Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 16, 2019

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Latest on Jacob Trouba, Kevin Hayes, James Neal, Nikita Zaitsev, and more in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers and New York Islanders are among up to a dozen clubs aggressively pursuing Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba. He also said the New Jersey Devils were in the hunt. He cites sources claiming the Jets haven’t given Trouba’s agent permission yet to speak with other clubs. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer and a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility.

The New York Rangers and New York Islanders are reportedly interested in Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba (Photo via NHL Images).

Compared to the Isles and Devils, Brooks feels the Rangers could lack the expendable depth in prospects and young talent the Jets could command for Trouba. Facing a potential salary-cap crunch this summer, the Jets are believed seeking “a first-rounder and a pair of legitimate prospects or young NHLers in return.” Brooks also believes the cost of re-signing Trouba could be a seven-year deal worth up to $7.5-million annually.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Pittsburgh Penguins are interested in Trouba but it’s hard to see a match. He wonders if shipping Trouba to the Philadelphia Flyers for Shayne Gostisbehere would make any sense, though he notes Gostisbehere isn’t a right-handed shot.  He also noted Trouba has a home in Florida but isn’t sure the Panthers want to pay the price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s an expectation Trouba will be traded by the end of the NHL Draft next weekend, if not sooner. Some fans don’t believe he’s worth a hefty return or the big contract. He’s a 25-year-old top-pairing defenseman coming off a career-high 50-point performance. The Jets will get a big return if they trade him and he will get an expensive new contract wherever he plays. The question is, which team gets him?

It’s not surprising to see the Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Flyers, and Panthers linked to Trouba. He’s also been tied to the Buffalo Sabres and Detroit Red Wings. The only certainty is he won’t be traded to a Canadian franchise. When his agent requested a trade during their contract standoff in 2016, the preferred destinations were American. 


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cites a source claiming there’s mutual interest between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers forward Kevin Hayes. The Flyers hold his exclusive negotiating rights until the UFA interview period opens on June 23. However, a source close to Hayes claims it’s unlikely he’ll sign with the Flyers.

The same source said the Bruins were close to acquiring him before the Rangers shipped him to Winnipeg at the trade deadline. Murphy feels pursuing Hayes would make sense if the Bruins decide to trade center David Krejci this summer.

SPORTSNET: Friedman wonders if the Philadelphia Flyers are willing to pay between $6.5 million to $7 million annually to sign Kevin Hayes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Krejci has a full no-movement clause until July 1, when it reverts to a modified no-trade where he provides a list of half of the teams in the league he would accept being traded to. If the Bruins trade Krejci I can see them pursuing Hayes. However, I doubt Krejci will be on the move. I expect GM Don Sweeney will try to keep his core intact for one more push for the Cup next season.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Toronto Maple Leafs asking price for defenseman Nikita Zaitsev is another blueliner or a return that will help them land one. He also believes there’s plenty of options if they decide to move center Nazem Kadri, though the Winnipeg Jets are on his no-trade list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zaitsev’s contract ($4.5 million annually through 2023-24) is a sticking point. Kadri would attract interest but the Leafs could be reluctant to move him despite his costly postseason penalties.

The Buffalo Sabres talked to the New York Rangers regarding forward Jimmy Vesey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s interesting. The Sabres acquired Vesey’s rights from the Nashville Predators three years ago in hopes of re-signing him but he opted to join the Rangers instead. He has a year remaining on his contract worth $2.275 million and will become a restricted free agent next summer with arbitration rights. 

The Calgary Flames tested the trade market on James Neal. He believes they kicked around the notion of swapping Neal for Milan Lucic but decided against it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Neal trade speculation seems to have faded almost as quickly as it surfaced. There’s either not much of a market for his services or the Flames could be hoping for a bounce-back performance next season. 

Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon acknowledged his club’s need to address their goals-against issue. A decision on goaltender Roberto Luongo is expected before the upcoming NHL Draft.

Friedman wouldn’t be surprised if the Minnesota Wild pursue New York Islanders winger Anders Lee or San Jose Sharks forward Joe Pavelski via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be more surprised if those two are available in the UFA market. If the Sharks re-sign Karlsson to a rumored eight-year, $88-million deal, that could make it difficult to re-sign Pavelski. 

Friedman predicted Dion Phaneuf and Andrew MacDonald would be bought out. Others to watch include Carolina’s Scott Darling, Anaheim’s Corey Perry, and Dallas’ Valeri Nichushkin.





  1. Dion was bought out yesterday; no surprise there: Kadri I believe is on strike 2 of 3 total with the Leafs and Zaitsev, he has value, but the term of that contract is challenging.

    • Term and salary he is overpaid, he’s not a second pairing guy on most teams his defense is pretty weak

      • @BBB: I don’t like him much either: Never did: He’s an enigma to me: RHD ya that works, but as I’ve said more than once on here; and I’m a Leaf fan, he has the ability to look both impressive and totally useless on the same shift; and that worries me; that should worry any team

      • @BBB : Put your guns down: I”m not defending that salary: Thanks Lou: U stuck us good with that guy: & U Don’t have to provide links to how useless I think he is.

        What I do believe is that he will be traded for futures or some version an entry level contract coming back to the Leafs; in short; a salary dump

      • The expectations after that 4g 32a 36 pts 2016-17 season, when he was making $925,000 should have, perhaps, been approached with caution instead of resulting in a 6-year $4.5 mil cap hit.

        Strangely enough, in the 2016-17 season he was a -22 and although his offensive stats dropped considerably over the next two seasons, he improved his defensive game to +7 and +2.

        With experience and coaching he could well develop into a solid $5.5 mil per 3/4 pairing – I think a lot of GMs see that potential but if any are going to take him from the Leafs they are going to try and low-ball the offers simply because they know Dubas is between a rock and a hard place on his cap and that cap relief is the prime motive for putting him on the trade block.

      • True it’s like he loses focus

      • George he is 28 I don’t know how much more he can learn but you never know

      • Agree, on most teams Zaitsev is a 4-6 dman. Only in Toronto is he thought of as a 2-3.

        Typical Leaf fan/media bias clouding over the obvious.

  2. Vesey will be a ufa next summer.
    I know Brooks might have inside info on Rangers end, I think he has no idea what’s going on in Winnipeg. Seriously doubt that if GM has been in talks with other teams about a Trouba trade, that his agent hasn’t been given permission to talk to said teams. Really not much to discuss as far as a return if other team doesn’t have an idea they can sign him. Again, it’s not news that teams are interested in Troube, it’s a matter of him being willing to sign with those teams. Also, I don’t necessarily feel Jets need to get back a right D man. If they trade him, there’s a good chance they resign Myers.

    • I think they will want a dman in return, that’s a big hole to fill with young players

      • BBB
        I agree. I just don’t think it has to be a right handed guy. My comment was based on Friedman comment that Ghost isn’t a right d

      • Ya I agree I don’t think it will have to be righty either, sorry didn’t read the “ right” in your post

      • Zaitzev’s defense along with others on the leafs defense actually has to do with the coaching. I think the system is tainted.

      • @ Vinnie, I agree. I don’t like the Leafs D system. When they go back to get the puck the forwards aren’t deep enough to support them and it leads to alot of turnovers in their own zone

      • Some might be coaching but most are on zaitsev he’s just not a top 4

  3. As a flyer fan i say if the rumors are true that Hayes would rather play elsewhere ( Boston ) or would come to Philly IF the money is right ….i say let him go and get someone who wants to play there…he isnt worth 6.5 to 7 mil a year, let alone locking him up for 6 years. It will be another Macdonald situation in about 2-3 years.

    • As long as the Rangers do not resign him let Boston or Philly have him. Too passive for me

    • Hayes is no different than any other player who hits unrestricted free agency. Why wouldn’t he explore his options. We can argue all day about who we think is worth whatever or who’s over rated, but at end of day, if Boston is Hayes preferred destination and they’re offering him what he wants, so be it. If he doesn’t want to be in Philly, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks he’s worth. Only the team that signs him. Obviously, Rangers didn’t see a fit and that was where Hayes wanted to be.

    • @ Frenchy

      I hear what your saying in regards to Hayes,
      however the Flyers have one consistent Centerman who is really good but has been injury riddled in Couturier …you have a smaller 2nd line Konecnky and Iam still not convinced that Nolan Patrick will work out long term….which in my opinion means you guys are desperate for a big strong center
      ( 6 foot 1- 216 pounds ) who has NHL experience and is still on the rise for the next 5 years …if you dont get a guy like this by addition and for nothing than you need to move bodies out and that becomes more complicated as to get a #1 – 2 Centerman in the NHl you have to give up a good sum via trade and that will actually cost you long term…this is a really good fix if you can sign Hayes …he will give you exactly what you need…if you dont sign him who do you see that would fit that roll with size and skill for the next 5 years ..and what would you give up for that guy …1st rounder & ..young 1A D men in Myers or Sanhiem …better to try this route first instead of addition by subtraction…
      teams are not giving away 1st and 2nd line centers.
      Just sayin


      • @Boogey Bomb

        i hear ya on all those counts, it may just be the agent posturing thru the media to raise the stakes, hopefully a deal can be struck that works for both sides, but you also want the player on your team for the right reasons and not just for being the highest bidder.

  4. Happy faddas day suckers!!

  5. Would like to see the Bruins keep Krejci and find him a big tough scoring winder ( shake that tree) as far as trades and FA moves maybe not a bad idea to move on from Krug put him out there see what he can bring back just maybe that Krejci winger…..add size for the D with a shutdown Dman

    • Trade Krug for prospects/picks; use that cap space to sign K.Hayes. Play him as RW on Krejci’s line

      • Krug to VAN for the #10 & Hutton??


        to Van: Krug & Backes

        to Bos: Sutter, Hutton & 10th


      • So van has to takes backes and give the 10th? I don’t think so

    • @ Joe

      I think they should keep Krejci for one more year and go to the end of Charas contract and then move on from him.
      Boston has a great young talent pool at very good value for salary and nothing really pressing to sign that would put them in a bind, he is really good for one more year with Chara incorporated …which in my opinion means that Krug has to be the sacrificial lamb ..especially with MAcovoy and Carlo on the rise….Krejci – Bergeron is still a great 1 – 2 ..have to buy out Backes I would not move Krejci especially with all the injuries that the Bruins had this year and they still made it to game 7 finals.
      The top 1 – 2 Centerman position is to hard to fill.

  6. @ George: Re: Zaitsev: UR quite right: He could very well thrive under different coaching and circumstances; but as BBB said very well, he’s 28; how much more can that learning curve grow? What I see is a player who can at times, look awesome; which must have been what Lou saw: but at other times, well, no comment; and all on the same shift !

    • Krejci had better numbers than Hayes. I would rather have another year of Krejci. Unless Hayes is gonna play RW. Backes contract would have to be moved to afford him.

    • @ George and Joe

      Zaitsev will not thrive under a new coach …

      he is terrible in his own end his numbers will change maybe for the better and the only reason for that is because he will not be playing with the turnover machine that is Jake Gardiner adding to his minus rating worse tandem in the NHL, how Babcock allowed it to go on that long was crazy bad coaching.

      Zaitsev is a KHL player not an NHL player at best he is a 3- 4 – 5 D man on another team for a minute eating player, has shown all ready that he can not shut down a quality top line when needed most in the playoffs.
      overpaid and over utilized.

      • Hi BB

        To be transparent and fair,
        I’m a jaded non-Zaitsev fan; so with you in perception.

        I personally view the “3rd/4th” as a stretch.

        Objectively I just can’t see Zaitsev at better than 3rd pairing on at least 25 (and maybe more) teams.

        I agree and think a change of scenery and D partner should gain traction and improvement for him but he has a very limited (IMO) NHL ceiling

        Limited trade partners/suitors for sure and return minimal

        Focus MUST be on Marner then moving Marleau contract

  7. Hi All

    Happy Father’s Day

    I can’t believe Friedman didn’t mention the obvious buyout of JJ (I listed out my full rationale on Pens D and the trade [Maata] ) in the morning coffee section).

    I don’t see Trouba as a trade option(or need ) by Pens…. don’t have the required pieces in trade and if Maata trade is a guideline; will get hosed in that (Trouba) trade. I’d like to see Benn signed as a UFA.

    Re Zaitsev … I think both the “possible” return and number of suitors have been over-stated / over-inferred.

    As a Leaf fan ; I’d like to move him…. but that is not; nor should not be; the priority….

    1) Marner
    2) Move Marleau contract

    and as I’ve stated before …. (3) I would really like to see Leafs move (forget about promises KD; your first job is for the betterment of the team) Nylander.

    As of July 2nd ; Nylander is only owed $700 K for the entirety of 19/20 season and is worded LESS than an average of $5M per year for the balance of his term. He had a fantastic worlds. He IS marketable now and IMHO would bring back a top 4RHD. Leafs are set offensively; they are greatly behind the curve (IMO) defensively.

    Doing 1-2-3 above , Leafs will have enough space still for Kappy and Johnsson and can keep Kadri.

    I have strong confidence in #1 above; some (in fact more than I did a month ago) confidence in #2; but really fear that GMKD is more concerned with his “word” than the over-all betterment of the Leafs and for trying to win a championship ; so #3 has a very small possibility

    Can Leafs win next year with both WW and Marleau on the roster …. due to theCap ramifications and crimping any true D moves …. IMO; no

    Will moves 1,2,3 above guarantee a cup in ‘20 …. No.

    But…. I truly believe doing the above will give Leafs a fair shot at a cup somewhere ‘20 to ‘25

    Happy Father’s Day

    • Hi Pengy

      I like pretty much all of what you said

      ..for sure the top priority is Marner, if the Leafs do not get this done I will be rethinking my 45 year patronage to this organization..he is their BEST player !

      You HAVE to move on from Gardiner and absolutely trade Nylander and with that money keep Kappy and Mango…aka Johnson….at worst you have to keep Kappy.

      In my honest opinion and or evaluation I see the Leafs in a wild card spot if Dubas does not make these bold moves,

      Just for conversation sakes and looking over the league I did come up with a trade scenario id like to see happen.

      Nylander and Holl


      Rielly Smith and Brayden Mcnabb

      This trade would help both teams with money.

      Leafs get a tougher winger on a shorter term and for less money who puts up similar numbers as Nylander but plays a 200 foot game and has wicked hands but plays physical …

      McNabb is a great shut down D man and can play with and or opposite of Muzzin again as when he was in LA the top 4 …yes he is not a right shot D man but they can get that elsewhere ..his presence

      This will save both teams money and give better players for need in the positions ..this is also granted that Leafs can get rid of Zaitsev and replace him with McNabb and use Dermott as your new puck mover !

      M. Rielly – Muzzin

      McNabb – Dermott

      Hainsey – (Rosen) or Right shot D man via trade

      Sandin or Liljergen

      Reilly Smith & Mcnabb bring in $8 million cap hit sending out Nylanders $ 7 million

      I truly feel you can get more out of Reilly Smith with Marner Tavares or Mathews than Nylander will give you at all areas of the ice ..he is a quality all around sniper with only 2 more years at $5 million as opposed to Nylander at $7 for 7

      Kappy – Mathews – R. Smith
      Marner – Tavares – Hyman
      T. Moore – ? – Johnson

      Maybe trade Brown and Kadri
      4th line needs to be quality skaters with size !

      • Hi BB

        I love the trade… both McN and RS are good players; McN a very solid shutdown guy. I’d really like him as a Leaf.

        From an objective viewpoint though ; the trade is skewed in Leafs favour…. I think we’d need to pony up extra.

        Outside of the Cap hit (Vegas also in Cap crunch now) …. I’d take McN for WW ; I would.

        McPhee couldn’t do it because of the Cap

        VGK have dough but limited cap ; just like Leafs

        Knights live both RS and McN so prying both will be very hard

        I would think McPhee would insist on at least one dump contract (Reaves? ) but that would still leave them (VGKs) decreasing their very limited Cap space

        Holl will me basically nothing to McPhee

        If it’s McNabb AND Smith coming our way I’m figuring GMGM will insist on Leafs taking on Reaves AND adding a better sweetener than Holl…..

        Spitballing his (GMGM’s) expected request ….

        McNabb, Smith , Reaves
        (10.3 M Cap)

        For WW (7) ; AND Johnsson OR Kappy …. so total Cap almost a saw off once either Kappy or Johnson are re-signed; plus a Leaf sweetener prospect (Lliljgren???)

        That ask too much

        I want McNabb as a Leaf and would love RS as well but McPhee is seasoned and will get the upper hand (in the end) on that trade over Dubas

        I would even take McNabb + Reaves + Whitecloud (Wolves RD , 22 ; solid good size ; 6G 22A ; + 39)

        For WW + Holl

        Change must happen for Leafs ; and the D must be improved


      • That’s Knights “love” both RS…..

        Not “live”…..

        fat fingers; small screen; old eyes; tired …. all true

    • @ Pengy

      At best the Leafs need to sign Marner move on from Gardiner (upgrade size here ) see if they can move out Marleau and Zaitsev contract without having to add Kadri to that deal ….trade Nylander for an upgrade in size and physicality in his position for less money.

      In the end Pengy

      I have to say I have lost all confidence in Dubas and the direction he sees for the Leafs …he has made a lot of msitakes that have been covered up by money

      ….he wants skill only players …

      I think he is sadly mistaken …especially if you look at the Blues… San Jose… and Bruins …who all played the most physical out of all remaining teams at the end !

      If he does not upgrade with size in all areas the Leafs are going no where with Matthews and Nylander as 2 of the softest players in the league …just not going to happen.

      Happy Fathers Day !

      • BB

        Yep Yep Yep and more Yep

        I’ve also lost confidence in Dubas …. but he has the next 4 weeks as an opportunity to make some solid moves (and win me back)…. doable yes. Likely…. ????? Fingers AND toes AND eyes crossed !!

        WW plus whatever else it takes for Parayko????? I can dream


  8. Pengy….agree with most…not the Kadri line of thinking….I know he is on a great contract but that with the fact we have Matthews and Tavares is why should be traded for a good big D man

    Why not trade Nylander for one good D and Kadri for another….that would change the character of the team….and it needs it

    My hunches are Nylander/Kapenen to Carolina …..Kadri to Colorado or Calgary….

    I won’t name for what players as I don’t know the Canes and the Flames well enough to say what is equal value….I think it is rare when an NHL trade is bad value for one side more than the other….

    I don’t think it is rare for UFA contracts to be bad….so Dubas and other GMs when it comes to UFAs July 1 ought to think thrice and act once ….as my Welsh granny said

    • I have mentioned numerous times here and elsewhere that Toronto needs to trade Nykander or Marner for defense.

      Nylander got paid too much. He has negative value given his salary.

      My rule on salary cap…

      4/7 for 14 F, 4/7 for 9 D/G.

      For short periods more coukd go to one side if you have a bunch of ELCs or low bridge players for like 2-3 yrs till thise players are due.

      Because of that.. with a cap of 84M 4/7 is 48M. If it costs $38M for AM, J.T., nykander, and Marner leave only $20M for rest of forwards. You can have that for long periods.

      Marner you coukd get a strong young D ynder 23 who is a top pair or someone with that a potential. Trade a Marner for an ELC 21 yr old who looks as a solid mid pair who coukd be top pair, a ELC winger who is middle six, and a 1st.

    • Hi OBD

      I’m good to go on WW (Nylander) for top for RHD… after Jul 1st ; potential trade partners increase

      Outside of Kadri’s last two playoff brain farts (I really don’t see that happening) I still like him at 3C for the Cap hit

      You are right that he could garner a possible 4D; and that moving both to get those top 4D then solidifies Leafs for top 2 pair AND they would be fine with top 2 lines …. will they still have space and assets to acquire that 3C vacated by a Kadri trade and the much needed back up to Freddy (current goal tending situation is in peril; replacement back up in great need IMO)

      Fingers crossed on all accounts

      Dubas …. do not get to 1/7 without a Marner signature…. even if he doesn’t sign an offer sheet; I’m confident they are coming and Narner’s agent can at least waive the offer sheets in Dubas’ face to up the final Leaf deal


      • Pengy… problem with Kadri as a 3 C is that he is a 2C… I would trade for D man….and get a 3 C from somewhere else….. I think he has value around the league and will return an equal value D man or high draft choice…..they are not trading Matthews or Tavares and can not find the ice time Kadri’s abilities merit ….other teams have a need and will give him the time..and will trade fairly for him…..I think

    • What about Nylander for Petry?

      • K

        I like Petry and he’d slot in top 4D on Leafs. Size, presence , demeanour, character all good

        The downfall is that he’s 32 this year with only 2 years remaining

        Trading within same Div also a rarity

        Montreal would have to (IMO) give up substantially more just due to the 9 year age gap and longer contract for WW

        My hopes for a WW /top 4 D swap is for a Dman in the 23-27 range to be in prime for what I perceive as Leafs Cup window… ‘20 to ‘25

  9. news flash!…avs not buying anyone out,….who would they even buy out?

    • That crossed my mind as well – Haefele needed a “source” for that?

    • Maybe sakic gets stoned and tries to buyout alex tanguay

      • Can Salic buyout JJ on behalf of GMJR?

      • Oh pengy… I strongly believe you are in for quite a disappointment. Could a trade happen where Jj gets moved? Maybe. Since when do the pens buy out contracts? I honestly can’t think of one.

      • Hi Chrisms

        You are probably right that there hasn’t been one … I can’t remember one

        …. but there is a first for everything!!!

        There has never been (and I suspect there never will be again) a more appropriate time for a buyout:

        Only $1.0 M in cash for the next 8 years with only a cap hit this year of $270J…..and an immediate and permanent betterment to the D ; the team and the fans

        Absolutely THE best NHL investment EVER

        I do realize that I whine on and on and on about him and realize that this forum is for opinion and shared discussion/input and the result of my rants lessons my credibility on this site. I realize that I come across (when ranting about JJ) as a troglodyte bitter fanatic with limited education and a bitter and pessimistic outlook on life. Not a point lost on me.

        I’m a Pens and Leafs fan that has missed but a handful of games (Pens or Leafs) over the last decade. My opinion might be jaded but not without personal observation.

        I stand by my statement that I have never ever seen a single player so detrimental to the performance of an entire team over a full year; in my life. Many players have individually blown games. Many have blown a few games over an entire year. No one player in my recollection has been; all on his lonesome self, the difference between 2nd place in the entire League and only a single loss away from being in last wild-card spot and but 2 losses away from being out of the playoffs.

        I also stand by my statement that Pens have 0 chance of a cup if JJ remains a regular on their D core.

        In all seriousness I do feel this is a wise move/investment.

        Investments in chance players happen all the time ; and at league min. projected to be $750 K in 2 years ; then this ($1M buyout) is very close to that …. it’s an investment by subtraction

        Put another way …. spending up to $2.25 M on any new Dman in the League that is worth close to that range ; as a replacement for JJ ; plus his buyout of $1M will have the team no financially better or worse and with an actual Cap savings this year; plus a percentage of Cap savings in 6 of the following 7 years (slight exception in ‘22/‘23) ; and with a better DMan and a better outcome for the team… that has to be a prudent move

        Buying out JJ leaves $9.4 M in Cap room to (1) extend Pettersson ; (2) sign 3 depth Fwds (4th liner plus 13th/14th Fwds ) and still leave about $5M to sign a LHD if they want to spend that much…. I posted my desire for Jordie Benn but there are certainly others out there… Ben Chariot would be a big up grade to JJ and come cheaper.

        With a little maneuvering they could get Edler

        All of those moves make Pens waaaaaay better than the 19 + minutes avg (for 82 games) that they had to endure with JJ

        I can’t conceive that Mario would not want to make this investment …. this is all now in the hands of Rutherford …. and don’t forget Rutherford “had” in effect moved him to Minnesota by taking less in the failed Phil trade …. so Rutherford is not set on keeping JJ

        I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed on this one

        Your humble ranting fanatic

      • Gwa?

        I don’t personally believe the Jj contract is inherently a problem. His usage by the coach… another thing. By resigning gmjr Mario made his faith public. And gmjr has stood behind his signings. Now the minny trade was telling… but J.J. being part of it may be less of a thing than many Pitt fans hope.

        Jj didn’t play good. But neither did Malkin … Murray for much of the start of the year. Rust. Tanger… the list goes on and on. If J.J. got hit by a meteor today… pens are not that much better of a team.

        Personally I hope tanger goes for a decent return.

  10. I dont see how a change of address is going to improve Zaitsev. He already plays in the greatest city ever, on the best team ever and for the greatest coach ever.

    How can you improve on that?

    • Hey, he won a Stanley Cup!! But then, so did Randy Carlyle … so forget I pointed that out.

      • Just realized ron and George are brothers, they have the same jealousy patterns.

    • What I think what would have been an adventure to have watched for 1 game anyways, is both Zaitsev and Jake Gardiner paired together; cuz if both of them brain farted at the same time, well, you know..and both have known to do that very thing !

      • @ Myself: Joey: They have been partners way too often; way too long: you just can’t tell which one of them is brain farting anymore 🙂
        But it is June and things will change !

  11. So basically no new rumors today.

  12. Larry Brooks commenting on the Isles? I’ll go the opposite way on that.

  13. Sure hope Van doesnt bite on Ziatsev, but if Pavelski isnt staying with SJ I hope they are in on him

  14. Does Phaneuf sign and play for anyone next season or is he done?

    • Hard one to figure MotorCitySmitty. The easy opinion is to say he’s done and should hang ’em up – too slow, etc. Certainly, his days of pulling down anything even remotely close to $7 mil per are long gone. But if he’s still motivated to play someone could likely get him for around $1 mil since his buyout pay will keep the $$ rolling in at a good level.

      You look at his record over his career and, not counting this past season, in the +/- field he’s averaged out at about -3. Certainly not horrible compared to some, and again, not counting this past season, he’s averaged 9g 25a from the back-end.

      So what happened this past season? A brick wall? Or was it being caught up in a general seasonal funk from top to bottom? Hell, they barely finished ahead of Ottawa!

      He’s not the slowest D-man in the NHL by any stretch, and if scouts/observers think he has anything left to offer, and if he still has the desire to play, he could wind up on a team either after accepting a tryout, or offered a one-year deal with an option at around $1 – 1.5 mil. It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • I agree George

        I still think 2 @ $1.5 M is not a big risk for a handful of teams

        For Phaneuf (if he still wants to play) …. playing in one of the “tax benefit “ cities (Florida teams; Nsh; Dall; and Vegas) for 2 * $1.5 M would have him losing less than $1.3 M in overall take home from what he would have been expecting only 2 days ago

        I think someone will make him an offer

        Not a tax haven in Pennsylvania for sure but for me a JJ buyout and a Phaneuf 2 year contract at $1.5 M immediately saves the Pens in Cap and actual $’s over the next 3 years; and makes them a better team

        I’d really be surprised if he wants to play next year and doesn’t land a contract

  15. To whom it may concern…
    (I can’t renember who I made the bet with)
    Hagelin did not end up making as much money per year or more than his last contract. He left money on the table for term imo but I was off the mark on that one.

    You were right and I was wrong.

    • This is the least “internet” thing ever here, Chrisms. But good for you and thanks*.

      *Sadly, I hate being right on this because the Caps got a bargain. I think we still miss Hagelin…even though I like Gubrandson well enough.

      • Mg you are the smartest poster on this site if not ever. (My usual betting terms). And downright handsome to boot.

      • Oh. Btw. No wonder I didn’t renember who I made that bet with. Where you been mg? One of the few people posting pens opinions even if they almost universally 🤮

    • Wow

      contract surprises the bleep out of me

      Basically no risk at all to Wash…. I didn’t see a NTC or NMC on Cap Friendly… if so can be left unprotected in Seattle draft in lieu of other players and can be bought out in 2 years for less than current league min. (Over 4 more years)… wow and more wow

      • Am I missing something here? Why is anyone surprised that Hagelin got a lesser offer for this contract? It was widely believed he was never going to live up to his last contract, and he definitely delivered! NY wasn’t willing to pay him 4 or over, he got 4 and never really did anything special.

        He’s a mid 20s per year point guy that can kill penalties, has good speed. But he can’t finish. He certainly isn’t getting better or younger. Not at 30 years old. My guess is that foot speed will start decreasing, and he’ll be a 15 to 20 point per year player by the 3rd and 4th year on this deal.

        No bargain here.

      • Cause nhl gms are knuckleheadmcspazzitrons?

        Too bad I can’t go to Vegas to bet on nhl gm stupidity… despite this loss I would win enough to retire

  16. So, to sum up, Toronto needs to trade a core forward for a top defence man – name a top defence man that’s available in a trade.

    • Not only that, but available from a team that can’t take any serious cap back.

    • Hi BC Leaf fan

      I agree with you if it is for a top pairing D

      For me the trade only needs to be for a top 4D man (by definition and Leaf current roster, as at now that means only better than Zaitsev)

      With that assumption , a potential trade partner could be viable from at least 1/2 of the NHL teams

      Teams with scoring need; and at least s reasonable amount of Cap space would be the starting point for a Dubas phone call

      NJ, Ottw, Van, Car

  17. Re: Trouba
    One of the reasons Trouba wants out of Winnipeg is that his wife is a doctor (an American citizen).
    As a result she is not allowed or is severely
    limited in her ability to practice medicine
    In Canada.

    • Ive always found that phrase disturbing. Who wants to see a Doctor that is practicing medicine? Id want a real Dr, not one thats practicing. You would have car maintenance done by someone practicing brake repair.


      • Wanna smash some fruit!!!

    • Kelly Tyson is his fiancee not wife, She’s going to medical school in Fort Lauderdale so she’s not a doctor she’s an Australian that grew up in Michigan so she’s not an American citizen. Pretty much every thing you said here is incorrect.

  18. I think TO should offer Zaitsev and one of Brown, Kapenin or Johnsson for Larson. If the Oilers would include Puljujarvi I would add Bracco and a pick or Holl. Oilers could pick up a couple good wingers here and then sign Ennis in free agency?

    Zaitsev is better then last year showed. Probably a 3-4 guy with a decent partner.

    I also think TO should go after Miller because he would only cost picks and prospects.

    If they get Marleau’s money out of there and they need a “Hainsey type” I would sign Phaneuf for a year at one million for the 6-7 role.

    Another option is trying to get Manson, Dumba, or Pesce with Johnsson, Brown or Kapenin and picks or prospects.

  19. Trouba is the GM so he will be traded where he wants to go, most likely Florida where his lady friend is. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s so amazing, last year he played 17 playoff games and had 1 single assist with 2 goals, if he was really a top pairing D man he would have had 8-10 points. Each playoff year he was a bust.

  20. Leafs will have to trade Marner if things do not change-all the hype about him loving Toronto and how much fun he has is just that-hype-he is after money just like WW and I would try to find out what would bring a decent haul back, rather than let him sign offer sheet: why in the world is he worth 11 million or even ten?The comparisons are inept-Kane helped win cups in Chicago, Marner is not going to do that for Leafs-he could not even help get out of round one!
    And….the Leafs won’t get better under Babcock, might even regress in the coming year.