Lightning Re-sign Vasilevskiy

by | Jul 29, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 18 comments

The Tampa Bay Lightning have re-signed goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy to an eight-year, $76-million contract extension. The annual average value is $9.5 million.

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy inks an eight-year contract extension (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning wasted little time getting their starting goaltender under contract. It’s a significant raise for Vasilevskiy, who has a year remaining on his current deal worth an annual average value of $3.5 million. He was nominated for the Vezina Trophy in 2018 and 2019, winning the award last season.

At 25, Vasilevskiy should remain among the league’s elite goaltenders for the next decade. Some might wonder why he didn’t push for a higher AAV. A favorable tax situation in Florida combined with the Lightning’s position as a Stanley Cup contender probably contributed to his decision. He’s also tied with teammate Nikita Kucherov with the highest annual cap hit on the Lightning.

Reports indicate the deal is heavily bonus-laden. Cap Friendly has the details:


Vasilevskiy’s new deal also pushes the Lightning’s salary-cap payroll for 2020-21 to over $67 million invested in 13 players. That number will rise considerably once Brayden Point and Adam Erne are re-signed.

They won’t have much to re-sign defensemen Mikhail Sergachev and Erik Cernak and forwards Anthony Cirelli and Mathieu Joseph, who are slated to become RFAs in 2020. Looks like general manager Julien BriseBois faces another salary-cap juggling act next summer. 


  1. Wow.

    Rumours are sparse!

    The Dog Days, indeed.

    • The bonus structure on that deal – and THAT is why the Senators need a new owner.

      He can’t make those deals. He can’t write those checks.

      carry on everyone

      • He is a billionaire. You mean he won’t right the cheque. They
        should be signing Chabot before he is worth 12 million next summer.

      • …he’s a billionaire on paper.
        Yes, he’s a very rich man.
        With a huge cash flow problem.
        As in…he has no cash.

        He won’t be signing Chabbot.
        And I wouldn’t buy a Sens jersey with a name on the back of it until a new owner arrives.

      • 6 … the number of current pro level contracts the Sens have signed into next season. We will assume 7 once Colin White is signed. Anderson & Hainsey will not be back, and unless Boedker has a resurgent year he won’t be back or will be back at a significantly reduced price. A ton of young guys are going to come up. Yes, we know space was never going to be an issue, but my point is there will be no big contracts and if Chabot turns around and has another lights out year, I think they will be able to pony up a bonus laden contract to keep him on for 8 years.

    • Oops!!

      Missed that there were two of these.

      Apologies, Lyle.

  2. Not great news for the Pens who have to re-sign Murray next summer!

    • As a penguins fan…is it me or do the Devils just keep loading up….

      p.k…Subban… Today Traded Nikita Gusev drafts of jack Hughes & Nico Hershier a healthy Taylor Hall who missed 54 games….



      • Hi BlackNGold

        Pens are Ok if they boot JJ. Pettersson is ready and good enough to play 2nd Pairing with Shultz

        It will come down to how much sweetener they have to give up to rid JJ

        Jimbo has to retry talks with Murray (Ducks)

        If Pens keep JJ and with recent moves in NJ ; Pens could very well be battling for a WildCard spot; and could miss playoffs


      • Marino was a 6th round pick?

        Side note: AHHHHHHH!

    • Buster.. Black N Gold here.. Murray won us two cups indeed but injuries and inconsistencies the last two years …he isn’t getting more than $5 million per..

  3. These bid contracts for goalies are extremely risky, although being 25 and with his last 2 seasons as indicators, this one seems a little less risky. It will be interesting to see them navigate the cap in the near future.

    • It’s not terrible in that it should provide them stability in the position for a long time. But it does buck the trend of not giving huge money and term to goalies, particularly ones who aren’t UFAs.

      Good news if you’re Matt Murray or Carter Hart.

      • Buster…. Black N Gold here I love my Penguins and Murray has two cups in a row but the last two years injuries and inconsistencies he snot getting more than $5 million per…

  4. If you don’t have a goaler, it doesn’t matter what else you have.

  5. Pengy….I do like Peterson just not as much as you do.. bottom pairing for sure..2nd period for stretches but he’s not there yet.

    I played defense in high school, I played defense at a high level in college..100 points in 101 career college games…inducted in to my college ice hockey hall of fame in 2004..played 2 years semi pro Erie and Milwaukee i do have an idea of what it takes more than most…. playing at a high level

    I don’t disagree with you on Marcus! but We have a 2-3 year window with Sid and Geno and I’m not sure he’s ready… New Jersey is loading up Flyers (always pesky) added Braun and Niskanen on defense…


    • Hi BlackNGold

      I also played at similar levels and was Captain at University for my Jr and Sr years; but at Centre and 20 + years before you LOL

      I was never drafted but did have two walk on tryouts in the NHL but cut PDQ; also lost out my hopes of playing pro football and cut there quickly as well… a Canadian playing pro as a QB is very rare ☹️

      All just opinions and we agree sometimes and differ at others

      We’re both Pens fans 👍

      I stand firm and absolutely adamant that Pens have ZERO chance at a cup with JJ as a reg…. it just can’t happen

      As I said yesterday I coveted Montour…. Sabres stole him for squat; he would have been fantastic as a Pen

      Brodie as I said yesterday would be a great add but with Cgy AND Pens battling at Cap ceiling and therefore both needing a trade that nets space… a deal between them is very unlikely to happen

      Scands would also be a great add

      I truly do believe that Pettersson is their long term 2nd LD and can play that position this year. Would another year help to ease him in? Sure. But right now Pens are in some deep 💩 on D now (still with JJ [and Ruhweedel for that matter!!] and Pettersson not as yet signed

      The biggest difference of opinion I guess we have is with Brodin … if it was the end of the 17/18 season ; I’m with you. I did only see him play maybe 15 or so games this year and he was very poor defensively ; add to that his defensive numbers for the year and I just wouldn’t gamble (at his Cap hit) that he could return to his play if 17/18… he certainly has the ability to get back there but my recency bias has me extremely trepidatious in a move to acquire him

      The only media mention of any interest in JJ has been with Ducks a couple of weeks ago

      It is going to cost Pens Rust anyway so if there was another player added then perhaps the return is a roster player instead of picks/prospects

      That’s why I was suggesting a 2 move (2 trades 2 teams) approach that would net Gusev in the end …. that ship has sailed….

      So maybe Rust, ZAR, JJ

      For Ritchie and Steel (Prospect)

      With that move and waiving Ruhweedel would put Pens at 20 on roster and with $6.8M in space

      Sign Pettersson and bring up or sign a depth fwd (at League min) and still plenty of room to sign another D

      Pens have no chance at trading for either of these guys but they would surely be great D adds at reasonable Cap hits: Edmondson or Pulock

      • Pengy…black n gold here I agree with 99.9 % of what you responded ….

        J.J. must go some how some way alien abduction, buy out, trade, cement shoes in the Allegheny River….:)

        Also tend to agree with you about Jonas Brodin we need the earlier version..

        T.J. Brodie on the other hand is a stud + 29 9 goals 25 assist 34 points he will better that with Pittsburgh..

        Brodin is 29 (syill prime years) sign him to a 3/4 year deal Schultz is likely gone after next season

        also res sign Peterson there is you second pairing D after next year…

        BrodiE can also run the power play and will actually shoot from the point…. un like letang! The penguins way too many shorteess last year mostly…. letang and Malkin cant be together at the same time on the PP

        Rutherford needs to get create and sign T.J. Brodie. he is at $4.7 and avaialable..

        We can use the Schultz money to resign him and Petersson

        Brian Rust & ZAR plus a pick.. that’s $4.5