NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 19, 2019

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The latest on Artemi Panarin, Alex Ovechkin, Joe Pavelski, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NEW YORK POST: Rangers winger Artemi Panarin expressed criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The 27-year-old Russian forward voiced his distaste for the lawlessness in his country, accusing Putin of not knowing right from wrong.

“I speak sincerely and with good intentions,” Panarin said. “Our mistake is that we treat him like a superman. But he is the same as we, and in theory, serves us. I have no relation to him that he is a superman.”

New York Rangers winger Artemi Panarin voiced his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s rare for a Russian athlete to be publicly critical of Putin. It’ll be interesting to see if any others follow Panarin’s lead. 

Speaking of the Rangers, they signed unrestricted free agent forward Phillip Di Giuseppe yesterday. Cap Friendly indicates it’s one-year, two-way contract.

NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is headed to China next month as an NHL ambassador. The league is trying to grow its presence in that country. “Ovechkin’s trip to Beijing will include youth hockey clinics, a media tour, and business development meetings.”

THE MERCURY NEWS: Former Sharks captain Joe Pavelski has put his San Jose mansion up for sale. The asking price is over $3.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dang! Just slightly out of my price range…;)

SEATTLE TIMES: Ron Francis was officially introduced yesterday as the general manager of Seattle’s NHL expansion franchise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is a little anticlimactic as the news of Francis’ hiring was leaked to the media the day before. See my reaction to Francis’ hiring in Wednesday’s morning coffee headlines.

BOSTON HERALD: Former Bruins forward Chris Kelly is returning to the club as player development coordinator.

NHL.COM: The Winnipeg Jets renewed their affiliation agreement with the ECHL’s Jacksonville Icemen.



  1. Oh Oh

    The Breadman is no longer invited for Almas caviar and Russo-Baltique at Putin’s Dacha

    Is Patty Kane going to up the ante and tweet against a certain orange haired septuagenarian and get black-balled from Mar-a-Lago?

    …, Jokes aside …. as I said the other day …. good on ya Seattle …. great choice in Francis. Congrats Ron ! 👍

    • It would be nice to keep this the only site left in the world free from us politics.

      • Hi Richard


        I’m a Canuck …. and extremely apolitical socially.

        My post was pre-coffee; I was just joking and not politically lamenting

        Sorry if I inferred otherwise

        Na Zdorovie

  2. 3.5 mil in California buys you a 2 bedroom apartment next to the slums with no garage….I was thinking damn that’s cheap! 😉

  3. So just to be clear, in California, $3.5 million is not what most people would think of as a “mansion”. In California, $3.5 million is a really nice new house in a primo neighborhood. Consider that a 50 year old house in a run-down middle class neighborhood is tipping the scales at about $550,000 if that adds any context. He’ll probably end up buying a very similar house in Texas for somewhere between $900,000 and $1.5 million. In the good parts of California, you’re not really in a “mansion” until you’re at about $10 million plus.

    Anyway, sorry to split hairs and turn this into “Spector’s Real Estate Rumors”.

    On to hockey: There are a few people I have really wanted to see win a cup. Pavelski, Marleau, and Thornton are at the top of that list. I really Pavelski pulls it off. That said, $7 million seems a bit high for three years though.

  4. I’ve seen so many articles from noted hockey analysts suggesting Seattle won’t be able to as competitive as Vegas. Now a scf appearance is a stretch but how could you look at the cap situation right now gms have placed themselves in and think Seattle isn’t primed to rake in good current and future assets? How many teams wish the draft was this year right now? More than half? Francis is in a primo situation

    • I’m blown away how Vegas has gone from having full cap freedom to cap prison in less than two years.
      I think Francis will be a bit more astute with how he spends