NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 18, 2019

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The latest contract signings and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 

THE DENVER POST: The Colorado Avalanche yesterday avoided arbitration with J.T. Compher. The two sides agreed to a four-year, $14-million contract. The annual average value is $3.5 million.

Colorado Avalanche re-sign J.T. Compher to a four-year contract (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Compher, 24, has developed into a reliable, versatile forward for the Avalanche. Last season, he became the first player since Joe Sakic to scored three shorthanded goals, three power-play goals, and three game-winners in the same season. 

THE DETROIT NEWS: Police consider the death of Greg Johnson a likely suicide. The former NHL player died at his Michigan home last week at age 48. A gun and a single bullet was found near his body. Johnson suffered multiple concussions during his career but his wife said he displayed no signs of depression or other symptoms related to CTE. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is an extra measure of tragedy to Johnson’s passing. My condolences to his family, friends, and former teammates. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: The Vegas Golden Knights granted the wish of teenage cancer survivor Doron Coldwell by making him a Golden Knight for a day. He received a team jersey and goaltending gear, received pointers from Marc-Andre Fleury, and skated with the players at the team’s practice facility. 

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Speaking of the Golden Knights, forward Ryan Reaves is getting into the brewing business. He received approval for a brewery license from the city council. 

NBC SPORTS: The Philadelphia Flyers signed forward Chris Stewart to a professional tryout offer. A 10-year NHL veteran, Stewart spent last season playing for the Nottingham Panthers of the English Elite Ice Hockey League. 

NBCS CHICAGO’s Charlie Roumeliotis reports Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman remains hopeful of signing forward Brendan Perlini. 

TSN: Former Vancouver Canucks winger Ryan Spooner signed a one-year contract with Switzerland’s HC Lugano. 

MLIVE.COM: The Detroit Red Wings signed defenseman Joe Hicketts to a two-year contract. 


  1. So let’s see how we can turn this into what the Leafs are doing today. They shouldn’t let them pay all that bonus money up front to players. IT’S NOT FAIR.
    Melnyk likes it cause he can hit the salary floor without paying out money. Boy that doesn’t seem like a fair way to do business. I suppose that makes him smarter for finding loopholes in the system
    Oh wait isn’t that what the Leafs are doing.
    There fellas let the Leaf bashing begin.
    The other teams will wait to see what the storied franchise does with their RFA so they can follow a successful business structure.

    • Hi Vinnie!
      The Leafs are gonna blow it all away, and have nothing to show for it at the end.
      Dubas isn’t as bright as you all would like to believe.
      Who handed out the 2 highest contracts in the league to a pair of 70-90 point guys?
      Who’s trying to shortchange the actual best player on the team?
      It’s only Shanahan’s arrogance and ego keeping him employed right now.
      I’d make em both walk the plank and hire Hunter, who should have been named GM in the 1st place.
      It’s terribly amusing reading the love for Nylander on here compared to the unflattering comments made by the same posters last summer/fall.
      Terribly sad reading the same thing about #16MM.
      No worries though. All will be forgotten by the Leaf faithful once he begrudgingly signs for less than his perceived worth.
      Chat later Vinnie!

      • Ah, another closet fan. Everyone says it’s a business. What franchise is more successful. Win or lose they fill the arenas . In the last 2 years their AHL Echl hockey teams have won championships .
        So have their basketball and soccer teams.
        Like has been said many times it’s a business. That’s why smaller market teams miss the playoffs one year and then make magical runs in the playoffs the next. Only to miss again the next.
        The Leafs don’t need to win they already are. You see it in every rink they go to . Everyone loves the Leafs. They make sure their business’s win when it is necessary.
        They are winning everywhere. After all it is a business. And they make lots of money. Better to help the smaller markets win so you can make more mmooonnneeeyyy.
        Melnyk knows how to do it .He gets everyone to pay the bonuses so he can hit the cap floor. So he can get more money. He trades all his star players so he doesn’t have to pay them. Then tells the sheep were building a contender , once we draft some more players like he just traded. Baaa

      • Don’t forget shore after their season is done the 5 decade old leafs saying will start “ the future looks bright “ lol cmon vinnie you know you say it

      • That’s all well and good Vinnie, and actually quite accurate.
        So that makes the Leaf faithful extremely loyal to a losing culture, or a bunch of schmucks.
        The only thing missing is a Stanley Cup parade.
        Gotta get out of the 1st round though…….so theres that.

      • Vinnie, I’m not certain what you are trying to get at? As a fan, I want to see them winning not the business making money.
        Shoreorpark, this is one Leaf fans who was saying trading Nylander last summer and saying the same now.
        Marner is my favourite Leaf, but there’s only so much money to go around. If he refuses to come down in demands then the Leafs have two options.

        1. Trade Nylander for a defenseman – sign Marner
        2. Trade Marner
        3. Have Marner sit out the year

        I’ve listed them in my own order of preference.

        I noted yesterday some of the factors that separate the Marner contract negotiation from the others, no need to regurgitate.

      • @Taz:
        Totally agree.

        I said it for months that they should trade Nylander and I also said that imo the return wouldn’t be that great.

  2. Class act move by VGKs

    I do realize that some of these types of initiatives might be viewed by a minor few as calculated moves to polish/enhance the brand/franchise

    I don’t . I’m all in for supporting these and similar events. It’s definitely the right thing to do.

    The League as a whole has been very supportive of Cancer ; especially with children and youth


    Re: Compher …. higher (but not markedly so) than what I thought he’d get;

    Re: Stewart … I wish him all the best…. watched him play as a teen (in fact I had followed him in the local news a bit before that …. his brother was up and coming in hockey and he was doing very well at both football and hockey ; originally they (media) had thought that he would go on to become a good CFL player).

    He chose hickey and eventually followed his brother to Kingston (at that time his brother seemed to have the higher probability of NHL success)

    Chris had some success ; and panned our for a while; better than his sub; but his most recent NHL experience might be described more like “journeyman”

    A team should sign him at League min. and I think they will be rewarded with a good depth add

    Good luck Chris

    • hockey not “hickey”

      sib not “sub”

      friggin autocorrect

      • Why would anyone want to give a roster spot much less actually PAY chris stewart? He can play like a house on fire but then settles in to his coasting mode then ends up in the press box collecting his paycheck. What a shame and bad example for every other player on his team. There are REASONS he’s consistently failed.

    • BBB, see you’re talking to shore. I thought he was dead. Seem how were buddies could you get his autograph for me. Give it to me when I see you at the legion Friday

  3. Now all the Wings have to do is actually play Hicketts. He’s a lot better than some of the bums they have on D.

  4. He tell you he is setting a trap, he tell you what’s in the trap, he tell you where the trap is, he tell you the trap is set and you walk right on in. Beautiful

    • The first thing that went through my mind when I read it was that scene in star wars with the big eyed thing saying “ITS A TRAP!” But then I still checked back like an internet rubbernecker to see who would fall in. Sigh.

    • I think he’s a blast to have around.
      Gotta feed em a little or they go the way of the Striker777 bird.

      • Feed the pigeons and your left with a dirty sidewalk

      • Atleast we got a Murse to pick up the pigeon poop! Lol

  5. BBB , yes I do. And this time I mean it.
    GO SHANAPLAN , we got them right where we want them.
    Suspend Kadri this year we don’t care.

  6. Pigeons never bothered me , its the sheep . To easy to pull the wool over their eyes

    • Hahahaha.
      You’re so silly.
      We’ve been calling Leaf fans figurative Sheep for years!
      Look in the mirror Vinnie the Sheep!

      • LMAO ,baàa