Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 9, 2019

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Updates on Corey Perry, Milan Lucic, Matt Duchene and more in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Anaheim Ducks could soon part ways with long-time winger Corey Perry via trade or contract buyout. Sources the Ducks and Perry are on the same page with this. He’s now 34, carries a hefty contract, and the Ducks are rebuilding with youth. They’re talking to several teams but could be forced to absorb part of his $8.625-million annual salary-cap hit through 2020-21.

The Anaheim Ducks are reportedly shopping veteran winger Corey Perry (Photo via NHL Images)

Perry has a full no-movement clause giving him control over potential trade destinations. If unable to move him, the Ducks could buy him out during the upcoming NHL contract buyout period from June 15 to 30. 

ORANGE COUNTRY REGISTER (via LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS): Elliott Teaford reports Ducks general manager Bob Murray declined to comment on LeBrun’s story. However, an NHL source confirmed the Ducks are shopping Perry. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perry tallied just 10 points in 31 games following knee surgery this season. However, the decline in his performance was apparent before then.

After netting 82 points in 81 games in 2013-14 and 55 points in 67 games in 2014-15, Perry had seasons with 62, 55, and 49 points respectively. Cap Friendly indicates he’s due $8 million in actual salary for 2019-20 and $7 million ($3 million of that in a signing bonus) in 2020-21. The Ducks will have to absorb a portion of that cap hit and perhaps add a draft pick or prospect to make him palatable in the trade market. 

Darren Dreger weighed in on recent speculation that has the Edmonton Oilers sending Milan Lucic to the Vancouver Canucks for Loui Eriksson. He points out Eriksson played for Oilers coach Dave Tippett during their years with the Dallas Stars. Dreger said the Canucks see some value in Lucic’s size and physical play. To consider that type of swap, the Oilers would have to add some sort of sweetener to the deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already gone over this so I won’t dwell on it too much. Fact is, this would be a swap of two overpaid players past their primes by teams eager to move them for whatever they can get. Given the declining performances of Lucic and Eriksson, it’s doubtful this move benefits either club. Both carry salary-cap hits of $6 million, though Eriksson’s is for three more years while Lucic’s is for four. 

Dreger also reports the Columbus Blue Jackets are continuing to hold discussions with Matt Duchene’s representatives. The 28-year-old center to slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He also claims the Arizona Coyotes are making Duchene their primary focus. LeBrun suggests Duchene could eye a deal similar to Jeff Skinner’s new contract  (eight years, $72 million) with the Buffalo Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene is the best forward available in this summer’s free-agent market. He’s also been linked to the Nashville Predators, Montreal Canadiens, and his former club, the Ottawa Senators. Duchene’s completing a five-year, $30-million contract and will likely seek something comparable to Skinner’s deal with Buffalo. 

LeBrun also reports the Sabres, having re-signed Skinner, are looking for a second-line center and top-six winger via trade or free agency. He claims they’ve “kicked tires” on Minnesota Wild right wing Jason Zucker. Writing for The Athletic, LeBrun also wondered if the Nashville Predators might offer up Kyle Turris “at a rebate if that would also interest Buffalo?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Every NHL fan knows Zucker is available. The Wild tried to deal him to the Calgary Flames at the February trade deadline but couldn’t get it completed in time. A recent attempt to ship him to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Phil Kessel was nixed by the latter. In both instances, the Wild were seeking a winger as part of the return. That suggests there might not be a fit with the Sabres.

As for Turris, his $6-million annual average value is a sticking point. If the Predators were to dangle him to the Sabres, they’ll have to pick up part of that cap hit or include a good young prospect or NHL-ready player in the deal. 

LeBrun reports the Los Angeles Kings are trying to find a trade partner to take defenseman Dion Phaneuf off their hands. Failing that, they could buy out the remaining two years of his contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Phaneuf has two years left on his contract. The AAV is $7 million but the Kings carry $5.25 million. A buyout would count as over $2.9 million against the Kings cap payroll for 2019-20. It jumps to over $5.4 million in 2020-21 before falling to over $1.416 million annually over the final two years of the buyout. No wonder the Kings are trying to trade him. 


  1. I live in London Ontario…where Perry spends his summers….he has always had a home here….but he just bought a new high end home here

    Marleau is selling his Toronto home…..

    My guess/intuition…..Perry ( 2yrs left on contract) plus Eaves one year left on injury reserve for Marleau….with an equalizing reduction on Perry’s salary

    No assets change hands ( maybe)….Anaheim’s owner I think is a internal budget owner not a cap owner

    Or maybe I am completely wrong … I can easily be

    • GO BLUES!

    • Hey, OBD. The term owner has been determined to be racist by the higher purpose people. I don’t know what word will be replacing it, but I’m sure it will be inclusive as hell. Lyle will probably give you a pass, but if you tweet that stuff you just might get doxed. Just saying’, buddy. It’s a mad, mad world.

  2. Lyle, if Anaheim buy out Perry’s contract, what would it cost them? He would become a UFA at that point, right?

  3. I know Rangers fan would say no but I would take on Perry for 2 yrs. Use it to clear off roster players and get a propect back

    to ANA: Vesey & Smith
    to NYR: Perry & Guhle & a pick

    ANA gets cap relief. They also get a young winger in case they need to trade Henrique for additional cap relief. Even taking Smith they clear almost 3m in cap

    NY gets a young LD for the rebuild. More options for the future. Gets rid of the saga of Smith and gets Perry who can slot 3rd line winger with Howden. Shelter Perry and allow some of the upcoming prospect get top 6 minutes. Perry can slot 2nd pp unit and stand in front of the net like Kreider on the 1st pp Unit.

    I know Ranger fans will say they have some good LD prospect, but we just added Fox on the right side so more solid prospect does not hurt. We also did not have to give up a picker him either in this trade. All we did is spend some $$.

    • IHC. Staal has 2 years left and we have Skjei. LD prospects. Hajek, Lindgren, Rykov, Ruunanen, Miller,Day, Crawley. And we gave 9 picks in upcoming draft. So, with the reality that some of these guys will never make roster for a lack of open spots, why would we give up Vesey for another left D and a washed up 34 year old with a cap hit over 8M?? Sooner or later, the reality of winning will be a focus, and not chasing title of best prospect pool.

      • “Have” 9 picks. Not “gave”

      • Vesey has no long term future in NY. Watch every shift his has….. he shows no signs of being a core player this team is moving forward for.

        More prospect leads to more assets to build better trades. Not all prospects pan out. Can never have enough good depth to see who wants it more.

        Vesey doesn’t want it bad enough and getting Guhle for him is a good move.

        Guhle or some other prospect can be moved to WPG for Trouba…. gives better options bc Smith & Vesey aint getting ya Trouba.

    • If they trade Smith, who will mentor Andersson on the 4th line? That would be disastrous now that Brickley is an UFA. They’d have to have Perry on the 4th line making almost 9 per against the cap!

      In all seriousness, I don’t see him agreeing to go to NY, and I don’t see NY making that deal either way. I know you’d love to get rid of Smith, but this is a bit of an extreme scenario to do it.

      No thanks. Wait it out.

      • I have been waiting it out since they traded for him then signed him. =(

      • Nobody wants Smith. Didn’t he clear waivers season before last? I think he gets bought out. Vesey is a middle 6 guy who isn’t ever going to break the bank. I don’t doubt he could get traded, but not for Perry. I believe we could be in on Trouba, but figuring we’ll need to sign him for at least 7M per, having Perry at over 8 makes zero sense.

      • I don’t even see a need to buy Smith out. He’s not really hurting their cap this year or next. Beleskey comes off the books next year, and Girardis buy out drops by 2.5 million.
        They have 19 in space today. And I don’t think Pionk, Deangelo, Lemieux, Buchnevich etc. are breaking the bank.

        Imo, buying out Staal or Smith will hurt more than help down the road. Riding them out for 2 years seems to make more sense than paying that cap hit over the next 4 years when they’ll really start needing that cap space.

      • I would not buy them out either. Agreed…if they cannot be traded then wait it out.

  4. Lucic for Eriksson is nothing but a our garbage for your trash move. Why would the Oilers need to add a “sweetner” to that deal? Not even the Vancouver media can believe Eriksson is worth more than a bag of pucks (used pucks) in a deal.

    Maybe the Canucks add in Sutter and ask for McDavid too. I think Dreger is smoking too much BC bud.

    • Ron, I think the only reason they would have to add a sweetener to that deal, is because Lucic has an extra year. Maybe the Oilers hold $3m over the contract then everything is 50/50

      • It’s still, when you boil it down, tweedle-dum for tweedle-dee. Yet another classic distinction without a difference involving two long-past-it players who will NOT be enjoying any kind of “bounce-back” season in this lifetime.

      • Much better option than thinking a sweetner is required. I vote you to replace Dreger. At least your thoughts seem valid and make sense.

      • George,
        I assume you checked in with Striker before making your no “bounce back” season declaration.

        I agree with you entirely, Lucic and Eriksson are done.


      • LOL. Nah … but that over-used phrase irked the hell outta me in those days … it seemed as though every such-and-such a team should take a washed-up so-and-so because he was going to have a break-out season. Yes, there have been isolated instances of that happening … but they are few and far between when compared to trades where no such thing happened. With those players it’s a real crap-shoot.

        I can’t recall if that term was used in reference to Curtis Lazar (likely not since there was nothing to “bounce back” from) … but I do recall comments to the effect that Ottawa would regret allowing that “budding star” to get away. He’s still in the AHL while Ottawa got Alex Formenton with that 2nd round pick they got from Calgary.

        Ahh well …. we all make mistakes in here … we should never take things too seriously … especially life … as none of us is getting out if it alive 🙂

      • George, it’s important to remember that these type of “studs” take 400 games to fully develop. Not 399 1/2, not 401. They usually break out exactly on their 400th game. Usually going from 30 point turds to 100 point guys literally over night.

        This is an exact science I just made up. Absolutely nothing to back up those numbers but you have to remember….97.6% of statistics are usually made up.

      • I better keep an eye on Lazar then … he only has 154 to go

    • I would rather have Lucic over Eriksson in a second. Even though both are not as good as they used to be, at least Lucic brings toughness. What does Eriksson bring to the table? Pretty much nothing right now

  5. That Phaneuf buyout dilemma makes Ottawa’s $1,750,000 retained cap hit for the next two years look like a pittance. Of course, they still have Gaborik’s $4.8 mill to “hide” on LTIR for the same period.

    • agree..
      I guy has to wonder how 50% of these gm’s stay employed!

    • So no bounce back for Gabby?

      • Slick,

        I am going out on a limb here, didnt check with Striker on this but Id say Gaborik has a good a chance at a bounceback season as Lucic or Eriksson.

      • Why do people still trash Striker one here? The guy hasn’t been on this site for months.

      • Ray,.. agree with your statement that trashing the guy now kinda feels lame… but don’t doubt for one second striker still reads every day.

      • I wouldn’t assume that Chrisms. I used to check this site out more than I do today.
        Yesterday was the first time in like a week. I post even less.
        I actually miss debating him, say what you will about his “style” he never took personal shots at me or where I live. So I didn’t have a problem with him. Others on here have, and that’s fine I guess. But yes it is lame when he isn’t even on here.
        This or that GM sucks, this or that player is done, is all kind of easy to say and low hanging fruit.
        He would at least stick his neck out with actual ideas on what teams should do, then took the heat.
        At least it was a good debate. Sometimes he was right sometimes wrong, kinda like the rest of us.

      • I agree with both of you. I really miss being told I’m wrong even when I’m right in a condescending way 14 times a day. Now I only get that from my wife. 😀

      • For me it was the repeated “wrong again George” followed by a string of manipulated statistics to “prove” it. Statistics have been, are now, and always will be re-arranged to back up a point, which is why Disraeili once observed “there are three kinds of lies – lies, damned lies and statistics.”

      • I never minded Striker. Who was good with info I was too lazy to look up myself. Now and again his posts had a little condescending tone to them.

      • I agree Ray it’s pathetic and sad (pathetisad?). Thank god certain loudmouth bully’s chased him away for disagreeing with them! Now they have a safe space and that’s all that matters.

      • You like your style dread

      • Bullied? Lmao. I guess you missed his curtain call name calling tirade offending everyone and anyone who didn’t agree with him?

        Side note, if you’re a man… I believe he was roughly 50-ish and you’re having “bullying “ problems on a site that you talk down to people on constantly…. perhaps it’s time you either change your ways or stay off the internet.

      • NO ONE in here objected to him stating his opinion. That was NEVER the issue. It was the condescending tone in many (most?) of his posts underscored by the suggestion that ONLY his opinion was the right one while anyone who might have a different slant was wrong. He could never seem to get his head around the simple fact that, in the end, they are ALL just opinions, whereas he looked at it as he’s never opinionated … just always right.

      • BINGO…. we have a winner! Perfectly stated George!

      • Omg striker still has a hold over you guys

        Why am i surprised. I have to think on that. Why the hell does this surprisd me? Ive been reading this crap long enough to not be. Why?

      • “A hold over you guys” lmao. Talk about a flair for the dramatic. People are making a memorial shrine for the guy, and using terms like bull?. I’m simply stating facts.

        Like many others here, I don’t know the guy. And to be brutally honest, that man could live a thousand years or choke to death on his arrogance where he stands today.

        I simply don’t give a crap either way! When people come out to his rescue like he was some sort of victim here…. I’m going state my opinion….. which I’m more than sure even he could appreciate!

  6. Arizona’s muddled ownership situation won’t sign off on adding Kessel’s 6.8M salary, how in the hell can they take on what Duchesne will be asking for?

  7. I am not sure why Vancouver would take on Lucic and his NMC. That will force them to protect him in the Seattle expansion draft.

    • Maybe Dim Jim has Lucic pencilled in for a 35 goal 70 point bounceback season and would want to keep during the expansion process. Best to blow a couple of grams with Dreger and get the “insider” position on it.

      Your point is a good one, Vancouver is going to need those spots to protect their younger players.


    • Wouldn’t Lucic forgo his NMC to go to Vancouver?

      • re Lucic, I believe a NMC is voided for the duration of the contract once a player accepts to be moved.

        Could be wrong but I think this is so.


      • Kessel wasn’t.

      • Correction to my comment above, if it pasts: The Islanders signed Filppula as a free agent.

      • That’s an intriguing question, since it is not answered by the definitions of NTC and NMC clauses, themselves. As I see it, both types of clauses regulate player movement without player approval, but neither of them are mandated to be voided if the player approves his movement. Using Kessel as an example, couldn’t he have altered his list of 8 trade-preferred teams to include the Wild without voiding his NMC and NTC? Another instance would be Filppula. According to CapFriendly, he had both an NTC and NMC before becoming a free agent. He retained his NMC after signing with the Islanders.

        Perhaps, the wording in the clauses can include a myriad of variations.

    • Generally when a player waves his no move to go to a team not on his list(if he has one in the contract) he loses the NM clause.

  8. Lyle, just out of curiosity:

    the $ #’s you posted for L.A.’s costs in buying out Phaneuf’s contract ($2.9/5.4/1.4/1.4 million)), aren’t those the total #’s?

    Wouldn’t 25% of those totals belong to Ottawa?


    • rattus rattus, as Lyle wrote ” Phaneuf has two years left on his contract. The AAV is $7 million but the Kings carry $5.25 million.” Technically, I suppose, Ottawa could buy out those 2 years they have left at $1,750,000 per but why bother. It helps Dorion get to the cap floor without having to take on a James Neal or a stiff like Lucic.

      • Ah.


      • re NMC, Kessel kept his but others could not


        ehr0c• Nov 27, 2018, 1:17 PM
        NHL CBA, section 11.8(a) – bolded part for relevance:

        The SPC of any Player who is a Group 3 Unrestricted Free Agent under Article 10.1(a) may contain a no-Trade or a no-move clause. SPCs containing a no-Trade or a no-move clause may be entered into prior to the time that the Player is a Group 3 Unrestricted Free Agent so long as the SPC containing the no-Trade or no-move clause extends through and does not become effective until the time that the Player qualifies for Group 3 Unrestricted Free Agency. If the Player is Traded or claimed on Waivers prior to the no-Trade or no-move clause taking effect, the clause does not bind the acquiring Club. An acquiring Club may agree to continue to be bound by the no-Trade or no-move clause, which agreement shall be evidenced in writing to the Player, Central Registry and the NHLPA, in accordance with Exhibit 3 hereof.

        It seems Kessel must have agreed to the trade or, if he were traded before his NMC came into effect, then Pitt agreed to retain it in the contract.

  9. 6 million reasons for the trade. One year of a bad contract . That’s all.
    If Skinner is 9 x8 is then Duchene worth 10.2

    You might find a few players being bought out come June 15 . Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.

    Phaneuf and a decent prospect for Marleau and Zaitsev

    • this makes sense to me for cap reasons. Shifting what$ already spent for depth on D for TML

      Marleau gets to get back to the West cost and LA gets a younger Dman.

      Not sure LA has the cap space to take them both with only Phaneuf going though.

    • On what planet would the Leafs want Phaneuf back? Not on THIS planet, that’s for sure….

      • Phaneuf for 2 yrs using cap space you already are using or Zaitsev for 5 years?

      • Bounceback season!!!

      • lol Ron

        maybe my trade proposals will have that same bounceback effect.

      • On what planet would the Kings want to trade one bad contract for two? Not THIS planet that’s for sure….

  10. Which option do ya like?

    Lucic for Okposo?

    Lucic for Ladd (if he waives his NTC)?

    Option 3
    Lucic & Sekera for Kessel & Jack Johnson?

    Option 4
    Lucic ($1m retained) & Pujujarvi fo Zucker?

    Option 5
    Lucic & 1st for Zacha

    • Nobody not named Rutherford or Chiarelli would be insane enough to trade for/sign Jack Johnson.

      • Yeah, but I’m waiting for the suggestion that says Ottawa should take him in a deal in order to “reach the cap floor”

    • @IHC:
      A lot of funny trade proposals….

      As bad as Jack Johnson played, he is “cheap” to buy out.
      So why should the Pens do that?

      Lucic for Okposo makes no sense for both teams.
      Same goes with Lucic for Ladd.

      Imo Lucic & Puljujarvi for Zucker makes only sense for the Oilers. I don’t think that Puljujarvi will pan out and so I think Holland would do that trade in a heartbeat.
      Same goes for option 5.

      • A lot of hockey people think you’re wrong about puljujarvi, he’s just a kid but has a ton of upside still after being mishandled by the oilers. I think puljaujarvi gets moved and turns into a top 6 forwArd he’s got a lot of skill

      • So did Yakupov.

      • I agree with BBB.
        There’s something there.
        I’d offer a 2nd for starters.

  11. We will see if Puljujarvi turns into a top 6 forward. I wish him all the best and it would be good for the Oilers.
    If the Wild offer Zucker for Lucic and Puljujarvi I still think the Oilers would do it.

    • No way the Wildcaddcanother albatross contract like Lucic. Theyre already overpaying Parise and Suter massive amounts for little return.

  12. I hope some of these networks move on from these announcers Cherry and Ron are horrible Nick , Kelly and company are average at best time for some new blood.

    • Which game is Craig Simpson watching?

  13. He is just as bad huge pro Leaf I couldn’t handle him first round so one sided.

    • Canadian broadcasting really rooting for the Blues.
      Not even trying to hide it.

  14. Elliotte Friedman is so pro Blues but didn’t help much.