Leafs Trade Kadri to Avalanche for Barrie

by | Jul 1, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 36 comments

The Toronto Maple Leafs trade center Nazem Kadri, defenseman Calle Rosen, and their third-round pick in the 2020 NHL draft to the Colorado Avalanche for defenseman Tyson Barrie, forward Alex Kerfoot, and a sixth-round pick in 2020. The Avalanche also retain 50 percent of Barrie’s $5.5-million salary-cap hit for 2019-20. 

Toronto Maple Leafs trade Nazem Kadri to the Colorado Avalanche in a multi-player deal (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With this deal, Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas frees up more salary-cap room to re-sign Mitch Marner while adding a top-pairing right-side defenseman. Barrie’s offensive skills should make him a good fit, especially on the Leafs’ power play.

 Cap Friendly indicates this move leaves the Leafs with over $11 million in salary-cap space for this season. That will shrink once other restricted free agents like Kerfoot and Cody Ceci are re-signed. Still, freeing up Kadri’s $4.5-million cap hit and only taking on $2.75-million of Barrie’s cap hit provides more wiggle room for Marner than they had a week ago. Placing Nathan Horton ($5.3 million) on long-term injury reserve will also help. Perhaps another cost-cutting move is ahead but it likely won’t be as significant as this one. 

This is the second move Dubas made to bolster the right side of his defense. Earlier today, he completed a multi-player deal with the Ottawa Senators by swapping out Nikita Zaitsev for Cody Ceci. Barrie and Ceci should be a big improvement for Toronto’s blueline. The pair are also due to become free agents next summer. How they fare this season will determine if longer tenure is in their future.

Trading away Kadri will affect their depth at center beyond the top two lines. Kerfoot could go into the third-line spot while recently signed Jason Spezza will take the fourth-line position. 

Avalanche GM Joe Sakic has been very busy bolstering his forward depth. He recently acquired winger Andre Burakovsky from Washington and signed Joonas Donskoi and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare via free agency today.

Kadri will likely replace center Carl Soderberg, who was shipped to Arizona last week for blueliner Kevin Connauton. While his temper can get him into penalty trouble, he’s a gritty two-way center with two recent 32-goal seasons on his resume. Kadri will bring an extra measure of skill and energy to the Avs’ forward lines. 

By trading Barrie, the Avs are now lacking an experienced mobile defenseman. With promising Cale Makar cracking the lineup during this year’s playoffs, it’s a move Sakic was comfortable with. Barrie is also slated to become a UFA next summer. Given the promising rearguards (Makar, Samuel Girard) on the roster and in their system (Bowen Byram, Conor Timmins), the Avs could have a very deep blueline soon. 

The Avs GM also has over $27 million in salary-cap space. He could add another defenseman. However, that cap space is likely reserved for restricted free agents like Burakovsky, Mikko Rantanen, and Nikita Zadorov. 


  1. COL is a team to watch for sure

    Perhaps after their re-ups to their RFAs they pitch for Kreider too?

    • I honestly hope Rangers keep Kreider. By acquiring Trouba and Panarin, why would you then downgrade?

      • I am not suggesting trade Kreider for a downgrade….. I am suggesting the moves Sakic is making i appears he is trying to create a powerhouse top 2 lines with the younger line-up and increased cap space. Kreider would fit their line-up right behind Kog.

      • I agree, why are you obsessed with trading Kreider? Get back to your Smith obsession! Lmao

        In all seriousness, Namestikov, Staal, Shattenkirk, and your favorite Smith should be targets to get rid of, even if it means grossly overpaying to do so. Staal and a 1st for?

      • IF cap room was available he would fit perfectly into a Babcock system up north….but I do not see a team that may need him.

        I think Staal to MTL makes sense though I think he was the only reason ADA did as good as he did last year as Staal covered for him a ton . Having Smith & Shatts on the bottom pair behind a Staal & ADA is flat out frightening.

        Not that I am obsessed with trading Kreider I just do not see him as a long term option with the young kids and prospects for the 6.5 plus on a long term deal he will command. Chtyl & Kratsov come cheaper and can use the ice time in the top 6. That being done, I cannot see Krieder being 3rd line LW so use him to grab the 2C we truly need. Let Chtyl & Kratsov stay on the wing where they can fly.

        Anyone want a Brendan Smith ? Anyone? Bueller?

        Babcock want Smith back? lol

        IMO of course.

      • Kravtsov is a natural right wing, Chytl is a natural center. Keeping Kreider makes a ton of sense. Especially considering Kravtsov hasn’t really played on NA ice, or an NHL yet.

        The projected lines on daily faceoff.

        Panarin Zibanejad

        Kreider Strome Kakko

        Namestikov Chytl Kravtsov

        Andersson Howden Fast.

        That’s not ugly. Strome definitely deserves a fair shot at 2c after his finish last year.

      • I always thought Minnesota would be a team maybe Staal would agree to waive his ntc for. They don’t seem to have a problem with older players. His brother Eric also has 2 years left on his contract and he’d be closer to home. Realistically, I think we’re stuck with him. As far as Kreider, there’s 4 other forwards in last year of contract.

  2. If Makar plays well I still think Colorado is a better team than they were last year. But I still don’t see this as a great trade for the Aves. Can we make it and should we make it are two different things… hopefully it works out.

    If the reports on Ceci are true, the Leafs actually have something around $7 million as the $11 million does not capture the one year Ceci contract.

    • If Kerfoot is signed (I expect about $3/million), I think the Leafs with Horton on LITR will be around $8.9 million… still doesnt feel like enough to get Marner.

      At what point do you ask, is it worth it?

    • Lanche still have lots of cap space left, be c9mpletely hilarious if Sakic offer sheeted Marner…. get to screw Dumbass twice in a week.


      long live the Shanascam!!!

      • Yup no bias in here at all, Leaf trade and the first posts are about the Rangers and the guy I want, Kreider.

  3. I bash Dubas a fair bit (for good reason) but he got the D men he needed in Barrie and Ceci. Getting Kerfoot will fly under the radar but he’s a nice piece.

    I also like this for the Avs. They have the young D to back fill and Kadri gives them skill and jam.

    Great trade.

    • So colorado vs toronto 2020 stanley cup final.

  4. What a great trade for the Leafs! Except for the salary retention, I Wish Fletcher and the Flyers has made that trade. Some kind of Gostisbehere for Kadri deal would have been a steal!

    • Flyers pass on Kadri…. especially if the return was Gostibehere…. Philly doesnt need a pos center….

      Coots, Hayes, Patrick and Laughton will do just fine thanks.

    • Flyers addressed their center concerns w Hayes which cost them a 5th rounder.

      Not sure why you would have preferred to give up a decent asset in Ghost on an outstanding contract for Kadri.

      Now they can simply move Ghost for a scoring winger to if they choose or just simply let the guy play and hope that he returns to his normal self.

      Also neither Barrie nor Ghost play great d in their own zone so neither completely address the leafs concerns…

    • Why? They got Hayes for a 5th. He’s overpaid, but still they did not need to move assets for him.

  5. Have to admit; didn’t see Kadri being traded unless it all made sense, Does it all make sense now that the dominoes have fallen?

    Mixed feelings here: But the summer is not yet done and I’ll revisit this come the fall after all the dust has settled. I”m a Naz fan; Watched him getting drafted>.

    He brings; and then he doesn’t; he’s got game; and then he’s got?? Good luck Nazzy.

    • I really think that, if Kadri had dropped the gloves in Boston instead of cross-checking the back of a player’s head, he’d be a Leaf tonight. One of the best contracts in the league and a proven second line centre.
      Different lineup for sure in the fall but Toronto should be a competitive club. Possibly more moves coming as well. What a day!

      • @BCLeafFan: I hear ya: I’m stunned they traded Nazzy: He’s p**s n vinegar on a team of floaters.

        watch out for Colorado ! Sakic is putting together a good character team

      • I concur, Leafs need toughness not stupidity. They have enough of that behind the bench and in the front office.

        Shanascam, what abjoke.

  6. Wow , I was sure wrong I didn’t think they would trade Kadri . I guess they got a defenseman they needed and a good forward. Well I guess Boston don’t have to be scared anymore. Kadri won’t hurt them anymore. What do you think Obe?

    • Neither did I Vinnie … but if they were going to I had hoped it would be in yet another deal with Ottawa. Unfortunately, Dorion had no other RD left to dangle that would be anywhere near good enough to land Kadri.

      I really think they’ll miss him more over the 82-game season than any benefits they may derive from Barrie in that span. Kerfoot could be the perfect replacement as a 3rd line C – no expectations of a 32-goal season – just solid two-way effort. He is, however, a tad on the smallish side at 5′ 10″ 175 lbs when the playoffs roll around. But we;ll see.

  7. Leafs are awesome my pick for the cup plan the parade Vincent

    • I don’t really see an improvement anywhere on the leafs team? Ceci = zaitsev Barrie = gardiner

      • Defence is still subpar. All Dumbass did was weaken the forwards.

        All part of the vaunted Shanascam.

  8. @ Nazzy

    You would have made a hell of a Bruin: Nothing but grief to play against. Brad Marchand 2.0

    Good luck in Colorado man. U will do well

  9. I thought Sakic was an idiot for letting that Duchene thing drag on….
    Keeping Barrie one more season would of been great but Kadri as the #2 pivot is the right fit there. And with all the cap space they can grab a D from somewhere

  10. joe gave up a ton, but with pieces in place on the back end the avs have waaaay more depth than a week ago….with still a bunch of cap room rants notwithstanding

  11. Not bad of a trade. Both teams should benefit. Now Dubas need to trade Nylander for Ristolainen + a 2nd to finish off the summer frenzy. I really like Ristolainen hệ reminds me òf lesser Bufilyn. Now that Panarin is off the market. TO needs to sign Marner at $10.5mill.


    Timoshov/Mueller/Bracco …$2.5

  12. As an Avs fan, I’m not digging this trade. I’d like to think we could get a solid top-6 forward for Barrie and Kerfoot. I acknowledge that Barrie’s a liability on defense — hell, he’s a liability on the point during power plays. I get that Kadri is a gritty, fan favorite. He’s also good on faceoffs, which is a desperate need.

    But If Kadri needs to be on a top scoring line to put up the numbers he had before last year, then you’ve got him on a line with MacKinnon and Rantanen … but then you’ve got your top two centers on one line. Unless he can find some chemistry with the recently acquired Donstoi and Burakovsky, this trade is a bit of a bust. It feels like Joe panicked after not being able to land Panarin and called Dubas, asking about Marner. It feels like Dubas was able to talk Joe into taking Kadri instead.

    And if we need bone-headed penalties in the playoffs, we’ve already got Ian Cole. If there’s anything good to be said for Brad Marchand, it’s that he knows to play along the edge when the playoffs start.

  13. Scratching my head trying to figure out how this is a good Salary Cap move. I think from a hockey trade perspective it’s decent, but remember Kadri had a terrific contract. I don’t understand the moves they are making to address their cap issues. They still have to do something major to fit everyone under the cap and it’s not like they are coming off a finals appearance where you would expect the cap to be an issue. This team still has not won anything in half a century.

  14. MY concern is # 2 center ? talk on Boyle as F A or Strome stepping up till
    either Chytl Howden Lias or whoever takes #1a slot as our other top center
    Zbanjad will break down if we throw the weight of # 1 all on him ,hasnt been this relied on ever & IF he gets injured ,we are out of luck with lil experience & tested skill.

    Georgiev +Kreider + Lias = R N H

    he & Mika would make beautiful music as 1 -2 centers

    It cant be that simple but it is ,the other guys can be dealt to get the RFA’s signed
    to get under the cap, the move thats critical is coming for ….

    # 2 center will dictate how reeally good & far we will go this yr.

  15. Leafers did upgrade d-man, but took a hit on offensive side..plus you still have a goalie who can’t win a game #7.

    Leafs will still be pretenders.

  16. I think the leafs did quite well with this trade. Leafs needed a right shot defence man and Barrie checked off this box. I think people will be surprised how well Kerfoot will play as a third line centre. The only thing I wish leafs would do is get some bigger body players who can fill out bottom six.

  17. I think everyone undervalues Kadri.

    Colorado will get to the Western finals next year as long as they get good goaltending.