Notable NHL Player Movement – June 30, 2019

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With the start of the NHL free-agent market fast approaching, here’s a look at today’s notable player movement.

The Montreal Canadiens trade winger Andrew Shaw and a seventh-round pick in 2021 to the Chicago Blackhawks. In return, the Canadiens receive a second- and a seventh-round pick in the 2020 draft and a third-round pick in 2021. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can you say, “salary dump”, kids? I knew you could because that’s what this is. Shaw, 27, has three years remaining on his contract (stick tap to Cap Friendly) at an annual average value of $3.9 million. The Canadiens now have over $12 million in salary-cap room. It’s believed this move sets the stage for what could be one or two significant roster additions via trade or (most likely) free agency tomorrow.

Shaw, meanwhile, returns to the club where he began his NHL career, helping the Blackhawks win two Stanley Cups (2013, 2015). A physical checking-line winger with a decent scoring touch, his style of play has also taken a toll on his body. He was frequently sidelined over the past three seasons. 

The Canadiens also traded forward Nicolas Deslauriers to the Anaheim Ducks for a 2020 fourth-round draft pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s an additional $950K off the Habs books. They’re also loading up on draft picks for the 2020 Draft. They now have 12 picks, including two in the second round, four in the fourth, and two in the fifth. Some of those could be used as trade bait in other deals. 

The Florida Panthers trade goaltender James Reimer to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for goaltender Scott Darling and a sixth-round draft pick. The Panthers placed Darling on waivers to buy out his contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reimer is signed through 2020-21 with an annual average value of $3.4 million. With the Hurricanes attempting to re-sign Petr Mrazek and Curtis McElhinney expected to depart tomorrow via free agency, Reimer could be filling the backup role. However, The News & Observer’s Luke DeCock says Reimer’s time with the Canes could be short. “Other potential moves in works,” he said. Stay tuned.

Florida Panthers trade James Reimer to the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo via NHL Images).

Darling had two years left on his contract with a $4.1 million AAV. Given his struggles over the past two years, he no longer had a future with the Hurricanes and doesn’t fit into the Panthers’ goaltending plans. Cap Friendly has the breakdown of the buyout.  

The Edmonton Oilers placed defenseman Andrej Sekera on unconditional waivers for a contract buyout. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sekera, 33, had two years remaining on his deal worth $5.5 million annually. You can see the breakdown of the buyout here.  This move comes as a surprise. Oilers GM Ken Holland had indicated he’d prefer keeping Sekera around. Looks like Holland wants the cap space for other moves. 

The Philadelphia Flyers placed defenseman David Schlemko on unconditional waivers as a precursor to buying out his contract. The 32-year-old had a year remaining on his deal at $2.1 million. 


  1. Interesting seeing sekara bought out, I wonder who the oilers are using the money for tomorrow?

    • they are going to extend Lucic …

      • Good one, Ed.

      • That’s funny and cruel all at the same time🤣🤣

      • lmao.

        I thought Chiarelli got fired.

    • Marner

    • A goaltender and a few wingers BBB.
      Sekera would have been a good 3rd pairing guy to play with Jones.
      Move Russell instead would have been my preference.
      No takers on Russell I guess.

      • The Oilers have four defensemen to move along and can’t find any takers for any of them at this point. Buyout was the only option.
        Too bad they couldn’t get Reimer as a back up for one of the defensemen. Florida would have bought him out anyway, instead of the Oilers.

  2. Anyone with a bit more math skills care to explain how darling is a better buyout than Reimer?
    Isn’t it 3.4 vs 4.1? Same years?

    • Apparently, it’s because of Reimer’s signing bonus.

      • Darlings cap hit in 20-21 is almost 900000 cheaper too

      • Thank you gentlemen

    • Looking on cap friendly, Reimer’s cap hit is a million higher in year 2 than Darlings, while being slightly lower in other 3 years

    • Hi Chrisms


      Reimer : $1M, $3.2 M , $0.7M; $0.7 M

      Darling: $1.2 ; $2.3; $1.2 , $1.2

      Again as Lyle says … big diff is the Signing bonus

  3. All these buyouts and Jimmy boy still won’t buy out JJ (Cap hit would only be $270 K this year…. immediately freeing up another $3 M)????? 🤬🤬

    It would immediately improve team and leave $8.1M in Cap space to extend the 3 RFAs (Petterson ; Blueger; ZAR) and still leave probably $4M for a UFA acquisition ?????

    • Makes ya wonder why he wouldn’t trade JJ for Sekera when it was an option lol

      • JJ for anything !!!!

        Setting all jokes aside and all bias aside….a buyout of your worst player that costs only $270 K in Cap this year and frees up $3M in Cap
        when you are already at/near Cap…. to me is the easiest decision to make…. there should be absolutely no second thoughts on it …. done, case closed

        Putting aside any viewpoint on his negative impact on the team…. the freeing up $3M in Cap with the strike of a Pen and with the cracking of the chequebook ; should have been done a week ago

        It’s a pure business decision that as an added benefit (a HUGE one mind you) has massively positive impacts on the performance, confidence and attitude of the entire team ; fans; owners; and I could argue, the League.

      • The pens don’t buy people out. Business decision

      • Another thing pengy. Jacky doesn’t have to be protected in next year expansion. He or horny might just be picked up possibly with Pitt providing incentive. (I say possibly because we haven’t seen how they play yet this season. If it was this year you could take probably out of the equation). The rumored zaitsev deal is another reason it would be bad business to buy the dude out. Pens cannot afford dead cap space when the spend to the cap every year. They just can’t.

      • Hi Chrisms

        No question that’s an option , but as a businessman I deal with decisions now and look at present value of futures.

        That reality (moving JJ as unprotected in draft with an incentive ) is down the road; uncertain and comes with 19/20 and 20/21 with spending $3.25 M in Cap

        Window is here and now .,.. freeing up $3 M immediately is the most prudent move . Deal with any cap space issues next year and after…. next year will go up; 20/21 will go up huge

        I realize Pens haven’t had this as a norm strategy; I realize their reluctance to break the norm and set a precedent … this IS the time.

        There is no more appropriate time for any team…. the cap hit this year is $270 K (40% of a League min. Sal) and frees up an extremely valuable $3M in Cap

        By not doing it Pens fall further behind the competition (that’s falling behind with negotiable Cap space)

        Add to that the luxury of immediately making the team much better …. super addition by major subtraction so to speak… and to me …. buyout is a no brainer

        He’s missed 5PM deadline so I’m praying for Arbitration request from Pettersson or ZAR or Blueger so that the window opens up again


  4. Sekera to Canadiens confirmed. 5 years, 5,5 mln sounds about right

    • He’s already getting that 2 million tops for sekera! Bergevin just showed dubas how to move salary lol Shaw and a 7th for a 2nd,3rd and 7th

      • You are correct sir!!

      • BBB, it’s funny how Bergevin has gone from worst to first with Habs fans. I’d say Dorion’s headed in the same direction, and Jimmy Rutherford has shown again why he’s going to the Hall of Fame – right, Pengy?

      • BCleafFan

        You sure know how to kick a guy when he’s down … LOL

        We all know Rutherford’s Hall of Fame induction is for everything he did before July 2018

      • I don’t know about first yet reading Habs fans comments on other sites they’re worried what he’s going to spend the money on

      • Habs just dumped delauries(sp) for a 4 rd pick from Anaheim

      • I know the league has changed in the sense of less policing but the Habs just got rid of the 2 guys who would muck it up. I would also not be surprised to see Weise bought out and Hudon released. I could envision the Habs signing Gardiner, Anders Lee and McElhinney. While Deslaurier has limited skill he is one tough kid, glad he had a chance to play a couple of seasons for his hometown team. Good luck in Anaheim
        I also like some of the moves Bowman is making in Chicago in adding experienced players.

  5. Rumour is Oil are gonna sign G Mike Smith. I think Russell would’ve been a better dump but who knows what Holland is thinking? He’s got a good history, so as an Oiler fan, I’m just gonna watch and see with optimistic wariness 😉

  6. With Deslauriers now sent to Anaheim and with Alzner, Peca and Weise likely to spend the year in the AHL, you can add slightly more that $4m. To the cap space reported on Cap Friendly. Assuming the two remaining RFAs, Armia and Lehkonen, total about $4m., i estimate the Habs available space will be about $13.5 m. Once a backup goalie is signed, apparently Keith Kincaid, that would leave about $12m. I see one of the following happening:
    1. Duchene!!!!
    2. Jake Gardiner and a winger who would provide secondary scoring depth, such as Donskoi or Connolly.
    3. A good scoring winger such as Lee, Nyquist, or Dzingel, after which they’ll use some of the picks acquired to get a D from a team with surplus Ds and/or salary to move. Brodie? Leddy?
    Please wake me up in 24 hours.

    • Hi Howard

      With all theses moves perhaps they think they have the best offer out there for Duchene . He would be an ideal add for Habs

      From your list I would like option 3 before 2

      Regardless ; I expect some Habs UFA announcements early tommorrow

      • I obviously prefer option 1. But I agree that option 3 is preferable to option 2. McKenzie is reporting that the Isles are now the favorites to sign Panarin. If that’s the case, Leddy will have to be moved for prospects and picks. I can see the Habs signing Lee or Nyquist and then getting Leddy for a 2nd rounder and a prospect other than Poehling, Suzuki, Caufield, Primeau or Romanov.

    • July 1 is officially Stupid Day. Hoping the Habs don’t get caught up in all the mess and overpay for 2-3 players. I still think Duchene is Nashville-bound. Wondering if the Preds can dump another contract.

  7. someone is going to get a good deal on Sekera being their 5th Dman with potential to fill in top 4 as needed