Niskanen to the Flyers for Gudas

by | Jun 14, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 21 comments

The Washington Capitals traded defenseman Matt Niskanen to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for defenseman Radko Gudas. The Flyers also retained 30 percent of Gudas’ $3.35-million annual cap hit. He has one year remaining on his contract. 

Washington Capitals ship defenseman Matt Niskanen to the Philadelphia Flyers (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Niskanen was rumored to be on the trade block as the Capitals sought to shed salary. Cap Friendly indicates this move reduces their current salary-cap payroll to just over $70.5 million.

Assuming next season’s cap reaches $83 million as projected, they’ll have over $12 million to re-sign several key players. Those include pending unrestricted free agent winger Brett Connolly and restricted free agents Jakub Vrana and Andre Burakovsky. The Capitals are giving up skill in Niskanen but Gudas brings an affordable measure of toughness to their blueline. 

Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher intends to use his plentiful cap room to bolster his lineup this offseason. Niskanen will provide all-around defensive skill, postseason experience, and leadership to the Flyers’ defense corps. He’s signed through 2020-21 with an annual average value of $5.75 million. The Flyers can easily afford that cap hit for the next two years as they wait for their younger blueliners to improve.

With nearly $52 million committed to 15 players, Fletcher has over $30 million to worth with. I daresay he’s not done making moves this summer. 


  1. Ron Jull this trade is the reason a lucic/Ericsson trade will have to have a sweetener cap space is just too important, the caps just traded a higher contract for a lower one and the flyers still retained salary

    • I think its an interesting statement when a 1 year removed Stanley cup winning team trades a solid puck mover and skater who was instramental in the cup win brings in a guy who plays on the edge and pounds guys and is the complete opposite player.

      I admit the Blues D core this year was amazing they are a big bunch of boys, are the Caps signaling that a more physical back end is what teams require to move on in the playoffs, I think it is, teams have to see that with the smaller more creative players upfront means you need more physicality on the back end and finish checks and make teams pay a price, it will create less goals against as more teams may be hesistant to play more free in the O zone.

      Also I do think this would have to signal a Ghost move soon as need for him now with the newer D men stepping up and Niskaknen replacing him and his money …by the Flyers adding the 30% to Niskanens contract that is over $ 6 milllion they are now paying for this player….weird move by add that to the cap when you have that style player in house.

      • I think Niskanen is a decent add but we definitely disagree with each other if you think that Niskanen is a replacement for Ghost. Ghost had a down year last year. He’s also had a 65 point season and makes less than 5 million a year. Good luck replacing that. Any potential Ghost deal has a monumental chance of coming back to bite the Flyers in the butt. Push Ghost down the lineup for even strength if that’s a legit concern. God knows the Flyers spend 4.5 million on worse players than him. They’ve been paying AMac more than that for what feels like forever.

    • This deal has merit for both teams. Retaining salary to obtain a player you WANT makes sense. Trading Lucic for Eriksson is garbage for trash. Neither Benning or Holland can say they “want” either one of them.


      • Do you really think the caps want gudas over niskanen? Lol they are clearing cap space for this year! Just like the 1 year extra the Canucks would have to take on lucic Edmonton will have to pay for it, it’s not that difficult


    • “Ron Jull this trade is the reason a lucic/Ericsson trade will have to have a sweetener cap space is just too important, the caps just traded a higher contract for a lower one and the flyers still retained salary”

      Comparing Niskanen’s contract to Lucic or Eriksson is ridiculous.

      Niskanen is overpaid, sure, but his contract is not toxic at all. THAT is why Philly is paying part of Gudas’s contract, because they’re getting the better player in the deal.

      • Niskanens contract had nothing to do with what I’m saying! Ron Jull the other day said he doesn’t think the oilers will have to retain salary or give a sweetener for the extra yr of 6million on lucic’s contract

  2. There’s a trade that can be said to “fit explicit needs” for both teams

  3. Does Niskanen play LD? Gostisbehere on the move?

    • As a RD, niskonen will slide nicely beside lefties, Provorov or Sanheim.
      I still think Trouba is on the radar.
      Ghost will be traded.

      • what do u think it will take to get trouba, ghost and the #11 pick? maybe hagg with prospects and picks or do you see ghost goin some where else

      • Can we ban people who call posters “moron” and similar? Really unnecessary!
        The Flyers can afford to trade defense now and Ghost might bring a good forward if they sweeten the deal a little. Flyers need help up front, since they have reason to think their D is solid without ghost
        Leafs interested in Leddy? What would it take?

  4. As a Pitt fan I don’t like

    • as a flyer fan it is good to see philly starting the return to playoff relevance as well as continuing the heated rivalry with the pens….hopefully pittsburghs window is on the way to closing lol , sorry chrisms

      • Why you….!!!


  5. I assume this is more about preparing to extend Backstrom and Holtby than signing free agents.

  6. Gudas and Tom Wilson now as teammates. Keep your head up boys

  7. Ghost is a left handed shot that can play either LD or RD, much like Sanheim. This move doesn’t mean they need to trade Ghost at all. IF the defense stays the same and the Flyers want Niskanen to mentor Provy I’d break it up like this:

    Provy Niskanen
    Sanheim Myers
    Morin Ghost

    Morin and Ghost were paired together in LV and Morin being a huge stay at home d man can allow Ghost to be more free wheeling. Ghost also plays PP so his ice time would still balance out. The second pairing of Sanheim and Myers could be deadly if they both continue to develop and the first pairing gives Provy his veteran mentor.

  8. what other moves does anyone see flyers making

    • Um… Hart being a flag in the pan and flyers looking for a goalie for another decade plus?
      (Smiles hopefully)

      • You’re dreaming now moron. The next decade won’t be so kind to the rainy, grey side of the state.

        Hart will not be a bust, and even if he isn’t Superman, they have the best goalie pipeline in the league…