What Will The Winnipeg Jets Do This Off-Season?

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. Laine didn’t play the first line in 2017/18 either so it wasn’t being taken off the top line that hurt his production. He has played most of his career on the second line with Ehlers and Little.

    there have been lots of rumblings about grumbling and feuding, Paul Maurice called it ‘ruffled feathers’ to address. there may be a surprising trade or two related to this dynamic

  2. Would think the smart move would be to lock up the younger Trouba long term and either A: let Myers walk or B: try to trade Buflygen. Have to guess that Trouba really wants out.

    • It’s unfortunate, Trouba will be traded but not for hockey reasons and not for cap reasons.