Dubas Dazzles With Juggling of Maple Leafs’ Salary Cap

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Soapbox | 4 comments



  1. hes done ok thus far!….but he has a bunch of balls still in the air and the juggling will need to continue at a faster and faster pace

  2. So the question remains, does Marner do preseason? Verbal agreements are not binding, a serious injury then would be daunting for all parties. As I have learned, if Marner’s agent is contacted by another team seeking a replacement for a star player, why would he not entertain the offer? 10million or not, the game is not over.

  3. Good stuff. The real trick will be to continue this juggling especially next year with all the contracts expiring but we have seen a glimpse of what he is like and we can clearly start to see his vision of a new idea for a team in this era. Really fun to see, fan or not.