Best Signings from Opening Day of 2019 NHL Free-Agent Period

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Soapbox | 22 comments



  1. Chicago – solid, if unglittering, work this summer. Maatta and De Haan won’t make messes and know how to clean them up. Lehner, player and contract, fit perfectly. Shaw makes life difficult for the other jersey. Hopefully, they won’t give away the under-rated Artem Anisimov, who played well with Saad late last year -unless of course AA is sacrificed in a deal that jettisons the Seabrook contract.

    • Maatta is that sometimes… others he is someone who allows lots of messes. I’m a fan and I hope he finds consistency in Chicago… he has the mind for the game and decent skills.

    • They should have a new team called the DOGS headed by those great players and great contracts of Brent Seabrook, Milan Lucic, etc. When will GM’s learn?

  2. Colorado reminds me of Toronto – great up front but questionable on the back end. Very competitive team.

    • Lou has shown his true moves—-classless. Screws Lehner around. I would even bet that Tavares had every intention of staying until he met Lou. Maybe Robin told them he wanted to grow a beard!! A lot of respect has gone from the Islanders.

  3. To this observer, the best signings are those preponderance of 1 & 2 year contracts which form the vast majority. Maybe the GMs ARE getting smarter?

  4. Will there potentially be another player aside from Sebastian Aho, earning a whopping $22,570MM in the upcoming 2019-2020 Season!

    The Bonus is now – being Weaponized to use in Salary demand.

    There will be work stoppage!

    Note he is due $12MM by Friday/Saturday of this week.

    • Pointe is the other person who may. lol

      Not sure why Tamp was interested in Joe Pavs unless they had a deal to send pointe for a boatload of things they needed. Like a defense.

    • Remains to be seen if there will be a work stoppage. However, I can see that signing bonus loophole closing in the next CBA.

  5. Both Auston Mathews and John Tavares have identical Salary of $15.9MM.

    I’m wondering if there is a disconnect between Wadell and Tom Dundon understanding what they have just created in the Free Agent market for both UFA and RFA’s.

    • I’m not sure I understand your point, Antoni. Waddell/Dundon didn’t create any of this – Bergevin did.

      • Yes Whalercane but history will only remember the team that took the poison pill which in this case the Carolina Hurricanes.

        Aho will be earning most of the Salary by year 3 and that’s when I suspect Carolina will unload Aho as he is still RFA.

        It’s not a good way to operate a business knowing your fixed expenses is signalling danger.

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but the first poison pill laced offer sheet to an RFA was made by the Carolina Hurricanes to Sergei Fedorov.

        Karma can be patient.

  6. Oh come on , Jason Spezza coming home is the best signing 700 thousand. Pajama party 2. Poor guy spent 16 years playing for mediocre teams. Now gets to finally play for a contender.

    • Did the Bruins sign him?? Ha ha

      • Did you mean BLUES???

    • One of those mediocre teams went to the finals one year.

    • The Spezza, Alfie, Heatly Senators of their time were a far more complete, deep, and well rounded club than the Leafs have been & currently are. The mediocre Sens team that isn’t a contender have been to the finals and the conference finals… the Contending Leafs have yet to win a playoff round.

      Dallas… also been past round 1!

      • Just checking to see if you were awake. Since Ottawa came in Leafs have been to 4 conference finals, Ottawa has been to 3. Ottawa has been to 1 final but not really, duck season didn’t go well. That really good Ottawa team played 4 playoff series against Toronto and didn’t win 1.
        Toronto hope’s Ottawa makes the playoffs soon so they can win another series. Look up the definition of choke and a picture of the Senators will be their

      • Aww Vinnie you gotta let go of the soother. That’s ancient history – the only similarity today are the jerseys. May as well go back and compare Leafs-Habs playoff records where the Leafs aren’t even in the rear-view mirror.

        How many Leafs fans does it take to change a light bulb? They don’t, they just talk endlessly about how good the old one was.

  7. Oh that’s why you keep saying 52 years. Lmao

  8. Typical sens fan like to dish but can’t take it