List of NHL Free-Agent Signings – July 1, 2019

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Check out the listing of today’s notable NHL free-agent signings. This will be updated throughout the day as signings become official.

The Chicago Blackhawks signed goaltender Robin Lehner to a one-year, $5-million contract. 

The New York Islanders sign left wing Anders Lee to a seven-year, $49-million contract. The Isles also signed goaltender Semyon Varlamov to a four-year contract worth $5 million per season. 

The Carolina Hurricanes sign goaltender Petr Mrazek to a two-year, $6.5-million contract. 

The Montreal Canadiens have tendered an offer sheet to Carolina Hurricanes center Sebastian Aho. The proposed contract is for five years, with an average annual value of $8.454 million. 


New York Rangers sign left winger Artemi Panarin to a seven-year, $81.5 million contract. The annual average value is $11.6 million.

Florida Panthers signed goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to a seven-year, $70 million deal. They also signed winger Brett Connolly to a four-year, $13-million contract, defenseman Anton Stralman to a three-year, $16.5 million contract and forward Noel Acciari to a three-year, $5-million contract. 

Artemi Panarin signs a seven-year contract with the New York Rangers (Photo via NHL Images).

The Nashville Predators sign center Matt Duchene to a seven-year, $56-million contract.

Dallas Stars sign center/winger Joe Pavelski to a three-year, $21-million contract. The Stars also signed winger Corey Perry on a one-year, bonus-laden contract worth up to $3.25 million. They also signed defenseman Andrej Sekera to a one-year contract with a $1.5 million base salary and $500K in bonuses.

Minnesota Wild sign winger Mats Zuccarello to a five-year, $30-million contract. The Wild also sign forward Ryan Hartman to a two-year contract with an annual average value of $1.9 million.

Vancouver Canucks sign defenseman Tyler Myers to a five-year, $30-million contract. The Canucks also signed blueliner Jordie Benn to a two-year, $4-million contract and rearguard Oscar Fantenberg to a one-year, $850K deal. 

Pittsburgh Penguins sign forward Brandon Tanev to a six-year contract with an AAV of $3.5 million. 

Columbus Blue Jackets sign forward Gustav Nyquist to a four-year, $22-million contract. 

Washington Capitals sign forward Richard Panik to a four-year, $10-million contract and forward Garnet Hathaway to a four-year, $6-million deal. 

Colorado Avalanche sign winger Joonas Donskoi to a three-year contract estimated at around $3.5 million per season. They also sign winger Pierre-Edouard Bellemare to a two-year, $3.6-million contract

Chicago Blackhawks sign center Ryan Carpenter to a three-year, $3-million contract. 

Detroit Red Wings sign center Valtteri Filppula to a two-year, $6-million contract. They also signed defenseman Patrik Nemeth to a two-year deal. 

St. Louis Blues sign forward Nathan Walker to a two-year, $1.4-million contract. 

New Jersey Devils sign winger Wayne Simmonds to a one-year, $5-million contract. 

Edmonton Oilers signed goaltender Mike Smith to a one-year, $2-million contract and sign forward Markus Granlund to a one-year, $1.3-million contract. They also re-signed winger Alex Chiasson to a two-year deal worth $2.15-million per season. 

Ottawa Senators sign Ron Hainsey to a one-year, $3.5-million contract and winger Tyler Ennis to a one-year, $800K contract. 

Toronto Maple Leafs sign center Jason Spezza to a one-year, $700K contract.  

Calgary Flames sign goaltender Cam Talbot to sign a one-year. $2.75-million contract.

Montreal Canadiens sign goaltender Keith Kinkaid to a one-year, $1.75-million contract. 

Tampa Bay Lightning sign goaltender Curtis McElhinney to a two-year, $2.6-million contract. They also signed defenseman Luke Schenn to a one-year, $700K contract. 

Buffalo Sabres sign forward Curtis Lazar,  goaltender Andrew Hammond, and defenseman John Gilmour to one-year contracts each worth $700K.  The Sabres also acquire forward Jimmy Vesey from the New York Rangers in exchange for a third-round pick in 2021.

Winnipeg Jets sign defenseman Nathan Beaulieu to a one-year, $1-million contract. 

Trade Alert: The New York Rangers trade Jimmy Vesey to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a third-round pick in 2021.


  1. Does 11.6 for panarin set what marner makes? Marner more points and plays the pk, IMO marner gets atleast 11 but probably 11.5

    • Wondering out loud why wouldn’t the Bruins want a 6’3” 210 lb Right winger who can score making 2.2 mil per

      • Jimmy Vessey

      • Maybe I’m just clueless, but who are you talking about?

      • Weird, your second comment didn’t show until after I posted mine.

        What makes you think the B’s wouldn’t be interested in Vesey? Were they in on him before the Buffalo trade? I haven’t heard that.

      • Why would the bruins want vesey? 35 points notgpod in his own end, vesey makes no sense for the bruins

      • * no good

      • Vesey is a left winger and judging by return, will probably be available at end of season as a ufa

    • I agree, more offensive output and superior 200ft game should land Marner a5 least a similar number.

      • Marner is RFA, Panarina was UFA, the difference is likely about a million or so per year.

    • @BBB: Well one’s things for sure: Bergevin offer sheeting Aho blows opens the door for others to follow suit and Sakic, sitting there with a ton of cap space, could easily offer sheet Marner and make it work

      • New Jersey has 20 million in space as well.

      • I wish someone would offer sheet marner for less than 8.5M, make Dubas’ job easier by matching

      • Taz marner wouldn’t sign he knows he can get 11 from the leafs after dubas caving into nylander and overpaying for the often injured Matthews

  2. Acciari was one of a few players for the Bruins that was able to handle the physical play during season and in the playoffs the Bruins wanted him back but wouldn’t give him the $$ he wanted….it was the looks that if the Bruins want to bring in one or two players it will have to be by a trade or two …..

    • Boston does have Trent Frederic ready to jump into the lineup. 6’3″, 215 pounds, physical and with a little more offensive upside than they had predicted.

      He’d do well on the fourth line for a season, then hopefully jump up to the third line center position the following year.

  3. I don’t get the Tanev thing. Means rust is out? Bjugstad?

    • The Tanev signing is horrid in every possible way. Way too much money and far to much term.

      Reeks of desperation. No big deal for Rutheford though, he’ll be sh*tcanned long before this deal runs out.

    • Nope …. means JJ has to be bought out …..

      If I keep repeating that does it make it true? Works for a certain Orange Haired Twiitter hound

      Currently 21 signed but 3 RFAs and only $1.6 M in space

      Buyout JJ …. $4.6 M space… again a no brainer

      I don’t know what it’ll cost to move Horny…. that’s the only other real option and you have to find a team in his list

      Now they are in crazy land for trades ….. crazy like

      Horny , Bjugstaad , JJ , ZAR to Min

      For Spurgeon and Rask

      $3.5 M freed up

      Now with $5.1 M… extend Pettersson and Blueger; sign an RFA at/bear league min…. say Pirri …. then Pens set

      To crazy too hard

      Again … buyout JJ ; extend RFAs ….. summer done ….
      Team waaaaaaaaay better than last year

      • Pengy,

        Pittsburgh should trade JJ to Vancouver. Apparently Dim Jim is collecting cant skate no speed no check defencemen like theyre going out of style.

        A shame Benning already gave away his 1st rounder for a future Hall of Famer.

        JJ for Boeser and a 2021 1st round pick as a sweetner. lol.

      • Penguin, the buyout window for Johnson ended yesterday.

      • Hi Rattus Rattus

        New window opens if Petterson; ZAR ; or Blueger go to Arbitration


      • Hi Rattus Rattus

        New window opens if Petterson; ZAR ; or Blueger go to Arbitration


      • You’re undying hate for Johnson, is only matched by IHC’s hate of Brendan Smith. You guys are obsessed! Lmao

      • Your** not you’re

    • The cap hit is the same as Rust’s. Supposedly, JR was offered Puljujarvi for Rust. Maybe he calls Holland back.

    • The dumbest Rutherford signing yet. Mario please fire this senile old b$$tard before he destroys the last of Crosby and Malkkns careers. Tanev is not even replacement level. You throw Kessel away to bring in Chucky the underachiever and sign Tanev?!?? What a disaster. You have outdone yourself from the Jack Johnson contract. I hope he has a stroke before he destroys my team completely.

      • Deee

        2nd dumbest

        JJ will always be his dumbest move

        I was hoping this signing was GMJR’s way of “forcing” the buyout of JJ (when one of the : RFAs go to Arb) without him having to admit he blew it last year

        Or maybe he is senile and knows with JJ in the line up …. zero chance at a cup so why not go out with a bang!!!

        It’s nutty time

      • Jack Johnson is the Norris Trophy coming to life in human form and playing in the NHL next to Matt Hunwick.

        And a guy who was 3rd in blocked shots among forwards, 3rd in hits among everyone, plays the PK, is almost as fast as Hagelin and can score some goals isn’t “even replacement level.”

        That is some amateur pro scouting right there.

        Contract aside, he’s pretty much exactly what the Pens needed.

      • “I hope he has a stroke before he destroys my team completely.”

        Also, I stopped reading after your insipid scouting and missed this…

        WTF is wrong with you people?

        A) The guy won the team you claim to like two Cups. Show some gratitude.

        B) It’s a game and he’s a human being. Show some basic decency.

        98% of Pittsburgh sports fans are just embarrassing louts.

      • Everything you said was correct mg until the Pittsburgh fan crap. You just placed yourself into deee territory. Jag off.

      • Why? Do you think the number is closer to 99%?

        Perhaps you are right.

        Ingrates wishing death upon the HOF’ers who won them championships.

        Perhaps you are right.

        I’d like to think at least 2% of them are human, though. I choose to remain optimistic.

  4. Not a good day for Columbus and Winnipeg

    • The trouba trade was much harder for Winnipeg. Myers at 6m was too much for at best a number 3d.

      Taney at 3.5 is also money better spent somewhere else.

      Jets have lots of talent nhl ready that needs opportunity for more time. Roslovic, vesalainen, Appleton, Seuss, niku, poolman, nogier, plus a couple journeymen around.

    • Good day for the Jets. The money and term Myers and Tanev got in Vancouver and Pittsburgh is ludicrous. Winnipegs far better off filling those spots from within.

      Benning and especially Rutheford will rue those signing. If they still have jobs that is.

  5. Why isn’t Jimmy Vesey in a Bruins uniform today for a 2nd rd pick

    • Is there a Kreider dealcoming?

    • Because hes a Sabre, lol.

  6. 6 years and 21 million for Brandon Tanev?!?! WTF?!?

    Rutheford must be on the pipe.

    Brutal, absolutely brutal.

    • $3.5M AAV for Trent Frederic’s punching bag…I think that’s about double what it should be based on what Tanev has shows so far in his career.

      • Totally agree. Way to much money and term for Tanev. Brutal signing.

    • I don’t mind the player and term but the money is a little high

  7. Panarin is not worth $11 million. There are players with way more accomplishments that aren’t getting that.

    • Maybe, but are they currently UFAs?

      Not in love with that cap hit. But there really wasn’t another player on the market close to his skill set. 87 points! Next was Duchene with 70, then Pavelski with 64, and he’s 34 years old. The drop off after that is a cliff.

      John Gilmour rounded out the top 50 UFAs this year. I like the guy, and thought he deserved more opportunity in NY….. But the man didn’t play a single game in the NHL last year.

      There wasn’t anyone really close to Panarin in UFA…. and Columbus offers 12 per for 8 years. And it’s being reported he had better offers from NYI and Florida higher than NY paid.

      • His wife wears the pants unfortunately. Supposedly she wanted Manhattan- like Zsa Zsa Gabor in “Green Acres”- so he had no choice.

  8. Nobody wants to play for free in Toronto?


    • I would provided Johnny Bower is my back up goalie over Sparks.

      I’ll play for endorsement deals to avoid taxes =)

    • Nobody wants to get paid to play in winterpeg? Shocking.

  9. Does anybody know when the Leafs Cup parade down Yonge street is?

    • June 2020

      • vinnie


      • Duchene deal made the most sense to me. Bob a little rich that probably did not have a lot of competition at those numbers.

        Aho a little light at 8.4 m but I guess sets the RFA market for Marner Rantanen Point and to a lesser degree Tkachuk Connor has been set.

  10. Who left Benning in reach of a phone unsupervised?!?!?!

  11. Dont get to say this often but my guy on Habs and Aho was right!

    • gut not guy

  12. Habs offer sheet aho! 5 yrs 42.25

    • 5 years $42.25 million. A little low IMO. Canes will match.

      • It’s the bonus though 21 million year one, their ticket sales just over 21 million last year

      • I thought they would give atleast 10 I thought low too

      • No choice but to match IMO even if it is mostly in signing bonuses.

      • You have to match I agree! Bergevin was smart though loading up the bonuses and keeping to a1st 2nd 3rd lol I think they match but with the owner dundon who knows he’s a wild card

      • I think the Habs have a dman close to signed and they didn’t have the space to go higher

      • IMO he should have add more to the base salary to get the AVV above $10 million, which would add an additional 1st round pick, then there is a good chance that the Canes don’t match.

      • Bergevin and smart in the same sentence! Smart to offer sheet a player that we know what he’s looking for and in he comes with an offer sheet that will be matched and bridge burned. But when your this smart, you don’t need anybody.

      • Kinda like dubas giving a first to get rid of a contract?

    • Surprised its not more.

      • According to McKenzie & the other panelists all the teams with RFAs possibly exposed to offer sheets will be urging Waddell to wait the full 7 days allowed before matching. That way, at least Bergeron is out of the picture on any other possible offer sheets.

  13. Brilliant move by MTL. Good for them.

    Aho is the real deal. Better value than Duchene.

    If this fails perhaps they can call GM Poile for Turris with 1.5-2 m withheld for something.

    Though they do not care about cap, not sure the owner has that upfront kind of $$ to give Aho at the start of each season. That team needs to wait for revenue sharing to afford their bills.

    Great move.

    • Definitely better than duschene but I can’t see the canes not matching

      • I saw a great idea from others elsewhere – If CAR is going to match, wait 6 days. 80% of MTLs cap space is in this offer sheet. After 6 days there probably won’t be anyone available left to sign. MTL will have loads of cap space and no useful players to buy.

      • I can see them calling GM MB and working out a trade for Aho. two young studs & a 1st. That upfront $$ in cash is a stinger to their revenue.

      • @whalercane

        if they lose out on Aho…oh well

        MTl can use their cap space and take players fro teams needing to dump like a Turris and work things out. MTL doesn’t need to make offers for anyone…..they need to make offers to players that matter and Aho is lights out better than Duchene at age 29 for 7 years.

        MTL has nothing to worry about this off season. They are showing their fans they are trying BIG TIME!

      • Whalercane I don’t think Bergevin wants any of the other big free agent I think duschene was 1a and the offer sheet was 1b, a lot of players got overpaid today and the Habs have a deep prospect pool

      • I agree IHC well said

      • @IHC:
        I could be wrong, but if the Canes match the offer sheet the cannot trade Aho for a year.

      • You’re correct, Juss.

      • @Juss76

        I think what @ihatecrosby meant is: the Canes don’t match the offer, so they negotiate a trade after the deadline which sees the Habs ship a roster player + prospect for a Canes draft pick.

  14. It’s not the cap hit that hurts the Canes, it’s the signing bonus each year.
    As BBB said they would have to pay $21mil within a year. And I think his base salary is the league minimun each year and the rest is bonus.

    And I have to admit that I didn’t expect an offer sheet to happen. I also would have expected to be Brayden Point. But Aho is a little underated because he doesn’t play in a major hockey market.

  15. @ IHC: that’s a fair offer too ! The entertainment value and push into a corner is good.

    They should never have low balled Aho

    • So proud MTL doing what is best for their fans and using their cash & cap space wisely. Key now is to get ahead of their future RFA’s and get them locked up before Carolina retaliates in the future for some of their young centers.

    • IF true….the offer from Carolina for 8 years at $6m per…I would be very insulted in the Aho camp. At least offer something comparable. I can see if they offered a 4 yr 6 m but 8? Not acting in good faith on management’s side IF that offer was true.

      Aho should tell them he wants more or out.

    • If the Canes match MTL fans may wish MB never did this. Which I think they will.
      Holmgren said he found it difficult to work with fellow GM’s after he did it. If Kevin Lowe was asked and answered honestly he would likely say the same.
      If they get Aho, then OK, worth it, but I have my doubts.
      If the Canes match, how does this help MTL long term?

      • Tallon said it best “ it’s part of the rules the gm’s I talked to understand it and can’t fault another gm for doing it “ he said the reason gm’s don’t use them more often is with the cap you have t build through the draft and the compensation can hurt

      • And right now, the Canadiens have one of the deepest crops of prospects in the league. Plus 12 picks in the 2020 draft. They can afford the gamble.

      • Ya maybe, I think it was a bad decision. $8.5 isn’t enough for the Canes to walk IMO.
        So why do it if the odds of success is low and all you accomplish is Carolina having their best young player hit UFA after 5 years and raised the bar for cash up front?
        In my industry he would be just like you everyday price hacker who can’t do it the profitable way. Bad for the industry and in the end the owners all make less, and that is who GM’s work for. And fans of not rich teams, don’t you want to be able to compete?
        BBB, Tallon also said he didn’t expect offer sheets to increase in frequency. A very polite and friendly way of not trashing MB to the media.
        What goes around…..
        MB says it shows the fans that they are trying hard to win. I have an idea try being smarter.
        The outcome seems obvious to me.
        My rant for today.

      • Ray that’s where you don’t understand, Waddell was signing at 10.5 anyways it’s the bonus so after talking with aho 8.4 was good enough. Not just the bonus but now aho is a free agent when the contract is done and a budget team like Carolina doesn’t like that, as Lyle says the Habs have a ton of prospects and picks coming up it doesn’t hurt them in anyway

      • Isn’t draft in Montreal next year? And they’re going to fork over3 of their first 4 picks?.

      • I understand it BBB, it isn’t a difficult concept. All ownership wants the team to stand on it’s own, of course, but he has plenty of cash and will dig in to his own pocket and give it to Aho.
        My point is also simple, this wasn’t going to work and they were not going to get Aho at that price.
        Dumb ass move by MB, all he did piss off other GM’s and drive up signing bonuses.
        Flippin’ brilliant.

      • BBB
        Ithey have 12 picks but 9 of them are 4th,5th,6th and 7th round. If Carolina doesn’t match then Habs will have only 1 pick (a 2nd rd) in first 3 rounds. Are they a playoff team with Aho? Could they be a lottery team next year?

      • Ray obviously you don’t understand lol why pay 2 million more per season and another 1st when the term and the bonus are the only reason they attempted it? How does it piss off other gm’s? That makes no sense what so ever! Slick go look at Montreal’s prospect pool if the canes don’t match it is a steal for Montreal to land aho for a 1,2,3 picks

      • I dare say you don’t understand BBB.

        MB just traded Shaw, a proven good NHL player on a reasonable contract for a 2nd round pick. To sign Duchene? Oops missed.
        For cap space? To sign who?
        Now I will show the fans I am trying!
        MB is playing checkers in a chess match and his team will be worse.
        I f’d up so will now sh** in Carolina’s corn flakes to try and save face.
        Do they have a deep prospect pool. Yes, but WTF does that have to do with this?
        Ya, this will make some friends with his fellow GM’s.

      • I’m not being an idiot, I’m being serious. Every site I’ve visited has Montreal’s prospect pool ranked at around 18. Is every site missing something?

        18 is middle of the road, not a team loaded with prospects. What am o missing here?

      • I never actually checked Nyr, but thanks for letting me know.
        I assumed what was being said was accurate.
        That just makes this seem more desperate IMO.

      • It’s like talking to a wall with you RAY! You kinda sound like striker and that’s not good lol did the flames gm get punished by other gm’s after the orielly offer sheet? The answer is A BIG NO! Maybe you burn a bridge with the hurricanes….. oh no! I said they would match earlier but you obviously didn’t read that, why not try if you get him great! If not no big deal. The majority of time the best thing to do on July 1st is nothing, Tavares made a mess of Toronto cap and they still aren’t a contender

      • The new rankings aren’t out yet the Habs were around 10th last year by central scouting

      • BBB, I saw what you posted, but, if you think they are going to match why offer sheet them?
        If you have a good answer for that, then maybe we can agree.
        I can’t come up with one..
        If you don’t think this will have an impact on his relationships with other GM’s, OK.
        I disagree 100%.
        If you don’t think more teams using large signing bonus’s won’t set a precedents (like NMC’s) we also disagree.
        MB will achieve nothing positive from this IMO.
        If he has let me know what that is.
        We will see in 7 days or less.

      • Why not? It doesn’t hurt a bit you give me an example of how it hurt the flames on orielly and I’ll agree with you, you’re reading way too much into this! How does it hurt Montreal? It doesn’t nothing happened when Colorado matched for orielly nothing

      • What is Jay Feaster doing now BBB? He was GM of the flames for a whopping 2 years.
        Neither of us know how it impacted his relationships and how likely or unlikely rival GM’s were to get into discussions with him. We never will.
        I know what I think of that move, you think differently. Likely a split among GM’s as well.
        We know how Burke felt about them.

      • Jay feasted made trades with 12 different gm’s after after the offer sheet for orielly, is that being blackballed? Is Waddell being blackballed for squeezing a first out of dubas when the leafs couldn’t afford marleaus cap hit?

  16. I like the salary direction the RFA numbers are coming in at.
    Timo Meir at 6 million, the offer sheet of Aho at 8.4 all bodes well for the Flames signing Tkachuk in the 6.5 to 7.5 range.

    • Tkachuk is getting $9 M per…sorry.

    • What is MB doing in Montreal? No one wants to sign there and now they are throwing desperate offer sheets out that can easily be matched. Pathetic

      • Lol I can understand why you don’t talk hockey…….lmao aho had to sign!!!! You really have no clue do you? If he didn’t want to play in Montreal why sign?

  17. Where will Jake Gardiner end up? Montreal pending Carolina matching Aho’s offer sheet?

    • Montreal probably cannot sign him until they know for sure what Carolina will do. They could wind up with a cap problem. I doubt he’ll wait a week.

      • Which is why Carolina will wait.

  18. Of all the offersheet eligible people I had aho near the bottom. Canes can easily match. I expected point or Marner or Matt t etc.

    • He was at the top of my list.
      No one respects Dundon or Waddle.
      That’s why it took someone with balls like GMMB to do it.
      Canes should match that offer, but with Dundon, who knows?

      • I agree I said earlier that up higher dundon is a wildcard he might be pissed that aho signed it in the first place

  19. Dear Penguins,

    Congrats on your Brandon Tanev signing, truly stellar.


    Washington, Philadelphia, Columbus, NY Rangers and Islanders.

    Tanev? Hahahahahaha

    • Same letter last year was signed by all 30 other teams

      Can’t wait for the July 1st 2022 letter for congratulations after signing 35 Year old Bobby Ryan to 7 year $70M contract

      Joking aside … I’ve got no issue with the player …. I actually like him…. will fit in fine…. 6 yrs $21M… ummmmm …. Jimbo on the Jumbo juice

  20. I thought Panarin was high @11.6 but in retrospect Hayes got over $7 for 7 and Lee will get $7 for 7

    so ya…NYR have a good deal on their hands. Panarin is lights out better than them both by a mile.

    If MTL gets Aho at 8.4….an even better deal and Philly should be ashamed of themselves for not doing the same thing or trade Patrick and prospect to get Aho. LOL

    Same for Lou. Signs Nelson for 6 for 6 and lee 7 for 7 and has Ladd for 5 for 6 still. …… ya….. Aho would have been great behind Barzal for the next decade. Shame.

  21. Wow Kadri, Rosen for Barrie and Kerfoot!

    • Gary was right, another domino did fall.
      I dare say a blockbuster.
      Both Barrie and Muzzin to sign next year.

      Gotta say it, the Leafs are making this off season interesting!

    • OH WOW

      so Nylander and Spezza & Kerfoot are their 3rd line

      Kadri solidifies the 2C in COL with newly acquired Burakovsky and make room for their #4 overall pick Byram behind Makar. WOW

      Colorado doing big things and keep cap space for another move

      NYR4life…perhaps he is after Kreider????????

      • And Sakic is stockpiling young talent at the same time.
        Dude has a strategy and is sticking to it.
        Stealth, just like he was when he played.

    • Kinda weird you let gardiner walk and than trade for Barrie who is pretty much gardiner?

      • BBB, right defence vs left. Final year of contract, salary retained by Colorado, sounds like Kerfoot’s a decent pickup as well. Kadri was the last chip Dubas had to play – he played it well.
        Sign Marner and the Leafs have a competitive team for next year.

      • All I’m saying is their defense really hasn’t improved, zaitsev = ceci gardiner = Barrie it’s still a weak spot for them

    • Avs are holding half of Barries contract so that helps the Leafs cap situation. I guess he’s at least an NHL D man so an upgrade over what they were going to have back there. More of an offensive D type than a physical player. Should help move the puck up to the forwards but I’m not sure they got a lot better defensively.

      • I agree that what I think too still an issue for them to be contenders

      • @BBB they need (albeit slow) a guy like Girardi who can play physical as their 7th to rotate in and help.

      • Very true IHC

  22. It’s been eerily quiet on the Jake Gardiner front.

  23. if MTL gets AHO they are in the playoffs if they get that LD fixed. No doubt in my mind. Now Carey….stay healthy…GM MB is doing this for you LOL

    I read in the comments someone suggesting even with Aho MTL could still be a lottery team. =( Have to watch them more…… With A BONAFIDE center…..yea…definitely a wildcard team easily.

  24. Canadians and Isles both missed on FAs to this point. Do they make sense as trading partners? What would the Habs give the Isles for Nick Leddy I wonder?