Trade Tracker – 2019 NHL Draft

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The list of the notable player trades during the 2019 NHL Draft. It will be updated throughout the day as trades take place.

Tampa Bay Lightning trade forward J.T. Miller to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for a conditional first-round pick in 2020, a third-round selection in 2019 and goaltender Marek Mazanec.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lightning reporter Caley Chelios reports if the Canucks fail to reach the playoffs next season, that conditional first shifts to 2021. Like the Leafs and Predators trades earlier today, this was a salary dump by the Lightning. Shedding Miller’s $5.25-million cap hit through 2022-23 gives them extra dollars to re-sign restricted free agent center Brayden Point. The Canucks, meanwhile, add some two-way versatility to their forward lines. 

Nashville Predators trade defenseman P.K. Subban to the New Jersey Devils for defensemen Steven Santini and Jeremy Davies, a second-round pick in the 2019 draft and a second in the 2020 draft.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators shed Subban’s $9 million salary-cap hit, perhaps to pursue Matt Duchene via free agency. The Devils get a big boost to their blueline, which might also provide enticement for left wing Taylor Hall to re-sign before next summer. 

Toronto Maple Leafs trade Patrick Marleau to the Carolina Hurricanes (Photo via NHL Images)

Toronto Maple Leafs trade left wing Patrick Marleau, a conditional first-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft, and a seventh-round pick in the 2020 draft to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for a sixth-round pick in the 2020 draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, “Condition on first is if it is Top 10 — shifts to 2021.” This move frees up Marleau’s $6.25 million salary-cap hit from their books. He’s not likely to be with the Hurricanes for long. Word is they’ll buy out his contract. 



  1. Wow!
    Carolina fleeced Dubas.
    If that trade was proposed on this site Leaf fans would be down right belligerent.
    Kudos to Don Wadel for an unbelievable fleecing

    • This Leaf fan agrees. This Marleau ordeal from start to finish has been a nightmare.
      When I first heard this I figured the conditional MUST be if the Leafs make the stanley cup finals the canes get a first.
      Bad trade by the Leafs but I suppose a necessary one.
      With the 2020 draft being so deep I hate this trade

    • I am surprised that TO was able to get rid of Marleau that cheaply.

      • Thrn you are very naive.

        Everyone knew Toronto needed to unload him that it cost a 1st for a team to take his contract and eat the cap hit.

    • So Dubas trades Marleau a first and a 7th pick for a 6th on paper looks horrendous but unfortunately that’s the cost of doing business in the 21st century salary cap era. I try to spin a positive on it. Toronto also gets 6.5m salary cap space.

    • wtf are the leafs going to do with another high pick? they already have matthews, nylander and tavares. this helps them sign kap, andreas and mitch!

    • The Leafs have gained draft picks for bad contracts before. This will cycle amongst teams during this CBA. Unfortunately it is the Leafs turn to pay. Would you rather they give Kappi or Johnssson instead? Players who have developed and perform, or players in the late first that are just as likely to pan out as a 2nd or 3rd. Dubas did what he had to

      • I would have traded one of those 2 for the bigger need of defence! Even with the cap space they will have trouble getting dmen that will help

    • why are you blaming dubas it was lou and his silly ideas about veterens that did the original

  2. Wow what a steal for CAR. A 1st to take on only 1 yr of Marleau.

    NYR should have jumped on this with their ample cap space

    • IHC. Not sure you can say they have ample cap space. App 19 mil with new contracts needed for Buchnevich ,AdA, Trouba,and Lemieux. Also would make signing anyone else impossible.

      • for 1 yr they could make it work with a 81.5 cap….

        after figuring raises and they could fit it.

        they dont need vessel and can get away moving kreider or buch with kravtsov and kakko there.

  3. Like I’ve said more than once on here: Nobody is going to do Dubas a favor about anything and there you have one example of lending a helping hand

    • With a concealed buzzer in it!

      • Dubas just got strike 2 in my opinion with the way he handled the nylander contract and now basically giving away a first round pick

      • @ George :):):) for sure

  4. No thanks rangers don’t need this old man , we want Panarin

  5. So I guess this puts the argument of Marleaus worth and Toronto’s leverage in the trade to death?

    • I must have missed it when someone said Marleau had any value. I suppose the alleged value would be greater than the alleged Toronto leverage.

      I suppose it’s better than giving up Kapanen to get rid of Marleau

      • A few leaf fans were saying the leadership value and the low actual salary, juss was the one really saying they wouldn’t have to give up much

      • Taz,

        There has been nonstop back and forth arguing of his value and Toronto’s leverage or lack of for weeks.

        Not to mention thousands of unrealistic trade return proposals. I don’t think I’ve engaged in a single one of them, but there has definitely been ongoing debate for weeks / months here.

      • I might not have noticed then NYR4Life. I’ve always been on the opinion that they could unload him by adding a 2nd but Kapanen would be too much.
        Maybe I missed them but there’s no doubt that there are a few Leafs fans not in touch with reality.

      • @BBB:
        And I have to admit I was wrong. Didn’t expect that it would cost a first rounder. Holy cow!
        Did anyone seriously expect that it would be that expensive to get rid of Marleau?

        Obviously Dubas wasn’t able to get a better deal for Marleau or another way to get out of that mess he created. If he has to trade Kadri to be able to keep his promise not to trade Nylander I will be the first here to write “Fire Dubas” 😉

      • I didn’t think they would give up a first geez

    • Ya, that cost a lot. Especially when you consider he still has to sign Marner and the rest, deal (or not) with the Zaitsev request and ice an NHL blue line.
      Not a lot of days in cottage country this summer for Kyle.

    • As a Leaf fan I think its pathetic but I’ll wait and see if more dominoes fall in the form of ‘trying to win starting next year’…if this happens I can live with this.

      But personally the bad with Marleau outweighs the good and now the damage is done.

      What I mean is the me first attitude of Marleau, its been clear since December of last year that his iron man streak and other personal goals were more important than the teams.

      Judging by the Nylander signing as well as Matthews and these Marner negotiations its clear these players have put themselves first then they will give all, one hopes to the teams cause.

  6. As much as I knew they would have to pay even I didn’t think it would be a first that is crazy!

  7. Great trade for the devils! Hopefully subban will just play hockey and not worry about social media

    • not a PK fan but the Devils got a whole lot better in the past 24 hours adding Hughes & Subban.
      Poile has enough cap now to add a nice piece this year and ink Josi to an extension. If they can somehow move Turris to free up cap they could be a serious buyer on July 1.

      • By what the leafs just had to pay for one year of Marleau I wouldn’t want to see of years of turris lol

  8. Instead of buying him out the Canes should try and trade him again and retain the max amount of cap space in the trade. That would bring in more assets.

    • Problem..he still has a NMC

      He wasn’t going to another team. San Jose could afford him at 50%

  9. Lyle, do you know which pick Nash got today? NJ has 3 2nd rounders

    • Cap Friendly is showing it’s NJ’s own 2nd round pick.

    • It was the Devils (34th overall).

  10. I just posted a question on the other portion of this site

    Does anybody here know if (read when) Car does the buyout …. do they still have to pay signing bonus?

    If not … $834K for a 1st is very reasonable

    Re PK deal …. I think deal favours NJ but Poile has to do it to free up space

    • they would have to pay the entirety of the signing bonus and full cap hit counts against the cap since it was a 35+ contract.
      That’s my understanding

    • Yes Pengy..Carolina paid $3.8 million for a conditional 1st.

      The real winner here is Marleau!

      He will either retire (not) and or most likely sign on (strictly) with San Jose to get another chance to try and get a Stanley Cup (great ending for his long successful career)

      Good luck and thanks for your help!

      TML fan..

    • Yes Pengy..Carolina paid $3.8 million for a conditional 1st.

      The real winner here is Marleau!

      He will either retire (not) and or most likely sign on (strictly) with San Jose to get another chance to try and get a Stanley Cup (great ending to his long successful career)

      Good luck and thanks for your help!

      TML fan..

  11. Subban to NJ

    • Why does it seem that every team in the metro is getting better but the pens!?!?

      • The Pens made a great draft choice in Poulin, the kid is a winner, can all 3 forward spots and is a born leader. The Pens need to allow a couple of kids to have a chance at making the roster. If they can get rid of Jack Johnson and don’t do anything else at all I would say that they had a great offseason. The Letang rumours are ridiculous, he’s not going anywhere. Letang/ Dumoulin is one of the most efficient pairings in the league. Sometimes less is more.

  12. Had to do it…….. can trade for picks later if need be basically it’s
    Marleau 1 st 7 th
    6 th 6 plus millions in cap space, so Marnier can sign and no young prospect s gone don’t love it but it’s lottery protected so no big deal

  13. George

    Ottw picks Shane Pinto???? WTF??? Thoughts

    • Big frame. Centre. Needs more develooment ive been reafing up on him. Ond report says he uses his size well ti protect the puck. Another says he plays too soft for his size.

      Guess we will wait and see

      • I would have much preferred Lavoie – but then, that’s why none of us are NHL scouts – likely not even bantam scouts 🙂

      • They did say this draft would be volarile

  14. Rumors JT Miller heading to Vancouver?

    • Slick

      Have they said what the return would be?

    • It’s in the works, details not yet revealed. Coming soon, apparently, according to Bob McKenzie.

  15. Itt’ll likely be a late first. Whoch they dont really need so the cost isnt that huge

    I look at my team who gave up a 1rst for Duchene then mkved him. They ended up getting a 1rst back but in the end it isnt that hige of a deal. Not drafting a player in the first rohnd for a couole of years isnt that big a deal especially when youve belt your team and your are looking towards veteran free agents rather than young prospects to tound it out.

    • 1st round picks are gold! Not only for the chance of a good player but also for trading at the deadline especially

  16. Ottw moves up to get G Sogaard???

    • He’s huge and quick!
      Think Rinne, except his ceiling could be higher.
      Needs time, like all tenders.

      • He was rated the second-best goalie prospect. This just adds to my belief that Anderson could be on the move this summer with Nilsson and the recently re-signed Hogberg sharing the NHL load and Gustavsson-d’Accord in Belleville (and Condon hopefully either on LTIR or the ECHL).

  17. If PK was dealt in my fantasy league it would be voted down. What are the Quefs thinking?

  18. Jim Benning paid too much for Miller.
    Tampa doesn’t need anyone doing them favors, yet JB just helped them immensely.
    Dubas could learn from Brisebois.

  19. Washington steak of the draft IMO…. Leason at pick 56


    Leafs could have had him … atta blow it Dubas

    • Steal not steak

    • My steal so far is Matthew Robertson at 49. NYR fans will be happy in 2-3 years.

  20. Well, Benning strikes again. Follows-up 2 good draft picks with a trade that will not get them anywhere near the playoffs. Giving up a first and third to a team up against the cap was way too much for Miller (all due respect to Miller).

    Someone needs to take that phone away from him

    • Disagree, CDM. Miller was good for forty points playing fourteen minutes a game. Playing seventeen minutes with Pettersson and Boeser he should easily reach fifty points again. Four more years at $5.25, tradable after a few years, big guy who competes, and only 26 makes this a very reasonable move.

  21. Santini good 2nd pair potential with a physica side. Preds need forward help more than Subban

    good move both sides. devils full of middle D kids

  22. Bungling Jimmy strikes again!!!

    1) Leafs trade 1st round pick to rid themselves of problem contract.

    2) Instead of getting a 1st round pick for Tampas problem contract Dim Jim instead sends a potential lottery pick to the Bolts for another Sutter/Beagle clone.

    Every GM in the league knows to put the screws to teams in a cap crunch except Jim Benning.

    How many 3rd line cant score Dominic Roussels do the Nucks need?

    Amazing that Benning hasnt been fired, every single trade hes made the other team comes out ahead.

    Brutal deal, absolutely bruuuuutal.

    • @ronjull

      again the Blues success elevated the stock of players like JT Miller who can play the heavy game.
      He is very good when in the mood but can be lazy….

      • Wonder if he’ll give Sweeney a 2nd for Backes. 😉

    • Look on the bright side, Ron – he may soon have Chiarelli as an advisor!

      • They needed some body with some jam to play with the kids. At least he didn’t bite on Lucic for that role.

  23. Dim Jims gonna have a sore arse tomorrow cause he just got f*cked big time.

    • Do you even know what the condition is? I’d wait and see because they didn’t give up much after the first

      • Lottery protected in 2020 draft, if it slides to 2021 draft no protection.

    • You’re way too classy for this site, RJ.

  24. Somehow the Callahan issue worked out, and a decent trade made caps space for Point & some D help, and a couple of goalies join the system….Miller is gone, but a first and third are worthwhile to a team with strong scouting and development. So much less angst in Lightning country than some other markets. Yes, the playoffs were awful, but we can look at the team and expect several more bites at the apple moving forward — with enough in the pipeline not to have to find someone to fleece to get enough pieces to get to the tournament.

    • TB is good at what they do. TDL moves either stay or they recoup assets for them.
      Held tough on Drouin and got a great return.
      Able to sign pending UFA’s for less because they want to be there and a tax advantage.
      Draft and develop well.
      Lots to like in TBay, sooner or later they break through?

      • if Yzerman had gone after defense studs in Tampa the way he is in Detroit they would have by now-
        no one but Yzerman would have pulled off that Druid thing-

        where are all the Toronto fans? non-existent & shy-

  25. Dumbass should have called Benning. Probably could have gotten Pettersson and a 1st for Marleau.

  26. If Dubas is able to keep all his kids and add the RHD who cares about the 1st which should be mid 20s

  27. It was expensive to get rid of Marleau’s contract but that’s what it took.

    Looking at all the stuff going on I propose the Leafs do the following:

    1. Trade Marner, Zaitsev, the rights to Gardiner, Kapenin or Bracco, and Brown for Draisaitl, Puljujarvi, and Larsson.

    2.Trade Kadri and a pick to Carolina for either Pesce or Hamilton or to Anaheim for Manson and a second.

    These address the heavy aspect missing in the Leafs without losing skill while the Oilers get skill.

    The Line up looks like:

    Johnsson-Matthews-Kapenin or Bracco

    Muzzen-Hamilton, Pesce or Manson


    Unless I am wrong this gets everyone in under the cap, solidifies the defense, gives Babcock lots of options, and brings in some new blood.
    I don’t propose this because I don’t like Marner but creates a better balance in salary between forwards and defense. Could also look at keeping Gardner instead of trading Kadri.

    • So play Leon 13 minutes per night?
      The Leafs are set at Center.
      They need D.
      Probs gonna sign 2 rfa wingers any minute now.

    • You’re forgetting one thing, why would the Oilers do that? When did Marner ever score 50 goals and put up over 100 points in a season?
      That, plus I don’t think the Oilers would have the cap space to sign Marner, Gardiner, and Kapenin.

      • True that KevJam, Oilers would never do that. They would be crazy to trade Draisaitl. I wouldn’t trade him straight up for any Leaf, especially when you consider the contracts.
        Then you have Larsson switching with Zaitsev on the blue line? Uhhh, nope.
        What I could see is a move for Zaitsev for Larsson, but the Leafs adding a significant sweetener like a 1st.
        Oh yeah, they don’t have one.
        Like Kapanen or Brown then.

      • While I am on a trash the Leafs rant how about this; The Oil will the cup before the Leafs do.
        In 2022.

  28. Has anyone ever seen Mitch Marner play hockey? The last time Toronto had that much skill, Gilmour was on the team. Why would anyone in their right mind trade him as he enters his prime years? Entry level contracts are three years at base salary given to the team, then they pony up based on market value, what the player has produced, projected potential over the duration of the next contract and hopefully trying to average out an average salary over the duration of the contract that can be under market vale if possible.

    Bonehead moves are paying a player in mid to late 30s 18.75 million over 3 years with a NMC, and then someone else has to clean up the mess.

    All we are seeing is a shift in dollars from where it used to be (overpaying older, slower, useless players on the decline in production) to what it is now (overpaying younger, faster, productive players entering their prime).

    What we are seeing is the bell curve move from right to centre, and lucrative albatross contracts leading to buyouts or trades such as what Dubas just made.

    Just wait until Reilly’s and Andersen’s contracts come up. They won’t have any more first rounders left to offer.

    • That was a great post Frank.
      Bang on.

      • Yup.

    • Patrick Marleau signed by Lou Lamoriello – please remember that, all you Dubas haters.

  29. Well Lyle, Most, if not all of the posters on this website have something to offer to the conversation; as opposed to Sportsnet posters; who seems to pride themselves on derogatory comments, general slagging that often digresses into grade school rants that offer no value whatsoever on any subjective basis about any topic. Congrats to all posters here and to Lyle for helping us connect.