Winnipeg Jets At a Crossroads Heading Into Free Agency

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  1. Signing Blake Wheeler to a 5 year deal at 8.5 million cap hit at age 33 wasn’t a smart move. Do you want to keep your young stars or just have a team filled up with washed up guys mid 30s? At age 35,36,37 do you really think he will be worth such a cap hit? I would bet no

    • Only one NHL team per year wins the Stanley Cup !!!

      • And, with a hard cap, one cup win is what teams can now expect. Pittsburgh won back-to-back recently but did so with one of the best cap bargains in the history of the concept in the form of Sid and a pretty damned good second banana in Malkin and a D-man that was one of the best ever. Can you imagine what those three would cost today if they were all in their 20s and negotiating as RFAs? After them you have to go back 20 years or so to Detroit’s two wins – both pre-cap.

        Now, a team wins one and immediately have to deal with a parcel of RFAs/UFAs for the coming season – all of whocm would be looking for increases commensurate with being a champion.

  2. Winnipeg isn’t a desire location for players, its been reported they are the number team listed on the MTC. It is what it is; however this doesn’t mean that all players don’t want to play here. Once you start looking at some of Cheveldayoff trades. he made some gambles that didn’t work, he made moves to rid themselves of problem player (Kane) and a move for a player who wants a better opportunity for his fiancés.

    Traded Evander Kane and Zack Bogosian for Claude Lemieux, Joel Armia, Tyler Myers and a first round pick (drafted Jack Roslovic) that was a decent hall.
    Unfortunately he signed Steve Mason and two years at $4m per season and overpayment to start with but Helleybuyck was inconsistent and needed a fall back; Helleybuyck had a great season and Mason was bad. In order to dump Mason contract he had to throw in Armia to have Montreal take that contract off his hands.
    Chevy made a commitment to Tobias Enstrom and sacrifice a pick 3rd and flip of 1st round picks. Then the next season he wanted to go for it and added Statsny and gave up a 1st and 4th round pick; Statsny signed elsewhere in the offseason. This year he still had the need for a second line center and the Jets were considered contenders so again he traded away for Kevin Hayes giving up Lemieux and a 1st round pick. As we all know he later reacquired that pick by shipping the Rangers Jacob Trouba who has one year remaining on his contract but wasn’t going to resign in the Peg.
    Nic Petan never fit into Paul Maurice plan, too small and wasn’t passing anyone on the depth chart
    Not really hearing that Laine wants out of Winnipeg but there is rumours that Jack Roslovic does but it more over playing time and where is playing in the lineup.
    Myers is an UFA who said he like to return to Winnipeg but he owes it to himself to see what is on the open market. There is a good chance that Vancouver will over pay for his services, we’ll see.
    By the end of next week, the haul they got for the Kane/Bogosian trade could be all gone except for Roslovic and he’ll be all they have left to show from that blockbuster of a trade.
    My concern for Winnipeg is that they are no longer after only two season the heavy hitting team that they were. The grit of Thornburn, Peluso, Armia, Lemieux and Trouba all gone. Good chance Tanev and the hard hitting Ben Chairot are gone week one of free agency.
    Winnipeg still have skill and toughness with Byfuglien, Wheeler and Lowry but the up and down the lineup toughness is gone. Skill is there with Scheifele, Connor, Ehlers, Laine and Roslovic up front and big Buff and Morrissey on the back end.
    This could be a important summer for Chevy but it shows how quick a lineup can change and for the most part it was for chasing the cup. Lots of skill in the minors but are they NHL ready and can they contribute at a consistent level.
    Some moves had to be made, some worked and some didn’t

    • I think if Canadian teams could start winning the cup they would also attract hockey players. Sure some will want the warm climate and low taxes but I still believe the players who win championships will go where the good teams are unfortunately Canada hasn’t had a cup winner in 26 years

    • From the time Chevy altered from draft and develop to trying to acquire ufa’s he has been bleeding talent off the team. Giving players to rid himself of bad Ufa contracts and rental players. Holding on to players to long til they could call all the shots in a trade and diminishing the return. Pomo playing older fringe players in non-playoff years instead of promising high draft prospects until their value became to low to package in a trade or worse as established AHL career players. The last 3 years since the Ufa signings, missing out on DeBrincat in the 2nd round to move up 4 spots to ensure the Stanley pick, moving from 13th to 24th in the draft picks, giving away enough picks and players for two rentals instead of one center with term etc. We need a wolf of a GM not a shepherd anymore.

  3. Thanks for addressing the elephant in the room! The smaller Canadian markets have trouble attracting elite free agents! Except for Tavares, they all head for American markets! Less taxation, warmer climates, and the ability to be anonymous sends all good free agents to American markets. 26 years and counting since a Canadian team won a Stanley Cup.