find a similar player in a similar state is available. Not Patrick but someone like that

    • Puljularvi is beginning to sound a lot like Yakupov 2.0 – this keeps up and they won’t even be able to give him away, as was virtually the case with Yakupov as they dealt him to St. Louis for Zach Pochiro and a conditional 3rd round pick in 2017 which was predicated on Yakupov potting 15+ goals for St. Louis – which he didn’t by the way. As for Pochiro, he’s plugging away in the ECHL somewhere.

      In 252gp for Edmonton, Yakupov had 50g 61s 111 pts for an average of .44 pts per game. Puljularvi has played 139 games for Edmonton with 17g 20a and 37 pts for an average of .27 pts-per-game. At this rate they’ll be lucky to get a Pochiro for him.

      That’s a 1st overall and a 4th overall that have failed miserably.

      • 2016 was not a great draft but the fact the Oilers went again for a forward over a D that year shows the entire issue with that management. There are about 5 D from that draft that would drastically have changed the Oilers current situation.. at the time they already had McD, RNH, Hall, Leon, Eberle, Yak(ha!) in the top 6 with no depth on D at all thus the Reinhart trade???

      • Ds – Edmonton was expected to take Tkachuk in that draft, not D. Tkachuck was the type of player they needed then and still need now – Gritty winger with skill.

      • It’s not an exact science; imagine if it were …

    • myers should be full time next year, would be nice to rid the contracts of cement head gudas and macdonald, then to pick up trouba. what do you think it would take to get trouba? Fletcher will prob go the old route and look at spurgeon and/or zucker, Thoughts???

      • Gudas had a very good year last year and is really coming into his own. Could be a solid guy for the next
        3-5 years so not sure what your problem with him is… Does old time hockey scare you?

        MacD… that’s another story.

      • Gudas was pretty solid for the Flyers last year. Not much offence but a bruising hitter decent in his own end. As for MacDonald I hope he spends the season in Lehigh Valley.

    • Im hoping the Flyers bury Andrew MacDonald in Lehigh Valley this season.

      • Badcowboydan, old time smashmouth hockey is awesome and yes gudas had a decent year but his track record is similar to kadri in that he costs his team sometimes more than he helps. If he continues to play smart tough hockey great but how long before he has another brainfart and really hurts someone and is suspended even longer next time. Given his previous track record it will happen.

  6. conner brown for puljularvi—brown played with mcdavid in minors–make it happen lol

  7. Trouba – 1st round pick plus a young defenceman? No thanks.
    Spurgeon – 1st round pick plus a young defenceman? No thanks.

    Maybe Gostibehere one for one but is Trouba really an upgrade over Ghost? Is Spurgeon?

    Starting to get the sense Fletcher is going to make moves just to make moves. Trouba for Ghost is a lateral move that will only use up more cap space if he resigns.

    • Trouba is a top pairing dman had his best stat season with 8g and42a for 50pts, plays in all situations, is a solid shutdown defender who plays a physical brand of hockey.
      With that said a Winnipeg reported suggested Provorov and a 1st for Trouba, personally I wouldn’t make that deal 1 for 1. Provorov had a down year but he’ll bounce back.
      Two years ago Philly Defense prospect pool was the talk of the NHL, as I don’t follow them that closely, what happen to them? R they still progressing? Or maybe the GM just wants to sped things along.

      • A lot of people don’t get to see how good trouba is in the peg he a definite 1st pairing dman! A bunch of philly’s d prospects haven’t looked near as good as they were hyped in the ahl, it isn’t as strong as once thought

    • good points Ron, actually fletcher says he wants to add top 4 vet defence, how does he do that without sacrificing youth plus having to keep the other 2 ” vets ” in gudas and mac. Maybe trade gudas somewhere to replace the pick given to winnipeg, then like you say bury mac.
      Will they be able to sign Hayes? Who else do you see them going after?

    • He has to make moves, that’s what Paul Holmgren wants …

      • thats what scares me, lol.

    • I would give up Ghost and a prospect for Trouba. Ghost is an awesome player to watch, but defensively a liability. Trouba is the opposite on both accounts and I am OK with that.

      • Trouba is good to watch when handling puck in the d zone. tight turns and escapability, hard drives from beneath the goal line. Sometimes guilty of playing it too cool, almost non-chalent.

        In Offensive zone he will shoot the puck, slip in deep for a feed and occassionally join the rush.

        Still getting better – he hasn’t peaked yet.

    • Yes, both guys are upgrades on Ghost. Trouba is a very good defenseman, easily top pairing – his contract issues makes him risky and that the only thing that brings his value down. Spurgeon is underrated as well, he is a steady defenseman who can step into a 2nd unit PP role as well.

  8. Trouba & Roslevic to BUF for Risto, Tage Thompson, 1st rd plus top prospect??

    • I think buffalo is worried about goal scoring right now if they can’t get skinner signed they will be looking at the trade route to get a goal scorer

      • Agreed, but this solidifies their back end better. Additionally by adding Skinner back in the fold shows a continued growth of the roster. I think it is a good move if Trouba would sign there.

        Then they can look at their cap and see if making a pitch for Duchene makes sense to anchor the 2nd line since Mittlestadt isn’t ready for that work load.

    • dumb for Buffalo

    • If Jets are feeling the need to move on from Roslovic as well as Trouba (trouba will be traded) then that is a reasonable return for a young top pair D and a young NHL ready forward with upside.

    • Trouba and Roslovic to Rangers for Lias Anderson, A. DeAngelo and the 20th pick overall.

      • I like the buffalo offer better. Not sold on Lias Anderson, DeAngelo is a good piece, 20th pick is significant drop from #11. Best case is that Rosy is a Jet long term.

  9. my #1 target for avs is skinner….hope he waits to hear joe out…..

    • He’d be a fool not too.

    • He has absolutely nothing to lose by waiting – if new offers don’t match what Buffalo is offering, then he has that option on which to fall back.

  10. In his article in another section of Spector’s hockey today….Lyle writes that the Leafs are handcuffed by Tavare’s contract …while I understand the link between the Leaf’s cap problems and the signing of 47 goal scoring centre and the mess made by the Nylander signing ….Lyle respectfully ( and I mean that)….I couldn’t disagree more

    Tavares’s contract did not handcuff the Leafs but gave them the ticket out of jail free card….they just have to use the opportunity wisely…they need a major league decision maker as GM….do they have that??

    And the example is right there in the same organization…..the issue is whether the Board. or the president or the GM have to courage to do it

    That example is what the Raptors GM did when they traded a very good player that wanted to be in Toronto ( DeMar Rozen ?) for a very good player Kwai Leonard that met a need.

    I am not as enamored of Marner as many Leaf fans so that is a bias of mine….but at the first sign of over aggression by his agent or his father I would be looking to trade him to meet a need….get an older experienced man D man and trade Marner….( or a lesser D man for Kadri)…mention Kadri as he was the most displaced by Tavares…..

    I am not sure of the right value…..but Marner who is young for Doughty who is not going to fit the LA window….or Colombus or Nasvhille who have defender’s but whose number 1 centres are lacking scoring punch….or Colorado or Philly who are starving for a number 2 centre as badly as the Leafs are starving for a number 2 D man…..

    I think Shakespeare said something like …timing makes the man…..well young Dubas….can you learn from that old man the GM of the Raptors??? …prove that you are up to the job….and turn Tavare’s contract into fully valued asset by trading some one important and valuable for a good D man…..

    Establish that when you signed Tavares it was not a set of handcuffs but the chance to restructure the team in a way that lets the Leafs win

    And as an aside Kyle …videotape the last 3 hockey games and ask yourself how would Sandin, Liligren, Rielly, Dermott, Zaistsev survive the onslaught….and if for a second you say to yourself they have the speed to avoid the hit…..put your drink down and accept that.the Leafs are handcuffed by being too small….not by Tavare’s contract

      • Big fat no from Pittsburgh for Trouba and his high contract and maybe average ability in his own zone….

        Great offensive talent for sure but we already have that in Letang and Schultz we need defense man that know how to play defense..

      • He would Pitts best dman, they don’t have the assets to get trouba anyways

    • Other than the snarky comment in your second-last sentence, I respect your opinion. Nevertheless, I maintain my opinion until Dubas proves me wrong.

      • sorry Lyle ..did not intend to write anything snarky…..that would be a writing issue not a personal thing…..you know because of your profession how easy it is to be misunderstood…..no intent to be snarky,,,

      • The one inescapable vision about Tavares that’s hard to dismiss is that his presence on the NYI couldn’t get them into the playoffs his last two years there when, arguably, their overall D was much better than that of the Leafs. In those 2 seasons as a team they scored 241 and 264 goals while giving up 242 and 296. He leaves and they shoot up the standings with less goals (228) but drastically reducing their ga to 196 – and that’s without any other major changes to the roster (yeah, I know, Lehner was huge – but this was a guy who wasn’t even offered an extension by Buffalo!)

        So what was the difference? Coaching? Better chemistry as a team?

  11. Lyle….I just re-read my sentences…..if you are referring to the sentence about putting down your drink ….that was not aimed at you but at Dubas….I guess I wrote it poorly

    I did not intend to be snarky to you or to Dubas….and I hope as a Leaf fan that Dubas proves you wrong…..but I am not holding my breath as I do not think he is old enough nor experienced enough for the job he holds and the decisions that are needed

    But I am Leaf fan so I continue to live in hope…..how naive

    • No problem, blue dog! Now that you’ve explained it I understand. No harm done. Cheers!

      • I always pictured Lyle typing morning coffee headlines in a reddish brownish bathrobe, untied, slippers, boxers, a coffee on the table next to him, unshaven, a bit disheveled, bleary eyed… maybe a pop tart cooling off next to him…sitting in front of that laptop…

      • You really must remove those hidden cameras you’ve somehow planted in my office. 😉

  12. Dubas may have to take a stain on his rep by going back on his word & and trading Nylander & Kadri.

    Sign a depth center like Eakin to slot 3rd line and trade Kadri.

    Clears significant cap …… then sign Marner

  13. Marleau house for sale in Toronto

  14. Trade Marner, now , at the height of his value, before he becomes another liability-which he will be because he has mesmerized fans who are starved for skill and joy-but all his skill and joy did not and won’t get past round one.

    The contributor who mentioned the cup final series and just how brutal it is is absolutely right that the Leafs could not compete with that level of physical play and the stuff about speed and skill is nonsense-Bruins have plenty of that and they are getting worn out by the Blues!

    • The thought to trade Marner is silly at best. Trade Tavares while you can!! He has had 10 years to get past the first round and done it exactly once yet he has 11 million a year for 6 more years. Every excuse as to why Tavares hasn’t won anything has already been used. With the Islanders it was bad coaching, bad gm, bad linemates, bad fans and a bad building. Now its Austen Mathews, Mitch Marner, no defense, a young gm, Lamoriello’s deal with Zaitsev, Nylanders contract and in some eyes bad coaching. Why does Tavares never get any of the blame? Two meaningless goals in seven games against the Bruins yet Marner is the one who disappeared? The guy is starting on the downside of his career and that contract will kill the Leafs in future years. Be careful what you wish for Leaf fans.

  15. Slick nobody cares about Marleau Boston just signed leading goal scorer from the Q Samuel Asselin I guess Habs wanted him but he is Boston bound. Lots of skill speed and can put brisket in the basket not much size but skill galore.

    • One, but maybe they’re interested in his house? Maybe I’m a realtor?

  16. May be true but a lot of people said Alex DeBrincat wouldn’t amount to much and last I checked he is doing just fine. Lots of kids coming out of college who are a little older and late bloomers seem to do well maybe Samuel at 21 is just hitting his stride. If not didn’t cost anything and he will help out in Providence. Can’t have a whole team of 5.10 guys but every team could use someone who can score.

    • Alex was a 1st round draft pick

      Good on Boston. Even long shots should be cheered for when they come basically for “free”. If injuries don’t kill him off Aston-Reese in Pitt could be a good middle six guy.

    • Not disputing your point Obe – as I said, he may well turn out to be something useful down the line – just advised a bit of caution based upon historical facts. Alex Daigle knew where the net was too in MJ – but he lost direction in the NHL – at least as a 1st overall!

  17. Sabres sign Skinner to 8 year $9 mill per