Will David Krejci Become a Cap Casualty in Boston?

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Rumors | 7 comments



  1. Sweeney will keep Krejci for one final shot at the Cup. He still has two years on his contract, so no rush there. He may move Krug, as he has other d-men who can handle Krug’s spot on the power play. He’ll likely have to watch Johansson walk, but will find a way to keep Acciari, even if it means going over the cap prior to the drop of the puck in October. As for DeBrusk and Coyle, he’ll worry about those guys next summer.

    • Well said Laurie, I think your spot on. Hoping Krug stays but may not be possible. Johansson was a solid pickup who helped on the playoff run, numbers won’t add up with the cap

    • Laurie, you are dead wrong about other D handling Krug’s load….6 goals & 47 assists & the 5th highest scorer on the team. 2nd D behind Krug is Grzelcyk with 3 goals & 15 assists. Krug is a must sign. Besides Grzelcyk, WHO are these other “d-men that can handle Krug’s spot on the power play”?

      • Ray outside of Grzelcyk there isn’t any; I agree he is a nice luxury but a pp specialist that Boston can’t afford.

  2. Best time to move Krejci is now. If there is an offer that brings in a younger asset with potential.
    As it stands right now Boston can only offer bridge deals to McAvoy and Carlo with any hope of signing Johansson.
    Why would Krug take a discount? Some believe he is under paid now.
    The issue for Sweeney is they missed the cup by 1 win. Does trading Krug and Krejci send the wrong message? The flip side is doing nothing then your just waiting for contracts to run out with no return.
    Boston will have an additional $3m in cap space next year when Belesky and Seidenburg money come off the books this will help.
    With Boston signing Kampfer to a two year contract and when they sign McAvoy and Carlo that will be 9 NHL defenseman under contract and none of them can be sent to the minors. They are not going to sit 3 damn in the press box while they wait for injuries on the back end. Something got to give. Chara, McAvoy, Carlo aren’t going anywhere, Miller coming off injury isn’t tradeable; this leave you with Kampfer, Clifton, Grzelcyk, Moore and Krug. The only one here that give you the cap relief is Moore at $2.75 for 4 more years and Krug at $5.25 for one year. It’s time to move Krug as Grzelcyk offers much the same and is better at getting the puck out of their own end plus he is more of a complete player and resigning him won’t be nearly as costly as Krug add that to the fact Krug would bring in a better return. Time for Don to talk to Detroit, Edmonton and Vancouver who all have been reportedly interested in Krug. IMO moving Krug does not hurt Boston at all. Detroit might be the best option as he would be more inclined to resign in his home state.
    The trick for Sweeney is how to rid himself of the Backes contract while minimizing the sweetener or is he just stuck with him for two more season.
    Time to move Krug not sold on moving Krejci but depends on the return.

    • Yeah I shook my head when they resigned Kampfer based on the log jam they already had on the D front. Although it is not much $$$ it complicates things. And you are correct, it is only Krug and Moore that offer any cap relief and to be honest we have too many small D men.

      Just like Krejci Krug’s value has never been higher. I think the Bruins envision McAvoy as the new PP1 guy.

      We all know Backes is the guy they want to get rid of, I just don’t see it happening unless they do something like the leafs with Marleau.

  3. If you were going to move Krug now is the time. His value is and probably will never be higher. Great playoffs combine with a small amount of quality D men would not only add good return and cap relief.