Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 2, 2019

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Updates on Erik Karlsson, Patrick Marleau, Dion Phaneuf, and more in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman said Erik Karlsson “is taking a long, hard look at deciding if he wants to stay in San Jose.” The 28-year-old defenseman was acquired by the Sharks in September from the Ottawa Senators. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

Erik Karlsson could soon reach a decision regarding his future in San Jose (Photo via NHL Images).

Friedman believes Karlsson will decide if he’ll test the market in about a week. He said the blueliner wants to win and the Sharks made a good impression upon him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent speculation linked Karlsson to the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning. If he wants to stay with the Sharks he might have to accept less than market value. As per Cap Friendly, the Sharks have over $58 million invested in 15 players.

Joe Pavelski, Joe Thornton, and Gustav Nyquist are also due to become UFAs. Meanwhile, restricted free agents Timo Meier and Kevin Labanc are slated for big raises. 


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos said it sounds like the Toronto Maple Leafs and winger Patrick Marleau are set to part ways. Marleau’s family is moving back to San Jose and he’d prefer playing close to them. Kypreos said he’s heard the Arizona Coyotes, Colorado Avalanche, and the Los Angeles Kings are among the clubs in the mix.

Regarding the Kings, Kypreos feels it would have to be a type of deal “that would have to involve taking on that contract would be, maybe, taking on a current roster player that the Leafs would have to give up, and maybe even retaining as much as maybe $1.5, $2 million.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Pierre LeBrun first reported the Leafs were talking to the Kings about Marleau. However, that deal sounds unlikely. Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times took to Twitter yesterday saying it’s her understanding Marleau won’t be traded to the Kings. “Any discussions quickly made it obvious that the teams’ respective needs/cap situations meant there wasn’t a workable deal to be made.

Cap Friendly indicates the Kings have over $71 million tied up in 19 players. Taking on Marleau’s full cap hit ($6.25 million) or even a reduced amount still takes a big bite out of their remaining cap space. Unless the Leafs take back a toxic contract (like Ilya Kovalchuk’s, which they won’t), I don’t expect to see Marleau skating with the Kings next season.

The Coyotes have a history of taking on bad contracts if they’re also packaged with a quality draft pick, prospect, or young NHL-ready player. This year, however, they might be unwilling to do those deals. They have even less cap room (over $74 million invested in 20 players) than the Kings. While all their core players are under contract for 2019-20, ownership could be reluctant to take on significant salary this summer.

The Avalanche, meanwhile, have lots of cap space (over $45 million invested in 13 players) for next season. They must re-sign winger Mikko Rantanen to a lucrative new contract this summer. After that, however, they’ll still have plenty of room to re-sign their other key free agents and make a significant acquisition or two.

General manager Joe Sakic indicated he intends to be busy in this summer’s free-agent market. Perhaps he’ll also consider a bold move like taking on the final season of Marleau’s contract, provided the Leafs include an enticing sweetener in the deal. 


SPORTSNET: Kypreos also speculated the Kings could buy out Dion Phaneuf. The 34-year-old defenseman has two years remaining on his contract worth $12 million. Kypreos points out that a buy out “would get him $8 million over the next four years and a chance to get back into unrestricted free agency on July 1.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A buyout could be the only option. Phaneuf is in decline and it’s doubtful they’ll find many takers in the trade market. The first two years would still be costly for the Kings. The first year counts as over $2.9 million against their cap payroll, jumps to over $5.4 million in the second year, before dropping to over $1.4 million annually in the final two years. 


OTTAWA SUN: With the Senators’ recent re-signing of goaltender Anders Nilsson, Bruce Garrioch suggests Mike Condon’s days with the Sens may be numbered. The 29-year-old netminder has one year remaining on his contract worth $3 million. A hip issue sidelined him for all but two NHL games this season. The Senators could buy out that remaining season but Garrioch believes they’ll try to trade him to a club seeking a veteran for their AHL farm team.



  1. Marleau becomes this years Orpik for Joe S ?… include Kadri avs send back a 2nd rd pick…I’d squeeze the leafs like a pimple!

    • I have also mentioned it before how Kadri as the #2 center would make sense for the Avs-gives their potential center prospect@ #4 some time

      • @ ds

        good call on the Avs with Kadri, about 3 years ago there was a lot of talk about a swap there,along with Bozak so this has been a previous discussion all ready and may be a better time now for both teams.

        Would Kerfoot and a 1A prospect or high pick be a decent return…RFA so Leafs can manage money on him for a 3rd liner.

    • just an FYI on the Phaneuf comments above he is in decline…he is playing the same way now as he did in the year he was given that contract lol , sorry, had to, not a fan, terrible in front of his own net, has the worst outside pivot for a d man in the league and could never hit the broad side of a barn on the power play.

    • You’re delusional if you think that Kadri is only worth a 2nd round pick…if the Avs took on Marleau.
      Kadri is a two time 32G scorer in the NHL and former 7th overall pick.
      Kadri would get a return of a 1st rounder and a good prospect easily…he’s a very skilled C and on a team friendly contract for the next 3 years. He’d be many teams 2C and maybe a couple teams 1C

      • Please read the comment before getting your back up….that’s taking Marleaus contract aswell. And what did Kadri do last year without any of the big scorers on his line?? About a third line Center is what he did

      • Classic Leafs thoughtline. So you want the Avs to pony up a 1st rounder for a senior citizen and an idiot that cant stay on the ice?

        Good luck with that.

      • im not the gm that has to sign Marner somehow with zero space to do it…leaf fans think other gm’s are going to bend over backwards to help them out….face it all this mentoring crapola about Marleau is just crazy talk…..he is a boat anchor and everyone knows it!

      • Ron and avs just be careful there is a bunch of leaf fans that will call trolling for stating the obvious……

      • Kadri, Marleau and Bracco to Col for their 1st

        Colorado has cheap owners and Kadris cap hit and position/strengths is what they need.

        Marner and whatever it takes to Columbus for Jenner and Anderson….or for Seth Jones, Columbus needs a young marque player.

        Sign Panerin

        Offseason done.

      • Again, Lord knows I’ve been called a hater and a troll for negative views posted on the Leafs …. BUT, I still think Kadri is a commodity worth having and would gladly take him on the Sens. Yeah he dropped to 16 goals this past season after posting back-to-back 30 goal seasons, but let’s be honest and fair here – Babcock put him on the 3rd line – with the resulting reduced minutes – and without a lot of pp time – and I think his numbers were just fine taking that into account.

        OK, so he’s had brain farts two years in a row in the playoffs – he’s still young and will mellow out and pick his spots better. Marchand is STILL having brain farts – but where would the Bruins be without him?

        I sincerely doubt any team is getting Kadri cheap and I still maintain the Leafs would be making a mistake. Could Ottawa offer anything to pry him loose? If cap space is the motivation for dealing him, perhaps it’s possible as they have some system depth on D and in goal which wouldn’t cost the Leafs anything at the major league level at the start – but I doubt Dubas deals with a team in the same Division, unlike Lamoriello.

      • Can’t believe the Kadri
        haters look ,solid 2nd line centres with grit are hard to come by, Go get One
        Get a grip. And I’m not a leaf fan

      • Sure you’re not a leaf fan mike! lol and it ps taking the Marleau contract with it don’t forget that

    • That doesn’t get a deal done what if they want Johnsson or Kapanen ?

  2. I could see a deal with Colorado if it meant the leafs sending a prospect maybe a bracco or even liligren(sorry bout spelling). I dont see the leafs sending Kappy or johnsson even though they could be offer sheeted they still have trade value. so the leafs would match then maybe revisit a trade later. I think they buy out Marleau to which he then goes back to San jose to finish his career.

    • Lol and by buyout i mean the Avs if they aquired him lol

      • Marleau can’t be bought out

      • A nmc means a player can’t be waived or sent down. And can’t be traded without the player agreeing to the destination. I don’t believe it restricts a team at all from buying the player out.

      • It’s a 35+ contract, so a buyout would not save any money against the Cap. A team that needs to hit the floor could trade for him letting him know that they will buy him out so a. he would be willing to waive his NTC and b. he will be a UFA and can sign a team friendly deal with a team closer to home. The actual buyout cost is only $400k this year and next, so a team should be willing to make the deal with Toronto adding a sweetener.

      • Adam. Thanks for clarification. I made comment based on his age and not knowing he can actually be bought out, just doesn’t do anything for his current teams cap situation

  3. Marleau and a 2nd round pick for either Braun or Dillon. All have a year left on contracts. SJ doesn’t sign EK. Bring up last years 1st round pick, Merkley.

    • Is Merkley ready?

  4. What if AZ ask Hjalmarsson if he wants to head to TML for a chance at the cup?

    to AZ: Marleau
    to TML: Hjalmarsson

    Hjalmarsson has the extra year but is a D-man and TML needs to rework the backend.

    Marleau is closer to SJ than he was in Toronto. AZ is only on the hook for 1 yr. They were said to be looking for scoring winger depth. He also provides that leadership for their young forwards, especially if Stepan gets traded this off season.

    Win Win.

    • Pipe dream,….no team is letting the leafs off easy

      • of course something else can head back to Arizona. I was merely talking principals.

    • @ihatecrosby tml and cup in the same sentence…what are you crazy? Your going to give bigbear an aneurism!

      • @FD

        I consider any team a guarantee to hold playoff spot as able to have a chance at a cup. So yes…… same sentence different verb. =)

    • @ i hate crosby

      I always enjoy reading your posts, not sure if you kept up with the Yotes in the later half of the season this year but they are a team on the rise and could be a serious threat in the West this next season with the right move or 2, Iam not saying they are cup bound, but they are a dangerous team to play and have a really good core, with all the turn over in Leaf land there is no suggestion that the leafs are a top contender as they would have been this year ….I am not a Yotes fan, but I see trouble for the Leafs on the horizon and would not put them in a position to be cup bound as they may struggle this next season and in my opinion may be a wild card if they don’t get some things straightened out !

      • Thanks for the compliment.

        I try to be pragmatic and rational most times. Other times Make some sarcastic trade, especially the Brendan Smith ones

        I think for the ‘Yotes moving Hjalmarsson for Marleau makes sense for this upcoming season.

        There are plenty of good UFA d-men to more than adequately round out their team. They will come cheaper than a scoring forward.

        The warm sun will be good to warm Marleau’s bones and mentally being closer to his family back in SJ is HUGE!

        Problem I see with the ‘Yotes is they flip from trying to contend to running as a budget team with youth. Never one plan. Seems to be heading in the right direction currently. If Galchenyuk settles in then that should help a bit. As you mentioned…getting off to a good start and then being consistent is what they need most.

        Let’s see what vision Coach Tocchet has for them. This will be a HUGE season for him.

        for the Leafs….they need D and swapping out a big contract forward to a good contract on the backend is swapping cap from the front to the back. Does not give them a ton of room but uses their cap more effectively IMO. Hjalmarsson would automatically slot with Reilly. Ill will allow Reilly to really take another level knowing his reliable partner can deal with issues.

      • agree with you!….Yotes were riddled with injury last season….no reason they can’t make the playoffs next yr with some injury luck and adding a piece or two…

  5. Catching up on yesterday’s posts. So Lyle is a Leaf hater with multiple accounts set up just to annoy Leaf fans ?

    I knew it!

    I’m pretty sure he was in Dallas November 22 1963.

    I’m posting this locked up in my bedroom, wearing a tinfoil hat so aliens (George) and the government (Striker) can’t read my thoughts.

    • Ive always thought Lyle was the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll. Though he’ll likely deny it.

      • He was also the second spitter

      • You know too much, Ron. 😉

    • What I could never figure out is why some among the Leafs fans (and again I emphasize not all – but some) think that only they can chime in with opinions on the Leafs when they are among the topics of the day and/or use the term “Leafs hater” as if being an obvious non-fan of the team is akin to the second coming of Jack The Ripper?

      • Poor you George. Stop pouting. 0- 27 or 1927.
        This isn’t Lyle

      • Aww give it up Vinnie – I know Ottawa is 0 – 27 when it comes to the cup. So what? If this is a continuing rub to get back at me for pointing out the Leafs would be alone with the longest cup drought (52 and counting) IF the Blues win this year, your efforts are wasted and border on pathetic – like that other loser Bob. Talk about pouting! LOL.

        But just to clue you in on reality, Ottawa will have to go cupless for the next quarter of a CENTURY just to equal where the Leafs are now. In which case I could not possible care less since I’ll long be dead. Just like the vast majority of all those diehard Leafs fans who were 40 and up the last time they won.

        Now save your breath Vinnie – from this point on you can say what you like – I, for one, will just ignore you. I get a better discussion going with a budding turnip in my garden.

      • Hey vinnie I only see every you,Bob and little wolf whining on here well maybe the majority of other leaf fans also but atleast you’re positive I Guess? Bright future since 67!

      • The only reason I RIP you George is you like to talk like Ottawa is superior to Toronto . They do the same stupid mistakes as Toronto, but Ottawa fans are to silly to realize it. And the other reason is you’re so easy. lol You can say you will ignore but you can’t help yourself . I know you will read this lol

      • Did a leaf fan really just say Ottawa fans don’t realize it!??? Lol that made my day! That’s about as accurate as the leafs being contenders!

      • Bigbadbruins. I am a Bruins fan , have been since Leo Boivin played for them. Local boy made well so cheered for him. He was my hero.

    • Striker is CIA working at Haliburton Corp.


      • Sure Striker isn’t at a camp in Haliburton? Black fly season by the way.

    • Make sure it’s tin foil and not aluminum foil as the former does work for the most part, but aluminum foil is like wearing a fishnet jersey to protect your skin

  6. Lyle cant be a leaf hater, he is a habs fan! Duh

    • God, so apparently Shticky (aka FD) is back?
      What a disappointment.

      Lyle, what is the point of this?
      If I wanted to read this kind of adolescent remark I could go to the “Comments” section on any American political site.

      Will “Jello” be next?

      • They’re not the same person.

      • Thank you for clarifying that Lyle – while Shticky and I had our disagreements they were almost always civil – never thought for a moment that he and FD were one and the same.

      • Hey Lyle… who is George O’s alter Ego?

      • Please fill them in Lyle … in fact, I wish you’d list ALL those who’s URL shows two or more different monikers.

  7. Marleau here, Marleau there, Marleau for your best forward, Marleau for a 1st round pick, Marleau for your best defenceman. Marleau for your best prospect and a pick.

    Insert Zaitsevs name and repeat. Insert Kadris name and repeat.

    Must be the water in Toronto. Yet another day of Maple Leaf pipe dreams. Our trash for your gold.

    • Just a little parting gift from Lou Lamoriello, Ron. And where is he now?

      • GM of the Tavares-less Islanders whose team eliminated the Pens in 4 straight before falling the same way to Carolina

      • Last time I checked Lou was the GM of a team that lasted longer in the playoffs than the Dumbass Boobcock Maple Weaks.

        Sans Johnny not about the money Tavares.


  8. This may be the biggest question. If the players aren’t happy with the jobs and money available, and if a lot of big older contracts seem to bar full value for younger players, what’s Don Fehr gonna do. The reports here assert that team after team is short of cap space, and/or stuck with one or more bad contracts for older players. Some cohort is gonna feel undercompensated. CBA is gonna be really tough next time, I think. Hard to have optimism

    • I have the same concern. Too much money and term is being given to star players, and in too many instances they final 2 or 3 years of the contract causes cap management problems. It’s harder than ever to trade off toxic contracts. Something has to give.

  9. I am curious as to whether we will see multiple NHL player trades or one offs. If that is the case the Leafs will have a number of deals to complete.

    The Avs are close. They have some depth on the backend and some extras picks and only need a top 4 /5 forward. Kadri would work for them.

    Marleau will move but for nothing back. It would more than likely be with a mid to late pick and a little money retained

  10. I am also curious on what “discount” Karlsson will take. I wouldnbet less than what the Sens offered

    • Didn’t Karlsson already post his goodbye letter on social media?

      • It sure sounded like that in its tone. Maybe his agent called him and quietly told him that he shouldn’t expect teams to be falling all over him offering him 7 years at $10 mil per – reality can be a bitch!

      • Don’t know George… if he said goodbye because San Jose couldn’t afford him wouldn’t that imply that his agent was saying that there were bigger offers out there?

      • You may be right … but I truly doubt it. The “thud” we’ll soon enough her will be Karlsson and his agent returning to Earth without a parachute. If I’m wrong I will acknowledge your take on the matter.

  11. My guess is that Colorado gets both Kadri who fits a need and is on a good contract & Marleau….But it will be for much more than a 2 nd draft choice…..what it will be I don’t know….but it will not be worth it from a Leaf point to do it for a second only so that won’t be what happens IMO

    The Leafs have a cap problem but they have many different ways to solve that problem….

    Here are some….take Eaves from Anaheim or Condon from the Sens….trade with Arizona… some combo of Kadri, Brown, AJ , Nylander or Kapanen to teams like the Canes, Colorado, Calgary all of whom have strong defense reserves while Leafs have some strength in forwards….resign Hainsey don’t trade Zaitsev…..and the one most Leaf fans don’t like but I would explore would be Marner traded for a good D man a high face off centre….

    Problems have solutions….and with 31 other teams it will be easier to find synergistic less costly solutions than emotionally based posters here want to believe….

    • what if BARRIE is not the target Sakic tries to move but Johnson???

      to COL: Marleau & Kadri
      to TML: Erik Johnson

      with Barrie up next year…perhaps they want his offensive prowess and speed on the backend along with Makar instead of using Makar to replace him.

      Just a thought based on your post.

    • Kadri, Marleau to Avs and Timmins and a second back to Toronto.

  12. Marleau+Leafs 4th round pick for another teams 7th rounder or random prospect

    • Most realistic Leaf proposal Ive seen in a good long while. This one may have actually originated on planet Earth.

    • What a lot of people don’t realize is that Patrick Marleau is poised for a comeback season this year – he’s actually going to use a composite stick for the first time ever and he’s run out of his ancient skates and will be using a brand new model – wherever he’s playing, he’ll be flying and he’ll have a rocket of a shot. He’ll be a great late selection in any hockey pool.

      • He also got a cybernetic eye implanted that will make his accuracy incredible!

      • I honestly think you’re right about that.
        He can still play.
        I wouldn’t trade him, and personally believe that he was a great signing.
        It would be a mistake to take a loss on him imo.
        Brodie from Calgary is where the Leafs should be looking.

      • Are you fearlessly predicting a Striker “bounceback” season?

      • I don’t see Marleau as a bad player at all. I see the problem being his age and cap hit. Bounce back year? Possibly, but unlikely. He has been in a steady decline since 13-14. Odds are he isn’t bouncing back, and seems more likely to further decline than bounce back.

        Another problem, he’s one year away from being a free agent. Taking all of this into consideration, no smart GM is giving young assets for one year of Marleaus service. Especially some teams being thrown around like the Avs, Carolina etc.

      • Wow! New skates AND a new “composition” stick!?
        HOLY COW!

      • But same old team.

      • Marleau is still a usefull player. The Leafs only problem with him is his cap hit.
        According to cap friendly his base salary for next season is $1.250.000. The bonus is $3.000.000.
        So if the Leafs pay the bonus on July 1st (if it has to be paid at that date) I think there will be teams interested in Marleau (Coyotes for example).

  13. I must be taking “Garrioch believes they’ll try to trade him to a club seeking a veteran for their AHL farm team.” out of context; which team wants to pay an AHL goalie $3m? I guess is hoping Condon rebounds after playing just 2 games due to a bad hip. Don’t see it happening.

    • Garrioch is engaging in a bit of off-the-wall wishful-thinking. The chances of a trade like that happening are somewhere between none and are-you-nuts? IF, in the remotest possibility, he shows in training camp that he’s recovered and ready to play, they’ll put him on waivers in the faint hope somebody bites … and when that dies a natural death, they’ll buy him out. No way they want him clogging up their goalie development with Hogberg, Gustavsson and d’Accord – and possibly Kevin Mandolese if he’s signed and doesn’t return to Cape Breton for another season in the Q – all looking for prime minor-league development time

  14. If Marleau and or Zaitsev get moved Toronto will be on short end of the stick no doubt. Both players are not sought after commodities so they will need to sweeten the pot to make it happen. I see either Johnsson or Kapanen as part of the deal they cannot sign both anyway.

    • Ya if those anchor contracts of zaitsev or Marleau are to be moved I agree kapanen or johansson will have to go with with them

      • I say, “let them have Johansson” myself.

      • How is Zaitsev on an anchor contract?
        How much would he sign for if he was a UFA as a 27 year old 2nd pairing RHD that skates well and kills penalties.
        Trouba is 25 years old, had a career high 50 points last year and people are saying he’s going to get $7.5-8M
        Zaitsev scored 36 points as a rookie. His role changed to a defensive role the last two years which is why his points declined and likely why he wants out of TOR.

      • Let’s be honest Daryl he’s not a 2nd pairing dman outside the Toronto media he is a bottom pairing guy and makes about 3 million more than he should

      • @BBB

        to AZ: Marleau, Kadri & Zaitsev
        to TML: Stepan & Hjalmarsson

        TML gets older but clears dramatic amount of cap in 2 yrs.

        AZ gets a younger d-man (cost controlled for a few years) and and Kadri comes cheaper than Stepan and lock in for an additional year.


      • Not bad not bad

      • If Marleau’s signing bonus is paid on July 1st, why do you think he is only tradeable with a sweetener like Kapanen or Johnsson?
        His salary would be $1.250.000, he is still usefull and durable.

      • His cap hit is still the same juss! Every gm knows dubas has to cut the cap money no gm is just going to help dubas out! Remember when Chicago had to give up teevu terivinan ( sp) to Carolina so 5he canes took salary? Think kapenan now

  15. Flames send Brodie to the flyers for their first

    • Not sure this is a good fit, especially since he is a yr away from being an UFA. Think the Flyers rather package their 1st for a Trouba and even then I do not see it as a good move.

      Personally I think the flyers are better off just using $$ and balancing out their roster and only use the 1st to bring in a key component that significantly improves them.

      I do not see Trouba as that key piece that puts them “over the top”.

      Will he command a 1st in a trade, sure, but only because that is what the market demands but I just do not see him as that “missing piece” on their backend to solidify their defense like Pronger did.

      Now if you are talking 1st, Ghost, another young roster player or top prospect for Doughty…now we are talking

      For the Flames to clear cap they could look to NJ and use Brodie to NJ for Santini plus. NJ needs an upgrade and have picks to give. Calgary gets cap and a decent prospect.

      • Id offer Ghost, a pick or a prospect for Doughty but not all three.

      • Yes, whoever the flames trade with the reason to trade is for cap space so it would seem unlikely they would trade for a player.
        Most likely they would be trading any one of these players or all three of Brodie, Frolik and Micheal Stone.
        The flames should get a 1st round for Brodie who plays top pair minutes runs the power play and can skate very well.
        Frolik I would imagine would garner a 2nd rounder and Stone would be a later round choice

  16. I could see Boston drafting Spencer Knight with their first round pick he would be ready to go by the time Rasks contract is up. Not sure who else would draft a goalie first round?

  17. Marleau is also 40 ! Pretty much the end of debate

  18. Read AZ is actually looking at…who knew this site got back to management 😉

    perhaps a
    to AZ: Marleau & Kapanen
    to TML: Goligoski & Hjalmarsson

    AZ then signs EK

    TML D looks like

    AZ looks like

    not bad for both teams =)

    • The Leafs can not trade Kapanen ..if they loose Marner to Free Agency ( possible ) and made a trade with Kapanen first they would be really royally f%$#ed up

      Leafs can not add Kapenen to any deal until they know what Marner is doing first.

      Leafs as of right now only have 2 legit NHL D men on the roster as well.

      • @Boogey…that is why i suggest Marleau & Cap for both those defenders whom both are legitimate NHLers. 1 of which has cup experience.

        Allows they some free cap$ to sign Marner by not having to spend more on D than roughly what Marleau makes already.

  19. Again, tons of leaf talk on the Marleau front. Marleau makes a little sense to AZ as they have a ton of young talent and could really use on on-ice coach like Marleau to mature these future stars a little faster. (Like TOR used him), The problem is that Marleau has lost a half a step and isn’t worth his $6M salary for this year. He’s still got he nack for scoring important goals, and he’s still a big body with a great pass and good corner skills who could compliment speedy young players.
    The Leafs likely would be happy to save $2M or more by moving him out and have enough good prospects to move a cheap body with him in return for another salary. AZ like TOR really have a ton of young depth so either team can see picks as disposable this year. That isn’t going to interest either GM. I expect that if this goes anywhere AZ has a short list of prospects or fringe guys who would be a good fit to plug their holes and accelerate the rebuild. If I am Toronto, I don’t know that I see a lot of defensive help in AZ’s last year line-up, but I could see them tossing in a sweetener to chase a guy like Crouse who might lose icetime to Marleau anyway. He’s the right skill set and age to plug a big hole. If I’m AZ and looking for a sweetener, I’m likely looking at Lilegren, maybe Johnsson.

    • At this point it doesn’t matter if Marleau has gas in the tank left or not! This is purely a cap dump for Toronto and NO gm is going to take Marleau without a sweetener

  20. my final proposal

    to NYR: Marleau & Kapanen
    to TML: Vesey & Nieves