NHL Early Look: Canadiens Should Battle for Wild-Card Spot

by | Jul 19, 2019 | News, NHL | 2 comments



  1. I think Bergevin dropped the ball already. He can’t wait for their prospects to develop because Price won’t be the Price we know by then and he shouldn’t rush them and ruin them.
    What he should of done is gone the way the Rangers who are quietly re-building on the fly and will be a scary team with a mix of good vets and sheltered young stars. At this stage, they should have at least double the cap space they currently have. Last year could be a one off so I wouldn’t hold my breath on them repeating at least not now but the Habs are always a lucky team so who knows how it will eventually shape up.

  2. Bergevin is doing it the right way not blowing his wad on FA agents than not having cap left ie leafs! The Habs have a great prospect pool with forwards,dmen and goalies and Weber and price with atleast 5 solid years left in them the Habs are in good shape