What Will The Toronto Maple Leafs Do This Off-Season?

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Soapbox | 14 comments



  1. I’m wondering if the contract signed by Eberle today helps push one of Kapanen or Johnsson out of their price range.
    Both finished with more goals and assists this year the Eberle.

    • Very well could but imo I don’t think either will get that kind of money

    • Neither can be considered comparable to Eberle. He’s been in the league a lot longer. Kapanen and Johnsson have potential but they have to prove this season wasn’t a one-off.

  2. Years of tanking and high picks and they kept taking forwards, besides Reilly who isn’t a true 2 way dman. The problem the leafs gm has now is everyone knows the cap issues they have and they won’t get the value they expect from trades

    • I agree they may have tanked in 2016, the other years weren’t on purpose

  3. How about promotion from within as a strategy?
    There are players on the Mar lies that could step up to the big club. Rosen, Sandin, Marchment, among others, could add decent young, inexpensive talent.

  4. As much as it hurts, I think that if the salary demands are too high, then Dubas should trade Marner. Yes he’s one of their best, however, the salary cap hell position they are in places them in a place that is difficult to staff their team, unless they bring up Marlies as suggested. They need defence, period. Otherwise the team is not going far in the post season. Unless of course they don’t care to get far, and just have a high scoring team that has no defense. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes….

    • I would trade Marner for defense , they can’t afford him. They should try to keep the strength down the center. Kadri won’t get suspended a third time in the playoffs. That would be to obvious.

  5. None of the other dominoes will start to fall until the Marner situation is resolved.

  6. As usual a few months later they are saying Freddie did his best but the defense let him down. In game 7 he let in a shot from the corner, then on the 2nd goal he is on his knees deep in the crease and the third goal should have been a routine save on a wrist shot. Until the Leafs get a goalie who can make saves when it actually counts, Freddie is good in regular season, they don’t have a chance.

    • He was great in game 6, the rest of the Leafs were not.

    • Just throwing it out there, it’s a common misconception but LTIR can be used in the off-season and you don’t have to be cap compliant to start the season before LTIR relief can kick in. The only hiccup with it is that if you are over the cap with a player on LTIR, whatever relief you get at the start of the season from that player is all you can use for the remainder of the season. Example, if the Leafs start the season with 86 million in cap hits and the cap is set at 83 million with Horton on LTIR they gain 3 million of relief from Horton, but for the remainder of the season they can only ever use 3 million of his 5.3 million cap hit.
      The trick with it is to gain the most relief you want to be as close to the cap as possible on day 1 of the season not including the contract being put on LTIR. If the Leafs can do this it essentially means you can look at their cap space now as closer to $14 million depending on what the cap ceiling ends up being.

  7. I would trade Zaitsev, Brown and Sparks for Larsson. If Oilers would include Puljujarvi I would substitute Johnsson, Bracco, or Kapenin for Brown and offer to add Holland take Kassian back.

  8. I said it before and will do it again: The Leafs have to trade Nylander and Marleau. We will see what it takes to get rid of Marleau (if they have to add a sweetener and what kind of). Even if the return for Nylander is not market value, I’d rather have Kadri than him.
    Some here think Marner is worth as much as or even more than Matthews and Tavares. The same people are also stating all year long that centers come at a premium and that a center is worth more than a winger.
    Imo Dubas created this salary cap problem by overpaying Matthews.
    Matthews played only one healthy and full season, his first. I know that Draisaitl and Eichel signed their contracts earlier and that Draisaitl played a lot with McDavid, but is Matthews worth $3.000.000 more than Draisaitl and $1.634.000 more than Eichel? I don’t think so. And on top comes that he only signed a five year deal.
    May be they should consider trading Matthews.
    Tavares, Kadri and Nylander (I would say they don’t trade him if Matthews is traded) isn’t that bad as your top three centers.