NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 26, 2019

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The Devils provide an elaborate welcome for P.K. Subban, the Leafs acquire Jordan Schmaltz from the Blues, the latest contract signings and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NEW YORK POST: The New Jersey Devils provided a red-carpet welcome for P.K. Subban as they formally introduced the defenseman to over 200 fans at Prudential Center yesterday. The Devils acquired Subban during last month’s NHL Draft. Subban was also presented with a Ric Flair-style robe.



The New Jersey Devils staged an elaborate formal introduction of P.K. Subban to their fans yesterday (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been a busy summer for the Devils. In addition to acquiring Subban for a song from the Nashville Predators, they selected top prospect Jack Hughes with the first-overall pick in this year’s draft and signed power forward Wayne Simmonds to a one-year, $5-million contract. The Devils might not be done making moves. I’ll have more in the Rumors section. 

TSN: The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired defenseman Jordan Schmaltz from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for blueliner Andreas Borgman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas continues to wheel and deal. Schmaltz is his latest move, coming on the heels of his recent acquisition of permanently sidelined winger David Clarkson with the intent of placing him on long-term injury reserve.

Schmaltz, a first-round pick by the Blues in the 2012 draft, is a once-promising puck-moving defenseman who struggled to crack the Blues lineup. A right-shot rearguard, he’ll provide additional depth at that position for the Leafs.

WGR550: An arbiter awarded Buffalo Sabres forward Evan Rodrigues a one-year contract worth $2 million. Rodrigues sought $2.65 million while the Sabres countered with $1.5 million.

NHL.COM: The Florida Panthers accepted an arbiter’s award of a one-year contract for defenseman MacKenzie Weegar. Cap Friendly indicates the salary is $1.6 million. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: The Coyotes agreed to a two-year affiliation deal with the ECHL’s Rapid City Rush.


  1. How long before subban wears out his welcome in jersey and signing Clarkson is not wheeling and dealing its desperation.

    • Regarding PK, one thing that hasn’t been talked about much is the longtime friendship he has with Wayne Simmonds. I believe that is part of the reason for NJ signing Simmonds, to help ease the transition for PK and have someone who can help keep him in check a bit.

  2. Interesting move by Dubas yesterday. Borgman is waiver exempt and does fit the Blues physical style nicely while Schmaltz is the coveted right shot D and both are signed to identical $700k contracts for this season.

    I’ll say one thing for Dubas & Co. With the changes to date he’s made, and likely more to come, the onus will be squarely on Babcock to get out of the first round of the playoffs

    As for the P.K Intro? Next !

    • Hi Joey

      I don’t understand or like the Schmaltz /Borgman trade

      Borgman is younger, has better upside ; and comes with the flex to be sent down (waiver exempt as you pointed out ).

      Borgman has played just a handful more NHL games than Scmaltz but Scmaltz’s NHL experience was more recent

      Schmaltz had a much inferior 18/19 season than Borgman did

      So ….. saw off financially but Leafs got an inferior player that doesn’t have the waiver flex and is older

      If it was just to trade a lefty for a righty… Leafs have 3 righties (Ceci, Barrie, Holl) and have Llihegren and Duzak in the pipes ?????

      StL was stuck in that they HAD to waive somebody to get Edmundson and Barbashev signed

      I know this is basically (as at now) a minor league flip…. so small potatoes …. but this trade was nonsensical for Leafs and Leafs lost in the trade ?????

      • @ Pengy: I think this was a case of depth RD man being acquired as a former 1st round pick in exchange for Borgman was quickly falling behind Sandin and Liljegren who are on the rise with little chance of ever sticking with the Leafs; much the same case as with Schmaltz ever cracking that Blues lineup.

        Each team traded for hope that a change of scenery and opportunity would reward both teams. I like the idea of the trade, the salary saw off and both team and players have a chance to come out ahead. A win/win man. In my opinion.

      • Right shot defence man – Mike Babcock – enough said.

      • Hi JOEY and BCLeaf Fan

        I get RD depth but they already have RD depth in pipes and lost waiver flexibility…. that’s what I believe it was an unnecessary trade

        StL for sure won the trade …. got waiver flex they absolutely needed; younger and better D

        Again as at now a minor league move so not a different difference maker for Leafs …. other than losing the flex in waiver contract……. just strange to me that Dubai’s made the deal

        I’d be interested to find out who actually made the phone call

      • @ Pengy: Sorry bro..we will have to agree to disagree.

        You are welcome thought to tweet Dubas and ask him what he was thinking

      • All good Joey

        Shared viewpoints and good discourse on differing opinions is what this site is all about . I thoroughly enjoy it.

        I’d be nuts to think my views and opinions are right and believing that all others differing with me are wrong

        I’m oft wrong ; but truly believe I gain insight here and enjoy reading here whenever I can.

        There is only one opinion that I’ve expressed on this site (noted, tirelessly repetitive and annoying) that I refuse to be swayed from…..and that is of how bad (and how much damage he has done and will continue to do so) JJ is

        I hope every day that GMJR gets rid you of him.

        He’s (GMJR) still working ; as he picked up the rights (from Ed) to a Harvard DMan a couple of hours ago… certainly nothing earth shattering by any stretch… but he is at least working …. can’t he work to get rid of JJ?

  3. If any ever read anything I wrote about PK, knows I’m not a fan; however, his personality is good for the game and the league need to do a better job of promoting their star players that have a great personality.
    The Ovie celebrated the Cup last year, Brent Burns ; be nice if Thornton and Burns were on Anaheim, they could call them Duck Dynasty.
    People follow teams and players, understand it’s a team game but fans will follow players, more personality helps promote the game and bring in new fans. No difference then the Canes in their celebrations after a win, not a fan of it people listen to a lot of people say them tuned in to see what they would do next. Maybe time to loosen up the stiff neck shirt collar.

    • @ Caper: The biggest advocate of the non stiff neck shirt collar is Brian Burke. If he has a tie on, its always undone. He’s like me. He hates them.

      The biggest proponent of that culture is Don Cherry; who points that out at least once during his Coaches Corner segment.

      But I agree that marketing and perception matters and like MLB, both the NHL and MLB need to update themselves to some degree with modern culture

  4. Two hundred fans to welcome Suban! Move over “Hockeytown”. New Jersey wants your moniker.