What Will The Calgary Flames Do This NHL Off-Season?

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Soapbox | 9 comments



  1. The Flames have $68.5 mil committed to 19 leaving about $14.5 to sign 4. You have to think they absolutelty want to retain RFAs Takachuk and Bennett who will each be seeking substantive raises from their respective $925,000 and $1,950,000 cap hits, If Tkachuk is retained at around $6 mil and Bennet at at least $3.5 that leaves just under $5 to sign 2. With names like UFA Mike Smith ($5,666,667 on his expired cap hit) RFA David Rittich (how much of an increase from his base $800,000?) As well as other RFAs Andrew Mangiapane and Alan Quine (both arund $700,000). Looks like they better find a taker for James Neal and perhaps one of Hamonic, Brodie or Stone each of whom is a UFA next year.

    • I think you’re lowballing what Tkachuk could receive. All indications in the media claim he could get as much as $9 million per season. If they can get him for $6 million per, great, but I think he’ll get much higher than that because of the rising cap ceiling.

      • Wow, from an entry-level $925,000 to $9 mil. That, if it happens, will put a severe crimp in signing those other RFAs, never mind Smith.

        Of course, Ottawa has tons of cap space – they could always deal him here to join his kid brother – hell, I’d give them Zach Smith, Mikel Bodker and throw in Logan Brown 🙂 🙂

      • George O
        You are so generous with your offer.
        I don’t know how Treliving could pass on that offer.

  2. Brian Burke mentioned Tkachuk’s salary negotiation would start at 7.5 million.
    So it wouldn’t surprise me after Buffalo signed Skinner
    Tkachuk’s agent would want 9 plus on a long term contract.

    I think if Calgary could sign him for 6 years at 7.5 that would be a good deal for the Flames. They definitely have shed salary to sign him, that’s why Frolik and Brodie’s name come up so often the have a salary in the 4 million range which would be enough to sign all their players and find a relatively inexpensive goalie option.

    If push came to shove and I know they don’t want to do this but the Neal buyout option sheds 3.75 million off the cap.

  3. I do know after the Flames were eliminated from the playoffs Treliving was mad as hell.
    The same kind of frustration he had the year before when they missed the playoffs and he made some substantial moves.
    I kinda expect him to make some big moves again this year because he was spitting mad at the poor playoff performance.

    • Well he was entitled. After the season they had expectations had to be high … maybe his analysis of what went wrong in those playoffs shows that – in large part – the team he had assembled, while stellar in a long 82-game season, just didn’t have it when playoff hockey took over (like TB in the east). An eye-opener like that has happened many time before and, I suppose, one of the dilemmas of a GM is to debate in his own mind whether to shake things up – or stick with the roster for one more crack. It can’t be easy and whatever route they take leaves them wide open for second-guessers, both in the fan-base and the media if either option flops just as badly.

      • From my point of view the Flames are very soft along the boards and in the puck battles which you can get away with in the regular season.

        The only guys that really showed no fear and wanted the puck really bad were, Bennett, Mangiapane, Hathaway, and Ryan.
        Those are our bottom 4 players so that tells you something about our top 8 and why I think Treliving will shake the tree again this off season.

        Even Tkachuk was really ineffective in the playoffs.
        His skating is really bad. Colorado skated circles around him, he was always behind the play.

        That’s an item the Flames could use against him in contract negotiations to keep the cap number down.

  4. I honestly hope that Treliving goes for someone like Taylor Hall…just saying😉