After Adding Kessel & Soderberg, Coyotes Should Contend for Playoff Spot

by | Jul 17, 2019 | News, NHL | 5 comments



  1. “After Adding Kessel & Soderberg, Coyotes Should Contend for Playoff Spot”… comment.

  2. It’s possible. But more likely they don’t. Which team from last year drops out? 2 wild card teams both made some nice off season moves. Winnipeg? Could they fall out? There’s other teams like Chicago and Vancouver that are making moves too

  3. Boy, I sure hope Kessel has much success. I liked him as a Leaf. He did what they acquired him for and that was to score. Is he a little different, yes happy go lucky. Why shouldn’t he be , he’s a millionaire playing a sport he loves, young and a cancer survivor.
    We judge him hard maybe cause he has talent and we don’t.
    A great role model. He is enjoying life as he goes along.
    Good Luck Kessel

  4. Now if the Coyotes would take on Backes (Bruins) plus incentive, they would have veteran locker room and on-ice leadership.. and help the B’s too, moving forward!

  5. Never seen so much optimism from an article – maybe a little too much – maybe a lot too much. Let’s just say the Coyotes have a chance to make the playoffs next year.