Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 23, 2019

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The fallout from yesterday’s three major trades at the draft and more in the post-draft edition of the Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 


THE TENNESSEAN: Paul Skrbina examined how trading defenseman P.K. Subban to the New Jersey Devils yesterday will affect the Nashville Predators. He believes the move frees up salary-cap room to re-sign captain Roman Josi and perhaps pursue Columbus Blue Jackets center Matt Duchene via free agency. Skrbina cites The Athletic’s Craig Custance reporting Duchene would not strike a deal with the Blue Jackets before Sunday. The Predators are believed a “frontrunner” to land him.

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports Duchene’s agent, Pat Brisson, hasn’t closed the door on his client re-signing with the Jackets. Portzline also cites sources saying an offer from the Jackets of between $76 million to $80 million could “perhaps” keep Duchene in Columbus. 

Will the Nashville Predators pursue Matt Duchene via free agency? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Predators have over $13.1 million of cap space. Josi is a year away from UFA eligibility so they can afford to invest in a $9 million per season player via free agency. If they do that, it’ll push their cap room for 2020-21 to over $58 million invested in 13 players. That’s plenty of room to re-sign Josi to a hefty raise but it could complicate efforts to re-sign or replace other players. 


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports trading winger Patrick Marleau to the Carolina Hurricanes yesterday was crucial to free up salary-cap room. They have new contracts in place for restricted free agent wingers Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson. They also hope to re-sign Mitch Marner, though there’ve been no serious discussions in recent days. Marner’s agent intends to listen to offers from other clubs when the RFA interview window opens on Wednesday if it comes to that. 

The Leafs were interested in P.K. Subban before he was traded to New Jersey. They’ve made no progress trading Nikita Zaitsev. The Leafs are also are expected to part ways with Jake Gardiner, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. 

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander reports Carolina Hurricanes GM Don Waddell intends to meet with Marleau to see if he’s interested in playing for the Canes next season. “The plan would be to meet with Patrick to see where he’s at and if he wanted to be a Hurricane we’d love to have him as a Hurricane.” Failing that, the Hurricanes are expected to buy out Marleau’s contract. He has a year remaining on his deal with an annual salary-cap hit of $6.25 million.

Waddell also admitted it would take time to re-sign defenseman Justin Faulk to a contract extension. Faulk is a year away from UFA status. 

NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Josh Schrock reports there’s speculation Marleau could attempt to return to the San Jose Sharks if the Hurricanes buy him out. While there’s talk the Sharks could be interested in a reunion with Marleau, they have other priorities to sort out. Joe Pavelski, Gustav Nyquist, and Joonas Donskoi are pending UFAs while restricted free agents Timo Meier and Kevin Labanc are due for significant raises. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Moving Marleau’s cap hit provides invaluable cap room for the Leafs. They’ve got around $13.5 million in cap room, though that shrinks down to $6.9 million after deducting the combined $6.6 million for Kapanen and Johnsson. Placing the permanently sidelined Nathan Horton on LTIR frees up another $5.3 million. They can also exceed the cap by 10 percent during the off-season but must be cap compliant by the start of the season.

It could cost the Leafs around $11 million annually to re-sign Marner, taking up all of that remaining cap room. That leaves nothing to address their blueline needs. If the intent is to re-sign Marner, somebody else on the Leafs must be traded to free up room for the defense. Trading Zaitsev and his $4.5 million annual average value will help but rival GMs aren’t doing them any favors there. 

With Marleau’s family returning to San Jose, it’s believed he wants to play there or in a nearby NHL city. I think he’ll be bought out. That’ll make him more affordable for the Sharks to sign, but he’ll have to wait until they get their free-agent situation sorted out.

The Athletic’s Sara Civ said yesterday “the Hurricanes and the Capitals are in talks that involve Justin Faulk on the move and Carolina acquiring the rights to and signing Chase Priskie, Quinnipiac defenseman who didn’t sign with Caps.” She said the extent of those discussions were unclear. Remains to be seen how far that goes. 


SPORTSNET: In the wake of the Vancouver Canucks acquiring forward J.T. Miller from Tampa Bay yesterday, Iain MacIntyre reports questions remain on defense. They had interest in Colorado Avalanche blueliner Tyson Barrie but talks cooled as the Avs are believed getting better offers elsewhere. The Canucks weren’t seriously in on the bidding for P.K. Subban before he was shipped to New Jersey. MacIntyre anticipates they’ll be interested in pending UFAs Tyler Myers and Jake Gardiner but they could be expensive. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks were linked to Toronto’s Nikita Zaitsev but it appears they’re not interested. If the Hurricanes are looking at trading Justin Faulk, perhaps Vancouver GM Jim Benning should place a call if he hasn’t already done so. 


THE ATHLETIC: With the Vegas Golden Knights maxed out on salary-cap space and William Karlsson to re-sign, Jesse Granger believes a cost-cutting trade is coming. He said the Golden Knights laid the groundwork during the draft for possible moves with several teams. Potential trade candidates could include winger Nikita Gusev, defenseman Colin Miller,  and forwards Cody Eakin, Erik Haula, and Ryan Reeves. 

TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie reports the Buffalo Sabres are still shopping defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen. 

THE ATHLETIC: Sean Shapiro reports the Dallas Stars received some interest in defenseman Julius Honka. The former first-round pick has struggled to fit with the Stars. Shapiro suggests the 23-year-old RFA blueliner could be an affordable fit with the San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, or Vancouver Canucks. 


  1. No favors? The nucks did tamps a favor so who knows.

    Anyone else wonder if leafs were ok giving up a first cause the are resigned to losing Marner and getting the pick haul?

    • Marner will get 6yr $60M deal (give or take). Rumor has it that he wants a deal structured like Matthews… But I would guess it needs to be offset by a year so they don’t have to address the two of them at the same time again going forward.
      Nylander needs to go, maybe to Buffalo for Ristolainen and a prospect?

      • I do think he might be gunning to get to ufa ASAP.

      • You mean Nylander and a prospect for Ristolainen ?

      • Marner is not 34.
        5 on 5 goals most since 2016 is by 34
        Marner absolutely does not deserve 34 money

    • As much as 4 first rounds sound good, some teams right on the cusp of the playoffs or in them could afford marner. And as most of the leaf fans are saying about the the first with the Marleau trade it won’t be that good! So no I don’t think you risk it because even with 4 chances you might not get a marner

      • Seriously, did your ex get gangbanged by a bunch of leaf players/fans? It just seems really odd that you have so much hate for anything leafs. Talk to us bbb, were here if you need a shoulder.

      • Why is his opinion regarded as “hate” because he chooses to point out the negatives? If he does it to get a rise out of some – then he’s succeeding. Do you ever have anything negative to say about any other franchise?

      • Don’t worry about him George the guy hasn’t made one hockey comment on here! He just sits on th3 computer in his moms basement. His got his own issues

      • @BBB Trading Marner 4 Four round Picks wont get you Marner or anything close to that in the end and DUBAS knows this;so does Shanny.

        Someone else will be sacrificed to accommodate Marner. zaitsev wants out. One of either Kappy or ”Andre will go in the end and Mitch n Marn will make new biscuit commercials

      • Hey, by the way, Bigbadbruins, thanks for that link yesterday on Caufield. Clarified a lot of things for me – as I said, I knew almost nothing about his game.

      • Yes I agree Joey, no worries George I didn’t know a lot about him either except he scored a lot of goals

      • For a team whose window to win is open giving up 4 picks in the future is a reasonable tradeoff to add a player that could bring you a Cup.

      • Exactly Ron. In this new hard cap era a back-to-back win is fast becoming a real rarity. If you think you have the team and see that one ingredient as the push to a win, then do it.

  2. “It could cost the Leafs around $11 million annually to re-sign Marner, taking up all of that remaining cap room.”

    How is this a ‘could’ and where are the comparables that put him at 11 million?

    9.5 or so a year plus the endorsements he will get is more than a fair offer.

    • Good luck. His agent has already let on they’re looking at something comparable to Matthews. Would that be a comparable? Marner did lead team in scoring last 2 years

      • It’s crazy that people don’t think this guy should be getting around the most on the team !

      • BBB I absolutely agree with you.

        How is taking 2 million less “more than fair” for leading your team in scoring. If there were no income tax like Florida….I may see an argument but leading the team in scoring means getting top tier pay. He deserves it for what he has already produced.

        There are no signs of him slowing down after his “big payday”. The kid is hungry to be great and compete. He never takes a shift off. It looks effortless because he is that smooth.

      • Exactly IHC!

    • The thing is, unless he signs for 8 years, Marner isn’t going to get the dollar amount he wants. If he wants 4-5, it’s going to be less.

    • 9.5? Good luck with that. He puts up more points than Matthews and Not About the Money Tavares. He back checks, has a 200ft game and is more durable than Matthews.

      If Tavares and Matthews are worth over 11 per season then so is Marner. Mentioning endorsements is nonsensical, endorsements have zero to do with NHL contracts.

      If Im Marner 11 million is my starting point.

      • So your “starting point” is “Highest paid winger in the NHL”?…kind of full of yourself, no? Marner is good, but is he “best winger in the entire NHL” good? Not yet, so why should he be paid like it?

      • And why should he sign for less at a long term which could turn him into a bargain probably 2 years into the term? If you had negotiation “weapons” when discussing salary/terms of your job would you set them aside “for the good of the company?” It’s simply the way things work now so why should the TML be exempt from the new reality? To salve the long-running frustrations of LeafsNation? Talk about being full of yourself!

      • I don’t get why leaf fans are trying to lowball marner after all year hyping the guy up? Lol

      • Not as much hockey knowledge on this site if you are seriously trying to compare Matthews and Marner as being equals.

        Since coming into the league Matthews leads the entire nhl in 5v5 scoring.

        For goals in all situations per 60 minutes he also leads the entire league in.

        He is also first in individual scoring chances, in the whole league.

        He is 5th in points per 60 minutes.

        He is 7th in takeaways since entering the league.

        In the last 30 years or so Matthews goals per game has only been surpassed by 6 players, Mario Lemieux, Cam Neely, Pavel Bure, Ovechkin, Brett Hull and Pat LaFontaine.

        Every winger that has played with JT has had career years.

        Barzal had 23 fewer points this year without JT being on the island.

        Marner had 25 more points playing with an established veteran top 15 centerman.

        Yet he is now supposed to be paid more than the NHL’s leading scorer and Ovechkin among others to say nothing of Kane.

        If Marner had taken the Jacob Trouba hit that Matthews took he would probably be still suffering concussion symptoms and surely would have missed far more games than Matthews.

        Ya Marner ‘deserves’ to be the highest paid winger in the nhl, give it a rest already.

      • Matthews doesn’t play the pk not near as good defensively as marner, marner drives the play more he gifted Tavares a lot of those goals with just great passes. Marner barely missed any games is more durable than Matthews nobody can question that

      • @ Ron: Bang on! Mitch will get paid and rightfully so; and if TML wont do it, somebody else will.

      • Wings fan here. If I could “steal” one player from the Leaf’s and put him in Detroit, I would want Marner.

      • Marner is worth 11 mil, because Skinner just got 9!

      • Marner is a hell of a player that’s for sure but unless they move Nylander mariner wont get the big/ big bucks…

        hearing something all day of a nylander to Nashville for defenseman Ryan Ellis…. that would be a good deal for both teams…

    • So, jokes about sexual assault on women?

      What’s next, witticisms on child abuse?

      Maybe it’s none of my business, Lyle, so sorry, but, imo, as far as that poster is concerned it’s time to flush the toilet.

      • He’s quite the human being isn’t he!

      • Jaysus Gary. It has nothing to do with”deserves” and everything to do with he and agent seeking the best deal possible and using the negotiation tactics supplied by the CBA.

        This is eerily similar to the Nylander impasse. A few years ago I recall some among LeafsNation jumping down by throat when I dared to suggest that this slight in stature and less-than-authoritative player would find the going a lot tougher once the opposition had built a “book” on his on-ice tendencies. A “book?” some hollered, replete with the ubiquitous “LOLS” ‘ “what utter nonsense – he was going to be stud and a star.”

        Well now they want him run out of town for a) daring to hold out (err, withholding his services) for better pay/term and “hurting the team” and b) for being a “useless slug” when he did come back (I said last year it would boil down to who blinks first – he or Dubas – and look who blinked).

        The same thing will happen here with Marner if the talks are allowed to drag on into the season – but it seems some among LeafsNation aren’t waiting for that before slagging him.

        ALL teams have been/are now/or at some point will be, faced with the same player determination to get what he thinks he’s worth. That’s the new reality – and it will only increase as and when the cap continues to rise. Live with it and forget about “building a dynasty.” Those days are gone forever. Now it’s build to win one and then be prepared to clear the decks as the best among the supporting cast take their turn to win bigger contracts at a pace that will always exceed the limits of the hard cap. This ain’t baseball.

      • Great post George! The leafs make millions of dollars off these guys backs, nobody in their right mind would not want to make the most they could

      • In fds defense… it doesn’t specify whether said activity was forced or voluntary. Maybe she’s into that kinda thing? Maybe it’s filmed and she makes bank off it?

      • Sexual assault? Wow. Hey rat, you playing broken telephone?
        George, you would swear he IS a leaf fan. He comments about them constantly. Everyone has thier own opinion but, it’s a bit excessive. I’m sure others notice aswell but why bother to say anything if your not a leaf follower.

      • Another great hockey comment fd! Why do you even come on here you NEVER talk about any hockey and now you’re talking about women getting gang raped like it’s acceptable

      • Tell you what FD, since this is an open forum and we don’t need an “invitation” from anyone,except Lyle, I will comment whenever the Leafs are part of the topics of discussion – which, seemingly, is 90% of the time – and for various reasons, a lot of them negative. I’m a hockey fan, first and foremost, and while I prefer to see one team in particular do well (a few here seem to follow two closely), I do keep on top of the entire league as, where and when possible.

        What you seem to be saying is, only those card-carrying members of Leafs nation should be able to comment when they are the topic. If that’s what you want, start your own mutual-admiration society site where you can wallow in wishful-thinking to your heat’s content.

  3. Leafs will go nowhere if they don’t improve their defense

    • @Georgre I don’t know what your going on about but I suspects its change the channel crap.

      The question is who is better and really its no contest by metrics the nhl has used for a long time, goals.

      I posted some stats and there are more but the name of the game is to score goals and Marner needs another player to do it while Matthews can do it by himself.

      If I had my choice I would want him on the team but if this is how he thinks of himself in comparison to his teammates then he can be used to get the pieces we are missing because we are missing a few.

      And the Leafs hate on here is real, doesn’t bother me in the least but since people, besides bbb of course that try and hide it I choose to point it out.

      There is literally not one article that bbb has said something positive about a Leaf move…I can well imagine his politics:)

      • I’ve said a lot good things about marner! Leaf fans have talked about Mariners greatness since he came into the league, but now because it hurts there team they think he should take a hometown discount to help them? After Matthews and Tavares got 11+ each you don’t think marner should also?

      • Hell, I’ve said positive things about Marner, Zaitsez AND Gardiner. The latter two, I think, have become convenient scapegoats for a general team malaise when it comes to back-checking on a consistent basis (witness St. Louis and Boston) and when that happens the team pays the price. I’ve said I’d take Zaitsev and his current cap hit and term over Ceci any day of the week, and while Gardiner has his own-zone and neutral-zone problems, they could be addressed with the right pairing of a responsible D-first mate. He is an offensive force – maybe not as good as Karlsson, but he’s certainly no worse defensively. And Karlsson is most effective when he has someone who can cover his gaffes.

      • Wow, some heated debate on here today!
        I think this long thread is about who is better, Matthews or Marner? Or at least it started that way.
        Both are really good players, but I take Matthews all day. And Tavares over Marner.
        Comparing the defensive play of a winger and a center is comparing apples and oranges. Yes Marner is responsible defensively, but his responsibilities are really basic compared to a C. The reads are way easier, the skating is less and the basic tasks way easier.
        Offensively gifted C’s who play in all 3 zones are simply worth more and GM’s prove it every year by how they draft and who they choose to pursue and protect.
        Both great players, but if I had to choose I keep Matthews.
        No offence intended to Leaf fans but the Leafs simply can’t keep all these high priced forwards and expect to win the ultimate prize. Keep Tavares and Matthews and figure out which of Nylander, Marner leaves. Great opportunity to build your blue line, take advantage of it.

    • Careful Hanson Gary will call you a hater soon even though your comments are valid

      • 3th Hanson Brother is bang on. The thing is, we could be saying the same things about Edmonton if they were the topic of the day more often. They sunk big-time cash (and cap space) into the likes of McDavid, Draisaitl, Nugent-Hopkins, Lucic after doing the same earlier with Hall, Eberle and then drafting still more F like Yakopov, Pulujarvi – all the while ignoring their D and, to a lesser extent, their goaltending (I thought – and so did a lot of others – that Talbot might have been the answer, but he couldn’t handle the shell-shock and they dumped one guy (Dubnyk) who turned out to be pretty decent with an equally decent D in front of him).

        They seem to be addressing that D situation finally – but it took years to sink in. Toronto needs to address their D now instead of throwing out patchwork tandems. It won’t come from the Marlies in the numbers they need to replace the minutes of Gardiner, Hainsy and Zaitsev.

      • As for “hating the Leafs” – I’ll repeat what I’ve said in these pages frequently. I – do – not – “hate” – one – member – of – the – Leafs team.

        What I do NOT like (again, I don’t like the word “hate”) is the self-centered media and their panelists who camouflage themselves as “national” sports networks, especially the CBC whose $1.2 BILLION annual stipend comes from ALL tax-payers coast-to-coast-to-coast.

        I suspect that a lot of what some like to term “Leafs haters” stem from that as well. In other words, rightfully or wrongly, the team draws that attitude due to the barely-concealed Leafs preference flowing out of those so-called “national” outlets.

        What I try to do, rather than just bash the team for that reason, is to look at their situation pragmatically. If they were an annual winning powerhouse with multiple cups over the past 5 decades it would be hard to pick them apart – but they aren’t nor have they ever been close, so their faults tend to be open for discussion more than any other single team.

  4. Ristolainen Is getting traded either, unless the deal is overwhelming.

  5. Being on this site regularly it’s a bit surreal to see a name of a kid I’m familiar with. I don’t see Carolina trading Faulk for rights to Priskie. After finishing his career at Quinnipiac, and not seeing a path for him in Washington, he’s choosing the Vesey path of becoming a free agent in August. I don’t see room for him in Carolina either, and I would think they can get more for Faulk than rights to him. My money is on Florida signing him in August, especially if they’re serious about signing both Bobrovsky and Panarin. He grew up in So Florida and pretty sure his mom still lives there.

    • Sara Civ’s tweet was confusing and she later qualified that she meant Carolina was talking to Washington about the rights to Priskie and it would have to involve trading Faulk to another team to create a spot that Priskie could compete for.
      It sounds like Priskie will not sign with Carolina unless he has a spot to compete for which makes sense. Its kind of surprising the Canes would be in discussions regarding Priskie considering the defensive depth in their organization. I agree Florida makes much more sense.

  6. Posted on morning coffee side my disdain/confusion re Marleau contract (see below)…. to me …. if all below is correct …. Waddell has zero incentive to buy him out ….. pay $417 K and get Marleau to mentor young team or pay $650 K league min for a 23rd roster spot for a player that may play 10 games:

    From my morning coffee post:

    “When I first looked at theMarleau trade I thought that Leafs grossly overpaid as I had assumed that his SB was nullified if he was bought out prior to July 1st…. meaning Carolina bought a first for 834K.

    I reached out to all here yesterday and from the responses it appears that Marleau still gets paid his signing bonus

    So….. Car pays $3.83M for a first round pick….. an unknown entity that will very likely be in the last 1/2 of the first round next year or the year after and not then play in the NHL for probably at least 3 years from now …wow…. IMO massive massive over payment

    The huge winner is Marleau ….. loses $417 K gross (that’s less than $200 K take home) IF he retires …. if he signs with ANY team…. any single team…. even at League min (650 K) … due to 35+ contract he gets it all…. he then ends up netting more than if he had stayed with Leafs

    So …. if Car does in fact have to pay the SB (pays $3.8M)…. then Leafs paying only 1st rounder to rid $6.25 M in Cap and $3.8 M in cash was a win … big win
    Waddell then should keep Marleau…… he gets a player (to mentor his younger players) for an extra $417 K (savings from buyout)…. paying a 23rd man on the roster who might play 8-10 games …. costs League min. of 650 K

    All along my mindset had been on SB not having to be paid if traded and bought out prior to July 1st

    With that in mind and knowing Leafs have massive amounts of cash to play with…. if they had paid his SB on July 1st and then traded him… a receiving team could have bought him out during the bonus arbitration period for 817K

    If it costs $3.8 M for a 1st ; what would 834K buy?

    I’m not throwing this out rhetorically … I’m asking all here

    Your humble dazed and confused Pengy”

    • Pengy…. I am ont he side it was an overpayment for TML. With a not so great defense….they need all the picks to grab as many players and see who develops. Trading away every 1st rounder (even if late) got the Rangers in trouble. They were left with no top tier players in the system..even though they made the playoffs.

      Now if they used it along with Marleau for Dillon in SJ then things like that I can see….but Dubas needed his$ to sign Kaps and Johnson.

      Strange world.

      Vancouver should have grabbed it and then traded that 1st for Miller LOL.

      • do you even watch nhl hockey? i think you are better suited for ladies tennis ..

      • Mature of you.

        Lyle…. is this user above 18 and allowed on your site?

      • Wait… 18 or above? Is there an adult Spector page I’m missing!?!? One full of sexy player wives photos and adds for Gatorade and penis pills adjacent to each other??

        I’m always the last to know.

      • I’m hearing rumors of an Ed for Striker trade.

      • Aww, eddie just occasionally gets his sour pills mixed up with his vitamins.

    • Pengy, regarding the Leafs waiting until after July 1 paying the signing bonus thus reducing the sweetener required.
      Not sure waiting until July was really an option. The amount of teams with available cap space is shrinking by the day. There are still teams that need to dump as well, just not as much as Toronto. Marleau has a NMC doesn’t he?
      How many options would Dubas have had on July 1? If there are only one or 2 teams that could afford Marleau, or be willing to I am not sure the offer gets any better. Ottawa wasn’t going to help them, so who were Dubas’ dance partners going to be on July 1? Where would Marleau agree to go?
      I don’t pretend to know, but the list can’t be long.
      He also needs to fill out his blue line, sign Marner et al, trade Zaitsev (if he chooses) so he needed to know what he was working with on July 1.
      If he didn’t move Marleau, he was f***ked.

      • Hi Ray

        Makes sense and I fully agree that he had to move Marleau and Ottw wasn’t going to help the Leafs, but Car has plenty of space and IMO will still have next Tuesday (2nd)… waiting until then, leafs pay the $3M and then move him to Car.

        Marleau would have had to agree to the move in writing …. I don’t know if those “signed waives” (to be traded to a certain team) have a time-window to be excercised… within 1 week ? 2 weeks. If it was …. Car and Leafs could have verbally agreed yesterday on a value as of July 2nd ; Leafs pay the $3M next Mon and then move Marleau the next day

        All supposition here

        Leafs still in Cap hell…. move WW for a top 4 mid 20’s RHD and save some Cap space in the deal and Leafs already much better… D has to improve IMO…. with or without WW Leafs have more than sufficient offence

        As it stands right now, my two fav teams…. Leafs and Pens… are not getting a cup in the next 2 years

        If Leafs move Horton’s contract (pick? prospect?) ; move WW for top 4 Mid 20’s RHD; sign MM, Kappy , Johnson for about $17.5 M; then there is just enough to fill out the rest of the roster…. doable…. hard but doable

        Pens have one major (but extremely easy to fix) stumbling block that would immediately make them waaaaay better and free up another $3M in Cap for UFAs…. but GMJR is brain dead right now

      • I don’t think it was about the actual cash Pengy it was about the cap hit and the return for that cap hit.
        The team doesn’t make a whack of cash but the owner sure has.
        If the return was a 2nd or 3rd round pick it likely didn’t interest Carolina all that much.
        The cash strapped teams like Arizona and Ottawa likely were not on Marleau’s list.
        So IMO Dubas was between a rock and a hard place and couldn’t afford to wait. All NHL teams have to make decisions right now and nobody is going to wait too long.

      • Thanks Ray

        Makes sense

        We’re (Leafs) still in a Cap hell but that did free up valuable space

        I’m still hoping for a trade of Nylander for mid 20’s DMan


      • I think Marner does deserve money like Matthews, but I don’t think the Leafs can afford that .Last year they decided when they signed Tavares, they wanted the strength down center, I say stick to the plan. Nobody thought last summer Toronto would be talking 11 million to sign Marner. Kypreos says they should have signed him to 9 million last summer. Can you imagine the ridicule Dubas would have got if he had. Myself I would explore trade possibilities for Marner ,to get defenseman. He isn’t going to take a home town discount, nor should he. The only other thing for now is why do people think it is so bad to live in your mom’s basement. lol

    • It seems like just 2 years ago there were a lot of people here trying to justify this signing. “He’s a total health freak, he’ll be healthy and productive for 3 more years, he’s a great mentor, Playoff experience, etc.”

      Then it fell to false hope. “He’ll retire, Toronto can send him back to San Jose ( even though it was clear he ended up in Toronto because SJ wanted nothing to do with 3 years, , we’ll trade him for x younger player”..

      To now justifying giving away a 1st and basically getting zilch in return. Sure that cap space is valuable. But let’s not put lipstick on a pig here. This was far from a good signing , and nowhere near a brilliant gm move getting rid of him.

      • OMG let’s get some facts straight here. First Lou signed Marleau to 3yrs + $6.5m not Dubas. The buyout period ends June 30th and he will be due about $4m in cash as a signing bonus plus his salary.

        Now let’s forget hockey for a sec and answer truthfully…if I gave you something you didn’t want because it was gonna cost you money you don’t exactly have to spare even though it’s something that doesn’t totally suck and you wouldn’t mind having but would you take it with out a really good sweetener? I know I haven’t and I’m sure many of us wouldn’t too unless the sweetener is better than the player in this case.

        So basically the cost of gaining $6.5m and saving $4m in cash no being paid out and gaining a SPC slot to sign another player is gonna cost you a lower third first round pick. So mystery box or cap and cash saving?

      • Ron do you really think the leafs care about actual money? Lol it was a horrible move signing Marleau and a horrible trade losing a first especially when the leafs need defence to be actual contenders

      • No the leafs don’t care about dishing out $4m in cash but since they won’t need to, I think the Canes do and did mind and the reason it cost the leafs at least a first.

        Seriously your not that dumb.

    • Maybe Marleau agreed to waive his NMC on the condition Carolina would buy him out if he had an opportunity to play for San Jose.

      I think Carolina has to pay the bonus if he is bought out or on the roster July 1st. If they trade him before July 1 ,which he has to agree to, they would not have to pay the bonus.

      I think they really want to sign him but the worst case is they paid 3.8 mill for a first.

      Carolina now has a 1st round pick that would minimize the loss of their own first if they offer sheeted a RFA which is not very likely.

    • @ Pengy: There was something Dubas said yesterday on a TSN blurb that suggested to me that TML is forwarding the signing bonus money to Carolina on or before July 01; and thats the reason TML does not have to retain salary.

      I could be wrong but the way it was worded by Dubas suggests to me TML is paying forward that signing bonus

  7. Ya I am really shocked a conditional first for Miller. Benning really must think their scouting dept doesn’t know how to help pick or they will go so deep that that pick will be a late rounder. Not sure why he would give that up for an inconsistent Miller.

    I wish JT the best though. He now will get top line minutes. I hope he puts it together finally.

    • Other GMs must love seeing Bennings name show up on their Caller ID, cause they know when the call is over their team is going to be better than it was when the phone rang.

      • Jim; Don here, listen we got Backes great guy, the kids love him, say they learn so much from him and help expedite their growth. Backes go to battle for his teammates, show his concussion concerns are behind he, or he just doesn’t care, what a stand up player and here is the best of it Jim; get this he is locked in for two more years and ONLY at $6m per season! Don’t want to let him go but I know you need some leadership in the room. We’ll do it for 2 second round picks.”

      • Hi MG

        I like your thinking but ……

        that still leaves Pens with JJ and I stand by my (many times used statement) … Pens have 0% chance at a cup if JJ is a regular on D

        To me … if it’s a move to get Miller…. JJ has to go and Pens have to add a sweetener (or 2) and/or take back a bad contract:

        e.g. JJ, ZAR and Rust for Miller and Reaves ( crappy but that is the kind of thing it will take to improve the Pens)

        JJ , ZAR, Bjugstaad for Miller and Eakin…. again it’s going to have to be an overpay just to get the team better ( ridding JJ)

        No matter who they can snag in UFAs or make any trades… I stick with the impossibility of a cup with JJ as a regular

        By far the easiest solution for Pens is to buy him out …. they save $3M in Cap RIGHT AWAY and IMMEDIATELY improve the team… it is a no brainer … hence my statement that GMJR is brain dead

        I have all fingers and toes crossed on this one

    • I agree that the conditional first is a bit much. Benning is in the last year of his contract so It’s do or die for make the playoffs this year. If it works out, great, if not onto the next guy. Hopefully he can find 2 quality d-men (unlikely) The one thing he can do is draft well. Trading abilities are more hit and miss.

    • Hi,

      Live in Vancouver area. The weird thing for me is all the talking heads on the radio and the text ins were debating if Barrie would be worth the rumored Virtanen and first rounder.

      I do not watch much of the Lightning, so I do not really know. It feels to me that Barrie is greater than Miller.

      So the first when Tampa is in a bind is odd to me.

      Especially when Benning’s strength is the draft. For the most part his picks have been very good.

      Benning also has a habit of moving draft picks in his trades.

      The Canucks have a terrible D Core. One would figure using the draft picks to trade for defense would be the way to go as there are not a whole lot of roster players that would interest other GMs that they would be willing to move.

      I guess the Canucks are going to go shopping July 1.

      • in avs land that reported return from van was being totally bashed and a non-starter

      • I agree Avsland that the rumored offer wasn’t that interesting. The locals here thought it was ludicrous to trade the first rounder for what would be the best dman on the Canucks and then they use it to get Miller.

        One would think Benning could have done better with that first rounder as it was Vancouver’s only real trade chip outside of something spectacular.

  8. Marner will come in just short of 10.6, and probably 5 years, but hopefully 4 years or 6 years.

    The RFA compensation rules seems to point to this as the upper limit, just short of offering up 4 firsts compensation.

    If some teams offers him something huge like 11+ I would not be surprised to see the Leafs take the picks.

  9. Pens should think about offering up a package of Dominic Simon, Chad Ruhwedel and a pick to VGK for Haula and Miller…and then trading Schultz for the cap space to afford them.

    Pens get younger and cheaper. Vegas gets the cap space they need and decent replacements.

    • Not a bad option…..

      think Pitts may have to throw in a late pick bc of the talent difference being sent to Pitts, but not a bad idea at all

    • Oooops

      Sorry MG

      Posted my response to you in the wrong place…. see my response under IHC then sub thread to Ron Jull

      ☹️… weak eyes is my only excuse… again sorry

  10. I still believe the Leaf’s situation comes down to 1 thing….who is more important to the team’s future – Matthews or Marner. And, though I’m not a Leafs fan, I truly believe it’s Marner. And I truly believe they can get more for Matthews than they can for Marner.

    Trade Matthews for a #1 D under contract and couple of prospects/picks. Tops you get for Marner is 4 1st rounders in the yearly “crap shoot”.

    • better option is trade Kadri & Nylander to clear room. Matthews is significantly of more value to TML than Kadri & Nylander combined. Dubas is going to have to bite the proverbial bullet and go back on his word

      Trade Kadri to Philly for Hartman & 2nd or more
      Trade Nylander out west for picks

      then use some picks, from these trades, to build out the defense…..

      • Kadri is going to get a lot more than Hartman & a 2 nd IMO

      • I agree with you 90% ihatecrosby! Because that’s a great scenario! But…after thinking about it, I came to these conclusions….and remember, I despise the Leaf’s, I just live in a household full of Be-Leaf-ers in Ontario, so I am forced to hear/watch/read about them ALL THE TIME….

        1) Kadri. Oh Nazim….smarten up. He probably DID cost them the series with the suspension. BUT I would love that feistiness on my Wings and Oilers anyday! He’s a nasty prick that is also a VERY talented 2nd line center. He’s just in over his head as the only one that’ll step up when it’s time to defend the team. And he’s on an amazing contract for the next couple years.
        2) Nylander. Due to the current Salary Cap Chaos with EVERY team in the NHL, he’s a buy low candidate right now. If Dubas has balls, he’d do his job, eat his words and trade him. But he’s low value right now. Let him prove a thing or 12 next season. If he shines, ride him out, then trade him. If he sinks, HAHAHAHA to Dubas for being a softie…Suck it up!
        3) Matthews….INSTANT cap relief. INSTANT #1 RD….if traded.
        4) Marner…Leaf’s CAN’T afford him…yet. All he’ll net the Leaf’s is 4 first rounders. What if he signs with a top team or a team that is one piece away from being a top 5 team for the next 4 years? So the Leaf’s get 4 25-32 picks?

        Marner and Taveras had amazing chemistry. Why waste that?

        Rumour has it, Kappy and Johnnson could be had for a combined $6.6 mill for the next 3 years. Keep them!!!

        I’m DEFINITELY NOT doubting Matthews’ talent. He’s crazy good!! He WILL be a great player to build this team around…just by not playing for them!

      • IHC:

        Flyers have no need for Kadri. Couturier, Hayes, Patrick and Laughton have Philly set at center.

        As a Flyers fan I think Kadri is a p.o.s. and would never want him in Philly.

      • @IHC Sorry hockey bro: I disagree about Kadri: Trading Kadri merely for A Dman say merely fills one hole by creating another.
        In the end, TML would be searching to fill that exact hole with the same kind of player less the suspension risk. No, keep the asset until the sand runs out of the hourglass; but make no mistake about Kadri; He’s on strike 2 of 3

        Trading Nylander on the either hand is a much better option; regardless on any perceived idea out there, verbal or otherwise, that Kyle would not trade him

  11. to solve NYR 2nd like center option (short term)

    to VGS: Namestnikov
    to NYR: Stastny

    Vegas can buy out Vlad

    NYR gets a 2nd line center. Did not cost any picks or prospect. It is for 2 yrs only. Allows Chytil to stay on wing. Allows Lias more time to develop with better matchups in the bottom 6. Another vet who can still produce and help the young team build. Does not take up an additional roster spot since it was a swap for Vlad.

    • Why would the Rangers take on Stastny at $6.5M for 2 years when Nemestnikov has only 1 year left at $4.0M? That’s just throwing away $9.0M. They are not competing this year or next so they really gain nothing at all from this trade except the gratitude of George McPhee. Maybe the Rangers can just take Karlsson off their hands and then VGK will have less of a cap problem.

      • The only reason I suggest is to give Lias and Howden 2 more years at center to develop with better matchups. That is why. Lias is not ready to handle 2nd line duty. They also clear bottom 6 minutes bc Vlad is not a long term option for NY. They also need a 2nd line center. $$ is nothing and it fits under the cap easily.

  12. Carolina paid $3.8 million for a conditional 1st.

    The real winner here is Marleau!
    He will either retire (not) and or most likely sign on (strictly) with the San Jose Sharks to get another opportunity to play meaningful hockey towards a quest for the Stanley Cup (storybook ending to a long successful career) then retire.

    Note that this deal enabled TML to re-sign two important core players to reasonable $$ and term. Remember also that Marleau had to have approve this deal (waived NMC) in able to get traded to Carolina for this to come to a fruition. CAP space is KING – in this day and age. Kudos to Dubas , Marleau and Don Waddell.

    It would appear that Marner’s camp wants to play hardball.

    Here’s what I would suggest. Try and deal Mitch Marner, Nikita Zaitsev and Frederik Gauthier to Edmonton Oilers for Leon Draisaitl; Adam Larsson and Sam Gagner.

    TML can then attempt to convince and re-sign Jake Gardiner!

    For the record, in my most humble opinion, William Nylander is an Elite dynamic player that will more than surpass expectations. Last year was an anomaly for him and will not be repeated that im sure of.

    Zaitsev deal will not be announced until after the $3 million bonus owed – paid to him on July 1st.

    Masai Ujiri had to make a very difficult calculated risk in trading fan favourite DeMar DeRosen (Equivalent of Marner) and they are now World Champions.

    Good luck TML and announce the signings already for Johnsson and Kapanen for transparency.

    TML fan..

    • Non one has signed anything yet Antoni. According to Lyle’s blurb in the headlines thread “The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly close to re-signing winger Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson. Kapanen is expected to get a three-year deal worth $3.2 million per season while Johnsson will receive four years at $3.4 million per. The deals, however, won’t be finalized until their salary-cap situation is clarified.”

  13. Thanks Lyle for spelling out the cap room Toronto has left.

    If teams are going to offer sheet Marner they will not go beyond the 10.56 million as anything over that amount is 4 first round picks. At 10.5 it would cost 2 first’s a second and a 3rd which for some teams is justifiable. At 10.5 million Dubas knows he cannot afford that and ice a full roster so he may be forced into taking the 2 firsts.

    There is a large misconception here that people keep repeating, and that is the notion that there is no tax in Florida. This is completely false. There is no state tax but there is a federal tax so the percentage is not as low as people are led to believe.

    In relation to the perceived tax advantage in some low taxed states. Players playing in Canada more than make up for the difference because all players get paid in US dollars.
    That bumps up the salary of all players playing in Canada by 35 percent on the exchange, more than making up the tax difference.
    Example; McDavid makes 12.5 million US
    = 16.8 million Canadian.
    Top US federal tax rate which includes Florida is 37%.
    Top tax rate in Alberta which includes federal and Provincial is 47%.
    McDavid pockets more money playing in Alberta than he would playing in Florida.

    • He would end up making about 1.3mil USD more playing in florida.

      • When you add the exchange he takes home 1.1 million more in Alberta

    • Good post Flamesfan – but don’t forget those sites where there’s also no municipal/state tax applied to arenas which gives those teams a lot more financial flexibility in spending.

  14. By trading Their first round draft pick to rid themselves of the Marleau contract, although doesn’t sound great but was better the trading away one of their assets.
    If Toronto finishes in the same spot next season and ends up with the 22nd overall pick, what type of player could be available at the 22nd overall pick.
    From 2005 – 2015 11 picks at the 22nd overall produced some very high end players and some duds. The best of the lot; Claude Giroux, Max Paciorety, Jordan Eberle, Kasperi Kapanen and Olli Maatta at the other end of the spectrum Mat Lashoff, Jordan Schroeder, Jarred Tinordi, Emile Poirer and Toronto’s pick of Tyler Biggs in 2011.
    I agree tough giving up a 1st round pick but for Toronto if this was the best then so be it. But their still not out of the woods just yet.

  15. Kyle: Hey Jim, Ive got Nylander available for trade if youre looking to add a character player with a 200ft game.
    Jim: 30 point William Nylander?
    Kyle: yes, at only 6.9 million per.
    Jim: Ill give you Petersson and a 2nd rd pick.
    Kyle: Uhmmmmmm, no I cant do that Jimmy.
    Jim: Petersson, Edler and a 1st. Ill retain all of Edlers salary but you have to add in Zaitsev. Can never have too many stud defenceman.
    Kyle: Sounds good, its a deal.

    Jim (whispers): sucker
    Kyle (whispers) : sucker

    • Booooo

    • LOL……sounds like Benning after that Miller deal. LOL

    • @RJ Ha Ha Ha: Thanks for the chuckle

  16. Question, does NJ acquiring PK Subban, help NJ in their attempts to resign Hall long term or does it harm their chances?
    We all know PK has a larger then life personality and a personality that rubs some people the wrong way. Reportedly when in Montreal the sentiment was PK was more concerned about his image/brand then he was about helping the team.
    His personality comes across as me 1st, 2nd and third and we know it has rubbed players (Gallagher and Pacioretty), haven’t heard any player in Nasville but Turris did come out yesterday in support of PK.
    This is a given PK has elite talent but does his personality hurt his team?

    • most people who have played team sport have played with someone like Subban…skilled, flamboyant and likes being the center of attention. Teams and players will tolerate as long as they are winning, but if the team is not successfull the antics wear thin quick. Subban is talented, good with the public and media, but personally I would not want to play with him. So if the team flourishes Hall could be convinced to stay but if they tank he is moving on IMO.

      • @Fergy22: Pk is a hockey rock star; but he’s now been traded twice, Montreal To Nashville and now New Jersey. Say what you will, but he seems to grind teams down wherever it is he lands

      • Well said Joey, players get sick of pk after awhile if he would just concentrate on hockey teammates would enjoy him more

      • think that was what I was trying to say guys

  17. what is the max cap hit for this coming year? a team might have to offer that to Marner in order for the Leafs to not match. if someone offers him $11M per, I see the Leafs matching that, and then trading away Zaitsev and others but bundling in young prospects such as Bracco, and other picks

    and after the Canucks picked up JT Miller, I guess that puts the kibosh on Lucic going there for Loui Eriksson?

    • Pretty sure it was Subban who donated $10 million to a Montreal hospital – any other team-mates match that?

  18. Marner should sign home discount 2 year $9 million per year contract then get paid when new US tv deal kicks in. Will be the highest paid leaf going forward. Maybe highest paid player in The NHL.

    • Ya so he can be guaranteed 18 million instead 90 million if he gets a career ending injury that’s a smart move for marner

    • Typical Leafs fan/Toronto media type expecting Marner to take millions less for the priviledge of playing for a perennial also ran Leafs team.

      The Leafs will be a worse team next season, not better. Why would anyone not named Johnny Its Not About the Money Tavares take less to play there?

      Hometown discount, good luck with that.

  19. If Marner signs an offer sheet 12 mil x 4, do the Leafs still get the 4 first round picks?

    • @Melrose: Ya I believe they do: Question is how is giving him that offer sheet and regardless of that, Mitch has to sign it giving the Leafs the option to match it.

  20. i would like to see the leafs trade for savard and anderson from columbus. maybe a zeitsev bracco, lillegran gets the job done. also brown to edmonton and nylander to anaheim for manson.i also agree that marner would benefit from a 2 year deal.

  21. One Leaf fans opinion/desires

    1) trade Kadri for a D man to a team who needs a 2 C….potential teams Nashville, Carolina, Colombus Calgary or the one I think it will be ….Colorado… contract for $ value on the Leafs.. for a good stay at home D man…..and depending on the D man and a 3rd line defensive center

    2) trade Brown for a draft choice

    3) if Marner signs a offer sheet….examine the offer but don’t be afraid to let him go ….he is not as valuable IMO as either Tavares or Matthews….just make a decision …no drama queen stuff like happened with Nylander

    4) play Nylander with Matthews….if he plays well and earns his new contract then maybe trade him….but not now if his value is low…..

    The Marleau decision is a thing of the past…..I am not sure if a 1 st was worth it…but judging by Caper’s list from above….it might well be a good decision ….other than sites like these where serious hockey fans like to write and think about their sport…..let it go

  22. It’s being reported by Bob MacKenzie that Karlsson resigning with Vegas for 8yrs at just under $6m per season.

    • Good deal for Vegas then.

      • It is but Vegas got to move out some series cash to get under the cap. Max Pacioretty anyone?

  23. So after unloading Marleaus contract the Leafs have 13.5 million in cap space to work with.

    Kapanen – 3.0, Johnsson – 3.0, Marner 11.0. Just those three add up to 17 million and the Leafs still have to find and sign replacements for Gardiner, Hainsey, Ennis and Marleau.

    Dumbass is going to run out of 1st round picks to give away long before he unloads Zaitsev, Kadri and or Nylander.

    Leafs need to find 3.5 just to sign their rfa forwards let alone upgrade the porous defence.

    Somethings going to have to give. Big ticket name is going to have to move.

    Nylander? 6.9 for 29 point scorer thats softer than Charmin? Good luck unloading that contract.
    Kadri? Ticking time bomb one cheapshot away from 20 game suspension? Only a fool would deal for Kadri. Jim Benning on line 1?
    Reilly? Good player at good salary, sure there would be multiple takers on him but Leafs cant afford to lose their best defender and pp quarterback so hes a no go.
    Tavares? Has a nmc so thats a nonstarter.
    Anderson? Good goalie, not great and has reasonable cap hit. Moving him leaves Leafs with Sparks as the #1 so trading Anderson is highly unlikely.

    Who’s left with any trade value? Austin Matthews, 11.5 for injury prone one dimensional player. Several takers on him theres no doubt but whats coming back in return?

    Marner signs rfa offer and Leafs get 4 1st round picks in return.

    Going to be very fun to watch how this winds up.

    • dont squeeze the Charmin Ron: In this case, it will leave bruises

    • I said numerous times here, that I am also very curious how Dubas will resolve the Leafs cap problems. And some guys here overvalue the players of their own teams (not only Leaf fans).
      But to write “only a fool would trade for Kadri” shows that you’re not even trying to be objective.
      Kadri would be the easiest player to trade for Dubas. Good cap hit, second line center, two times 30 goal scorer… Yes his next suspension will be a lengthy one (if something similar to his previous suspension happens).

      And who would you rather haver? Hayes or Nylander? About the same salary, but you as a Flyers fan sure likes the Hayes signing and would prefer Hayes.

    • Beam me up, Scottie, Ron’s at it again.

    • Ron, I think Nylander would still get a good return. He didn’t have a contract, missed can and big chunk of the season. Not the first guy to struggle after that, won’t be the last.
      I think he could play C as well if coached well and given the opportunity. At worst he is a high skilled top 6 forward. Definitely worth a young quality D man.
      Larsson for Nylander!

      • Unfortunately Ray, that means Edmonton goes back to their old habits of loading up front while weakening their back-end. You can only win so many game 7-6.

      • Ya might be a little early for that George. Fair point, and my comment was somewhat in jest.
        The Oil are actually well stocked with D prospects now. They have 4 or 5 guys not in the NHL that could be in the next 2-3 years. Some as early as next year in Caleb Jones. And a couple high ceiling guys in Broberg and Bouchard.
        Waiting until it actually happens is probably the wise move.

  24. Wow I was told to slow down posting cuz my slugnet machine was too fast for slugnet processing

  25. I think talking about what is fair and what Mariner is worth is really naive and a waste of time. Same goes for the other RFAs.

    With the salary cap teams have a limit on what they can spend. Once they get to that limit (even if it is below what people perceive to be fair) you move on.

    Trade the player for the best return you can get, or trade a different player for a return and use the money to get the RFA.

    Debating fair is useless. Teams have to build the best team they can under the cap and players are entitled to maximize their earnings.

    If those objectives don’t align you (player or team) move on to the next best option.

    • Well said.

  26. Any comments as to what the Flyers will do to round out the roster?

    • Trade Scott Laughton and Micheal Raffl to Vancouver for Petersson and 1st round pick.

      Course Benning could probably be talked into adding Boeser or Horvat as a “sweetner” to get the deal done, lol.

      • Ron Jull , you got to be the sourest son of a gun ever. You most be a hoot at parties. Lmao. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy your posts. I think I like my ex- wife better now. You’re good therapy. I realize I could be worse off

      • I take back what I said about you Vinnie, that was some funny sh**.

      • Why so angry Vinnie? Your ex is a lovely person and she makes a great breakfast.


  27. RFA’s as construed by the NHL and their CBA agreements are actually in a better spot than most UFA’s.

    The Marner contract is holding up the Laine, and the Tkachuk numbers cuz they are going to use that signing as their benchmark point.

  28. I have the solution to Leafs dillemma. TO needs to trade Nylander, Kadri, Brown, and Zaitsev. If any team offer sheet Marner let him go and attain 4 first rounders. With that money I’ll go all in for Panarin. He will be perfect pairing with Matthew s. You will then see Matthews getting 100+ points. Trade Kadri for a stud heavy defense man. Nylander should be traded for another stud defense man. Trade Brown for a rugged winger somebody like Maroon, Reaves or Carrier. Zaitsev for heavy defense man
    Panarin/Matthews/Hyman. $23.5mil
    Johnson/Tavares/Kapanen. $18 mill
    Moore/Mueller/Bracco. $2.5mill
    Carrier/Maroon/Reaves. $6.5mill
    Reilly/STUD. $10mill
    Muzzin/STUD. $8mill
    Dermott/STUD. $6mill
    Anderson/Hutchinson. $6mill
    Total of $80.5 mill cap.
    Panarin replacing Marner is virtually wash. But he will take Matthews to a new stratosphere. Tavares don’t need Marner to elevate his game, he has proven his whole career he can produce on his own. I really wanted PK Suban in the back end but we missed out on him. All I know is that we need big heavy dman to provide great Wall of China. We can no longer allow teams like Boston and Tampa barge right into our kitchen without some bruising resistance. Our team needs to focus on grit and toughness. We need a line that will punish opposing top line physically. Our 3 new STUD defense men needs to be a physical presence. Someone like Radko Gudas but we missed out on him to the Caps. We need to be tougher for them to cross the red line. We must be ready to kill when they try to penetrate the blue line. Once they make it pass the blue line, then we must impose our will on the player physically. This needs to be done every single play. Our PP:






    • Then you woke up

  29. I keep reading Dubas got fleeced by Carolina. With the cap money saved they can sign both Kapanen and Johnsson for 3/4 years. I would rather have both players than a first round pick.

    • He did get fleeced he gave a first for nothing and still can’t improve his defence, so giving up the first made it so he can keep the same team that didn’t get out of the first round and lost gardiner,zaitsev and hainsey

      • BBB LOL

      • Truth hurts eh Ron! You’re too dumb to realize it though


    • With zero left to sign Marner, at least 2 NHL calibre defencemen or anybody else.

      Robbed, fleeced, taken, jobbed….Dumbass got schooled.

  30. Dubas fleeced on the Marleau deal. For those blaming Lou he didn’t sign JT & AM. Dubas made his own mess. D will be a joke.

    Benning has a lot riding on JTM but a great add for a good contract. The 1st is for another day to judge but the optics look not very good. Good thing optics isn’t on the ice.

    PK at 30 for 3/9m is no bargain.